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Chapter 693 - The Secret of the Blood Sea

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 693 The Secret of the Blood Sea

    An ancient door?

    This caught Chen Fan's attention.

    The teleporting arrays used by different races or civilizations worked differently. In the Realm of Cultivation, it would be a platform with an array carved on it, which opened a passage that would send a person to another platform.

    And yet, those in other places might not be the same. For example, the Zerg developed insect holes, while Entities and demons built teleport doors like the Gate of Heaven. This ancient door would most likely be a teleport door used to leave Earth.

    Chen Fan read through the text.

    "The ancestor of the Kindred suffered a severe blow…"

    "They decided to leave the mortal world and return to where they came from… They built an ancient door with blood and lives… The door is connected to their origin deep in the universe… The ancestor left seven Kindred on Earth to guard the door and wait for a chance to come back…"

    "Right, connected to the universe. This must be an Universe Teleport Door."

    Chen Fan's eyes brightened.

    Five years after his rebirth, he finally found a way to leave the Earth.

    "Looks like the ancestor of the Kindred must be at the Golden Core or Nascent Soul Level, or they wouldn't have been able to build an Universe Teleport Door that could take their entire race with them. I guess it's deep in the Blood Sea. Wait, there are seven Kindred guarding the door?"

    Chen Fan frowned.

    He thought the Blood Ancestor was the only member of the Kindred on Earth, but it seemed that it wasn't the case.

    "So, there are still six pure-blooded Kindred in the Blood Sea guarding the door? No wonder the Christian Church has never gone deeper over the last thousands of years. But why aren't they coming out? Perhaps they can't leave the Blood Sea for too long?"

    Chen Fan shook his head and forgot about it.

    He had become a Connate Being and had completed the Sky-Swallowing Painting, so he was powerful enough to kill even ten of them. The Kindred had pure blood and strong powers. If he swallowed them, he might be able to complete another kind of Divine Power!

    "Let's keep reading and see what else I can find."

    Chen Fan continued reading the records.

    Most of the information the Christian Church had given him was about the history of the Kindred.

    According to the records, Earth was a thriving cultivation planet in the ancient times. Sages of the East and Entities of the West were on an equal footing. Even other races, including the Kindred and the Dark Wolves, would travel across the universe to visit.

    At that time, the East had established the Heavenly Courts to manage the Sages in the world and there were many pantheons in the West. However, the planet started to change and the Spirit Qi gradually dissipated; it wasn't enough to support so many Entities and Sages anymore.

    Because of this, a brutal war broke out.

    Many Entities and Sages slaughtered across the Earth and nobody could escape. Countless civilizations were destroyed, many ancient cities collapsed and the entire cultivation world was set on fire.

    It was what the East called the "Battle of the Deities."

    "The Battle of the Deities lasted for centuries and when the pantheons were about to make peace, enemies from alien races invaded the planet and a more brutal war broke out…"

    Chen Fan's finger slid across the parchment.

    "Alien races?"

    He frowned.

    The Christian Church used the phrase "alien races" which had a lot of meanings in Hebrew, including Hell, abyss, universe. So, Chen Fan couldn't tell where the enemies came from.

    The information suddenly became unclear at this point.

    The records didn't explain who the enemies from the alien races were, but mentioned that they were extremely terrifying. Then, it immediately talked about the ancestor of the Kindred building the "Blood Door" and leaving the planet.

    "The door is made with blood and bones of billions of people and countless souls were embedded in it. It's located deep in the Blood Sea and only the blood of a true God can open it, which would lead to the most evil origin…"

    "Their ancestor left seven Kindred emissaries sleeping in the Blood Sea to guard the door. The world is drenched in blood whenever they are awakened…"

    "Never battle with them at the Blood Sea. They are immortal…"

    The information stopped right there.

    The remaining data was collected by people of the Christian Church in recent centuries. However, their subsequent explorations had all been done by Transcendent State or Immortal State Warriors and they couldn't go really deep inside the Blood Sea. So, Chen Fan only glanced through those sections.


    Chen Fan rubbed his chin and thought, "The Kindred indeed have some secret arts that make them immortal when they're at their ancestral grounds or somewhere with a lot of fresh blood. I was able to turn that Blood Ancestor into medicines only because he came all the way to Qin Chen Mountain."

    And yet, Chen Fan wasn't worried at all.

    As the reincarnation of a Tribulation State Cultivator with countless secret arts and forbidden spells, defeating immortals was a piece of cake.

    "Alright, let's go."

    Chen Fan put away the books and got up.

    Even though there was some information about the Devil's Cave of Babylon, the Mayan Temples and the Changbai Heavenly Lake, Chen Fan would certainly go to the Blood Sea first since he knew there was an Universe Teleport Door.

    The Blood Sea was located outside a barren land deep in Romania, Eastern Europe.

    The flatland was a thousand miles wide and had no signs of life. Through the centuries, a lot of adventurers had gone to the legendary Blood Sea to explore the origins of vampires, but they couldn't find anything.


    It was an old town close to the Blood Sea. It had been built thousands of years in the past and many adventure teams would pass by on their way to the Blood Sea.

    "More and more people have come to explore the Blood Sea in recent years. Do they really think that there are vampires?"

    A group of bald men were drinking beer and chatting in a pub.

    "They're all young people who have been brainwashed by the vampire culture on the Internet. The Blood Sea is only a bit red. Didn't the experts say it's because of the high iron content? They think the Blood Sea is filled with blood just because there's some kind of red algae?"

    Everyone burst into laughter.

    The special attributes of the Blood Sea had already caught the attention of scientists long before, but they couldn't find any explanations. One thing they could be sure of was that the sea had not been formed by blood.

    One of them suddenly said, "There are indeed legends saying that some Kindred are sleeping deep in the Blood Sea. In the last few months, all the people and animals in the Bura Village, Ontario Village and Grimm Town were captured, leaving them completely deserted. Some said that these people would be sacrificed to awaken the vampires in the Blood Sea."

    The entire pub went silent.

    Those villages were near Merkava and were also located along the coast of the Blood Sea. The Romanian government was deeply concerned about the disappearance of those residents and the rumors about the Kindred caused an uproar, attracting many people with thirst for adventure.

    "I guess it's because the Dark Duke woke the Blood Ancestor."

    Chen Fan pondered as he drank inside the pub.

    He took only a short time to go from Italy to Romania. Europe had convenient transportation options, so he didn't need to rush and he visited many places along his journey.

    "It was just an accident," a bald man smiled and said.

    "But I heard that all the people in Dinghu Village went missing at the same time last night," another man said.

    This time, everyone was startled.

    Such an incident was as terrifying as a curse.

    "People missing again? Yesterday?"

    Chen Fan's hands froze.

    He had turned the Blood Ancestor into a pill and had killed the Dark Duke; someone else did this.

    "Is someone planning to wake the remaining six pure-blooded Kindred in the Blood Sea?"

    Chen Fan put down the wine glass, looking shocked.

    He immediately paid, then turned into a shadow and sped towards the Blood Sea. The Blood Sea was a few hundred miles wide and the water was red as blood; no fish could live there.


    Chen Fan flashed across the sea like a motorboat. As he went deeper, the mist became thicker and eventually he couldn't even see what was ahead.

    "The Yin Qi is very dense. Looks like the Blood Sea is located on a Yin Ground."

    Glints of golden light flashed in Chen Fan's eyes.

    The Yin Qi couldn't block his sight. He shot out two golden light rays from his eyes and the mist was immediately dissipated.

    "I can sense the strong dark forces. It seems that I'm getting close to my destination."

    Chen Fan sped up.

    The red water under his feet gradually became denser, becoming almost as thick as blood in the end.


    Chen Fan saw a giant red lake appear right after leaving the misty area.

    This lake didn't look too different, but Chen Fan could see that the entire lake had been formed by real, thick blood and was filled with Blood Qi!

    "This is the real Blood Sea, formed by the blood of billions of souls."

    Chen Fan looked cold.

    How many people were killed to fill such an enormous blood lake?

    Ten million? One hundred million? How brutal were the murders in the ancient times? How devastated were the people back then? Compared to the ancestors of the Kindred, Damon the Blood Fiend was nothing.

    "I will claim justice for them."

    Chen Fan looked up and saw a towering old castle far away.

    He had finally arrived.

    The Kindred's sleeping place had been built at the center of the Blood Sea.