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Chapter 694 - Killings

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     694 Killings

    In the entire Blood Sea.

    The outer part was red sea water while the inner part was a blood lake. The six Blood Ancestors were most likely sleeping at the center of the castle.


    Chen Fan flew directly to the stronghold.

    "Why are there so many ordinary people?"

    Chen Fan frowned.

    He had already sensed some weak energy traces around the castle.

    These energies belonged to mortals; there were possibly hundreds of them inside.

    "Are they guarding the six Blood Ancestors? But it doesn't make sense. Those who serve them should have at least a bit of dark energy, but these people are all mortals."

    Chen Fan was startled.

    He scanned the entire Blood Sea with his Immortal Will.

    At first, his Immortal Will was unable to probe too far because the Yin Qi had previously blocked it; once he reached the lake, he was finally able to see everything inside the castle.

    A group of young people wearing gothic clothes were taking pictures or writing something inside the castle. They seemed to have traveled from all parts of the world. Some of them had blonde hair, some had black hair and some had brown hair.

    "Who are these people? Why are they inside the castle? Where are the six Blood Ancestors?" Chen Fan thought as he suddenly sensed someone familiar.

    "Jiang Churan?"

    Chen Fan was shocked.

    Wasn't the girl with sunglasses, wearing a white sweatshirt and a pair of skinny jeans Jiang Churan? She was there taking pictures excitedly.


    Chen Fan flashed to Jiang Churan and asked her with a stern tone, "Why are you here?"

    "Chen Fan? You're also here?"

    Jiang Churan was at first surprised, then she became thrilled.

    "Were you also on the Star World Corporation's ship? Why didn't I see you?"

    "This castle is amazing! It's located deep in the mist and probably has thousands of years of history. It's like the World's Eighth Wonder and it will definitely astonish the entire world. There are many paintings that prove the existence of vampires in the past," Jiang Churan exclaimed.

    "What Star World Corporation? It's dangerous here. What are you doing?"

    Chen Fan frowned and was even more anxious.

    "Oh, I'm here with the European Superpower Association. They organized this adventure for us to visit Romania and look for proof about the Kindred. The Star World Corporation in the United States sponsored the trip, so I think there must be something astonishing!" Jiang Churan explained.

    "Hi, brother. Are you Jiang's friend? My name is George. I haven't seen you around before. I thought I would recall the information of every person who came to this adventure!" A blonde young man came over.

    He was tall, handsome, and was dressed in gothic clothes with a big skull printed on the chest which made him seem a bit rebellious.


    Chen Fan glanced at the rest of the people present and found it ridiculous.

    They were only a bunch of ordinary people and they dared to enter a place where even the Christian Church would tread lightly. The Blood Sea was one of the seven Forbidden Lands. They thought they could enter this easily?

    "Brother, are you listening to me? Did you follow us in secret?" George said with an upset look.

    "You said you came with the Star World Corporation. Where are they?" Chen Fan ignored George again and looked at Jiang Churan.

    She pointed at an elegant white man.

    "That's Mr. Haysum! He's the one who sponsored this adventure and hired a ship to bring us here."

    Chen Fan felt like he was looking at a joke.

    "How can I help you, sir?"

    Mr. Haysum approached them.

    While George was about to accuse Chen Fan of being a stowaway, Chen Fan slashed with his finger and an arc-shaped azure light swept across the air, splitting Mr. Haysum in half.


    This action shocked the young people around them; everyone screamed at the same time.

    Even Jiang Churan was confused, and George stared at Chen Fan.

    "You killed him? You killed Mr. Haysum?"

    Chen Fan didn't reply; he kept looking at Haysum indifferently.

    Then, everyone found that Haysum wasn't bleeding at all. Instead, there were flashes of electricity coming from his body and there were a bunch of metallic devices inside.

    "A robot?"

    Everyone was stunned and Jiang Churan's eyes popped out.

    "Not even Immortal State Warriors would dare to go deep in the Blood Sea, since the Yin Qi in the area is enough to take someone's life. The Blood Qi and the Blood Beasts lurking in the sea can even kill an Immortal State Warrior. So, why did you bring them here?" Chen Fan asked with his hands behind his back.

    The broken Haysum suddenly turned around and said with blue glitter in his eyes.

    "How can we rouse the honorable Blood Ancestors if we don't prepare some sacrifices? Chen Beixuan, even though you've arrived early, this ceremony was specially prepared for you."

    Then, Haysum exploded.

    A ball of blue electric bolts surrounded it and it soon turned into broken pieces of metal.

    "The United States… The Star World Corporation… An intelligent robot."

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes; he had some ideas about who was behind this. The young people around him were all stunned and frightened by the exploding Haysum and the message he had delivered.

    "Sacrifices… What does that mean?" George wondered.

    "The sacrifices needed to awaken the Blood Ancestors."

    Chen Fan looked up.

    One Blood Ancestor needed the lives of a few villages, so how many did six of them need?


    As he was speaking.

    Six giant iron pillars rose slowly from the Blood Sea outside of the castle.

    The pillars were dozens of meters tall with many chains entwined around them to restrain six black monsters.

    These monsters were a few meters tall. Their bodies were covered with black scales and their skin was pale. There were two long fangs in their mouths and a pair of bat wings on their backs. They were the Kindred.

    "Zlopp, zlopp."

    Countless people were so frightened they couldn't even stand.

    Although they liked superpowers and vampires, every one of them, including George, turned pale and started trembling when they met the real Kindred.

    "Chen Fan, this… this is…?"

    Jiang Churan looked at Chen Fan with a pale face.

    "This is a trap for me. I didn't know I'd drag you into this." Chen Fan frowned.

    Jiang Churan was only there for recreation traveling. She had never thought that the Star World Corporation would use this group of young people as sacrifices. Chen Fan said, "Don't worry, I'll protect you."


    After Chen Fan finished.

    The six monsters opened their eyes and produced beast-like roars.

    Suddenly, there was a terrifying burst of energy coming from the castle. Countless hexagrams formed an enormous sacrificial array.

    The array was initiated in an instant; Chen Fan only had time to create an azure aura to protect Jiang Churan.

    The others froze and blood suddenly spurted out from their heads. The blood was extracted by the power of the array and was funneled to the Blood Ancestors. George and all the other young people were trembling as their blood was being drained.


    Hundreds of blood lines were combined into six blood rivers that ran into the bodies of the six Blood Ancestors.

    In a blink, the Blood Ancestors swallowed all the blood in the bodies of the few hundred young people and they started struggling to get rid of the chains. Then, six energy blasts were shot to the sky, enveloping the entire area.

    "Trespassers must die!"

    The six pure-blood Kindred flapped their wings and flew to the sky.

    All of them had pale faces, fangs and red eyes like demons.

    Their energy reached the maximum level; any of them was more powerful than cultivator masters like Cold Moon Fairy. Two of them were even five meters tall and their might was comparable to that of Changhe Sword Immortal.

    Four of them were early-stage Connate Kindred while the other two were mid-stage Connate Kindred!

    They were definitely powerful enough to level the Earth. This was indeed one of the seven Forbidden Lands and a legacy of the Kindred.

    "I'm here to look for the Universe Teleport Door and take revenge for the dead."

    Chen Fan smiled; he was completely unafraid.

    "How dare you! The Blood Door is a restricted area our ancestors left behind. It's not a place where you can enter."

    The six Kindreds roared.

    Their voices resounded through the entire Blood Sea! Countless red Blood Beasts rose from the sea and stared at Chen Fan. At the same time, Jiang Churan was completely terrified; she couldn't say a word.

    What she saw was completely beyond her imagination.

    This was even more astonishing than the battle on Yun Wu Mountain. After all, these were all monsters!

    "The Wise Men in the United States planned to kill me with a bunch of losers like you? How ridiculous!" Chen Fan shook his head with disdain in his eyes. "I turned your friend, Reinhardt, into a pill and ate it. Your Kindred blood is quite pure, but it isn't any stronger than some Spirit Beasts."


    Hearing what Chen Fan said, the six Kindred were enraged.

    They flapped their wings and sent out a three-inch crimson aura from their paws which flashed towards Chen Fan at several times the speed of sound, aiming to tear him to pieces.


    Chen Fan didn't say anything. He immediately flicked his sleeve and shot out a ray of black light. It was so swift it almost reached twenty times the speed of sound. It seemed to be the "God-killing Spear."

    "Boom, boom, boom!"

    The black light ray pierced through the six Kindred and they exploded into splashes of blood.

    Chen Fan killed all of them with one attack!