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Chapter 681 - Couldn“t be Provoked

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     681 Couldn“t be Provoked


    The records of the Christian Church or any other historical sects mentioned one fact.

    The Realm of Kunxu was unbeatable! Some said that even the descendants of the Eastern Sages lived there and it was a pure land of Deities.

    But Chen Fan defeated the cultivators from that realm and even shut the Gate of Heaven?

    "I heard that five Earth Level Deities came from the Realm of Kunxu and two of them are Overlords and influential figures there. However, Chen Beixuan killed them all and their bodies are nowhere to be found," someone revealed.

    Everyone else was terrified.

    Five Earth Level Deities?

    There might not even be five Earth Level Deities on Earth, and even if there were, they would have already been on their last legs. So, how could people not be shocked after Chen Fan slaughtered so many Earth Level Deities?

    "From now on, the Japanese Martial Arts Community will follow the lead of China and will never offend them again," the Japanese Kendo Master, Erika, commanded with the support of the Divine Master of the Ise Grand Shrine.

    The leaders of the Brahmin in India, the God of the Gold Sect in South America, the Southeast Asian Buddhism and the Vodun in Africa all gave such an order.

    Chen Fan was too terrifying. He killed five Earth Level Deities! That was even more astonishing than smashing the Blood Ancestor. In the meantime, the Japanese tycoon and the Thai Prince on the CIA secret forum were both frightened and were thinking of ways to make it up to Chen Fan.

    Only Teddy Lance was still being stubborn, but he dared not to show up after all.

    In an old monastery of the Christian Church.

    "The Realm of Kunxu is the most powerful secret realm in the legends but they also lost. Looks like we've underestimated Chen Beixuan's power," an elder in a linen robe coughed and said.

    The blonde adjudicator who was wearing heavy armor frowned and said, "The Gate of Heaven isn't quite stable yet so there shouldn't be too many Overlords coming from the Realm of Kunxu. However, Chen Beixuan's power is indeed out of our imagination. He even crushed the Blood Ancestor."

    "The Blood Ancestor is dead and our mission is completed. Then, should we…"

    "The Blood Ancestor isn't just a person. It's a name that refers to a group of evil beings deep in the Blood Sea," a calm voice came.

    The adjudicator looked up and saw a barefoot young man with fair skin and blue eyes walking towards them. He was only sixteen years old, but his energy was as vast as the sky and there was an aura around him, as if he were the incarnation of an angel.

    "My Lord."

    The elder and the adjudicator got up and bowed to the barefoot young man.

    "The Blood Ancestor might have died but the war isn't over! We can't provoke Chen Beixuan no matter what. I see planets falling and Entities howling on him. He's the representative of Death," the barefoot young man said.

    The other two, who knew the identity of the young man, weren't surprised at all.

    "My Lord, why do you need to worry about Chen Beixuan?" the adjudicator asked.

    The barefoot young man closed his eyes and replied, "I see father in him!"

    The elder and the adjudicator were both startled and speechless.

    Such a conversation was also held in many historical sects.

    They were the only ones who knew how terrifying the Realm of Kunxu was. So, it was extremely scary that Chen Fan had defeated the Deities from Kunxu! That was a legendary world full of Deities!

    "Change the plan. List Chen Beixuan as a first-level danger together with Russia and China," the Pentagon ordered.

    From then on, Chen Fan officially became the biggest enemy of the United States. They would do everything they could and use all the nuclear weapons they had to destroy him.

    All the large countries in the world took corresponding actions. Russia also sent Oleg to Chen Fan immediately to explain to him about their past misunderstanding.

    Meanwhile, Chen Fan had left Kunlun and returned to the Sword Palace.

    "I got quite a lot of things this time!"

    After talking to his parents and the rest of his family, Chen Fan went into the secret room to see his loot.

    He had swallowed four Earth Level Deities who were all mid-stage Connate Cultivators in one go; the True Essence inside his body was still trying to digest such a great amount of energy.

    If he were the real Kun Peng, he wouldn't have to worry about it. There was limitless space in the Kun Peng's body and it could even digest the energy of an entire galaxy. But Chen Fan was still only a human being after all.

    "The Divine Power of the Kun Peng is great but I should try not to use it. I'll be in trouble if enemies come while my body is digesting the energy. I should swallow more Spirit Beasts like the Black Kylin next time I see them. Getting their special energies is indeed useful to me."

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes.

    A black and a golden flame burned in his eyes.


    Two flames then came out from his eyes and intertwined into a two-color flame.

    The Kylin Fire merged with the golden flame was much more powerful than it used to be. Even a mid-grade Spirit Artifact had been immediately burnt to ashes, meaning that it could also kill a normal Earth Level Deity.

    "I got many weapons as well."

    Chen Fan took out some treasures from the Blade Strengthening Gourd.

    A cold superior-grade Spirit Robe, a diamond carved with mantras, a red ancient sword and a black blade surrounded by flashes of purple lightning.

    The first three were superior-grade Spirit Artifacts from the Earth Level Deities, and the last one was from Earth Level Deity Leixing.

    "The Purple Thunder Blade is a Quasi-Spirit Treasure!"

    Chen Fan stretched out his hand and gripped the blade.

    "Patter, patter."

    A bolt of purple lightning came out from the black blade and it wrapped around Chen Fan's hand. Spirit Treasures had spirits and they chose their owners themselves. Those who weren't strong enough would be unable to use a Spirit Treasure. Even though the Purple Thunder Blade wasn't a Spirit Treasure, it was even more intractable.


    Chen Fan shouted and his palm let out an azure aura. An unmatched energy then forced all the lightning back to the blade and he gripped the blade handle firmly.


    The Purple Thunder Blade finally yielded.


    Chen Fan slashed without using the slightest strength.

    The purple Blade Qi flashed over ten feet and clashed against the wall. If it wasn't for the array of the Sword Palace and the countless talismans, it would have traveled for a hundred meters.

    "It's indeed a Quasi-Spirit Treasure. Even an ordinary person can have the power of an Earth Level Deity."

    Chen Fan was content.

    Even for his current level, the Purple Thunder Blade was a Divine Weapon. It was powerful enough to split a mountain, a river or even an aircraft carrier!

    "Quasi-Spirit Treasures are rare and even the Heavenly Thunder Sect only has a couple. Now that I have one in my possession, their Sect Master must be enraged."

    Chen Fan cracked a smile.

    He only had three Quasi-Spirit Treasures at the moment.

    The Mercury Armor, the God-killing Spear and the Purple Thunder Blade. Even though the Five Thunder Seal was inferior to Spirit Treasures, it was a top superior-grade Spirit Artifact.

    "I can defend myself with the Mercury Armor, attack from afar with the God-killing Spear, battle with the Purple Thunder Blade and turn the Five Thunder Seal into a Spirit Treasure. Then, I can defeat the entire Realm of Kunxu all by myself!"

    Chen Fan was confident.

    But the Gate of Heaven was too unstable, which made him struggle.

    "It's really dangerous to pass through the Gate of Heaven at my level.

    "Only Golden Core Cultivators can control the power of space. And yet, since the Blood Ancestor said his ancestors left the Earth through other paths, the Path of Heaven shouldn't be the only passage. There must be other passages in each major sect."

    Chen Fan rubbed his chin.

    "Besides, I haven't spent much time with my parents, An Ya and Xiao Qiong since I entered the Connate Level, and I haven't settled all the scores on the planet. I shouldn't leave so quickly," Chen Fan also thought about that.

    Once he left the Earth, he would not return within the next decade.

    If he didn't eliminate all the threats on Earth, make the North Qiong Sect thrive and give his parents powers to protect themselves, he would never leave.

    "Well then, one thing at a time," Chen Fan decided, "I should first go to meet my old friends and see if they are doing well. Then, I'll visit all the major forces of the Earth and give them a warning. If they refuse to obey, I'll eliminate them. Lastly, I'll start searching for the Path of Heaven or force my way through the Gate of Heaven into the Realm of Kunxu.

    "Right, what should I do with the three Thunder Fruits?"

    Chen Fan frowned as he glanced at the shimmering Thunder Fruits on the golden tree.

    Thunder Fruits were Treasure Medicines and only one was enough for a normal cultivator to enter the Connate Level.

    However, humans didn't have thick skin and weren't as strong as the Spirit Beasts in the Deity Burial Valley after all. If a normal person took a Thunder Fruit without the protection of Divine Powers, the energy would put his life at risk.

    "I'll give the first one to Ye Qincang to express my gratitude, and to establish a good relationship with China. After I leave the planet, my parents will be under their protection.

    "The second one, I'll keep it for myself. The second painting of the Twelve Sky Art Paintings is a Thunder Divine Beast and the Thunder Fruit is just right for me.

    "And the third one… Who should I give it to?" Chen Fan pondered.

    It was a precious treasure that could be used to achieve the Connate Level.

    The difference between Sages and mortals was the difference between Connate and Qi Refinement. It represented an extraordinary evolution and a transition between life levels.

    Even if he gave the Thunder Fruit to one of his parents or to Xiao Qiong, they would still be no match for the Blood Ancestor and other experienced Earth Level Deities. And yet, he didn't feel quite right to give it to Hua Yunfeng or Xie Yan either, since they weren't really close.

    While Chen Fan was struggling with choices…

    Ye Qincang arrived with shocking news.