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Chapter 675 - Most Powerful of All

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 675: Most Powerful of All


    Elder Qijue was pushed back as he spurted out blood. His dagger cracked and exploded, and his shoulders, chest, thighs and arms were also bleeding.

    Chen Fan was too powerful. Even though he only attacked with a finger, its energy was comparable to that of a nuclear explosion; not even an Earth Level Deity Body could withstand it.

    In the end.


    The True Essence exploded and Elder Qijue was blown into blood mist.

    "How is that possible?"

    Seeing this sight, Cold Moon Fairy, Overlord Fury and the others were stunned and even Changhe Sword Immortal looked over.

    Elder Qijue was the elder of the Mieqing Sect and was an experienced Earth Level Deity, but Chen Fan defeated him with a finger? Was Chen Fan really someone from the mortal world?


    A shadow suddenly came out of the blood mist and Elder Qijue appeared. He was looking pale and frightened.

    If it wasn't for his Divine Power, Chen Fan's attack would have killed him already.

    "How can he be so powerful? He's much stronger than Earth Level Deity Leixing or even my Sect Master. I guess only the Sect Masters of the major sects in Kunxu can compare with him."

    Elder Qijue thought.

    Chen Fan's True Essence had reached the peak stage of the Connate level and Elder Qijue had to risk his life to resist the attack.

    "You're alive?"

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes.

    He had underestimated the Earth Level Deities of the Realm of Kunxu. After all, they had the cultivation arts passed down from ancient times. Although they might not be very powerful, they were difficult to deal with and had many arts that could keep them alive.

    "But can your Divine Power save you once more?"

    Chen Fan took a step forward as if the air underneath didn't exist, then flashed toward Elder Qijue in a second and crushed him with a finger,

    "Help me!" Elder Qijue yelled.

    His wrinkles instantly disappeared and his face became ruddy and smooth. His white hair also turned black and his vitality surged.

    He had apparently used his secret art to restore his vitality.


    Elder Qijue then swayed his body and created three phantoms. They flashed towards Chen Fan with fingertips that could destroy everything.

    "Mieqing Finger."

    A secret art of the Mieqing Sect that carried viciousness; it could destroy someone's soul.


    Overlord Fury ignored the White Snake and attacked from afar.

    The technique he practiced was the Grand Fire Palm of Mount Thunder!

    A ten-feet burning golden palm came forth. Chen Fan's power seemed to have astonished the Earth Level Deities of the Realm of Kunxu and forced them to let out their best.


    Cold Moon Fairy also shot out the Icy Divine Light.

    A crystal clear light ray flashed across the sky. The Divine Light was formed with the chilly air of the North and was enveloped in True Essence, which could freeze everything.

    Three Earth Level Deities attacking together!

    Even Qian Yexue was startled.

    Although she knew Chen Fan was powerful, she had never thought he would back Elder Qijue into a corner.

    "The three Earth Level Deities are in this together. You'll have no chance of winning," Qian Yexue thought.

    But what happened next made her eyes pop out.


    Chen Fan flicked his sleeve with a calm look and he shot out an azure palm against the Grand Fire Palm.

    The azure palm was a few feet long and was like an ant before the Grand Fire Palm.


    The Grand Fire Palm suddenly exploded and shattered into pieces like a glass hit by a hammer. After that, the azure palm kept moving forward viciously towards Overlord Fury.

    "Damn it!"

    Overlord Fury was enraged; he immediately sent out several prayer beads.

    There was a "King Kong Garbha Dharma Spell" in each of the beads that could withstand an attack of an Earth Level Deity. However, they were all crushed by the azure palm. In the end, Overlord Fury took out a diamond bead with hesitation and shot it at the palm.

    "Om mane padme hum!"

    An old monk appeared in the air, sitting cross-legged.

    The old monk was repeating his mantra and his hand clashed against the azure palm, which caused an explosion in the air and both of them disappeared.

    "That's the ‘Mantra Diamond Bead' Elephant God Master gave me. It can withstand attacks from an Earth Level Deity for three days, but Chen Beixuan destroyed it at once. How powerful is he?"

    Overlord Fury was sad and terrified.

    Then, Cold Moon Fairy's Icy Divine Light and Elder Qijue's Mieqing Finger also arrived.

    Chen Fan opened his mouth.


    He sucked in the Icy Divine Light which could freeze souls and everything within a hundred feet. Cold Moon Fairy was totally dumbfounded.

    Chen Fan let the three phantoms hit him.

    Three black swirls then appeared in the air, and when the phantoms clashed against the swirls, they were swallowed immediately. The Sky-Swallowing Divine Power of the Kun Peng wasn't only good for attacking, but also for defending.

    "Go to hell!"

    Chen Fan raised his finger, immediately tapping Elder Qijue's forehead, as if it had gone beyond time.


    Elder Qijue couldn't believe it at all.

    Three Earth Level Deities together should have been able to crush everything in the mortal world. Why was he the one who died? He didn't understand why Chen Fan's attack went faster than his.

    Even though Chen Fan couldn't use the Divine Power that controlled time completely, just a hint of its energy was already beyond Elder Qijue's imagination.


    The brightness in Elder Qijue's eyes immediately disappeared and his entire body exploded into blood mist. Even his Divine Soul was unable to escape in time and was destroyed by Chen Fan's finger!

    Everyone went silent!

    Even those Spirit Beasts and Ye Qincang stopped fighting and looked over.

    Cold Moon Fairy and the others were also dumbfounded.

    That was Elder Qijue! A powerful Earth Level Deity that had been a dominator in the Realm of Kunxu for centuries. He was difficult to kill even for a mid-stage Connate Being.

    Such an experienced Earth Level Deity couldn't withstand the attacks of Chen Fan's fingers?

    Was he really a human?

    "Luckily, I ran away fast enough. Otherwise, I might have been the one who died," the Ancient Fire Ape thought as it hid far away.

    Qian Yexue was also stunned. Chen Fan was much stronger than he used to be when he fought with the Blood Ancestor. During that battle, the Blood Ancestor could still fight back even though he was defeated in the end, unlike this time. Chen Fan killed Elder Qijue as effortlessly as slaughtering a chicken, and nobody dared to say a word after that.

    "Yexue… Do you really believe… this man… is someone from the mortal world?" Cold Moon Fairy asked.

    Qian Yexue remained silent.

    She didn't know what to say anymore. As for the Spirit Beasts, they quickly gathered and stared at Chen Fan. They could sense that Chen Fan posed a more terrifying threat than Earth Level Deity Leixing.

    "Brother Lei, I'm afraid we've encountered a formidable enemy," Changhe Sword Immortal said seriously as he slowly pulled out his sword.


    After breaking Chen Fan's shield.

    Earth Level Deity Leixing saw this sight and was startled, but he then said with confidence, "Brother Changhe, stall him for three minutes and I'll go and take the Thunder Fruits."

    "Three minutes. No problem!"

    Changhe Sword Immortal pulled out the sword on his back.

    The Sword Qi surged to the sky and cleared the clouds above him, showing the array of the Deity Burial Valley.

    This leader of the Azure Mystic Sect was letting out all his energy.

    His chilly, horrific Sword Qi made Cold Moon Fairy and the others fall back.

    "This is the power of a mid-stage Earth Level Deity. I'm indeed much weaker than he is. No wonder Changhe Sword Immortal can split a river and slaughter a dragon!"

    Cold Moon Fairy was frightened.

    The Spirit Beasts had already moved aside to watch the battle between Chen Fan and those from the Realm of Kunxu.

    "Senior Chen, I'll deal with him. Go get the Thunder Fruits."

    Ye Qincang came up, drenched in blood.

    He was the weakest warrior among the others and had been severely injured when he was besieged by the Spirit Beasts.

    Chen Fan laughed and said, "It's alright. I can defeat him in just one second, let alone three minutes."

    "How arrogant!" Changhe Sword Immortal said with cold eyes. His Sword Qi surged; some sword marks appeared in the sky as if it were split.

    "Let's see how you can defeat me in a second!"

    He stepped forward and slashed with his sword.


    Beams of azure light shot across the sky and went towards Chen Fan in all directions.

    All-direction Mieqing Sword Art!

    It was one of the three sword arts of the Azure Mystic Sect and was as powerful as Xuan Luo's invisible Sword Qi.

    Once Changhe Sword Immortal slashed with his sword, a flash of light swept across the sky. It seemed to have split the world and the Sword Qi spread through more than a hundred feet.

    Everyone was terrified.

    Chen Fan cracked a smile and punched.

    "One punch is enough to defeat you!"