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Chapter 680 - Dominating the World

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     680 Dominating the World

    While Chen Fan was battling inside the Deity Burial Valley, the outside world was also stirred.

    For China and the Chinese Martial Arts Community, Chen Fan and Ye Qincang was their hope. They could only rely on the two of them to stop the Earth Level Deities of the Realm of Kunxu before the defensive front was built.

    "How many Earth Level Deities have come from the Realm of Kunxu? Can Heavenly Ye and Heavenly Chen deal with them?" someone expressed his doubts on the Chinese Martial Arts Forum.

    "Heavenly Chen defeated the Blood Ancestor and is as powerful as three Earth Level Deities. Together with Heavenly Ye, several Earth Level Deities shouldn't be a problem," Guo Xiaomang replied confidently.

    She had become Chen Fan's follower long before and she defended him every day at the forum. Her ID name "Xiao Mang" was very well-known.

    "The Blood Ancestor has already become weak after living for a thousand years. Besides, none of us know how many Earth Level Deities came from the Realm of Kunxu. No matter how strong Chen Beixuan is, he can't fight with seven or eight of them," someone said.

    "According to our information, the Gate of Heaven isn't open yet, so only a couple of them can come through. Those two Heavenly Beings should be able to deal with them effortlessly. Don't worry," Little Red Sparrow assured everyone else.

    Someone recognized Red Sparrow and asked immediately, "Red Sparrow, do you have any first-hand intel from Kunlun? We're so anxious!"

    "We're also as anxious as you are, but please believe in the two Heavenly Beings. On the other hand, our 9th and 18th division at the Deity Burial Valley are prepared to fight; all the missile bases in the country are also ready to attack and all the fighter aircrafts are circling the sky. Even if something happens to Heavenly Chen, China has enough power to protect everyone," Red Sparrow answered calmly.

    Most people at the forum were Martial Artists who had a deep understanding of China's power.

    It was the second largest country in the world, right after the United States. If the Earth Level Deities really offended China, they would launch dozens of hydrogen bombs toward the Deity Burial Valley and all of the enemies would die.

    However, people on the underground forums in foreign countries were mostly gloating.

    "Chen Beixuan and Ye Qincang killed the Blood Ancestor and offended many countries. Now, they finally got what they deserve."

    A Japanese samurai said gloatingly, "I heard that there are dozens of Earth Level Deities in the Realm of Kunxu! Even five of them can tear Chen Beixuan apart."

    "What if they don't go back after killing Chen Beixuan? How can we resist so many Earth Level Deities?" another person said.

    "Are you mad? The mortal world is good but the realm up there is much better. Those Deities and Entities see our world as deserts and swamps. Will you leave your mansion to live in the desert or a forest?" an experienced Overlord explained.

    All the historical sects on Earth knew how the world was changing, and that the Spirit Qi was dissipating. They also understood why the Entities and Earth Level Deities left the Earth, so they weren't worried about that at all.

    As for requesting Chen Fan to go to the Realm of Kunxu and apologize, that was only an excuse to intimidate him.

    A friar of the Christian Church said, "According to the ancient books, the Realm of Kunxu is the place where the Eastern Deities live. There are many historical sects and more than a hundred Earth Level Deities. Even though they have declined after thousands of years, their numbers are way higher than ours."

    Someone recognized the friar, who was the former Cardinal and a hidden Immortal State Overlord.

    "So, Chen Beixuan will die?"

    Many were excited.

    The western countries, Japan and Thailand were all Chen Fan's enemies and they wanted him to die. Over the last few years, he had been running wild across the world, killing countless Immortal State Warriors and offending many people.

    Someone called "Teddy Lance" said on the CIA's secret forum, "If Chen Beixuan dies, I'll invite everyone present to a ten-day stay in Hawaii for free!"

    Many of them knew Teddy Lance was an important figure from the Lance family of the United States. He was responsible for managing the matters about the Dark World and the underground organizations. He was in command of hundreds of armed mercenaries and was the most superior leader in the New York area.

    A Japanese tycoon also commented, "I'll take you there to stay for a month!"

    "Six months!" a prince of the Thai Royal family followed.

    Chen Fan had offended too many people. Once he was in danger, the entire CIA secret forum was thrilled but more of them sneered.

    "Since Chen Beixuan became a cultivator, he has never lost once and has defeated countless people. This time, he might shock the world again like he used to. By then, the North Qiong Sect will deal with everyone who is cheering on the forum right now," Black and White Demon Hunter said.

    Everyone then realized.

    Even if Chen Fan died, the North Qiong Sect, which had four cultivators at or above the Immortal State and was the most powerful organization in the Dark World, would still be there!

    "What are you afraid of? The Christian Church is still here. We should wait for them to step in. Besides, how would the United States, England and France let Chen Beixuan go after what he did to them before?" the Thai Prince said.

    The King of Gong Tau, Daxin, was the guardian of Thailand but Chen Fan had smashed him to death at the Dragon Hall. That was why the Thai Royal family's passionate hatred for Chen Fan was indescribable.

    "Let's see. This battle will determine the future of the world. If Chen Beixuan wins, he'll be the hero of the Earth and mankind. If he dies, we'll have to fight with the enemies of the Realm of Kunxu!" the Observer said.

    The entire forum went silent.

    Everyone was waiting patiently and paying attention to Kunlun. Those who supported Chen Fan looked forward to seeing him win, while those against him hoped he would die.

    In the mansion on North Mountain.

    Wang Zhongguo stood by the window and looked at Yan Jin.

    "Father, there's no news coming yet. You've stood there for a day. Come sit down and eat something," Wang Keqin came and said.

    For an ordinary family, the Realm of Kunxu, Earth Level Deities and Heavenly Beings were like legends. And yet, as one of the five major families in Yan Jin, the Wang family was still well-informed.

    "Keqin, I'm regretting it," Wang Zhongguo said.

    "I regret that I never realized Chen Fan was such a talent. I regret that I schemed against them when they came to the Wang family. I regret that I wasn't sane enough and led the Wang family to this situation," Wang Zhongguo continued as Wang Keqin had a puzzled look.

    "Father, who would have seen his talent? We were all wrong. Nobody would have thought that the bastard could become such a superior Deity," Wang Keqin said with a wry smile.

    "If Chen Fan comes out alive, we should go to apologize to Xiaoyun," Wang Zhongguo said, looking as if he were several years older.

    His body was slightly bent, something that had never happened before.

    "But father, what about what happened to Chen?" Wang Keqin said anxiously.

    He could never forget that Chen Fan killed Wang Chen in front of them and broke off the relationship between the two families. That was his son, the heir he was most proud of.

    "If he can make it out of Kunlun alive, it will mean that no one in the world can ever touch him again!" Wang Zhongguo said slowly.

    Wang Keqin was startled; he didn't say another word.

    Other than the Wang family, similar conversations were also held in the Xiao, the Han and the Qin families.

    Even though Chen Fan was the top warrior in the world, he wasn't invincible for these major families. The nuclear weapons in England, France and the United States, including the super weapons that they were secretly developing, could threaten or deal with Chen Fan easily. The power of the superpowers was unimaginable.

    Rumors said that some secret military base in China was finding a way to kill Earth Level Deities with nuclear weapons.

    But if Chen Fan came out alive after defeating the Deities of the Realm of Kunxu, he would deserve the goodwill of China and the world! He would be the hero of mankind! Killing such a figure would offend the entire Chinese Martial Arts Community and half the planet.

    Even the superpowers would have to yield to him.

    All the North Qiong Sect members were also praying quietly at the Sword Palace.

    "Don't worry, Master is invincible. He will never lose," Hua Yunfeng said.

    Wang Xiaoyun, An Ya and Fang Qiong hadn't even had a sip of water and were all waiting silently. After all, the Realm of Kunxu was a legendary realm and was full of Deities.

    Xuan Luo and Tian Mingzi were already powerful, not to mention their Masters and Ancestral Masters.

    "We know so little about the Realm of Kunxu and the Deity Burial Valley. Qian Yexue has never told us anything in the last few months she has been with us. If it wasn't for Master, I would have already tortured her to death."

    Yukishiro Sa grunted.

    She had always disliked Qian Yexue because of her beauty.

    "We'll only be more worried if we know too much. As Qian Yexue said, there are thousands of Earth Level Deities in the Realm of Kunxu. What can we do when dozens of them come? We have to fight for sure."

    Xie Yan shook his head.

    The Realm of Kunxu was still like a mystery to them. Nobody could know for sure whether what Yan Jingchao and Xuan Luo said was right.

    "Let's wait and see."

    Wang Xiaoyun lowered her head and prayed.

    The North Qiong Sect, Dragon Hall, the Hong Sect, the Chinese Martial Arts Community, the Japanese and the Korean Kendo Communities, many underground forces, the superpowers, the top families and the consortiums, everyone was focused, waiting patiently for the result of the earth-shattering battle.

    July 5th, 2012.

    Chen Fan, Ye Qincang and the others came out of the Deity Burial Valley.

    Chen Fan defeated the Deities of Kunxu and shut the Gate of Heaven all by himself! Once the news came out, the entire planet, including the superpowers, were speechless.

    He dominated the world!