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Chapter 676 - Killing Leixing!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     : Killing Leixing!


    When the Changhe Sword Immortal slashed with his sword, a river appeared between the two.

    The others could even hear the sound of water, which was the sound of waves formed by endless Sword Qi. Each of them was strong enough to cut through metal.

    This slash could make Changhe Sword Immortal the top warrior in the world. He was indeed the leader of the Azure Mystic Sect!


    Chen Fan remained calm as he punched back.

    Every move he made was incredibly powerful; he could smash everything without using any Divine Powers or secret arts.


    If Changhe Sword Immortal's Sword Qi was like a running river, Chen Fan's punch would be a tsunami! There seemed to be an enormous wave in the air.

    The terrifying Essence Qi gathered and formed a wave.

    Everyone was staring at the magnificent True Essence. The entire sky was covered with violent black waves as if it were a boundless sea.

    Changhe Sword Immortal and Cold Moon Fairy were both stunned.

    everyone thought.

    Chen Fan was too powerful. His punch seemed to have shattered the sky and the area of several hundred feet around him was enveloped in his energy.

    The ground around the area cracked; all the rocks and trees were smashed and everyone else was pushed a thousand meters away.


    Changhe Sword Immortal formed a ten-feet azure sword with his Sword Qi.

    To tackle Chen Fan and his earth-shattering energy, Changhe Sword Immortal had to use his trump card. He then turned into a beam of light and merged with the azure sword.

    "Merging the body and the sword! Controlling with Primordial Essence!"

    It was the top sword art of the Azure Mystic Sect.

    Lin Shuming had once produced a slash at the Earth Deity level with sixty years of Sword Qi, but he still couldn't compare to Changhe Sword Immortal.

    "All directions, destroy!"


    Changhe Sword Immortal combined his Soul Energy with the Sword Qi. The azure blade aura then swiftly flashed through the black waves towards Chen Fan like a thunderbolt.

    The All-direction Mieqing Sword Art was about attacking without leaving a trace.

    Rumor said that Changhe Sword Immortal had once fought with a dragon and nobody noticed the dragon was dead until its head fell. Changhe Sword Immortal's attack was too fast. The onlookers could only see a flash of light.

    This light seemed to have split countless black waves in half.

    "Piece of cake."

    Chen Fan looked expressionless.

    The Earth Level Deities of the Realm of Kunxu could never imagine how powerful it would be when he attacked with his Sky-Swallowing True Essence.


    Chen Fan swayed his fist.

    The black waves immediately came from all directions and formed a giant swirl. It spinned at a very high speed with a terrifying swallowing force. Each turn it made peeled off a layer of Sword Qi from the azure sword.

    Once, twice… It spinned a thousand times per second!

    Only several feet of the ten-feet azure sword were left.

    Changhe Sword Immortal was anxious.

    He had never seen a kind of True Essence that could absorb someone else's energy.

    But he didn't know.

    The swallowing ability of the Kun Peng was a peerless Divine Power which could be used to destroy the world and dominate the universe!


    Then, Chen Fan's fist struck the azure blade aura.

    Time seemed to have stopped.

    Countless Spirit Beasts and Earth Level Deities widened their eyes and watched carefully. This battle would determine the owner of the Thunder Fruit Tree and the success or failure of the expedition.

    Qian Yexue thought.

    She still had faith in Changhe Sword Immortal a minute before, but not anymore after Chen Fan killed Elder Qijue.


    While everyone was watching with shock.

    The azure blade aura started to crack bit by bit, starting from the tip. One inch, two inches, three inches… In the end, it exploded and turned into light dots, exposing Changhe Sword Immortal.

    Chen Fan immediately punched Changhe Sword Immortal's famous Divine Sword, "Kunwu."

    Then, the face of Changhe Sword Immortal gradually turned pale.


    The Kunwu Sword let out a cry and the superior-grade Spirit Sword suddenly cracked. Chen Fan's fist, which was surrounded by an azure aura, punched Changhe Sword Immortal's chest.


    Changhe Sword Immortal spurted out blood and was pushed a thousand feet backwards, clashing against the mountain nearby. He went through the entire mountain and created a burst of smoke.

    Just a punch!

    The Spirit Sword broke and the Sword Immortal was defeated!

    This time, no one said a word.

    Cold Moon Fairy, the Thunder Leopard and the White Snake were all dumbfounded. Who would have thought that Chen Fan could kill Changhe Sword Immortal with just a punch?

    The Ancient Fire Ape widened its eyes and was pleased.

    And Qian Yexue was completely terrified.

    Chen Fan's attack not only undermined her confidence, but also lowered her self-esteem and pride.

    Not even Changhe Sword Immortal could defeat Chen Fan… who else could? Although Earth Level Deity Leixing was powerful, he didn't surpass Changhe Sword Immortal by much.

    This was the first time Qian Yexue felt regretful.

    "Brother Changhe, I've used a secret art to increase my speed. I would only need twenty and a half minutes. After that, I'll teach this mortal kid a lesson!"

    Earth Level Deity Leixing burst into laughter.

    The nine golden lightning dragons in his hand turned into chains and wrapped around the black mountain, trying to lift it up. When he turned around contently, everyone else was looking at him with fright and Chen Fan was the only one left at the center.

    "Where's Brother Changhe?" Earth Level Deity Leixing wondered.

    He glanced over and saw two shiny broken pieces of the azure sword on the ground.

    "That's Changhe's ‘Kunwu,' one of the top three Divine Swords of the Azure Mystic Sect, a superior-grade Spirit Artifact. Throughout history, cultivators who had their swords broken would also die. So, has Changhe lost in a blink…?"

    The heart of Earth Level Deity Leixing fell.

    "You once said you'd exterminate my sect and take my Treasure Tree. What should I do with you?" Chen Fan flicked his fingers indifferently.

    Earth Level Deity Leixing blanched and sneered.

    "I don't know how you defeated Brother Changhe, but I certainly have my trump card. I've never been afraid of anyone else, other than the Sect Masters.

    "If you agree to make peace with me, I'll share the Thunder Fruit Tree with you and we'll never talk about what you did to Tian Mingzi ever again. Otherwise, don't blame me for killing you!"

    Earth Level Deity Leixing was an experienced Overlord after all. He might be trying to make peace, but his attitude was still firm and provocative.

    His status in the Realm of Kunxu was much higher than that of Changhe Sword Immortal and he was the most superior person right after the sects. He had mastered different Divine Powers and secret arts, and even some of the weaker Masters couldn't compare to him.

    "Go to hell!"

    Chen Fan ignored his proposal. He simply raised his hand and attacked.


    A ten feet azure palm smacked down like an indestructible mountain.

    "Let me show you the secret art I use to dominate the Realm of Kunxu, kid!" Earth Level Deity Leixing shouted.

    He shook his hands and two golden lightning dragons sped across the sky with terrifying destructive power! Demon Divine Thunder was the top Thunder Art of the Heavenly Thunder Sect.

    The golden lightning was so powerful that even Spirit Artifacts would be unable to block it.

    And yet, Chen Fan's attack was also horrific. He had entered the Connate Level, and his body, True Essence and Divine Soul had merged into one. So, this palm carried not only the Sky-Swallowing True Essence, but also the power of the initial-success Divine Body.


    The giant azure palm ran over the lightning dragon.

    The golden Demon Divine Thunder then hit the giant azure palm like a raindrop falling on a bronze bell; it wasn't able to destroy the palm at all.

    Under such a powerful attack, Earth Level Deity Leixing also started to muster his full strength.


    Two thunder wings appeared on his back, which were apparently Tian Mingzi's Wind Thunder Wings. Two whirlwinds were created when Earth Level Deity Leixing flapped the wings.

    Then, a crack like a thunderbolt appeared on his forehead.

    A golden light ray shot out from the crack with an earth-shattering energy. It was dense and speedy like a laser cannon, and had gone beyond twenty times the speed of sound.

    "It's the top Divine Power of the Heavenly Thunder Sect, Heavenly Thunder Eyes!" someone exclaimed.

    Demon Divine Thunder, Wind Thunder Wings, Heavenly Thunder Eyes!

    Earth Level Deity Leixing exhibited three Divine Powers at once. Normally, a cultivator could only have one Divine Power, but he had three. He was indeed one of the top warriors in the Realm of Kunxu.

    But it wasn't the end. Earth Level Deity Leixing then waved his hand.

    A long, black blade aura, formed with countless purple thunderbolts, appeared in the sky. It became a forty feet long lightning dragon and was hard enough to split a mountain.

    "Purple Electric Thunder Slash!"

    The top cultivation art of the Heavenly Thunder Sect.

    Earth Level Deity Leixing was already able to run wild in the Realm of Kunxu with it, not to mention how much stronger he would be having three other Divine Powers.

    And yet, Chen Fan wasn't scared at all and he attacked again. Those Divine Powers and secret arts didn't seem anything to him.


    The azure giant palm smacked down as if it were indestructible.

    In a blink, the thunder wings cracked, the light ray shattered and the purple blade broke. Chen Fan's palm then smacked Earth Level Deity Leixing directly, knocking him down. He fell to the ground; a ten-feet palm mark was created right after.


    It stirred up a cloud of dust and the earth shook. Even the Deity Burial Valley seemed to be a bit overwhelmed and a thousand-meter gap appeared on the ground!

    Everyone was dumbfounded as if they had seen a ghost.

    Earth Level Deity Leixing… had been defeated?