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Chapter 686 - Settle a Score with a Glass of Wine

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 686 Settle a Score with a Glass of Wine

    Chen Fan had once broken Xiao Xuan's limbs and thrown him off the East Mountain, but the Xiao family was certainly capable of curing him. Besides, Wu Junjie and Lin Weiwei wouldn't know much about Xiao Xuan due to their status.

    Xiao Xuan was superior like a noble in their eyes.

    "Junjie, who's Xiao Xuan?" Li Ying asked.

    Wu Junjie then explained to her and she immediately turned pale.

    As the leader of the five major families in Yan Jin, the Xiao family was incomparably powerful! Even though Wu Junjie and Lin Weiwei were quite significant in Si Shui, they were nobodies when it came to the Jiang Nan Province and even the entire China.

    So, everyone understood after learning that it was Xiao Xuan.

    Such a top master wasn't someone they could meet anytime, and not all people were qualified to raise a toast to him.

    "Let's drink! Don't think about it," Wu Junjie said.

    Even so, Xu Haoxuan was still enraged. He said they weren't even allowed to get in, so they couldn't see Xiao Xuan at all.

    "Xiao Xuan is the Young Master of the Xiao family and the leading figure of the younger generation of Yan Jin. Why is he here at the North Coast Restaurant?" Lin Weiwei wondered.

    Everyone looked at one another.

    Xu Haoxuan then frowned and said with hesitation, "Those who stopped me were people from the Wei family of Jiang Bei. I saw Third Lord Wei through the gap between the doors. I heard that Old Lord Wei and Old Lord Xiao used to be friends and the two families have always been close. Looks like it's true."

    The Wei family of Jiang Bei.

    Chen Fan was immediately startled.

    He still had a score to settle with the Wei family. When he died at the Warg Valley in Russia, the Wei family occupied the Yun Wu Spirit Water and worked with the Hong Sect, putting the Chen family in a tight spot.

    "Xiao Fan, isn't the Wei family close to you?"

    Lin Weiwei suddenly asked.

    Chen Fan was known as Master Chen of Jiang Bei and he started off relying on the Wei family's power. So, many people, including Wu Junjie, had always thought that Master Chen had a close relationship with the Wei family.

    "Xiao Fan is only a normal college student. How would he know the Wei family? Are you kidding me?"

    Xu Haoxuan shook his head.

    But Lin Weiwei suddenly went silent. She remembered the sight on Wu Mountain when Chen Fan made Han Tianshen beg for mercy and forced Tang Jianfen to fall back. Apparently, Chen Fan wasn't as ordinary as everyone else thought and it made sense he would know the Wei family.

    Chen Fan picked up the glass and said, "I sure know the Wei family, and I've got some unfinished business with them."

    If this only involved Xiao Xuan, he wouldn't do anything as he had settled the scores with the Xiao family anyway, but the Wei family was different. The North Mystic Celestial Lord had to make them pay for what they did.

    Chen Fan got up and said, "Haoxuan, come with me. Let's go to drink a toast."

    "Huh? To who?"

    Xu Haoxuan was shocked.

    "To the Wei family and Master Xiao." Chen Fan smiled.

    Everyone was dumbfounded, only reacting after Chen Fan and Xu Haoxuan left.

    "What is Haoxuan doing? Was he not embarrassed enough just then?"

    Hong Mi started to lose her temper.

    Lin Weiwei immediately comforted her and said, "Maybe Xiao Fan really knows the Wei family. If Haoxuan goes with him, he might be able to meet the Young Master of the Xiao family. Isn't that great?"

    "Haha, even if he knows the Wei family, so what? They must be doing their best to entertain Xiao Xuan and to prevent anything from going wrong. You think the Wei family would let anyone disturb him?"

    Hong Mi snickered.


    Compared to the superior Xiao family, the Wei family was only influential around Jiang Bei. When Xiao Xuan arrived in Jiang Nan, it was like having a prince visiting, so the Wei family had to be cautious, and would never let anyone else get in.

    Yan Xiaobai hesitated and asked, "Should we go and check them out?"

    "Let's go!" Wu Junjie got up with an excited look.

    He was the only one, other than Yu Wenjin, who knew a bit of Chen Fan's identity. However, he wasn't quite sure if the Major General of the Cang Dragon Unit was enough to frighten the Wei family. After all, their guest was Xiao Xuan, the most outstanding Young Master in Yan Jin.

    The six of them went out of the room and kept up.

    Meanwhile, Chen Fan and Xu Haoxuan were already at the door of the Wei family's room.

    The best place at the North Coast Restaurant was the River Hall built above the river. Part of the floor was made of glass which showed the flowing water underneath. This was the place where the Wei family was entertaining Xiao Xuan, and there were two vicious bodyguards guarding the entrance.

    "Xiao Fan, let's go back. It's not a big deal. We don't have to make such a fuss."

    Xu Haoxuan was a bit regretful and he tried to convince Chen Fan.

    "We have to do this today," Chen Fan said firmly.

    When they arrived at the River Hall, one of the bodyguards frowned and said, "I told you the Wei family is meeting a VIP. Others are not allowed to enter…"

    The bodyguard suddenly started trembling and he looked at Chen Fan with fright.

    "A'Biao, it's been a while," Chen Fan said to the bodyguard.

    "Master… Master Chen?"

    The bodyguard was grinding his teeth.

    This was A'Biao, the top fighter under the command of Zhou Tianhao of Chu Zhou City. After Chen Fan killed Zhou Tianhao, A'Biao started working for Third Lord Wei. Since the Wei family had invited an honorable guest that day, Third Lord Wei took him there to secure the meeting. He had never thought he would meet Chen Fan.

    Thinking of how cruel Chen Fan was, A'Biao also knelt on his knees.

    "If you're here, then Third Lord Wei must also be here. Great! I need to settle an account." Chen Fan smiled and entered the room. The other bodyguard also felt something was wrong so he didn't stop Chen Fan.

    Everyone watched Chen Fan get in.


    The door opened.

    The room had a grand and elegant design, and was over a hundred square meters. A group of people were sitting at the table, chatting with glasses of wine. The young man who was sitting at the main seat was tall and handsome, but he seemed to be a bit gloomy.

    "Master Xiao, it's our honor to have you here in Jiang Nan! I raise my glass on behalf of my old man."

    Third Lord Wei raised his glass with a flush on his cheeks.

    "Grandpa and Old Lord Wei have been good friends for decades. It's my duty to visit Old Lord Wei in his stead." Xiao Xuan picked up the glass and sipped the wine.

    Old Lord Wei, who sat next to him, looked pleased.

    Wei Ziqin offered a small smile, while the other senior members of the Wei family, including Wei Changsong, Wei Changqin, Wei Zifang and Wei Zipin, were smiling brightly.

    They knew that other than meeting Old Lord Wei, the main purpose of Xiao Xuan's visit was to settle his marriage with Wei Ziqin.

    Wei Ziqin had been close to Xiao Xuan since they were little, and ever since his engagement with Qin Yaner was screwed, the Xiao family had been trying to arrange another marriage for Xiao Xuan. Since Old Lord Wei had offered a proposal, Old Lord Qin immediately agreed and sent his grandson to visit.

    Wei Changsong smiled and said, "We'll be a family after you marry Ziqin. You don't need to be so formal."

    He was the leader of the Wei family's second generation and was the governor of the province, so even the Xiao family had to respect him.

    While they were chatting happily, the door was suddenly pushed open. Wei Zipin, Third Lord Wei's son, frowned, then turned around and was about to scold the guards. "What's going on? Didn't I tell you not to let anyone disturb…"

    He suddenly paused and stared at Chen Fan as if he were looking at a monster.

    "Zipin, what's wrong?"

    The others didn't notice at first. Third Lord Wei was drunk and he looked up with his bleary eyes. He didn't mind at all the first time he saw Chen Fan, but he then widened his eyes the next second and was terrified.

    "Chen… Chen… Chen…"

    Third Lord Wei tried to articulate and was drenched in sweat.

    Then, the others immediately felt something was wrong; they turned around one after the other. After seeing Chen Fan, everyone, including Xiao Xuan, was startled. No one had thought that he would show up.

    "Master Chen? Why are you here?" Wei Ziqin said with a surprised face.

    "I'm here to make a toast and settle a score."

    Chen Fan smiled and walked in with a glass of wine.


    Third Lord Wei was grinding his teeth and his legs were shaking.

    "Hey, Xiao Fan! Come out! You can't go in there." Xu Haoxuan came in and was astonished by what he saw.

    Chen Fan ignored him and said to Third Lord Wei, "I asked you to take care of the Yun Wu Spirit Water and offered to give you a ten percent profit. You could have earned one billion yuan by selling it. I had done everything I could for you and the Wei Family. And yet, you betrayed me while I was gone. You yielded to the Hong Sect and even took away the Yun Wu Spirit Water from me.

    "Do you really think I'd just let you get away with it?"

    Everything Chen Fan said hit Third Lord Wei's heart like a hammer. In the end, Third Lord Wei fell on the ground and couldn't even stand up.

    Wei Changsong frowned and said with a bright smile, "Master Chen, it's been so many years. Why don't we sit down and talk?"

    "Right, Master Chen! You helped me and Wanqin get married. We've always wanted to thank you," Wei Zifang said while his wife Yin Wanqin smiled. They could only get married because of Chen Fan.

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes and said indifferently, "An eye for an eye! I've already returned your favor, and now, I'm getting what I deserve. Are you trying to stop me?"

    All the Wei family members froze. Who didn't know how powerful Chen Fan was?


    Old Lord Wei heaved a sigh and got up. "Master Chen, our family failed you! Can you please spare Third Lord Wei for my sake?"