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Chapter 674 - Winning with a Finger

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 674: Winning with a Finger

    Chen Fan looked cold like a chilly wind.

    A golden thunder dragon was flying across the sky. It was formed with countless bolts of lightning and each of them carried a terrifying destructive energy. Even though it wasn't as powerful as the "Five Elements Thunder," it was able to exterminate monsters and resist all evil.

    Demon Divine Thunder!

    Earth Level Deity Leixing dominated the Realm of Kunxu with this Divine Power and no one, except the Sect Masters, could compete with him. Countless evil Earth Level Deities had been killed by this attack.

    The Spirit Beasts were all frightened when they saw this move.

    But Chen Fan didn't run away and he stood there with his hands behind his back. When the thunder dragon came, the black swirl sucked it in silently.

    The Sky-Swallowing Divine Power of the Kun Peng was much more powerful compared to the Demon Divine Thunder.


    Earth Level Deity Leixing narrowed his eyes.

    Although he hadn't used his full power, his attack could have killed a normal Earth Level Deity. He had never thought that Chen Fan could survive it.

    "Looks like there really is a genius in the mortal world. No wonder you could kill Xuan Luo and Tian Mingzi! However, you shouldn't have provoked the Realm of Kunxu. We're Deities from the Gate of Heaven and you're only ordinary human beings. We'll kill you for offending us!" Earth Level Deity Leixing said as he created two lightning dragons.

    They flew across the air and lit up the sky.

    This attack had used 70% of the power of Earth Level Deity Leixing and it frightened Elder Qijue and the others. They knew that they would be unable to withstand it even with all their trump cards.

    "Go to Hell!"

    Chen Fan frowned and was furious.

    The Thunder Fruit Tree was protected by an array which was connected to the entire array of the Deity Burial Valley. Chen Fan was trying to break the array with his Divine Powers and uproot the tree together with the mountain. Since he had been interrupted during the last step, how could he not be angry?


    Chen Fan waved his hand.

    A huge black swirl appeared in the sky and swallowed the two lightning dragons.

    "What's this?"

    Elder Qijue and the others frowned.

    The Demon Divine Thunder was a secret art that could crush any Dharma Treasure.

    But Chen Fan swallowed the Thunder Dragons silently as if nothing had happened. They had never seen such a strange Divine Power in the Realm of Kunxu!

    Since Earth Level Deity Leixing was still unable to defeat Chen Fan after two attacks, he was a bit angry and was about to show his real strength. Then, a loud noise came.


    The lightning pillars around the golden tree suddenly collapsed; the tree and the Essence Magnet Mountain were both exposed in front of everybody.

    "The array is broken! Get the Thunder Fruits!" Overlord Fury yelled.

    All the Spirit Beasts also gave up fighting with Ye Qincang and rushed to the golden tree. Those were the Treasure Medicines that could help them become Connate Beings and cultivate Divine Powers!

    The Thunder Leopard was the fastest among them.

    It created a bolt of electric light in the air, instantly breaking the sonic barrier, rushing forward at several times the speed of sound.

    "Stop them! The Heavenly Thunder Sect will offer you a hundred and twenty thousand Spirit Stones!" Earth Level Deity Leixing shouted and instantly turned into a golden thunderbolt, shooting towards the golden tree. The others, including Elder Qijue and Overlord Fury, also followed him.

    Revenge was nothing in front of a Treasure Tree.

    Chen Fan couldn't really get away anyway. As long as he was still in the mortal world, Earth Level Deity Leixing could find him and his family, and could turn the world upside down.

    "Get out of my way!"

    Earth Level Deity Leixing sent out a twenty-feet lightning dragon that sped towards the Thunder Leopard.

    The Thunder Leopard was the descendant of the Thunder Beast. It was born with the ability to control thunder and lightning, and with the Divine Power, "Golden Divine Thunder." Its entire body was surrounded by a golden aura that protected it from other Thunder Arts.

    And yet, it couldn't withstand the attack of Earth Level Deity Leixing.


    A loud noise came.

    The shield of the Thunder Leopard cracked and it was severely injured; it fell onto the ground.

    Even the Thunder Leopard was helpless against Earth Level Deity Leixing, showing how terrifying he was. The other Spirit Beasts saw this and immediately slowed down a bit.

    Meanwhile, Elder Qijue and the others had already moved forward to stop the Spirit Beasts. Changhe Sword Immortal even fought three of them at the same time.

    "If I take this Treasure Tree back, our sect will have at least three Connate Beings with top Divine Powers every three centuries. Years later, we'll be able to fight against the Yuntian Palace."

    Earth Level Deity Leixing ran to the Treasure Tree with uncontrollable greed.

    He had never thought that he could get such a great reward in this visit to Earth. Compared to the Treasure Tree, the death of Tian Mingzi wasn't important anymore.


    When Earth Level Deity Leixing was about to take the Treasure Tree, a voice came.

    "I found the Treasure Tree first and I broke the array. How dare you take it?"

    "Who's this?"

    Earth Level Deity Leixing turned around and saw Chen Fan standing behind him.

    "Chen Beixuan?"

    Earth Level Deity Leixing sneered.

    Earth Level Deity Leixing said with arrogance, "I wanted to let you go. If you had escaped while I took the Treasure Tree, you would have lived for longer, but you prefer to stand in my way instead. Then, I'll have no choice but to kill you and everyone in your sect to warn the world about the power of the Gate of Heaven!"

    He was the lawmaker of the Heavenly Thunder Sect and was influential in the Realm of Kunxu. Even Earth Level Deities had to listen to his orders.

    "Is that so?" Chen Fan said with coldness in his eyes.

    Then, Elder Qijue came on a black swirl and said, "Leixing, get the tree. I will kill Chen Beixuan. The real king of beasts of the Deity Burial Valley will soon arrive. We must hurry."

    As expected, when Earth Level Deity Leixing listened carefully‚Ķ

    He heard an earth-shattering howl coming from dozens of miles away. A vicious beast was on its way.

    "I'll spare you for now."

    Earth Level Deity Leixing grunted as he turned into a huge lightning hand and covered the golden tree. This Treasure Tree was connected with the entire Essence Magnet Mountain, so the mountain had to be lifted as well in order to uproot the tree. Even Earth Level Deity Leixing had to use his full power to do so.

    "But I'm not sparing you!"

    Chen Fan smiled indifferently and flicked his fingers. A black True Essence then turned into a giant swirl and blocked the lightning hand made by Earth Level Deity Leixing.

    "I'll be your opponent, kid."

    Elder Qijue snickered.

    As one of the elders of the Mieqing Sect, even their Sect Master had to respect him, not to mention Chen Fan.

    "Argh!" Elder Qijue shouted.

    He swayed his body and turned into a vague figure which then appeared behind Chen Fan with a strange dagger.

    There were seven parts on the dagger, each carved with some special poison curses which could kill an Earth Level Deity. It was in the shape of a snake and the soul of a green snake would appear with tremendous viciousness when waved.

    The Seven Snakes Dagger.

    One of the Dharma Artifacts of the Mieqing Sect, a mid-grade Spirit Artifact!

    Elder Qijue was famous for his Seven Star Poisons. Each of his seven poison curses could kill an Earth Level Deity. The snake soul sealed in the dagger was an ancient viper which could lower someone's vitality. Even though the dagger was a mid-grade Spirit Artifact, its power was comparable to superior-grade Spirit Artifacts.

    Elder Qijue could kill the Blood Ancestor and Ye Qincang and dominate the Earth with this attack.

    "Piece of cake."

    Chen Fan looked calm and he raised his finger, His initial-success Divine Body was powerful enough to defeat the Blood Ancestor. Ever since his breakthrough to the Connate Level, he didn't need to take an early-stage Connate Being seriously.


    Seeing such a move, Elder Qijue cracked a smile, thinking that Chen Fan had been fooled.

    In a blink, two avatars appeared from Elder Qijue's body. They were each holding a dagger, moving towards Chen Fan.

    Each of the daggers carried vicious Qi of Bloody Malice and were apparently as terrifying as the Seven Snakes Dagger.

    It was like three Earth Level Deities attacking together and Chen Fan was in a dangerous situation.

    Elder Qijue sneered and said, "The people in the mortal world are too naive. You don't know that cultivators from the Mieqing Sect always fight with all of our might! I've been dominating the Realm of Kunxu for centuries, so why wouldn't I have trump cards in my hands? Now, let me show you my ‘Seven Phantoms of Mieqing.'"

    The Seven Phantoms of Mieqing was the secret art of the Mieqing Sect. Their Ancestral Master had once created seven avatars of himself. Each of them could exhibit all of his original energy and this was an art assassins had to learn. Although Elder Qijue could only make two avatars, they were powerful enough to dominate the Earth.


    Chen Fan didn't say a word and allowed the other two daggers stab him. Then, he gently tapped the Seven Snakes Dagger.


    Elder Qijue froze.

    The green dagger let out a cry and started cracking from the tip. An unmatched energy then went towards Elder Qijue along the dagger, making him spurt out blood as if struck by lightning.

    WIth just a finger.

    The Spirit Artifact was smashed and the Earth Level Deity was defeated!