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Chapter 687 - An Eye for an Eye!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     687 An Eye for an Eye!

    Wei Fu.

    The leader of the Wei family of Jiang Bei.

    When Chen Fan was reborn, Wei Fu was the first Internal Force Master he had met. He gave him elixirs, amended cultivation arts for him and cured his persistent disease. The Wei family also helped Chen Fan with his career and contacted the military district of Jin City for him in return.

    Old Lord Wei even went to the annual meeting of the Chen family and supported Chen Fan.

    He was definitely closer to Chen Fan than anyone else, and Chen Fan also wanted to return the Wei Family's favor. Otherwise, he wouldn't have spared Wei Zipin so many times, but this time was different.

    "Old Lord Wei, do you know what Third Lord Wei did?" Chen Fan looked at Old Lord Wei.

    Old Lord Wei blanched and wanted to speak, but he hesitated and finally heaved a sigh. "Third Lord Wei made a mistake and it was too late when I discovered it. I'm just hoping you can show him some mercy."

    "If you knew about it, why didn't you stop him or ask him to make it up to me afterwards? Now you're begging for mercy?" Chen Fan said calmly.

    Old Lord Wei turned pale and was speechless.

    "Master Chen, Third Lord Wei doesn't deserve to die. The Wei family will try its best to give you what you want. Please let him go," Wei Changsong said.

    "You can't give me what I want."

    Wei Changsong immediately went silent.

    He stared at Third Lord Wei and said expressionlessly, "Third Lord Wei, I've always been good to you. That's how you repay my kindness? How should I deal with you?"

    Third Lord Wei was so frightened he couldn't say a word.

    Third Lord Wei still remembered that Chen Fan had slaughtered more than five hundred people from Jiang Nan to Jiang Bei back then.

    "Chen Beixuan, you've gone too far!"

    Xiao Xuan frowned and said, "Third Lord Wei took only a bit of your Yun Wu Spirit Water which was worth several billions! I can give you the money if you want."

    As the Young Master of the Xiao family, Xiao Xuan was capable of mobilizing hundreds of billions of capital; several billions was nothing to him.

    "Several billions?"

    Chen Fan sneered and said, "He backed my parents into a corner and made the Chens suffer. Is that worth only several billions? What if I exterminate the Xiao family and give you ten billion?"

    Everyone was stunned.

    "How dare you!" Wei Changqin shouted.

    Wei Changsong also said seriously, "Master Chen, I respect you because you're the Major General of Cang Dragon and an Overlord on the Divine Roll, but don't think for a moment that you can humiliate the Wei family and the Xiao family."

    The Wei family was totally different at the moment.

    The Wei family was only an ordinary family in the province back then, but Wei Changsong was the governor at the moment and their family became as powerful as the Ji family. Besides, Xiao Xuan was going to marry Wei Ziqin. With the support from the Xiao family, who else in China could offend them afterwards?


    Chen Fan smiled and didn't say anything else.

    With his current status, why would he take the Xiao family and the Wei family seriously? He could simply kill them all if they pissed him off. However, the others, including Xiao Xuan, didn't think so. He didn't think that Chen Fan would really exterminate the Xiao Family.

    Xiao Xuan clenched his fists and said, "Chen Beixuan, you think you can do anything in China after defeating General Ye? The power of our country is beyond your imagination. Do you really think they won't use nuclear weapons to deal with you?"

    "General Ye? Which General Ye?"

    Everyone was confused.

    After all, the Wei Family was only considered a large family within the province and they only knew what Chen Fan did in Jiang Nan Province and Zhong Hai. However, they didn't know that he had already become as powerful as a country, able to defeat many Earth Level Deities and the Blood Ancestor.

    "General Ye Nantian?" Wei Ziqin wondered.

    "Ye Qincang, the leader of Kunlun and the Admiral of China," Xiao Xuan said.


    The others gasped.

    Even Old Lord Wei widened his eyes. Compared to Ye Nantian, Ye Qincang was way more superior. He had been the protector of China for decades and was a General that had gone through the war times, but Chen Fan had defeated him. Did that mean he had defeated the guardian of China?

    "No wonder Brother Xiao Xuan is also afraid of Chen Beixuan. I didn't know he was so powerful!" Wei Ziqin thought.

    Even though the members of the Wei Family knew how terrifying Chen Fan was, they couldn't give in.

    Third Lord Wei was their son and brother, so they wanted him alive no matter what. Wei Changsong then said sincerely, "Mr. Chen, it was indeed wrong of Third Lord Wei and I know the Wei family can't do anything to compensate for what he did, but please spare him for the sake of our past friendship."

    "Right, Master Chen. You were so close with Ziqin and Zifang back then. Please just let uncle go," Yin Wanqin said.

    "Chen Fan, please spare my uncle," Wei Ziqin said.

    "Master Chen, I feel so ashamed of myself. Please have mercy!" Wei Fu said as he cried and bowed to Chen Fan.

    Third Lord Wei and Wei Zipin knelt and begged Chen Fan.

    In an instant, everyone in the room, including Xiao Xuan, focused their attention on Chen Fan.

    They remembered that Chen Fan had let many of his enemies go for old times' sake, including the Lu family, Zheng Anqi and the An family. In Jiang Nan Province, he had also spared the Su family because of Fang Qiong.

    Third Lord Wei had only stolen the Yun Wu Spirit Water for a year and he could just give Chen Fan the money back. It wasn't a big deal.

    Chen Fan suddenly sighed and said, "Yeah, it's just several billions. Why should I hold on to it?" After all, the Yun Wu Spirit Water was in limited supply and Third Lord Wei didn't really make a lot of money with it. He even had to give some to the Hong Sect.

    The members of the Wei Family were thrilled.

    Then, Chen Fan continued, "I don't care even if it's hundreds of billions. Still, if anyone offends me and doesn't have to pay for it, who else would take me and the Chen family seriously in the future?"

    All of them were startled.

    When Old Lord Wei was about to speak.

    Chen Fan said, "Wenjin."

    While Wu Junjie and the others arrived at the room and witnessed this scene, Yu Wenjin stepped forward and answered, "Yes."

    "What happens to someone who offends the North Qiong Sect?" Chen Fan stood at the window and his sleeves were fluttering in the breeze.

    "We kill him, together with his Divine Soul!" Yu Wenjin said firmly with a cold face.

    "All right."

    Chen Fan nodded.

    Old Lord Wei was terrified. He yelled immediately, "Master Chen…!"

    But it was too late. Yu Wenjin had already entered the Transcendent State and was as fast as thunderbolts. She flashed towards Third Lord Wei and pointed at his forehead.


    Third Lord Wei froze, then he slowly fell on the ground and stopped breathing.

    He died. Yu Wenjin also destroyed his Divine Soul.


    Everyone went silent.

    They were all astonished.

    No one had thought that Chen Fan would kill Old Lord Wei without hesitation.

    He had known the Wei family and Old Lord Wei for years and many people thought they were allies. Besides, Xiao Xuan was right in front of him, but he didn't care at all.

    "Presumptuous! He's presumptuous!"

    Wei Changsong's hands were shaking. He was frightened and enraged at the same time.

    As the governor of the province, he had never seen such a murderer. He couldn't wait to send Chen Fan into jail and give him a death sentence. And yet, he knew this wouldn't be possible.

    Wei Changqin clenched his fists and said, "General Chen, you'll pay for what you did!"

    "Chen Beixuan, you humiliated the Xiao family by killing a member of the Wei family in front of me. We'll never let you get away with this," Xiao Xuan said.

    "Chen Fan!"

    Wei Ziqin looked disappointed and angry.

    But Chen Fan ignored them and stared at Old Lord Wei as he picked up a glass of wine.

    "Old Lord Wei, I had already told you the first time we met that I would punish anyone who harms me or my family. Today, I'll drink a toast to you to end this matter. From now on, the relationship between me and the Wei Family is done."

    Then, Chen Fan finished the wine and left.

    Old Lord Wei sat on the chair, looking pale as if he had lost his soul.

    Hong Mi and Wu Junjie stood there, not knowing what to do.

    "What's going on? Chen Fan argued with the Wei family and Xiao Xuan, then Yu Wenjin suddenly killed Third Lord Wei? Also, Chen Fan seems to have another name… Chen Beixuan?"

    Lin Weiwei and the others didn't understand at all.

    Xu Haoxuan went there with Chen Fan earlier but he still didn't understand what was happening. What he knew was that the Wei family and the Xiao family were both scared of Chen Fan. And yet, Chen Fan was only an ordinary person, why would the large families be afraid of him?

    "Wait, he's Chen Beixuan? Heavenly Chen? The one who broke Xiao Xuan's limbs and threw him off North Mountain? The one who defeated Ye Qincang, the one who suppressed Yan Jin?" Hong Mi yelled.

    After all, she was born in a major family in Yan Jin.

    Even though she didn't recognize Chen Fan at first, she immediately reacted when she heard the name Chen Beixuan.

    All of them were startled. Nobody had thought that Chen Fan was the one who had broken Xiao Xuan's limbs and suppressed all the major families in Yan Jin. The enraged members of the Wei Family were also stunned.

    Yu Wenjin walked to the door, then suddenly turned around and said with a smile, "You're right, except for one thing. A while ago, the country appointed Master as Admiral Cang Dragon."

    Hearing what she said.

    Everyone was dumbfounded and even Xiao Xuan was terrified.