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Chapter 691 - Against the Christian Church Alone

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     691 Against the Christian Church Alone

    After six months, Jiang Churan looked more mature and elegant. She had her hair down and was wearing sunglasses, an oversized sweater and a pair of skinny jeans, like an urban girl.

    The last time they met was on Yun Wu Mountain when Chen Fan killed seven Immortal State Warriors.

    "It's been a while. Are you going to Europe too?" Chen Fan smiled and said.

    The two of them held many grudges against each other in the past, but Chen Fan stopped caring about them as time passed. On the contrary, Chen Fan started to find their friendship treasurable since he had fewer and fewer old friends left.

    "Yeah, what a coincidence."

    Jiang Churan cracked a smile.

    She stared at the indifferent young man in front of her. Who would think he was the most powerful person in the Dark World, the Sect Master of the North Qiong Sect and the famous Sage in Myanmar?

    "Why didn't I see how outstanding he was like Fei Fei did back then?" Jiang Churan thought and heaved a sigh, but she didn't show it on her face.

    Having met by surprise, they would naturally start talking about their former classmates.

    "You terrified them last time when you walked on the lake. Li Yifeng and Si Yinxia immediately went back to school to study because of you. I heard that Si Yinxia was accepted into Harvard Business School. Also, Yang Chao was selected as the main player in the national basketball team…" Jiang Churan said excitedly.

    Chen Fan smiled and nodded without saying a word.

    "And that little girl called Lin Lulu. She adores you and sees you as her idol. She asked me for your number and address, and something about your interests, personality, and so on. She even wants to marry you." Jiang Churan covered her mouth and giggled. Then, she looked at Chen Fan.

    "Why don't you think about it? It should be fine for you to marry several women now."

    "It's indeed not a problem, but it would be meaningless! Once I marry them, I must take responsibility and take care of them. I can't just watch them die after a hundred years and burn them into ashes, right?"

    Chen Fan shook his head and sighed.

    This was something Chen Fan and every cultivator had always been scrupulous about.

    In his previous life, Chen Fan had traveled across the universe and battled with countless races. He met a few women, but he didn't accept them as partners.

    The most important thing for partners was the company itself. Dao Reunion Perfected Immortals had at least a hundred thousand years of life, so only immortals of their level or those with the body or blood of Divine Beasts could be their partners. Otherwise, they would be unable to stay together for a lifetime. At the moment, Chen Fan could still collect Treasure Medicines for his parents, Fang Qiong and An Ya to enter the Connate Level.

    But, after reaching the Dao Reunion or the Tribulation Stage, even Deity Medicines would no longer be useful. Chen Fan could only watch them die.

    Speaking of this serious topic, Jiang Churan also went silent.

    "Let's not talk about it. So, why are you going to Europe? You should have graduated from college, right? Do you have a boyfriend?" Chen Fan asked.

    Jiang Churan stroked her hair and said, "I'm going there for a seminar. There are a lot of people in Europe that are interested in superpowers and the Sage of Myanmar. I'm the secretary of the Superpower Association and a few European forums invited me there."


    Chen Fan nodded.

    He knew that there had been some rumors circulating on the Internet after the battle in Myanmar.

    All kinds of superpower forums, vampire websites and werewolf homes had been established, creating a trend across the world. There were even heated discussions about the coming apocalypse in the year 2012, after some news about the Realm of Kunxu were leaked.

    "You're the Sage of Myanmar. I want to know if the apocalypse is really coming in 2012," Jiang Churan laughed and said.

    "Don't worry. Even if the apocalypse comes, I will stop it."

    Chen Fan gave her a beaming smile.

    The plane landed in Italy's capital, Rome.

    There were no direct flights going from Jin City to Romania. Besides, Chen Fan wasn't quite ready to go there yet.

    "Although the Blood Ancestor is dead, the Blood Sea used to belong to the Kindred ancestors after all. There might be some hidden dangers inside. I could be in great trouble if I run into a Golden Core pure-blood Kindred. I should first ask around."

    Chen Fan knew there wouldn't possibly be any Golden Core Cultivators on Earth.

    At the Golden Core Level, cultivators could leave this planet to travel through the universe with their own bodies, but they had to be well-prepared.

    Besides, the purpose of this trip wasn't only to find the Path of Heaven, but also to frighten the forces and sects in the world, so that his family would be safe after he left the Earth.

    "Other than the Realm of Kunxu, the most prominent historical sects on Earth are the Christian Church, the Vodun in Africa, the God of Gold Temple, the Brahmin in India and Tantric Buddhism. Among all of them, the strongest one is definitely the Christian Church."

    Chen Fan looked at the Northwest corner of Rome.

    "During the heyday of the Christian Church, there were Saints and nine Immortal State Warriors dominated the world. They suppressed the Dark World Arbitration Department and almost exterminated the Werewolves and the Kindred. The Blood Ancestor was also injured by Saint Augustine. So, visiting the Christian Church is the simplest way to get information about the secrets of the Blood Sea."

    The Christian Church was located in the Northwest region of Rome.

    It was a small country that covered only an area of forty four square meters, which was the size of a large commercial center or a golf course. And yet, it was also the center of belief of one-sixth of the world's population.

    After exchanging numbers with Jiang Churan…

    Chen Fan left and walked alone on the streets in Rome in the direction of the Vatican.

    He looked around like a tourist and sometimes stopped to try the Italian food. When someone asked him to take a picture for them, he was also willing to help.

    Three hours later, Chen Fan finally entered the Vatican.

    "Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name…"

    There were many believers and tourists from all over the world on a square full of flowers and Extraordinaries could be seen everywhere. Chen Fan could sense the powerful energy of those people without using his Immortal Will, and he knew they were all Grand Masters.

    But they all seemed well-behaved like mice that had seen a cat.

    The Christian Church had kept the Earth in check for thousands of years and had an extremely long history. It was truly a dominator of the world. Even the nuclear weapons of the United States could only make them hide, so who would try to provoke them?

    As Chen Fan walked further in, there were fewer people. He stopped at a guarded door and a priest in a black robe asked with a smile, "My dear child, how can I help you?"

    Even though he looked gentle, there was a hint of the Gift of Light inside him and he was apparently a real member of the Christian Church.

    "I want to see your person in charge," Chen Fan said calmly with his hands behind his back.

    The priest in the black robe frowned and said, "You want to see the Pope? I'm sorry, he's not here, but he holds a service at St. Peter's Basilica Church every couple of months. You can attend it if you want."

    "The one I want to meet is not that puppet, but the person who's really responsible for the Christian Church," Chen Fan said.

    "Who are you?"

    The priest instantly became vicious and the Gift of Light surged in his body, forming a white aura around his body. He was apparently an S-Level Extraordinary.

    "It's none of your business. Ask your boss to come out."

    Chen Fan stood in front of the church indifferently.

    "How dare you make trouble here at the Christian Church! What an arrogant and ignorant person!"

    The priest grunted and formed a white light, which looked like a cross-shaped light blade. It was extremely hot and created beams of light in the air.


    The priest in the black robe slashed at Chen Fan immediately.

    He cast a Divine Spell of the Christian Church called the "Holy Cross Light Blade Spell," which Adam had used to split a ten-meter mountain. Even though the priest wasn't as powerful as Adam, he had a strong foundation and a stable performance.


    Unexpectedly, Chen Fan didn't avoid it. He flicked his fingers and crushed the Holy Cross Light Blade. The energy hit the priest hard like a hammer.


    The priest spurted out blood and was knocked out of the church.

    While he was in the air, he was astonished. The Holy Cross Light Blade was formed with pure Gift of Light and was able to split metals. How could a human destroy it with his fingers? That would be impossible, unless he was a Martial Arts Grand Master or someone at an even higher level.

    "Pong, pong!"

    After defeating the priest, Chen Fan ran straight in without covering himself.

    Everyone who stood in his way—including the armored soldiers of the Christian Church, a group of adjudicators of the Religious Court wearing black outfits and white gloves, and some monks—was knocked down.

    Even an Immortal State Cardinal couldn't withstand Chen Fan's attack.

    "The Christian Church is quite powerful. Even normal guards know how to control Internal Force. I guess there are a thousand soldiers in the entire Vatican, which means there are a thousand Internal Force Masters! Not to mention there are other Divine Masters, Extraordinaries, adjudicators and Cardinals," Chen Fan pondered as he kept walking.

    The Christian Church was a dangerous place for everyone else, but he went in as if there were nobody inside.


    Another Immortal State Cardinal had been smacked against the wall. In less than half a day, many members of the Cardinals had finally realized they were facing a tough enemy. They stopped moving forward and looked at Chen Fan anxiously.

    "Ring, ring, ring."

    The alarm rang at the Vatican.

    This meant that there were enemies in the city and everyone had to prepare to fight. The last time this alarm rang was fifty years before when the American soldiers invaded the Christian Church.

    "Mr. Chen Beixuan, what did we do to make you come for us?"

    An elder walked out with the help of a blonde knight and bowed to Chen Fan.

    "Finally someone who recognizes me."

    Chen Fan smiled and looked at the elder. "You're the person responsible for the Christian Church? Well, a Saint is indeed powerful enough to be in charge. I never thought that the Christian Church would still have a Saint in this era. You hid well!"

    Everyone was immediately shocked.