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Chapter 692 - The Saint Yielded

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     692 The Saint Yielded

    A Saint?

    It was a being on an equal footing with the Earth Level Deities in the East.

    Everyone was startled after hearing what Chen Fan said.

    They knew that there hadn't been a Saint in the Christian Church since Saint Augustine died a thousand years before. Even the priests and monks were unaware of his existence!


    The others looked at the elder.

    The elder had white hair and his face was full of wrinkles. He seemed to be exhausted, seemingly about to fall down at any time. The blonde knight next to him was extremely respectful as if he were serving a king.

    Everyone knew this blonde knight. He was the chief adjudicator of the Religious Court; he had once ranked second on the Divine Roll in the past. His body was surrounded by the raging Gift of Light! They knew that only a real bigwig of the Christian Church could make him act so respectfully, but nobody would have imagined that the elder was a Saint.

    "Saint Francis, you're alive?" an old Cardinal suddenly yelled.

    "The 42nd Pope, Saint Francis?"

    This immediately caused a great furor.

    Francis was the most outstanding Pope in the last five centuries, who brought the Christian Church to their golden age, to stand independently from the British Empire. And yet, this was two centuries in the past; he would have been three hundred years old if he were still alive.

    "It really is Saint Francis! I've seen his painting in the Pope's hall," another bishop exclaimed.

    Then, everyone knelt on the ground and said with tears in their eyes, "Our great, respected, sacred Saint Francis! Please protect the Christian Church…"

    The elder walked forward slowly.

    His body was sending out beams of gentle white light which shone upon all those present. He didn't feel tired anymore and his scars started to heal. His white hair gradually turned black; his wrinkles disappeared and he stood upright, turning into a brawny middle-aged man.

    "Mr. Chen Beixuan, you're an Earth Level Deity of the East. Why did you come to the Christian Church to make trouble?"

    Saint Francis' Gift of Light surged and became as wide as an ocean, which was much stronger than the power of the Blood Ancestor; it had almost reached the peak of the early Connate stage. If Chen Fan didn't exist, he would definitely be the most powerful Overlord on Earth.

    "I wanted to see your person in charge but they didn't listen and even pointed their swords at me," Chen Fan said, "The Christian Church is a bit rude. Is this how you treat your guests?"

    "Bullsh*t! You're the one who trespassed the restricted area!" a priest said.

    Chen Fan then glared at him, making him step back.

    "Sir, you're the most powerful person in the world, the Overlord that dominates the East. Why care about the mortals? Just tell me what you want and the Christian Church will do its utmost to help you."

    "All right! I want you to give me all the records and books about the seven Forbidden Lands," Chen Fan replied.

    All the Christian Church members were startled.

    The seven Forbidden Lands were the oldest mysteries on Earth. They were related to the secrets behind the disappearance of all the legendary Entities. Each of them was extremely dangerous, and countless lives had been sacrificed to get that information… And yet, Chen Fan simply wanted to take it all away?

    "Sir, that is classified information of the Christian Church. We can't lend it to you. Please leave," the blonde knight said seriously.

    "You misunderstood what I said. I'm here to take those records, not borrow them," Chen Fan said.

    The North Mystic Celestial Lord dominated the universe and could kill whoever he wanted. How would he be constrained by morality? The Christian Church had to give him the records anyway and Chen Fan wanted to take this opportunity to frighten them, all in order to keep their parents from harm after he left.

    "How dare you!"

    The bishops were enraged.

    Chen Fan wanted to take away the records from the Christian Church forcefully? All the members were completely irritated.

    "Lord Francis, I request the adjudicators to take action. Have them punish this man who broke into the sacred grounds and humiliated the Christian Church," a bishop knelt and said.

    The other members also shouted.

    The Christian Church had been founded for thousands of years. Even the American soldiers couldn't enter so easily back then, not to mention there were also Saints lying in wait.

    Chen Fan remained silent and took a step forward.


    A powerful energy surged out of Chen Fan's body and an image of the Kun Peng appeared behind him.

    The Kun Peng was a few thousand miles wide which covered the entire sky. Its terrifying energy was spread across the square; many members of the Christian Church collapsed, unable to bear the pressure.

    Only the eight Immortal State bishops were still standing, letting out beams of white light.

    "Sir, don't do this." Saint Francis also let out his energy to protect the members behind him.

    "Hand over the records, or die!" Chen Fan said with his cold eyes.

    He finally showed the true form of the Celestial Lord, a mighty and domineering existence. His energy surged forward like a thousand-mile tsunami and Saint Francis had no chance of fighting back; it was like a little boat in front of a giant wave.

    The elder turned pale and seemed to be struggling.

    When everyone else thought he was about to attack, he suddenly heaved a sigh and said as he lowered his head, "The Christian Church will follow your orders."

    "My Lord!" the bishops yelled.

    But Saint Francis said firmly, "Go! Take out all the records about the seven Forbidden Lands and give them to Mr. Chen Beixuan."

    He was a Saint and the former Pope, so no one in the Christian Church would disobey him.

    Soon, the records were gathered.

    There weren't many of them; they were the size of a safe when stacked together. Many of them were written on parchment and every page bore endless drops of blood of the Christian Church. The Overlords in the past had risked their lives to get all that information from the Forbidden Lands.

    "All right."

    Chen Fan stored them in the Blade Strengthening Gourd and left.

    The elder then dismissed the others and went deep inside the Vatican along with the knight.

    "Why did you give in? We've been in the Vatican for thousands of years and there are many arrays and Sacred Artifacts left by the Saints. Together with your power, not even nuclear weapons can destroy the city. We are more than able to fight with Chen Beixuan, and we also have our Lord here," the blonde knight said resentfully.

    "The Lord told us not to provoke Chen Beixuan. He has the power of an Entity. I didn't believe it before, but I was able to sense his powerful energy just now. Not even a group of Saints like myself can compare to him," the elder said.

    There was a glint of fright in his eyes. When he faced Chen Fan, he felt as if he were in front of a fierce ancient beast which could swallow him in a blink, and the image of the Divine Beast behind Chen Fan was even more terrifying.

    "The Divine Beast behind him is the Kun Peng in the ancient Chinese legends, which has the power to swallow everything," a gentle voice said.

    "My Lord."

    The elder and the knight knelt down.

    A barefoot young man in a white robe, who had fair skin and blue eyes, made his appearance. He looked at the elder and nodded.

    "You did great. We aren't ready to get out in the world again. Chen Beixuan isn't our primary goal. He probably came here for information about the seven Forbidden Lands because he's planning to go to the Blood Sea. I'm sure he'll run into the monsters dwelling inside it, and that is a good thing for us."

    "Besides, I feel like Chen Beixuan has noticed my presence."

    The young man narrowed his eyes.


    This time, even the elder was stunned.

    The two of them were the only ones who knew the real identity and superior status of the young man. He hid deep in the Christian Church and was surrounded by layers of arrays, but Chen Fan could still detect his existence. So, how powerful was Chen Fan?

    "Luckily, we didn't provoke him."

    Both of them were glad.

    Chen Fan slowly walked out of the Vatican and looked back at the city.

    For everyone else, the Vatican was only an ordinary city, but in Chen Fan's eyes, it was surrounded by countless powerful arrays and many beams of light shot up to the sky, shining over the sacred city.

    As he went deeper, there were more and more arrays and seals, and the Gift of Light became stronger.

    The Christian Church was definitely the most powerful sect on Earth. With so many arrays formed by the Saints, Chen Fan even wondered if nuclear bombs could destroy the sacred city or not.

    And yet, the Christian Church couldn't block Chen Fan's Immortal Will.

    "The Christian Church is indeed powerful. I can sense a pure light energy deep inside its core. That energy is completely different from the one cultivated by mortals… but it's similar to the one harnessed by the Light Race seen in other parts of the universe."

    Chen Fan rubbed his chin.

    The Light Race was a prominent race in the universe; it had a much higher ranking compared to the mid-grade races like the Kindred. Every member of the Light Race was powerful and was a Connate Being from birth.

    "Are there pure-blood members of the Light Race on Earth? If there are, their battling power must be much stronger than that of the Blood Ancestor. I might be able to make a furnace of Treasure Pills with them."

    Chen Fan thought and shook his head.

    He didn't bear any grudges against the Christian Church after all. He wouldn't use anyone to make pills without a reason. His current priority was to search for the Path of Heaven in the Blood Sea.

    "Let's see what's recorded in the books from the Christian Church."

    Chen Fan went to a coffee shop and started reading the records of the Christian Church. Many of them were written in ancient Hebrew, thousands of years in the past, but it wasn't a problem for him. He had learned all the languages on Earth before he visited the West.

    "Deities around the world… Aberration of the planet… Battle of Deities… Invasion of foreign races… Defeating the enemies… Deep in the Blood Sea… Leave the world… An ancient door?"

    Chen Fan read through many secrets of the ancient times.

    The records of the Christian Church were much more detailed than those of Kunlun and the Sword Palace, and every piece of information was earth-shattering. Suddenly, Chen Fan stopped reading.

    "An ancient door?"