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Chapter 688 - Before and After

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     688 Before and After

    What Yu Wenjin said astonished everyone present.

    The Wei Family was indeed a major family in Jiang Bei, but they were much weaker than the top families in Yan Jin and those around the world. For them, the Immortal State was already the maximum level and they couldn't imagine how much stronger the warriors above that were.

    Even though Chen Fan was the most powerful person on Earth.

    The Wei family didn't know how powerful he was exactly, but the title of Admiral Cang Dragon hit them hard.

    Wei Zifang lowered his head and mumbled, "He's only twenty two and he's already become an Admiral?"

    Being able to be appointed an Admiral at such a young age was definitely a glory! And what it represented was terrifying.

    "And he's not an ordinary Admiral, but Admiral Cang Dragon! He's now as superior as Ye Qincang." Xiao Xuan looked frightened. Only those from the large families in Yan Jin knew what "Cang Dragon" meant.

    It was a special title, representing supreme status.

    It took more than a century for Ye Qincang to get this title after he quit being a brigand and guarded China, but Chen Fan had become immensely successful at the age of twenty. How could anyone not be jealous?

    "What does that girl mean by ‘suppressing Kunxu?' Is there really someone in modern times who is powerful enough to be entitled Admiral Cang Dragon?"

    Everyone looked at one another.

    After all, they didn't know anything about the Realm of Kunxu because of their status.

    Only Xiao Xuan looked terrified. He had heard about the Realm of Kunxu and the line of defense in Kunlun, but it was confidential and his news were a bit outdated since he had been in Jin City lately.

    Xiao Xuan got up and said to Wei Fu, "Don't worry, Old Lord Wei. I'll tell grandpa about it and do justice for you and the Wei Family."

    Wei Fu shook his head and said with a pale face, "Third Lord Chen didn't listen to me and got what he deserved. Let's not trouble your grandpa."

    "Old Lord Wei, this isn't only about you anymore. Chen Beixuan has been running amok and the superpowers won't tolerate a behavior like that."

    Wei Changsong and the others glanced at one another.

    The country had appointed Chen Fan as the Admiral of the Cang Dragon Unit so they must be working on building a good relationship with him. Third Lord Wei wasn't someone important. They couldn't resist even if Chen Fan wanted to eliminate everyone in the Wei family, not to mention that Third Lord Wei actually deserved to die!

    But seeing how determined Xiao Xuan was, the Wei family could only agree.

    Wei Ziqin was standing next to them, struggling in her mind.

    This was supposed to be an engagement dinner, but it ended sooner than expected because of Chen Fan's interference.

    After Chen Fan returned to the room, Wu Junjie and the others also returned. They were even more stunned than the Wei family and were staring at Chen Fan as if he were an alien.

    The room was deadly silent.

    Chen Fan smiled and asked, "Why aren't you talking?"

    "Xiao Fan… Oh no, Brother Fan, you're amazing! You killed Third Lord Wei in front of Old Lord Wei and the Young Master of the Xiao Family, and said that you're even now. You were just like a hero in a movie!" Yan Xiaobai put his thumbs up.

    "And Wenjin's attack was incredible! You were like a heroine!" Lin Weiwei's eyes twinkled.

    She had always been tough, having been born in a military family, which was why she applied for military school.

    Yu Wenjin's attack was as quick as a flash of lightning and she killed Third Lord Wei, who had run wild in Chu Zhou City for decades, with a finger. How awesome was that?

    "I finally know what Wenjin has learnt from you!" Wu Junjie smiled wryly.

    Hong Mi stood there with her trembling legs and she couldn't look into Chen Fan's eyes. All of them witnessed what happened in the Wei Family's room, but none of them knew about Chen Fan's identity and status.

    Hong Mi came from a large family in Yan Jin, so she certainly knew how terrifying Chen Fan was.

    He was Heavenly Chen, the one who broke Xiao Xuan's limbs and threw him down North Mountain, and a man who killed whenever someone offended him! After being appointed as Admiral Cang Dragon, who else would disrespect him?

    "Xiao Fan, what's Admiral Cang Dragon? Did you really break Xiao Xuan's limbs?" Xu Haoxuan asked seriously after a while.

    Everyone else finally reacted.

    They were too shocked at first so they didn't give it much thought, but many doubts started bubbling up. What was Admiral Cang Dragon? Why did Chen Fan break Xiao Xuan's limbs? Why was the Wei family afraid of him?

    They had many questions in their heads and even Wu Junjie wasn't quite sure.

    Chen Fan shrugged and said, "Admiral Cang Dragon is only a title. I did some insignificant things for the country and they offered me the position to express their gratitude."

    Yu Wenjin immediately rolled her eyes.

    The insignificant things Chen Fan talked about meant slaughtering the five Earth Level Deities from Kunxu and shut the Gate of Heaven, an act that saved mankind! The superpowers might have been able to kill them with their nuclear weapons.

    But if the Earth Level Deities of the Realm of Kunxu were still running wild around the world…

    They could kill a President that day, destroy a city the next and sink a fleet the day after. Even the United States would be clueless about how to deal with such strong enemies, so it wasn't wrong to say that Chen Fan had saved China and the world.

    Everyone's eyes popped out.

    "If I can become an Admiral by doing just some insignificant things for the country, I'm willing to do so as well…"

    In fact, they wanted to know more but Chen Fan didn't want to talk about it anymore. He had never planned to bring his friends into his world. It was just that he had met the Wei Family there; he couldn't just stand aside.

    "Cheers! We haven't seen each other for so long. Let's not talk about these things," Wu Junjie shouted immediately.

    The others could only forget about their doubts and continue chatting. However, Hong Mi became more polite this time. She used to be reluctant when everyone toasted with her before.

    After that, Hong Mi started to drink a lot, helping others to fill their glasses and being nice to everyone.

    Even Xu Haoxuan didn't know why his arrogant fiancée was like this and was wondering if she had drunk too much.

    Only Yu Wenjin knew what was going on.

    "Master is the Heavenly Being Chen Beixuan, the most powerful person in the world! He's as influential as a big country. As his disciple, I'm already on an equal footing with the leaders of the top families and consortiums. These people are only Master's friends but establishing a good relationship with them might bring her some benefits and opportunities."

    Those born in the major families in Yan Jin were like Hong Mi.

    They categorized people into two groups, people whom they could or could not associate with. Before what happened just then, Hong Mi thought Chen Fan and his friends weren't qualified to be her friends, so she acted arrogant. However, after knowing who Chen Fan was, she started to become respectful and was trying to befriend Wu Junjie and Lin Weiwei.

    As for Chen Fan.

    Hong Mi knew she wasn't qualified to talk to him so it was enough to get closer to his friends.

    At the end of the day, the gathering was quite the success and everyone was pleased.

    After sending Lin Weiwei and Xu Haoxuan away, Chen Fan and Yu Wenjin also got in their silver Lamborghini and waved Wu Junjie goodbye. After they left, Wu Junjie's smile started to disappear.

    After a while, Wu Junjie said with a wry smile, "We're from two different worlds after all. I thought that if I worked hard, I'd be able to keep up someday. But now, I'm getting further from them."

    His girlfriend, Li Ying, didn't seem to understand.

    Wu Junjie cracked a smile and heaved a sigh. He tried not to think about it, but his doubts about Chen Fan's identity still lingered in his mind.

    Xu Haoxuan and Hong Mi drove back to their four-star hotel in a red BMW Z4.

    When Hong Mi went to college five years back, her family bought her this BMW. She drove it specially for Xu Haoxuan's sake since he was going to a gathering with his old friends.

    "Honey, I will also get a Lamborghini in the next three years so we can drive around Yan Jin," Xu Haoxuan said when he saw the roadster which reminded him of Chen Fan's Lamborghini.

    He had joined the Star World Corporation recently and had already been promoted to department head because of the background of his father-in-law.

    "You might be able to buy a Lamborghini, but you can't surpass your friend," Hong Mi said as she entered the room and threw herself down on the king size bed.

    "I don't think so," Xu Haoxuan said.

    Xu Haoxuan was a haughty person and he never gave up. He had always been the top student since he was little. Hong Mi's father liked him a lot, which was why he let Hong Mi marry him.

    "I don't know anything about Kunxu and I don't understand how Xiao Fan became an Admiral at such a young age, but I'm still young. I believe I'll be able to become a billionaire after a few decades," Xu Haoxuan said confidently.

    He added, "Did you know there are hundreds of Admirals in the world, but only a few top billionaires? For example, Bill Gates, Buffett and the CEO of the Star World Corporation. When they visit a country, they can even meet their President. So, if I become a billionaire, am I not better than him?"

    After hearing what Xu Haoxuan said, Hong Mi burst into laughter.

    She rolled on the bed. Her reaction confused him. When she finally stopped, she said, "Chen Beixuan isn't an ordinary Admiral. He's the Admiral of the Cang Dragon Unit.

    "Haoxuan, do you remember the engagement banquet on North Mountain six months ago?"