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Chapter 673 - The One Who Killed You Was Earth Level Deity Leixing!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 673: The One Who Killed You Was Earth Level Deity Leixing!

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    Knowing about the Treasure Tree, Chen Fan didn't hold back anymore.

    He swept across the sky like a bulldozer and smacked down every monster, array and poison shield he saw. With his terrifying True Essence, nothing could stand in his way.

    "There's a poisonous dragon in the river ahead of us. It's the dominator of the area and has already been cultivating for eight centuries. It can let out poison mist from its mouth and has a similar level as mine…" the Ancient Fire Ape said with its Soul Energy.

    1Connate Spirit Beasts were as intelligent as humans.

    But before it finished talking…

    Chen Fan had already placed his hand in the river. Five invisible ten-feet fingers then appeared, creating great waves on the river as if caused by a giant hand.


    There came a long roar.

    A hundred-meter poisonous dragon was struggling within the giant hand.

    The poisonous dragon was black and there were two sarcomas on its head. It was letting out a green poison mist which burnt the air and created some crackling sounds. However, it looked like a little caterpillar while it was held by the enormous hand.


    Chen Fan tightened his grip on the poisonous dragon, making it explode. Its poisonous blood then poured into the river and countless fish died.

    Chen Fan turned around and asked, "What did you say?"

    The Ancient Fire Ape widened its eyes and was totally speechless.

    Ye Qincang was also startled. He thought that he was about to be as powerful as Chen Fan, but it seemed that Chen Fan had become even stronger after entering the Connate Level.

    "Let's get going."

    Chen Fan flicked his sleeves and flew towards the Treasure Tree.

    The Ancient Fire Ape and Ye Qincang followed behind him. They sped ahead as if they were on an armored vehicle; everything in their way was smashed by Chen Fan.

    An hour later.

    A small mountain appeared in front of them.

    "There's the Treasure Tree!" the Ancient Fire Ape yelled.

    Chen Fan looked over.

    The mountain was a hundred meters high and black like charcoal. It was surrounded by a large amount of Spirit Qi and there was a one-meter tree at the peak.

    The entire tree was gold in color and there were three fruits growing on it. The peak of the mountain was surrounded by thunderclouds and lightning struck from time to time, which would then be absorbed by the fruits.

    "This Treasure Tree blooms once every three centuries and grows only three fruits every time. By then, the monsters and dominators of the Deity Burial Valley will gather and fight for the fruits. The three fruits carry flashes of lightning, and those who eat them can become Spirit Beasts and gain Thunder Powers at the same time," the Ancient Fire Ape explained.


    A thick lightning bolt suddenly struck the golden tree. The entire mountain was covered with electric bolts and there were glitters of golden light on the tree.

    "This is…"

    Ye Qincang was stunned.

    That strike was comparable to the Thunder Art of an Earth Level Deity but the golden tree wasn't affected at all.

    "This is a Thunder Fruit Tree. It only grows on Essence Magnet Mountain and is a rare Treasure Medicine. It produces Thunder Fruits which are used for cultivating Thunder Divine Powers," Chen Fan explained with his twinkling eyes.

    "Thunder Divine Powers?"

    Ye Qincang knew how frightening Divine Powers were. "Like Tian Mingzi's Wind Thunder Wings?"

    "There's nothing special about the Wind Thunder Wings. Divine Powers developed after eating Thunder Fruits are several times more powerful than that." Chen Fan laughed with disdain.


    Ye Qincang gasped.

    "This is the place most sought after by the beasts and dominators in the entire Deity Burial Valley, and the Thunder Fruit Tree is protected by an array. No one can take the fruits until they're ripe and those who pick them without permission have to die…" the Ancient Fire Ape said.

    But Chen Fan had already stretched out his hand.

    A giant hand then gripped the black mountain. Chen Fan was apparently trying to uproot the tree together with the mountain.


    The golden tree sent out beams of golden light.

    Flashes of lightning struck and immediately formed countless pillars that enveloped the entire mountain, acting as a shield against Chen Fan's giant hand.

    "You think an array can stop me?"

    Chen Fan sneered as he shot out two light rays from his eyes.


    A large amount of True Essence surged out from his body. After completing the Sky-Swallowing Painting and entering the Connate Level, Chen Fan's body was filled with True Essence which made him like a peak-stage Connate Cultivator.

    So, how terrifying would it be when he attacked with his full power?

    Then, an enormous black swirl appeared in the air.

    The swirl was a hundred feet large and it spinned continuously above the peak. Many lightning pillars were sucked into the black hole right away.

    The tree also started letting out golden light, trying to resist Chen Fan, but the mountain under it began to shake violently, seemingly overwhelmed.

    Sky-Swallowing Divine Power!

    It came from the Kun Peng and its power was earth-shattering.


    Suddenly, someone anxiously sent a strong Immortal Will from afar.

    Everyone frowned and looked up. A flash of lightning flew towards them; there was a ten-meter Thunder Beast inside, staring at Chen Fan.

    Ye Qincang stepped forward and said, "Senior Chen, go get the Treasure Tree. I'll deal with it."

    But the Ancient Fire Ape immediately said, "It's too late…"

    Then, many Immortal Wills came from all directions and each of them was as strong as that of the Fire Ape and the poisonous dragon.

    When Chen Fan grabbed hold of the Thunder Fruit Tree, a great furor was caused across the entire Deity Burial Valley.

    "I told you not to take the Thunder Fruit Tree. Whoever removes it will become the mutual enemy of the dominators in all the Deity Burial Valley," the Ancient Fire Ape cried.

    How many Connate Beings were there in the Deity Burial Valley?

    Ye Qincang wasn't so sure about it before but the massive reaction made him realize the scope if things.

    Flashes of light fell from the sky and six Spirit Beasts soon showed up around the black mountain. The Thunder Leopard surrounded by bolts of lightning, the Red Tiger that sent out fire, the White Snake that controlled clouds… Every one of them seemed to be powerful and Ye Qincang quickly stepped back.

    "Six Spirit Beasts," Ye Qincang said anxiously.

    Who would have thought there would be so many Connate Spirit Beasts at the Deity Burial Valley? All of them would turn the world upside down if they got out.

    And yet, they weren't all of them. Ye Qincang could sense that other Spirit Beasts were observing from afar.

    "Trespassers, you must stop now or you'll die!" the Thunder Leopard shouted with a thunderous voice.

    "No need to talk to them. Let's just tear these two men and the stupid monkey apart," a golden eagle said with its Immortal Will.

    "Stop this instant!" the other Spirit Beasts howled together.

    Facing six Spirit Beasts, Ye Qincang was overwhelmed and his face turned pale, while the Ancient Fire Ape stomped its foot and said, "I just led them here. I'm not with them."

    In the meantime, Chen Fan ignored them as if they didn't exist.

    1He kept sending out True Essence and the black swirl became bigger. Its energy made the mountain shake as if it were going to be sucked in.


    The Thunder Leopard was enraged and it immediately created a golden lightning to strike Chen Fan.

    Ye Qincang immediately threw a mixed-essence attack against the lightning, but those Spirit Beasts were too powerful. His body was almost unable to withstand it.

    "Kill him."

    Other Spirit Beasts approached with surging viciousness.

    As for the Ancient Fire Ape, it had already escaped. Apes were the most cunning and disloyal animals.

    "Senior Chen!" Ye Qincang yelled.

    Chen Fan didn't care at all and the Spirit Beasts were all swallowed by his True Essence when they came closer to him.


    Then, five light rays arrived at the black mountain. It was Earth Level Deity Leixing, Qian Yexue and the others.

    "There's a Thunder Fruit Tree! I can't believe we can find something like this here. Entering the Deity Burial Valley with our sect's treasure was well worth it."

    Earth Level Deity Leixing couldn't take his eyes off the golden tree.

    He said with a hint of excitement, "Stop the Spirit Beasts for me. After getting the Thunder Fruit Tree, the Heavenly Thunder Sect will offer you a hundred thousand Spirit Stones."


    Overlord Fury and the others nodded immediately.

    Even though Thunder Fruits were Treasure Medicines, they were most effective to Thunder Cultivators and were best used for practicing Thunder Divine Powers. For the others, a hundred thousand Spirit Stones sounded more attractive.

    As for the Spirit Beasts, Ye Qincang and Chen Fan, the Earth Level Deities of the Realm of Kunxu didn't care about them at all.

    "You're Chen Beixuan? Remember, the one who killed you was Earth Level Deity Leixing!"

    Earth Level Deity Leixing stepped forward and waved.

    A lightning dragon came out of his sleeve and shot towards Chen Fan. It was dense and concrete like a real dragon.

    Even the Spirit Beasts were frightened.

    It was the astonishing Divine Power of Earth Level Deity Leixing.

    "Demon Divine Thunder."

    "Senior Chen!" Ye Qincang shouted again with a worried look.

    There was disdain in the eyes of the other Earth Level Deities. They knew that no humans could resist Earth Level Deity Leixing.

    "What a shame."

    Changhe Sword Immortal heaved a sigh.

    At the same time, Chen Fan frowned and turned around with a chilly attitude.

    "Is it you who's disturbing me?"