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Chapter 677 - Under Siege

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 677: Under Siege

    "That's Earth Level Deity Leixing…"

    After a while, Overlord Fury mumbled.

    Earth Level Deity Leixing was basically one of the strongest cultivators in the Realm of Kunxu, other than the Sect Masters and some elders. He was a mid-stage Connate Being and had mastered all sorts of Divine Powers and Thunder Arts.

    Such a powerful being was smashed by Chen Fan?

    "Not even the Sect Master of the Azure Mystic Sect or the Heavenly Thunder Sect can possibly defeat Earth Level Deity Leixing with one attack!" Cold Moon Fairy said seriously.

    Although there might be a few times difference in the power of a mid-stage and a peak-stage Connate Being, Earth Level Deity Leixing was extraordinarily powerful. Even some weaker peak-stage Connate Cultivators were no match for him; it shouldn't be this easy to defeat him.


    As expected, a thunderous sound came and someone surrounded by a purple aura shot to the sky. It was Earth Level Deity Leixing.

    He looked pale and was covered in blood. His black and red robe was even torn.

    But he didn't care at all. He looked at Chen Fan expressionlessly.

    "An Overlord like you, who already has such powerful True Essence right after becoming an Earth Level Deity, is a peerless talent unseen in a thousand years. If you join the Heavenly Thunder Sect, I can assure you that you'll be appointed the next Sect Master and we'll be even. A century later, you'll be dominating the Realm of Kunxu."

    He spoke as the Deputy Sect Master of the Heavenly Thunder Sect.

    Cold Moon Fairy and Overlord Fury were both stunned.

    The Heavenly Thunder Sect was a major sect in Kunxu and had a history of thousands of years. Their Sect Master was even more superior than any President on Earth.

    At this moment, they were willing to appoint Chen Fan as the future Sect Master, showing the great courage and magnanimity of Earth Level Deity Leixing.

    He was indeed the dominator of Kunxu!

    Qian Yexue looked over anxiously.

    It would be the best if Chen Fan could make peace with them. After all, even if he defeated Earth Level Deity Leixing, there were many more Earth Level Deities and also the superior Sect Masters in the Realm of Kunxu. Could he defeat the entire realm?

    Chen Fan flicked his fingers and said calmly, "The Heavenly Thunder Sect is nothing to me! You must pay for what you said."

    "When you reach my level and live long enough, you'll understand that family and friends are going to die at some point. So, why bother?"

    Earth Level Deity Leixing frowned and didn't continue.

    "But if you've made a decision, I'll have no choice but to kill you for the sake of my sect!"

    Chen Fan stepped forward and shouted viciously, "Come on!"

    Earth Level Deity Leixing thought he had made the best offer, but he didn't know that family was the most important thing to Chen Fan! Whoever offended them had to die, even the major sect of Kunxu.

    "Blade!" Earth Level Deity Leixing shouted.

    A purple thunderbolt rose from his body and a four feet seven inches long black blade was formed. The blade looked ordinary but it was surrounded by flashes of lightning.

    "Purple Thunder Blade!"

    "The first Ancestral Master of the Heavenly Thunder Sect, Lord Heavenly Curse, made this blade with iron in Kunxu and the energy of the Thunder God. I heard that purple thunderbolts struck for ten days after the blade was complete," Qian Yexue explained.

    The power of the Thunder Blade was earth-shattering. Once it appeared, the air shook, the sky was covered with thunderclouds and lightning struck continuously, as if it were the end of the world.

    "This is one of the top treasures of the Heavenly Thunder Sect. Our Sect Master allowed me to bring it to the mortal world only because of the Deity Burial Valley. Today, I'll kill you here with this blade!"

    Earth Level Deity Leixing gripped the blade handle firmly and his energy surged to an unbelievable level.

    "Quasi-Spirit Treasure?"

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes.

    His attack carried all of his power and could have killed ten Earth Level Deities. Just then, he finally realized that this Dharma Artifact was the reason Earth Level Deity Leixing survived it.

    "Even though a Quasi-Spirit Treasure isn't as powerful as a Spirit Treasure, it lacks only a spirit. Whoever has this treasure can kill a Connate Being. No wonder you have no shame at all. Unfortunately, I'm your opponent."

    Chen Fan cracked a smile.

    Only Golden Core Cultivators could make Spirit Treasures, like the complete Five Elements Thunder. Quasi-Spirit Treasures weren't much weaker than Spirit Treasures. Chen Fan's Mercury Armor and God-killing Spear were also Quasi-Spirit Treasures.

    "Don't jump to conclusions!"

    Earth Level Deity Leixing was enraged.

    His hair was fluttering like a bunch of black snakes dancing in the air. His black blade turned into a ten feet long purple lightning dragon which created some crackling sounds. The sky was enveloped in an outrageous energy.

    The Purple Thunder Blade was extremely manic and it seemed that it wanted to fly out of Earth Level Deity Leixing's hand for Chen Fan's blood.


    Then, Changhe Sword Immortal also came.

    The talisman on his head was burning violently and a powerful energy came down from the talisman into his body, making him look like a peerless Sword Master.

    "It's the Incarnate Sword Talisman from the Sect Master of the Azure Mystic Sect. Changhe Sword Immortal can now borrow his power for a minute," Qian Yexue yelled.

    A Quasi-Spirit Treasure and an Incarnate Talisman.

    Facing such a powerful enemy, the two Overlords immediately played their trump cards.

    Then, two beams of light shot across the sky. One of them was a corpse letting out Death Qi and the other was a Spirit Beast surrounded by black flames that looked like a Kylin.

    "The Zombie King of the Deity Burial Ground and the Black Kylin of Black Fire Valley," the Thunder Leopard said.

    Those two guests were the most powerful Overlords in the Deity Burial Valley and were much stronger than the Thunder Leopard and the Fire Ape.

    "The Zombie King was transformed from the corpse of a Sky Immortal thousands of years ago. His body is hard as steel and his battling power is endless. On the other hand, the Black Kylin is said to have the blood of a true Kylin and is extremely vicious. These two are truly the Overlords of the Deity Burial Valley!" the Red Tiger yelled.

    Suddenly, Cold Moon Fairy shouted with her twinkling eyes, "Spirit Beasts of Deity Burial Valley, our prime objective right now is to kill Chen Beixuan! As long as he's alive, none of us can get the Thunder Fruits and our lives might even be at risk!"

    Hearing what Cold Moon Fairy said, the Spirit Beasts were stirred.

    They had seen how invincible Chen Fan was. Nobody could defeat him in a one-on-one battle.

    The Black Kylin, who had the Soul Energy of some Spirit Beasts, then grunted and fired at Chen Fan with its black flame. "Whoever touches the Thunder Fruit Tree dies!"


    The Zombie King stepped forward and let out his frightful Death Qi.

    All the plants and creatures around died after contacting the grey Death Qi. It was the terrifying Death Qi he kept over the last thousands of years and was enough to make a Sky Immortal rot!

    Those Spirit Beasts were clever. They knew the most powerful person there was Chen Fan and they could only settle the scores with those from the Realm of Kunxu after he was gone.


    The Thunder Leopard, the Red Tiger and the others immediately followed the two Beast Kings.

    The entire Deity Burial Valley was filled with viciousness and these powerful beings gathered a thousand meters around Chen Fan. Every attack they made was as powerful as Lin Shuming's slash and carried all kinds of Divine Powers. Even the Sect Master of the Azure Mystic Sect would die under this onslaught.

    "You're too arrogant, Chen Beixuan. This wouldn't have happened if you listened to Earth Level Deity Leixing."

    Qian Yexue fell back a thousand feet and looked at Chen Fan, while heaving a sigh.

    With the four top mid-stage Connate Overlords together with two Earth Level Deities and six Spirit Beasts attacking at the same time, even the most powerful warrior in the Realm of Kunxu would have no chance of resisting.

    "Senior Chen!"

    Ye Qincang's eyes popped out.

    He tried to rush up there but the Ancient Fire Ape stopped him.

    "Talented but too haughty. He can't escape death after all."

    Changhe Sword Immortal heaved a sigh and seemed to have a glint of sympathy in his eyes. And yet, he immediately formed a three-feet azure light and threw it at Chen Fan.

    The azure light seemed to have split the sky like a flying sword of a Sword Immortal.

    And Earth Level Deity Leixing also stepped forward and slashed with his Purple Thunder Blade.


    The only thing left in the sky was an enraged lightning dragon, which was dozens feet long, and it sped across the sky towards Chen Fan.

    In a blink, Chen Fan was in unprecedented desperation and he stood there startled.

    Such a terrifying energy was really devastating!

    Ye Qincang couldn't help but to close his eyes.


    Countless attacks hit Chen Fan and the world seemed to be enveloped in a horrific energy that could easily crush an aircraft carrier.

    The energy even ran through him and clashed on the ground.

    A giant bottomless hole appeared and the array deep inside seemed to be glittering.

    "Is he dead?" someone yelled.

    Sieged by so many Overlords, even a real God would die, not to mention Chen Fan! Everyone looked over with excitement and saw an unbelievable sight.


    After the dust lifted, they saw an azure cocoon floating above the pit.

    There was a strange beast in the cocoon. The beast was ten feet long and it suddenly opened its eyes with a terror inducing look.

    The Kun Peng Dharma Form of the Twelve Sky Art Paintings.

    It finally appeared!