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Chapter 690 - The Wei Family“s Regre

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     690 The Wei Family“s Regre

    Settling the chaos at the Gate of Heaven, killing five Earth Level Deities, being appointed Admiral Cang Dragon…

    Such news was like a spear that stabbed deep into Xiao Xuan's heart, leaving him terrified and speechless.

    Old Lord Xiao frowned and asked anxiously, "Did you really offend Heavenly Chen?"

    "I…" Xiao Xuan couldn't speak further.

    "You fool! Are you still eager to die? Do you want to back the Xiao Family into a corner?" Old Lord Xiao was enraged; the shouting led to a coughing fit.

    "Grandpa, don't be mad. I just told him the Xiao Family wouldn't let him get away," Xiao Xuan explained.

    "Go and apologize to Heavenly Chen immediately! If he doesn't forgive you, don't you ever come back to the Xiao Family again!"

    Old Lord Xiao hung up furiously.

    Xiao Xuan put down the phone and looked around. The senior members of the Wei Family sat there, looking terrified. Old Lord Xiao's voice was so loud that everyone in the room could hear clearly.

    That was why they were so shocked.

    Even the Xiao Family, the top family in Yan Jin, was afraid of Chen Fan, showing how superior and terrifying Chen Fan was right then.

    "Admiral! It's the highest position in the army that has been empty for decades. After the Second World War, Russia was the only country that kept the title until 1997. And now, our country has appointed Chen Fan as Admiral Cang Dragon…" Wei Changqin said.

    Wei Changsong and the others were dumbfounded.

    They finally realized how ridiculous they had been, trying to fight with Chen Fan. He could have exterminated the Wei Family in an instant.

    "Is Chen Fan that powerful?" Wei Ziqin looked down with a troubled face.

    Old Lord Wei was extremely regretful.

    "Our family missed the opportunity! We would have become another Xiao Family or even stronger if we would have maintained a better relationship with Chen Beixuan, especially when Ziqin also liked him back then…"

    But they had missed their chance after all.

    At night, Xiao Xuan and the Wei Family went to the mansion on North Mountain to see Chen Fan and tried to apologize to him. Unfortunately, Yu Wenjin came out and stopped them.

    "Master is practicing. He isn't free to meet any guests right now. Please leave."

    "We're here to see Admiral Chen to apologize for our mistakes," Old Lord Wei bowed and said. Xiao Xuan stood behind him expressionlessly and didn't say a word.

    Bowing to his own enemy was quite a severe blow to Xiao Xuan's self-esteem.

    Yu Wenjin pondered and nodded. "Alright."

    Only the senior members of the Wei Family could enter the mansion while the rest stayed outside. When they walked into the backyard, Chen Fan was playing chess with his grandpa. Even though Chen Huaian had become a Connate Being which made his hair turn black, he could easily cover his younger features with a bit of illusion spells.

    Qian Yexue stood aside like a servant.

    "Admiral Chen, everything that happened in the past was my fault. I thought our friendship was enough for you to spare my son, so I didn't ask him to apologize to you. I was wrong! I hope you can forgive the Wei Family."

    Old Lord Wei walked up and bowed.

    The members of the Wei Family almost cried when they saw this sight.

    A while later, Chen Fan said, "Old Lord Wei, I told you the Wei Family and I have settled all our past matters. You don't have to apologize. I won't do anything to the Wei Family as long as you don't piss me off."

    "That's good," Old Lord Wei said with a glint of disappointment in his eyes.

    After the Wei Family apologized, Xiao Xuan stepped forward and bowed at Chen Fan. "Heavenly Chen, I was wrong. Please forgive me."

    Chen Fan tapped his fingers on the chessboard and asked, "Hm? What did you do?"

    Xiao Xuan said with a hint of guilt in his eyes, "I shouldn't have criticized you. Third Lord Wei deserved to die and it was reasonable for you to kill him."

    "And?" Chen Fan said lazily.

    "And I shouldn't have threatened you," Xiao Xuan blushed and said.

    "Anything else?" Chen Fan shook his head.

    "Still not enough?"

    Xiao Xuan looked up furiously.

    "Xiao Xuan, you think that everyone in the world would respect and admire you because you're the Young Master of the Xiao Family and the leading figure of the younger generation of Yan Jin, but you have no idea that there are people above you, who you can't afford to offend," Chen Fan said, "Do you know that I could have killed you when you threatened me today? No one dares to piss me off, neither the Xiao Family nor China."

    Not even a Grandmaster could be offended, let alone a Heavenly Being.

    Threatening a Connate Cultivator was disrespectful! Chen Fan could have killed Xiao Xuan if they were in the Realm of Cultivation, but he had become much less vicious after being reborn on Earth.

    Xiao Xuan turned completely pale after hearing what Chen Fan said.

    He finally realized how different he and Chen Fan were. He then slowly bowed and knelt on the ground. "I… Xiao Xuan… am begging you… for mercy."

    He seemed to have used all of his energy to utter every word.

    Old Lord Wei and Wei Ziqin didn't know how to react. Making a Young Master of a large family kneel was even more humiliating than killing him.

    Only Qian Yexue looked calm.

    The Realm of Kunxu followed some of the customs of the cultivation world, where Earth Level Deities were as lofty as Sages. An Earth Level Deity could kill a mortal who offended him without having any consequences.

    Xiao Xuan knelt on the ground for a while before he heard Chen Fan's voice, "Get out. I'll think of this as if nothing happened, but next time, I'll kill you and the entire Xiao Family."

    "Understood," Xiao Xuan replied as he got up.

    Those of the Wei Family wanted to help him but he flung their hands off and left without looking back.

    Wei Ziqin stood there, staring at the gloomy Xiao Xuan and then at Chen Fan; she felt a hint of repentance in her mind.

    Xiao Xuan left the Jiang Nan Province; even his marriage with Wei Ziqin was cancelled.

    Chen Fan didn't care about those things. He stayed with his parents and Xiao Qiong in Jin City for many days before preparing for his journey.

    Chen Fan smiled and comforted Fang Qiong, "Don't worry, Xiao Qiong. Even if I find the Path of Heaven, I wouldn't leave the planet before clearing the threat of the Gate of Heaven. Grandpa, I'll be counting on you."

    After handing everything to Chen Huaian, Chen Fan finally started his journey.

    The Gate of Heaven was shut temporarily, so Chen Fan could only find another passage to leave the Earth.

    Chen Fan thought, "The only way for cultivators of the ancient times to leave the Earth was through an Universe Teleport Array. So, there must be a teleport array left somewhere on the planet. Once I find it and repair it, I'll be able to get going.

    "According to the Blood Ancestor, aside from the cultivators of the East, many Entities in the West and the ancestors of the Kindred also left. Looks like the West also has teleport arrays like this, but their destinations might be different."

    Chen Fan was a bit doubtful.

    It would certainly be ideal to go to a cultivation planet through the teleport array in the Realm of Kunxu, since Chen Fan was an Immortal Cultivator and was more familiar with the cultivation world. However, it would also be acceptable for him to go to the former base of the Kindred first and find another way out afterwards.

    "I hope the Kindred didn't realize I made a pill out of their ancestor," Chen Fan thought.

    He had a rough idea where the Universe Teleport Arrays on Earth could be.

    "The cultivators of the East left the Gate of Heaven in the Deity Burial Valley and set up a strong Golden Core array. So, it looks like the other teleport arrays should be in the other Forbidden Lands."

    Chen Fan rubbed his chin.

    There were seven Forbidden Lands on Earth.

    The Deity Burial Valley in Kunlun, the Dragon Lake, the Mayan Temples, the Devil's Cave of Babylon and the Blood Sea in Romania. These Forbidden Lands were all related to the ancient myths and were most likely the last bases left by different races or gods.

    "I've already been to the Deity Burial Valley, the Mayan Temples are being controlled by the American Army, and there's an extremely powerful Connate Spirit Beast, probably a thousand-year-old dragon, in Dragon Lake according to Kunlun… I guess the Blood Sea in Romania is the best option for now."

    The Blood Sea was where the Blood Ancestor former resting place.

    The Blood Ancestor was dead, meaning that nobody was guarding the Blood Sea. Besides, the Kindred had apparently left the planet and the teleport array they left behind might be in the Blood Sea.

    "Next stop, the Blood Sea in Romania!"

    This time, Chen Fan left alone. He didn't take anything with him, except the Blade Strengthening Gourd; even Qian Yexue stayed at the mansion on East Mountain. He left without telling anyone, so none of the others knew.


    The plane flew across the sky.

    Chen Fan was thinking about what to do next in the plane as he sized up the air hostesses. Immortal Cultivators might be more reserved, but Chen Fan didn't want to behave like a stone after all.

    Suddenly, the girl with sunglasses sitting opposite to him yelled.

    "Chen Fan?"

    Chen Fan looked up and saw the girl take off her sunglasses, showing her beautiful face.

    "Jiang Churan?"

    Chen Fan was a bit surprised to see an old friend on the plane.