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Chapter 682 - Admiral of the Cang Dragon Uni

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     682 Admiral of the Cang Dragon Uni

    Ye Qincang was there to talk to Chen Fan about the Gate of Heaven.

    "Yan Jingchao is dead and the Black Water Sect was annihilated. Xiao Wu and Zhang Ran are the only ones left. Although they're still grieving, they're willing to guard the Gate of Heaven," Ye Qincang said.

    "Their master died because of me after all. When this ends, I'll invite them to the North Qiong Sect and teach them some real cultivation arts." Chen Fan nodded.

    "Senior, is the Gate of Heaven really going to open again after three years?" Ye Qincang asked seriously.

    "I'm not quite sure when it will become stable. I guess it will take at least a couple years, five years at most, but it will gradually settle after that. By then, we must be prepared to fight. We have to deal with this before I leave the planet," Chen Fan said calmly.

    This was the first time he had told someone he was going to leave the Earth.

    Ye Qincang knew about Chen Fan's past so he wasn't surprised at all. He nodded and said, "Kunlun decided to develop the Deity Burial Valley and the country has also accepted my proposal. This will be our top priority in the next three years."

    Chen Fan considered it a logical move.

    The United States could become a superpower and dominate the world because they had developed technology from the Mayan Temples.

    There were countless secret treasures, bodies and books the ancient Sages had left at the Deity Burial Valley which were worth researching, let alone the monsters and beasts living there. However, no one could say for certain how many people would die in the process.

    "The North Qiong Sect will also help Kunlun and I will leave the Ancient Fire Ape guarding the Deity Burial Valley. You can ask it to do anything if you want," Chen Fan said.

    Since he was leaving the planet, he had to establish a good relationship with China.

    "Thank you, Senior."

    Ye Qincang bowed.

    The Ancient Fire Ape was one of the most powerful Spirit Beasts at the Deity Burial Valley and was a Connate Overlord. With its support and knowledge of the area, China would be able to speed up the development of the valley.

    Ye Qincang hesitated and said, "Senior, you closed the Gate of Heaven and protected China. Our country wants to appoint you as the Admiral of the Cang Dragon Unit to lead our soldiers. What do you think?"


    Chen Fan was startled.

    In the end, Chen Fan accepted the title: Admiral of the Cang Dragon Unit.

    Same as what he thought, China also wanted to build a good relationship with him. The title was in fact a promise to him that the country would protect the North Qiong Sect and his family even after he left the planet.

    "The Cang Dragon Unit will be in your command from now on. As the Admiral, you have all the rights, including mobilizing troops and taking military aircrafts," Ye Qincang told Chen Fan before he left.

    "Admiral! I can't believe our family has an Admiral!"

    Chen Gexin was excited.

    Wang Xiaoyun and An Ya were also happy.

    Even though they had taken the superior-grade Spirit Pills and entered the Ethereal Enlightenment State, they were still thinking like mortals and were proud that Chen Fan had become an Admiral.

    "We must go back and tell father about this. He'll be pleased," Chen Gexin decided.

    When Chen Fan shut himself in, everyone else went into the Sword Palace so that the array could protect them from the Blood Ancestor and from those coming from the Gate of Heaven. Only Chen Huaian remained in Jin City.

    "Hm, I haven't seen grandpa for a while."

    Chen Fan nodded.

    Soon, the Sword Palace was stirred.

    It was a big deal for Chen Fan to go back to Jin City since he wasn't a nameless man anymore. He was Superpower Chen, Heavenly Chen, the most superior person in the world and the strongest Earth Level Deity. He had even saved China and mankind, and was appointed as the Admiral of the Cang Dragon Unit.

    Yu Wenjin, A'Xiu and Yu Wenjin also wanted to go to Jin City with Chen Fan.

    Since the crisis had been solved, Fang Qiong and An Ya had already been thinking about returning to Zhong Hai and dealing with the North Qiong Corp matters since long before.

    "Xiao Jin, you should come with me and meet some old friends. The others should go back to Zhong Hai and Southeast Asia," Chen Fan said.

    In the end, only Chen Fan and his family, Fang Qiong, Yu Wenjin and Qian Yexue were going to Jin City.

    They took a military aircraft and flew all the way to Jin City. The Cang Dragon Unit had already gathered at Qin Chen Mountain and they were all excited when they saw Chen Fan.

    "Chief!" the members of the Cang Dragon Unit shouted.

    Chen Fan glanced at them.

    Tank, Eagle-eyes and Rusty were all his former subordinates, and he had met Zhao Baofen in Wu Zhou. There was also one more person he was familiar with…

    "Chu Minhui?"

    Chen Fan looked at the brawny man with a startled face. Chu Minhui was strong like a mountain and he had apparently reached an extremely high level on the Cang Dragon Physical Conditioning Exercise. His body was definitely comparable to that of a Physique Refinement Grandmaster.

    "Chief, Chu Minhui is the captain of the Cang Dragon Unit now. Captain Yue died in a recent battle," Tank said with a gloomy face.

    Yue Jianqiu was also a friend of Chen Fan and he was a real soldier. Chen Fan had never thought he would die in a war.

    "Chief, I will uphold the legacy of Captain Yue and dedicate my life to Cang Dragon and China," Chu Minhui shouted.


    Chen Fan nodded.

    He then looked around and said, "Now that I'm in charge of the Cang Dragon Unit, I can't stand aside anymore. Starting from today, the Cang Dragon Unit not only has to become the strongest among the Special Forces, but also in the Dark World and even the entire planet! You'll have to fight with the superpowers and the Realm of Kunxu, and to enter forbidden lands in the future. Do you have the courage to do so?"

    Everyone went silent.

    The Cang Dragon Unit was only an ordinary troop. The strongest among them, Chu Minhui, had only reached the level of Physique Refinement Grandmaster; none of them were strong enough to battle with the superpowers and the Realm of Kunxu.

    "Till we die!" Chu Minhui yelled.

    "Never fall back!" the others also shouted with determination.

    The members of the Cang Dragon Unit were only a group of mortals but Chen Fan wanted to lead them to conquer the forbidden lands in the world, which was the completely supreme glory for them.

    Then, Chen Fan and the others started their journey to Jin City.

    "Vroom, vroom."

    The military transport aircraft flew ten thousand meters in the sky and Chen Fan looked at the land through the window. That might be one of the last times he could watch the scenery of his country.

    After staying in the mortal world for a period of time, he would have to leave the Earth to search for the Path of Heaven.

    The Spirit Qi on Earth wasn't enough to support his cultivation, which was progressing really slowly at the moment.

    "Before that, I must arrange and ensure my parents' future, giving them enough power to defend themselves. I also need to eliminate the threats of the Gate of Heaven and other forces," Chen Fan thought.

    While An Ya, Wang Xiaoyun and the others were thrilled about having him back.

    Fang Qiong seemed to have sensed something and she gently gripped Chen Fan's hand.

    "Don't worry, Xiao Qiong."

    Chen Fan gave her a comforting smile.

    They soon arrived at Jin City.

    It was the month of July. Summer reigned in Jin City.

    There were many young girls wearing shorts or mini skirts on the streets and in the malls. Since it was the summer break, many college and high school students were hanging out with their friends.

    Chen Fan and his family went to the mansion in East Mountain in a military vehicle.

    "Xiao Fan is finally here. I heard that you made an astonishing achievement!"

    Chen Huaian was wearing a white outfit while he practiced under the tree. Every move he made stirred up the leaves which were shattered by the energy.

    "The Ethereal Enlightenment State?"

    Chen Fan was astonished.

    The last time he met Chen Huaian, the old man was still at the Foundation Establishment State and he had entered the Ethereal Enlightenment State just recently. Although this had something to do with the Spirit Water and the Spirit Dew he had left last time, Chen Huaian was pretty talented.

    Wang Xiaoyun also relied on superior-grade Spirit Pills to enter the Ethereal Enlightenment State.

    "Dad, the country even appointed Xiao Fan as the Admiral of the Cang Dragon Unit!" Chen Gexin couldn't restrain his excitement. For older generations like him, this title was more glorious than becoming an Earth Level Deity or a Heavenly Being.


    Chen Ning and Chen Guoguo were both startled.

    "You are indeed our best warrior! I must gather the family and celebrate with Xiao Fan."

    Chen Huaian burst into laughter.

    Chen Fan was becoming something akin to a grand chancellor in the ancient times!


    Chen Fan nodded.

    He would have rejected them in the past, but since he was going to leave the planet, he couldn't decline after seeing the happy faces of his parents and his grandpa.

    Gathering the family would take a couple days.

    So, Chen Fan stayed at the mansion on East Mountain to spend some time with his sister, Chen Guoguo, and to lead the Cang Dragon Unit's practices. Even though he wouldn't pass down the real cultivation arts to the unit, some Physique Refinement Arts would be fine.

    And Fang Qiong seemed to have sensed something, so she didn't go to Zhong Hai and stayed there with Chen Fan instead.

    That day.

    The sky was clear.

    Chen Fan, Chen Huaian and Fang Qiong sat at the peak of East Mountain, drinking tea and chatting, while Qian Yexue was working as a servant. They all knew who she was, so they didn't mind her at all.

    "Xiao Fan, there seems to be something in your mind these few days."

    Chen Huaian was observant; he easily noticed that something was wrong with Chen Fan.

    Fang Qiong also looked up with a worried face.

    Chen Fan hesitated, then said as he put down the teacup, "Grandpa, Xiao Qiong, I… might be leaving the planet."


    The three of them were stunned.