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Chapter 679 - Fierce

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     679 Fierce

    "They're all dead."

    Qian Yexue stood there in shock and with fright on her face.

    Earth Level Deity Leixing was a dominator in Kunxu and he had the "Purple Thunder Blade" of the Heavenly Thunder Sect; Changhe Sword Immortal borrowed thirty percent of the power from the Sect Master of the Azure Mystic Sect; the Zombie King was transformed from the corpse of an ancient Sword Immortal, and the Black Kylin had the blood of a Divine Beast…

    These Connate Overlords were top cultivators in the Realm of Kunxu, close to the Sect Masters and elders. And yet, they were all swallowed by Chen Fan, let alone the six Spirit Beasts and the others like Cold Moon Fairy.

    The expedition from Kunxu was annihilated!

    "Is he human or the reincarnation of a monster?"

    Qian Yexue looked at Chen Fan in terror.

    "Patter, patter."

    The azure aura shrank and the ten feet long Kun Peng gradually turned into countless light dots, retreating into Chen Fan's body and Divine Soul. In the end, Chen Fan appeared with black hair and black eyes, wearing a white outfit.


    Chen Fan took a deep breath and restrained his energy.

    Even though the Kun Peng's Divine Power could swallow everything, he wasn't the real Kun Peng after all. Swallowing the four mid-stage Connate Cultivators had exceeded his boundary. Meanwhile, the Swallowing True Essence was trying to digest such a massive influx of energy in Chen Fan's body.

    "My True Essence could only grow one percent after swallowing these people. It's way too inefficient."

    Chen Fan frowned.

    The Swallowing Divine Power was useful but it wasn't omnipotent. When a man ate a cow, would he gain its powers too?

    That was impossible.

    After Chen Fan absorbed the Spirit Qi of the four mid-stage Connate Beings, most of it would be filtered out; only a small amount of energy was useful for Chen Fan's cultivation.

    "I'm not the real Kun Peng, so I can't take all kinds of energy. In order for a cultivator to rise to the top, the most important thing is devotion, which is the reason why I could dominate the universe in my previous life," Chen Fan said, looking determined.

    "But one good thing about the Swallowing Divine Power is that it can extract bloodline power."


    A black flame suddenly came out from the True Essence. It was the Kylin Fire from the Black Kylin.

    "The Kylin Fire is a well-known Divine Power across the universe and is as powerful as the Sky-Swallowing Divine Power of the Kun Peng. And yet, the little amount of blood from this Black Kylin is already enough for me."


    The black flame went into Chen Fan's eyes.

    Then it started merging with the golden flames, gradually turning into two-color flames. The flames flickered, carrying a destructive energy.

    "The Li Fire Golden Eyes can hold all kinds of fire in the world. There was once a Dao Reunion Perfected Immortal who merged 7865 types of Divine Flames. Once let out, their power could destroy a world or melt a planet. I wonder when I can achieve such a Divine Power. Looks like I'll have to swallow some gifted Spirit Beasts and Divine Beasts," Chen Fan thought as he came down from the sky.

    Ye Qincang flew towards him and said respectfully, "Senior Chen."

    Qian Yexue also moved closer with her pale face.

    Chen Fan really astonished Ye Qincang. Until this moment, he finally realized that Chen Fan had reached a much higher level than his.

    "I guess Senior Chen was a Golden Core or Nascent Soul Cultivator in his last life," Ye Qincang pondered and said.

    "Senior, the Ancient Fire Ape escaped."

    "Haha, I've put a restriction spell in his body. Does it really think it can run away?" Chen Fan sneered and sent out five beams of light from his hand.

    After a while.

    A howl came.

    An azure light ball flew from afar. The Ancient Fire Ape was inside with five azure chains wound around its body.

    The Ancient Fire Ape knelt and begged Chen Fan, "Please don't kill me. Please! I'll never run away again!"

    And yet, Chen Fan didn't care about it at all; he let Ye Qincang deal with it. If he wasn't depending on the Fire Ape to find the Gate of Heaven and to get information about the Deity Burial Valley, he would have already smacked it to death.

    "We need to pick the Thunder Fruits now."

    Chen Fan turned around, and looked at the golden tree and the three fruits on it.

    This time, Chen Fan let out his Divine Power without interruption.

    "Whoosh, whoosh!"

    Rays of azure light shot out from his hand, turning into chains that wrapped around the black mountain. Each of them was as thick as a water bucket and was as hard as if made of gold.

    Chen Fan grabbed with his hand and yelled, "Rise!"

    Endless energy came out from his body and organs, and his body let out a thunderous sound as if a hundred atomic bombs had exploded. The terrifying True Essence made his robe and hair flutter.


    He lifted the entire Essence Magnet Mountain with one hand.

    Even though the Essence Magnet Mountain was much lighter than a normal mountain, this still astonished the two next to him.

    Chen Fan stomped his foot and shouted, "Borrowing the power of the world!"

    The Essence Qi from dozens of miles then formed a hundred feet giant hand and gripped the black mountain, lifting it up. Chen Fan held the mountain with one hand and cast spells with another to refine it right there.

    "Bang! Bang! Bang!"

    Many golden talismans went into the black mountain.

    Then, it gradually shrank to only several meters tall and Chen Fan placed it inside the Blade Strengthening Gourd.

    "This… Senior Chen?"

    Ye Qincang was dumbfounded.

    "Thunder Fruits only grow on the Essence Magnet Mountain, which is a natural treasure. You'll be able to refine it if you know some treasure-controlling techniques," Chen Fan explained.

    He was thrilled.

    The most important thing in the Deity Burial Valley wasn't the Thunder Fruits but the Essence Magnet Mountain.

    Such a natural treasure was the best material for making "Spirit Treasures" and Chen Fan might be able to create one if he added it to his "Five Thunder Seal." By then, he would have nothing to fear even if the Sect Masters in the Realm of Kunxu paid a visit.

    "Brother Ye, the Thunder Fruits aren't ripe yet. I'll give you one when they are ready," Chen Fan said.

    "Thank you, Senior Chen, but you're the one who defeated the enemies from the Realm of Kunxu, protecting China and everyone else. I'm only here to assist you. How can I take the Thunder Fruit?" Ye Qincang said seriously.

    "I've already decided," Chen Fan said firmly.

    This time, Ye Qincang risked his life to stop the enemies for him and the North Mystic Celestial Lord always returned a favor.


    Ye Qincang bowed.

    After that, they flew to the Gate of Heaven under the lead of the Ancient Fire Ape. Even though the Deity Burial Valley had many Spirit Beasts, monsters, dimension gaps and deadly arrays.

    Those surviving Spirit Beasts dared not to show up and fight with Chen Fan again. Some beasts that stood in their way were smacked to death.

    After three hours, they arrived at the Gate of Heaven.

    It still looked majestic and the stone platform was simple and elegant. Between the towering stone pillars was a light door which was moving violently like the surface of a lake in a thunderstorm.

    "What's going on? Are the other cultivators coming through?"

    Ye Qincang was terrified.

    They had just gone through a battle and even Chen Fan could only exhibit half of his power. If the enemies came again from the Realm of Kunxu, what could they do?

    Especially this time, those who came must be the experienced peak-stage Connate Cultivators or even the Sect Masters of the major sects, who were way more powerful than Earth Level Deity Leixing.

    "That's unlikely. There seems to be… something wrong with the gate."

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes.

    He could see that the Gate of Heaven was only a passage connected to another small world. However, the passage was really unstable; it seemed to be on the verge of collapse.

    "Maybe Earth Level Deity Leixing and the others forced their way through and interfered with the operation of the Gate of Heaven."

    Chen Fan rubbed his chin.

    The Blood Ancestor said the Gate of Heaven was fragile and it didn't allow for too many Earth Level Deities to pass through at once. Yan Jingchao had also said that it would only open at least four months later.

    And yet, Earth Level Deity Leixing and the others broke through the Gate of Heaven forcefully with a Space Treasure, and even sent five Earth Level Deities in one go, including mid-stage Connate Beings like himself and Changhe Sword Immortal.

    Apparently, that had totally exceeded the limit of the Gate of Heaven.

    After hearing Chen Fan's explanation, Ye Qincang was excited. "So, nobody can come to our world again?"

    "At least not for the moment. Unless all the Earth Level Deities enter the Golden Core or Nascent Soul Level, none of them will be able to come through the Gate of Heaven in a couple years. However, the gate will be completely stable after that and it may never shut again…" Chen Fan said as he shook his head.

    "That's enough! We can prepare ourselves in these three years and we'll show the Earth Level Deities of the Realm of Kunxu the power of modern technology," Ye Qincang yelled happily.

    But Qian Yexue looked gloomy.

    Even Chen Fan frowned. If the Gate of Heaven was unstable, it meant that he couldn't go to the Realm of Kunxu and look for the Path of Heaven, either!

    Chen Fan shook his head and said, "Alright, let's get out of here. Those waiting outside must be really worried by now."

    He knew they would cause a great furor after stepping out of the Deity Burial Valley.