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Chapter 689 - He“s a Deity, Not a Human!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     689 He“s a Deity, Not a Human!

    "You mean the engagement banquet that caused traffic jams across Yan Jin, the day when the city was covered with red maple leaves?" Xu Haoxuan frowned and said.

    On that day, all the maple trees in Yan Jin had turned red! Cars from all over the world were stuck in traffic, and countless upper-class people and Special Envoys were there.

    Even those born in Yan Jin had never seen such a sight.

    "I heard that the engagement banquet was for a member of the Wang Family and the CEO of North Qiong Corp. Many envoys from different countries attended as if it were the wedding of the British Prince. But what does it have to do with Xiao Fan?" Xu Haoxuan wondered.

    "Chen Fan was the one who got engaged!" Hong Mi said.


    Xu Haoxuan was completely shocked.

    "Your friend also goes by the name Chen Beixuan!

    "He's the founder of North Qiong Corp. He came from the Wang Family but killed Wang Chen, their Young Master, in front of Old Lord Wang. On the day of the engagement banquet, not only the ambassadors of some countries were attending, even the Presidents of over a hundred countries, including the United States and England, sent their Special Envoys to North Mountain to congratulate him," Hong Mi said.

    Xu Haoxuan turned pale and was stunned by everything she said.

    The status of the United States and England was incomparable! Even a hundred small countries together weren't as powerful as the United States, but the American President had also sent his Special Envoy to the engagement banquet. Only a few people in the world deserved such an honor!

    "How is that possible? How is that possible?"

    Xu Haoxuan mumbled, " Xiao Fan is only an ordinary person. Even if he's joined the army and made great contributions, why would the American Special Envoy come? Also, he killed Wang Chen but the Wang Family simply let him go?"

    "He's Chen Beixuan! Heavenly Chen, Superpower Chen, who is as powerful as a country!" Hong Mi said coldly.

    "Superpower Chen? Heavenly Chen?" Xu Haoxuan raised his eyebrows and his eyes were filled with astonishment.

    Hong Mi sat next to Xu Haoxuan, took his hands and said, "There are some things I'm not quite sure about either. The Hong Family is only a middle-class family in Yan Jin, but I heard from my father that Chen Beixuan defeated the superpowers and Ye Qincang by himself. He's the most powerful being in the world! Even if your wealth is around the trillions, you're just like an ant in front of him."

    Then, Hong Mi slowly told him everything she knew.

    Even though she didn't really know much, Xu Haoxuan was already startled.

    "He defeated the Russian Infantry Division, destroyed the Black Sea Fleet and forced the United States to fall back?" Xu Haoxuan was dumbfounded; he felt as if he were listening to a fairytale.

    Although Yu Wenjin had swiftly killed Third Lord Wei with a finger, she only knew a bit more about Martial Arts in other people's eyes. And yet, Chen Fan was like a superman or a celestial being.

    If he were just an ordinary person, how could he lift a tank?

    "It's impossible! It's impossible for a person to be this powerful, not even in the movies." Xu Haoxuan shook his head, still doubting the things he had just heard.

    "If those things weren't true, why would the Wei Family be scared of him? Why didn't the Xiao Family come for him after he broke Xiao Xuan's limbs? Even the Wang Family remained silent after he killed one of their descendants. How did Chen Beixuan become an Admiral at the age of twenty two? Have you thought about it?" Hong Mi grunted.

    Xu Haoxuan immediately went silent.

    He couldn't find a reason that could explain everything.

    "Haoxuan, your friend isn't a normal person. He's an Entity, an incarnation of a Deity!"

    Hong Mi stared at her boyfriend and said, "The best thing that ever happened to you in your life isn't getting into Huaqin University or meeting me, but having such a friend! Hold on to him and you'll rise to the top! Perhaps one day, even the wealthiest people in the world would have to bow to you…"

    Xu Haoxuan's mind had already become a mess and he had only one question.

    "Xiao Fan… is really a Deity?"

    While Xu Haoxuan was still astonished.

    Chen Fan and Yu Wenjin had already arrived at the mansion at East Mountain.

    After meeting his friends in the gathering, Chen Fan had taken down a load off his mind. He could finally focus on searching for the Path of Heaven.

    Yu Wenjin hesitated and said, "Master, do we need to help them?"

    "No, I guess everyone knows who I am now after meeting the Wei Family. Being the friends of Chen Beixuan is enough for them to run wild in China. What other help do they need?"

    Chen Fan shook his head.

    "How about the Wei Family and the Xiao Family? You just let them go after killing Third Lord Wei? I feel that Xiao Xuan won't give up," Yu Wenjin frowned and said.

    "I've settled the scores with the Wei Family. We used to be close after all. I don't want to stir any more trouble." Chen Fan walked towards the mansion with his hands behind his back and continued with viciousness in his eyes.

    "As for Xiao Xuan, I'll kill him if he does something stupid again. This time, I won't hold back."

    Yu Wenjin nodded.

    People like Xiao Xuan were like ants in Chen Fan's eyes. He knew that the Xiao Family wouldn't seek revenge even if he killed Xiao Xuan.

    Meanwhile, Xiao Xuan was about to contact the Xiao Family.

    "Xiao Xuan, there's no need to tell your grandpa about it," Old Lord Wei said.

    "Yeah, Brother Xiao Xuan. Third Lord Wei did something wrong after all, so it's reasonable for Chen Fan to kill him. There's no need to drag the Xiao Family into this," Wei Ziqin also said.

    "This isn't only about the Wei Family and Chen Fan anymore. I've also got accounts to settle with him," Xiao Xuan said and his eyes seemed to be on fire.

    Xiao Xuan still remembered.

    Six months before, Chen Fan broke his limbs and threw him off North Mountain. If the security guards hadn't found him and sent him to the hospital, he would have died. He stayed in the hospital for several months until the Xiao Family got him Spirit Fruits and cured his injuries, so that he could walk again.

    He could still feel the pain as he thought about it.

    "Chen Beixuan, you're too arrogant. Do you really think that no one in the world can deal with you?" Xiao Xuan was enraged and he immediately made a phone call.

    "Hello, Xiao Xuan. How are you feeling? Stop thinking about what happened in the past. Have you met Xiao Fu's granddaughter? I think she can marry you in the future."

    There came Old Lord Xiao's voice.

    "Grandpa." Xiao Xuan's nose turned red and tears welled up in his eyes, but he continued, "I'm great. I feel much better after visiting different places in the country. I've also met Old Lord Wei and his granddaughter. Ziqin is a nice person."

    "Great, great."

    Old Lord Xiao heaved a sigh.

    Although his grandson had been cured, he was still grumpy and kept breaking things at home every day. Old Lord Xiao knew he wanted to take his revenge, but it was apparently impossible. So, he asked Xiao Xuan to go on a holiday to relax his mind.

    "Right, grandpa forgot to remind you not to provoke Chen Beixuan and the Chen Family when you're in Jiang Nan. Chen Beixuan has just settled the chaos at the Gate of Heaven," Old Lord Xiao said.

    After all, the Jiang Nan Province had more than ten million people and Chen Fan was always going here and there. How would Xiao Xuan see him? But then, Xiao Xuan said, "Grandpa, that's what I wanted to talk to you about. I met Chen Beixuan today."


    Old Lord Xiao, who was laying on the bamboo chair, immediately sat up. The nurses and guards next to him all looked over with shock. He quickly asked, "You didn't offend him, did you?"

    Xiao Xuan then continued with anger, "Not me, but Old Lord Wei's third son. He offended Chen Beixuan years ago and Chen Beixuan killed him."

    "Grandpa, Chen Beixuan has no respect for the Xiao Family and China. Not even Ye Qincang in his younger years acted as arrogant as he does! I think the families in Yan Jin should work together and force Chen Beixuan to…"

    "You fool!" Old Lord Xiao shouted before Xiao Xuan finished.

    "Do you know who Chen Beixuan is? Do you know what he did recently? Do you know what Admiral Cang Dragon means?" Xiao Xuan yelled.

    Xiao Xuan had been around the last few months so he didn't really know what Chen Fan had done.

    He then said, "Isn't Admiral Cang Dragon similar to Ye Qincang's Admiral Kunlun? The Ye Family is only a bit more powerful than the Xiao Family, Chen Beixuan has no chance to exterminate our family. Isn't he afraid that the country would go after him?"

    "Similar to Ye Qincang?"

    Old Lord Xiao sighed and sounded disappointed. "Xiao Xuan, hatred has blinded your eyes and made you irrational.

    "If only you knew, Ye Qincang once said that not even ten warriors like himself would be able to defeat Chen Beixuan!

    "Chen Beixuan killed five Earth Level Deities in the Deity Burial Valley and shut the Gate of Heaven, saving China and mankind!

    "Senior officials appointed Chen Beixuan as Admiral instead of Marshal only because of the United States. If you knew all of this, you would never say something so naive."

    Xiao Xuan could feel Old Lord Xiao's disappointment.


    He blanched and was totally startled.