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Chapter 678 - All Swallowed!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     678 All Swallowed!

    The Kun Peng Dharma Form was the first change of the Sky-Swallowing Painting.

    It had one-tenth of the power of the real Kun Peng, which was already terrifying and was beyond the imagination of those from the Realm of Kunxu.

    Once the Kun Peng appeared, it controlled all the Essence Qi within dozens of miles which formed a magnificent sea of Essence Qi around it.


    The Earth Level Deities and Spirit Beasts couldn't believe their eyes.

    Chen Fan survived such a powerful attack. What was his body made of? Was it comparable to a Spirit Treasure? And what was this weird bird? Why did Chen Fan turn into a bird?

    Only Qian Yexue remembered what happened when Chen Fan entered the Connate Level.

    "What's that?"

    Cold Moon Fairy was frightened.

    This was the first time she had seen a human turning into a beast, which was like a dominator on top of the food chain.

    The Black Kylin, the Thunder Leopard and the Red Tiger were all trembling.

    "Do you know how powerful I am?"

    Chen Fan finally looked up.

    There was a glint of viciousness in his eyes, and it seemed that he wanted to destroy everything and dominate the world.

    This was the power of the Kun Peng! Its body and wings were sending out beams of azure golden light as if they were made of gold. Many black swirls gathered around it which initiated its power to the maximum.

    "I'll show you what real Divine Power is!"

    Chen Fan spread his arms like an eagle spreading its wings.


    The Divine Beast flapped its wings.

    It created a storm with its incredible power! All Dharma Spells or Divine Powers were as vulnerable as ants before such an invincible energy.


    The Black Kylin suddenly became vicious.

    It opened its mouth and let out a black flame to burn Chen Fan.

    It was the Kylin Fire passed down from the Black Kylin's family. Although it had only a small fraction of the real Kylin Fire, it was comparable to Chen Fan's Li Fire Golden Eyes.

    "Kill! Kill! Kill!"

    The Thunder Leopard, the Red Tiger and the White Snake were all anxious; they summoned their Divine Powers to the maximum level.

    White lightning shone in the air, lightning struck and fire burnt. With so many Spirit Beasts and Earth Level Deities attacking together, even the air seemed to have cracked. The sea of Essence Qi was boiling and everything within a thousand meters was completely destroyed.

    With much strong energy surging, even Earth Level Deity Leixing and the Zombie King had to pull out all the stops!


    Then, Chen Fan moved.

    He gently flapped his wings and the Kun Peng Dharma Form immediately broke the sonic barrier.

    Eight times, nine times, ten times!

    Chen Fan reached ten times the speed of sound! He went beyond dimensions and nobody could see him with their eyes.

    Ten times the speed of sound, which was three kilometers per second!

    In a blink, Chen Fan flashed a hundred feet.


    His sharp wings slashed like a Divine Sword, and both the Thunder Leopard and the Red Tiger suddenly let out earth-shattering roars.

    Their bodies had been split in half!

    The Spirit Beast Bodies, which could withstand the attacks from a superior-grade Spirit Artifact, were as vulnerable as tofu before Chen Fan's wings.

    "Kill him!" the Black Kylin yelled in rage.

    His black flames then turned into a whirl of fire and went towards Chen Fan, trying to burn him into ashes. However, Chen Fan had already transformed to the Kun Peng Dharma Form and mastered absolute speed.


    Chen Fan spread his wings again and instantly came behind Overlord Fury.


    Overlord Fury was indeed an experienced Earth Level Deity. He immediately shot out twelve beads carved with Garbha Enchantments which could withstand an attack of twelve Earth Level Deities!

    But Chen Fan was extremely powerful at the moment. Even a peak-stage Connate Being would fall short in front of him!


    The golden shield with twelve Sanskrit Dharma Curses cracked and split like a rag cut by a pair of scissors.

    Overlord Fury smiled wryly and a small cut appeared between his eyebrows.

    The cut then started to crack from his eyebrows down to his nose, chin and chest. In the end, his body was split in half!

    The Earth Level Deity of Mount Thunder had been slashed into two pieces by Chen Fan!

    "How dare you!"

    Earth Level Deity Leixing and the others were all terrified.

    Their attacks didn't work on Chen Fan at all. If they went on like this, all the Earth Level Deities and Spirit Beasts, except the four Overlords, would be killed by Chen Fan.


    The White Snake and the Golden Eagle were about to escape!

    However, Chen Fan was too speedy. Ten times the speed of sound was totally beyond people's imagination. A blurry white mark appeared in the sky and the air seemed to have burst apart.

    "Whoosh, whoosh!"

    In a second.

    Two more Spirit Beasts had been split in half. Chen Fan's wings were like a sharp Divine Blade that could slash metal and crack the sky!

    "Go to hell!"

    Earth Level Deity Leixing finally found the opportunity to attack.

    The purple lightning struck and turned into a ten-feet lightning dragon.


    Chen Fan used his left wing and blocked Earth Level Deity Leixing's attack directly. His shiny azure wings clashed against the Purple Thunder Blade, creating the sound like that of metals hitting each other.

    The Purple Thunder Blade rebounded instead of breaking Chen Fan's wings. The violent vibration of the blade caused an unmatched energy that made him spurt out blood; he was knocked away like a shooting star.

    "He's too powerful. Run!"

    After seeing this, the Ancient Fire Ape was completely terrified and it immediately escaped.

    Cold Moon Fairy and the last two Spirit Beasts were also frightened and wanted to run away.

    "You think you can escape from me?"

    Chen Fan flapped his wings again.


    He flashed to Cold Moon Fairy with an unbeatable energy, creating a white mark in the sky. Cold Moon Fairy screamed and shot out an Icy Divine Light before Chen Fan smashed her together with her Protection Dharma Artifact and Divine Soul.

    "Aunt!" Qian Yexue yelled.

    Meanwhile, they were in the heat of the battle.

    After Chen Fan killed the last two Spirit Beasts, the Black Kylin became more vicious and its body was burning, while the Zombie King stirred up the Death Qi which then swept across all directions. On the other hand, the Changhe Sword Immortal attacked with his flying sword and Earth Level Deity Leixing slashed with his Purple Thunder Blade.

    The four mid-stage Connate Overlords gave their utmost!

    And yet, their attacks were only giving Chen Fan a tickle. His initial-success Divine Body was already powerful and together with the Divine Body of the Kun Peng, even Spirit Treasures would be unable to deal with him.

    As for the Black Kylin Fire and Blade Qi, Chen Fan had already swallowed them as soon as he opened his mouth.

    "Bang, bang, bang!"

    The air shook.

    Chen Fan immediately fought with them and they clashed for eight times in a row. Even though one of his enemies couldn't resist his power and fell back after every attack, there were four of them and someone else would fill the position right away.


    The five of them swept across the area like a thunderstorm, and all mountains, valleys and forests were shattered.

    "You think my Sky-Swallowing Painting is only capable of doing this?"

    Chen Fan grunted indifferently after knocking the Zombie King away.

    The wonder of the Kun Peng Dharma Form was beyond people's imagination. Chen Fan had only used the power of his body and the four Overlords had already found it hard to keep up.


    Chen Fan stood in the air and opened his mouth. A giant black swirl then appeared.

    This time, Chen Fan was finally showing the world the real Divine Power of the Kun Peng. Even though the Sky-Swallowing Divine Power wasn't meant for battling, it could be used to resist any Dharma Spells and Divine Powers.

    "Oh no, fall back!"

    Seeing the black swirl, Earth Level Deity Leixing was terrified.

    But it was too late. The Black Kylin didn't stop in time and was sucked in by the black hole. It struggled and let out black flames, but it was no use in front of the Sky-Swallowing Divine Power.


    Everyone was shocked.

    Chen Fan swallowed the descendant of the Kylin which had cultivated for almost a thousand years. Once the giant Black Kylin entered Chen Fan's stomach, it turned into Spirit Qi and made his level surge.

    "This is the correct way of using the Swallowing Divine Power. Who's next?"

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes and glanced at the other three.


    Even the vicious Earth Level Deity Leixing fell back, but who could get away from the Kun Peng?

    After a flick of fingers, the Zombie King was swallowed by Chen Fan. The Death Qi then turned into boiling True Essence that filled Chen Fan's body.

    After three flicks, Changhe Sword Immortal was swallowed together with his sword.

    After ten flicks, Earth Level Deity Leixing couldn't take it anymore. He dropped his blade and was swallowed by Chen Fan, becoming an endless source of True Essence.

    In just a while…

    Eight Spirit Beasts and four Earth Level Deities had been annihilated.

    Chen Fan defeated the entire coalition of the Deity Burial Valley and the Realm of Kunxu.

    Only Ye Qincang and Qian Yexue were left, standing at the side dumbfounded.