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Chapter 685 - Reunited with Old Friends

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     685 Reunited with Old Friends

    Lin Weiwei?

    Chen Fan was shocked.

    It had been like centuries since he last heard this name. She was one of his friends in Si Shui who studied with him; they parted when Chen Fan left for Chu Zhou City.

    "How did you contact them?" Chen Fan wondered with a book in his hands.

    "Weiwei and I are close. She's contacted me right away since I came back from Myanmar. They've always wanted to meet you," Yu Wenjin came and said gently. As she cultivated, she had become more and more pretty; she looked like a seventeen-year-old girl at the moment.

    Chen Fan got up and said, "Right, I should meet them. It's been a long time."

    In fact, those who attended the gathering were all Chen Fan's old friends, including Lin Weiwei, Yan Xiaobai, Xu Haoxuan, Wu Junjie and two other girls who were their girlfriends.

    They met at the high-end restaurant in Jin City, the North Coast Restaurant.

    The North Coast Restaurant was a riverside restaurant which overlooked the entire river. Diners could enjoy the gentle breeze and watch the boats pass by.

    "Hey, you're finally here to see us!"

    Seeing Chen Fan, his old friends were all excited and they gave him hugs one by one.

    Lin Weiwei also went to hug Chen Fan. She looked exceptionally gorgeous that day in her skinny jeans and vest. Also, she tied up her hair and her body figure was especially outstanding.

    "Where have you been? We thought you were missing." Lin Weiwei gave Chen Fan a punch.

    Chen Fan looked up.

    Yan Xiaobai was still chubby and had a beaming smile on his face.

    Xu Haoxuan looked dignified and next to him was a fair girl of a tall stature, with LV products all over her body. Even though she was smiling, she didn't seem to be approachable.

    Wu Junjie looked a bit troubled even though he was smiling.

    Chen Fan smiled and said, "I've been busy working outside so I didn't go to Si Shui to see you. It's my fault. I'll drink first!"

    He had been staying away from these friends on purpose the last few years, since he didn't want to drag them into his problems. After all, Chen Fan had too many enemies on Earth; he was so worried that he would destroy their calm lives.

    "Haoxuan, is this whom you always talk about?" Xu Haoxuan's girlfriend glanced at Chen Fan.

    Chen Fan remembered that Xu Haoxuan had entered the Huaqin University and married a rich girl whose father was a senior official of the Ministry. Since then, he rapidly climbed up the social ladder and became one of the world's top five hundred corporate executives.

    "Xiao Fan, this is Hong Mi, my classmate. We just got engaged," Xu Haoxuan said.

    Chen Fan nodded.

    He had never heard of the Hong family in Yan Jin. Besides, Chen Fan didn't even care about the American President, let alone an insignificant girl.

    The Hong family was only a middle-class family in Yan Jin and was much weaker than the Wang family and the Xiao family. On the other hand, Hong Mi had not met Chen Fan, either, so she wouldn't know this indifferent young man was Heavenly Chen from North Mountain.

    They soon settled down.

    Wu Junjie's girlfriend was a sweet, beautiful girl called Li Ying.

    After a few glasses of wine, their gathering soon became lively.

    Chen Fan asked everyone what they had been up to recently. Yan Xiaobai inherited the family's clothing business, got married and had a beautiful daughter, same as in his last life.

    Xu Haoxuan was also the same. He got accepted to the Huaqin University, met Hong Mi and joined a foreign company after graduation. The company was called "Star World Corporation" which Chen Fan had never heard of before.

    Wu Junjie had made a large amount of money with his father's power and became a tycoon. This dinner was also on him.

    "By the way, you were also missing when Wenjin suddenly disappeared back then. We were really worried about you until we finally contacted Wenjin and found that she was with you. So, are you two…" Xu Haoxuan joked.

    Hearing what he said, Wu Junjie's hand shook for a second.

    Chen Fan saw it and heaved a sigh. It seemed that Wu Junjie still couldn't get over Yu Wenjin, but it was normal.

    Even though Lin Weiwei, Hong Mi and Li Ying were all beautiful…

    Yu Wenjin was extraordinarily gorgeous, like a Goddess when she sat there quietly. She had always been a beauty, but after she started cultivating, plus taking Spirit Pills and Spirit Dew, her skin became more beautiful, as if she were a fairy from a story, and she had garnered the attention of the world.

    "Wenjin has been learning from me lately," Chen Fan answered calmly.

    The others didn't understand what he said, but Wu Junjie did.

    Everyone thought Chen Fan was only the son of the Deputy Governor of the province and a normal college student, who could command Han Tianshen of Tian He City and had a strong cousin.

    Still, Wu Junjie was very active in the social circle of Jin City, so he certainly knew who Chen Fan really was.

    Master Chen of Jiang Bei, son of the Chen family of Jin City, Major General of the Cang Dragon Unit…

    Each one of them was astonishing. Besides, the incident where Chen Fan slaughtered the leaders of sixteen families in Jin City was still circulating secretly and had become a taboo in the city. However, this was all he knew.

    "I'm glad Wenjin is with you. Here, Xiao Fan. Cheers!"

    Wu Junjie got up and toasted Chen Fan.

    Chen Fan understood and he raised his glass.

    After this glass of wine, a huge burden seemed to have been lifted from Wu Junjie and he apparently became more relaxed. He soon livened up the gathering.

    When Hong Mi went to the washroom and came back after a while, she looked a bit strange.

    "What's wrong?" Lin Weiwei wondered.

    Hong Mi hesitated and asked,"Haoxuan, I saw one of my brothers from my circle. He has been nice to me since I was young. Can you come to meet him with me?"

    "If he's your brother, we should go and meet him. Why don't we all go to make a toast?" Xu Haoxuan smiled and said.

    When Yan Xiaobai was about to get up, Hong Mi said, "My brother has a very high status in the circle but we've only met a few times and I don't even know if he remembers me. We're lucky enough to see him here in Jin City. With his help, you won't have to worry about your future."

    Everyone went silent and Yan Xiaobai stood there, feeling embarrassed.

    "From Yan Jin?" Wu Junjie asked.

    Hong Mi nodded without saying a word.

    They all knew Hong Mi's identity.

    If she called him her brother, he had to be a Young Master of some major family whom they would never cross their paths with. So, going there to meet him for no reason would only humiliate themselves.

    Xu Haoxuan also appeared to be reluctant.

    Everyone was chatting; it would be weird if they suddenly went somewhere else. Still, he didn't want to let go of such a chance that might only happen once in a lifetime.

    "It's alright, Haoxuan. You should go. It's a great opportunity," Lin Weiwei said.

    Wu Junjie and Yan Xiaobai also tried to convince him.

    In the end, Xu Haoxuan got up and left with Hong Mi.

    After they left, Wu Junjie shook his head and said, "I don't know if marrying her is good for Haoxuan or not."

    Everyone saw how domineering Hong Mi was; it had to be difficult for Xu Haoxuan.

    Yan Xiaobai bottomed up a glass of wine and said, "You can't succeed without any support now. He just has to keep quiet!" Society had caused a deep resentment in this fat guy.

    Lin Weiwei also nodded. "When I got accepted to military school and was about to be assigned to a military district, someone took my position. My Dad was so angry he couldn't sleep for three days."

    Lin Weiwei came from a military family and she had been eager to join the army since she was little.

    They were all in their mid-20s and had worked for several years after graduating from college, so all of them had grumbled about some things in their lives. After all, their families couldn't really compare to the real dominant families; they were only ordinary people.

    Lin Weiwei's brother was a member of the cadre, Wu Junjie's father was a division chief and Yan Xiaobai's family owned a garment factory. However, none of them were influential in Jin City, not to mention Yan Jin.

    Yu Wenjin looked at Chen Fan, seemingly asking for his opinion.

    Chen Fan shook his head.

    He could definitely help his friends, and if he agreed, Yu Wenjin could deal with everything for him. She was one of the disciples of the North Mystic Celestial Lord and even Kunlun had to be respectful to her.

    "We shouldn't interfere in their normal lives. It might not be a good idea to drag them in," Chen Fan told Yu Wenjin with his Immortal Will.

    Yu Wenjin nodded.

    In less than a minute, Hong Mi and Xu Haoxuan came back and everyone could see that they were embarrassed, even though they tried to hide it.

    After a while, Xu Haoxuan said with a wry smile, "We were wrong. They don't know us. They didn't even let us in."

    Hong Mi remained silent.

    The others immediately comforted them. This was something everyone had experienced. They thought the heavy hitters would know them but they were in fact nobodies to those people. So, all of them understood how Xu Haoxuan felt.

    Being ignored was a severe blow to the self-esteem of an arrogant person.

    "Who was that?" Chen Fan asked.

    Xu Haoxuan glanced at Chen Fan and replied, "Xiao Xuan."

    He didn't tell Chen Fan any details about Xiao Xuan's identity and background. He thought Chen Fan wouldn't be familiar with the social circle in Yan Jin and wouldn't even know about the Xiao family.

    "Xiao Xuan?"

    Chen Fan sneered.

    Wu Junjie and Lin Weiwei were startled.

    "Xiao Xuan, the Young Master of the Xiao Family of Yan Jin?"