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Chapter 684 - Directly Becoming a Heavenly Being

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     684 Directly Becoming a Heavenly Being

    Thunder Fruits were supreme Treasure Medicines.

    They grew on the Essence Magnet Mountain and only bloomed every three centuries. Golden Core Cultivators would use them to make Treasure Pills.

    And yet, Chen Fan had given one to a ninety-year-old man for him to enter the Connate Level directly.


    A lightning struck on East Mountain.

    The array was initiated and countless clouds rolled above the mountain. A misty white dragon flew and howled in the air, and it had hair around its body which looked quite realistic.

    "Dong, dong, dong."

    Chen Huaian's sleeves bulged; he seemed to be in extreme pain.

    Bolts of lightning exploded and his body was filled with terrifying Spirit Qi. If it weren't for Chen Fan's protection, the Spirit Qi would have blown him into pieces once he ate the Thunder Fruit.

    "Earth Level Deities usually don't eat this kind of fruit without eliminating the power of the Thunder Tribulation with secret arts," Qian Yexue frowned and said, "Those beasts at the Deity Burial Valley have thick skin and powerful bodies. They only eat the Thunder Fruit when they are half a step away from becoming Earth Level Deities, and still, many of them die. Only a few of them can successfully transform and most are killed by the power of the Thunder Tribulation.

    "Chen Beixuan, why don't you know about this?"

    Hearing what she said, Fang Qiong immediately looked at Chen Huaian anxiously.

    As expected, Chen Huaian's body suddenly shook and many thunderbolts exploded, making him bleed everywhere. This was because his body couldn't digest all the energy. There were also thunderbolts coming out from his ears, nose and mouth.

    "Xiao Fan?" Fang Qiong yelled anxiously.

    "He's all right," Chen Fan replied as he glanced at Qian Yexue, "To enter the Connate level from Qi Refinement is an important step to transform a human into a Deity. He must go through an enormous, terrifying change! How can he become a Connate Being without suffering?"

    This was also the reason why Chen Fan chose Chen Huaian.

    The old man had experienced all sorts of things in his entire life and he was tough. Fang Qiong, An Ya or Wang Xiaoyun might not be able to bear the pain.


    Suddenly, Chen Huaian's hands were blown into splashes of blood by the thunderbolts, exposing the bones. Then, other parts of his body also started to explode.

    Arms, hands, shoulders, chest…

    In the end, only his head and organs were left, while other muscles and veins exploded. And yet, Chen Huaian remained with his eyes closed, seemingly oblivious to the pain.

    A large amount of Dharmic Power surged out from the Dharma Seal above his head, protecting his Divine Soul.

    "When I formed the Azure Thearch Longevity Body back then, I also experienced such a process, so I didn't feel the pain when I achieved the Connate Level. Ye Qincang was also the same. He achieved the Earth Level Deity Body beforehand when he went to the Deity Burial Valley, so he didn't have to go through this pain. However, grandpa is only a mortal and this is an indispensable step for becoming a Connate Being," Chen Fan thought as the Dharmic Power kept pouring down.

    Chen Huaian's head was surrounded by an azure aura, as if it were an indestructible statue.

    "The Thunder Fruit is a Thunder Treasure Fruit. Rather than using it to rebuild a body, I should directly mold it into a Thunder Spirit Body for grandpa," Chen Fan pondered as he immediately transmitted a spell to Chen Huaian with his Immortal Will.

    Chen Huaian seemed to have received it.

    "The Thunder King Body, a superior-grade Spirit Body! Once it's complete, it can create thunderstorms and control the power of lightning. There are nine Divine Powers to be initiated, including the Wind Thunder Wings and the Azure Lightning Eyes. It's a derivation of an ancient Thunder Divine Body."

    The Thunder King Body was the best for Chen Huaian.

    Even though it was only a superior-grade Spirit Body, it had nine Divine Powers. Once the Wind Thunder Wings were complete, he would be as powerful as Earth Level Deity Leixing and he could even cultivate the Thunder Divine Body after initiating the nine Divine Powers.

    So, it was quite powerful among all the other Spirit Bodies.

    "Form!" Chen Fan shouted.

    "Patter, patter."

    Countless beams of golden light shot out from Chen Huaian's bones and immediately turned into golden threads. These threads then formed muscles and the outline of a body in front of Fang Qiong and Qian Yexue.


    The Spirit Qi of the world surged from all directions. They were just next to the Green Dragon Grand Array and the Spirit Qi inside was enough to push someone to the Connate Level.


    The thunderclouds in the sky then formed the shape of a funnel and spinned swiftly above Chen Huaian.

    The power of the Thunder Fruit and the Spirit Qi gradually formed a Spirit Body for Chen Huaian. In the end, his entire body was like gold, surrounded by a golden aura and countless flashes of lightning.


    The lightning dissipated.

    A black-haired man seemingly in his thirties, who was robust like a bodybuilder, sat there with his legs crossed. Chen Fan, Chen Gexin and him were very much alike; he was apparently the younger version of Chen Huaian.

    "He was born again!" Qian Yexue mumbled.

    A cultivator had to risk his life to become an Earth Level Deity! There were many large sects that had thousands of years of history in the Realm of Kunxu but they only had a few Earth Level Deities. Even potential cultivators like herself couldn't guarantee that they could achieve that. Witnessing this transformation, she finally realized how hard it was to become an Earth Level Deity and was in awe of Chen Fan at the same time.

    "Xiao Fan, has grandpa entered the Connate Level?"

    Fang Qiong was surprised.

    "Not yet. His Connate Spirit Body was just completed. Now he needs to break through the Gate of Connate and merge with his Soul Energy to become a Connate Being," Chen Fan said as he narrowed his eyes.

    Those who ate the Thunder Fruits were mostly cultivators who had been stuck at the last step before breaking through the Gate of Connate for centuries, which even included many Mortal Deities and top beasts. They had gathered enough energy and experiences but they needed a stepping stone like the Thunder Fruits to help them complete the last step.

    But to push an old Ethereal Enlightenment Cultivator into the Connate Level was ten times more difficult.

    "Body, vitality, Immortal Will, merge! Open the Gate of Connate!"

    Chen Fan flipped his palm and smacked the air.


    A myriad bolts of lightning came out from Chen Huaian's body.

    Chen Fan turned those lightnings into True Essence, which filled Chen Huaian's body and organs. Then, Chen Huaian's Divine Soul also absorbed energy from the Thunder Fruit and transformed into a golden Divine Soul.

    Under Chen Fan's control, everything started merging into one, becoming an Essence Core. This was originally the process used before entering the Golden Core Level. When all the energy gathered at one point, an "Immortal Divine Core" would be created.


    After that, the golden Divine Soul hopped out of his head with the power of the Thunder Tribulation around it and rays of light shone in all directions. At that moment, Chen Huaian felt a boundless sea of Essence Qi.

    The power of the world was so vast that his soul got lost.

    But with decades of experience, Chen Huaian soon got himself back together. A golden thunderbolt then shot from his head into the sky. The Spirit Qi within ten miles gathered and formed a cloud above him.

    "He's really become an Earth Level Deity?"

    Qian Yexue was stunned.

    Chen Fan immediately cast several Dharma Spells to cover the surrounding sky view. Otherwise, the world would know that there was one more Connate Being in the North Qiong Sect, exposing their trump card.


    Chen Huaian knew that too, so he immediately retrieved his Divine Soul and cleared the clouds above him.

    When he opened his eyes, they were both azure in color with two thunderbolts inside. They were apparently the Azure Lightning Eyes, which could paralyze any creature.


    Then, Chen Huaian got up and walked out of the cliff.

    His white outfit was fluttering in the wind and he was standing in the air like a Deity.

    Directly becoming a Heavenly Being!

    What happened on East Mountain was kept between Chen Fan, Chen Huaian, Qian Yexue and Fang Qiong. It was the biggest secret of the North Qiong Sect! After Chen Huaian became a Connate Cultivator, he could protect the sect and Chen Fan could look for the Path of Heaven to leave the planet without any concerns.

    "With grandpa and the support from China and Ye Qincang, I guess nothing can harm the North Qiong Sect, other than the Realm of Kunxu and several historical sects," Chen Fan thought.

    Chen Huaian's talent was beyond Chen Fan's imagination. Once he entered the Connate Level, he had consecutively initiated three Divine Powers. Together with the Thunder King Body and the strong battling power, he could totally compare to an experienced Earth Level Deity.

    Chen Fan found a Thunder Art, which was an art from a sect in the universe, for Chen Huaian to cultivate. Although it wasn't as powerful as a Divine Art or a Sacred Art, it matched with Chen Huaian's constitution.

    "After becoming a Heavenly Being, I finally realize why Xiao Fan wants to leave the planet. This is indeed a giant cage and it's so hard to make further progress here! Don't worry, Xiao Fan. I'll take care of the family."

    Chen Huaian's energy was getting stronger day by day.

    He was indeed a talent and was even more suitable for Immortal Cultivation than Qian Yexue and Xuan Luo.

    "All right."

    Chen Fan nodded. He was planning to leave for the Path of Heaven after meeting his old friends and spending some extra time with his parents and Fang Qiong.

    Then, Yu Wenjin suddenly came.

    "Master, Lin Weiwei contacted me and said our high school classmates would like to have a gathering. Do you want to go?"