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Chapter 672 - The Ancient Fire Ape

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 672: The Ancient Fire Ape

    Qian Yexue hesitated and said, "Uncle, Senior Changhe, Chen Beixuan is extremely powerful. He defeated an Earth Level Deity when he was still an Immortal State Warrior and also killed the Blood Ancestor with his bare hands not long ago."

    She stated this, even though she agreed that Chen Fan was no match for the five Earth Level Deities.

    But the moment when Chen Fan defeated the Blood Ancestor was too astonishing, not to mention the fifty-mile cloud formed when he entered the Connate Level.

    Cold Moon Fairy said as he stared at her, "An Earth Level Deity in the mortal world can never compare to the large sects in the Realm of Kunxu. You can spare us your words, Qian Yexue."

    Qian Yexue lowered her head immediately. Although she was the Goddess of the Snow God Palace, she could only have the same status of these Overlords if she became an Earth Level Deity herself. How superior were the Earth Level Deities? They could kill anyone anytime they wanted.

    "Who are you?"

    Elder Qijue glanced over at Yan Jingchao and his disciples.

    "Earth… Earth Level Deities, I'm Yan Jingchao from the Black Water Sect. These are my disciples…" Yan Jingchao quickly knelt on the ground and answered respectfully.

    His disciples were also on their knees with their legs trembling.

    "Tian Mingzi is dead and yet you're still alive. You must have surrendered to the mortal world. According to the laws, you must be killed!" Earth Level Deity Leixing shouted as he created a golden lightning that struck Yan Jingchao and his disciples.

    "No!" Yan Jingchao shouted in fright and was immediately struck by the lightning.

    Then, he and the four disciples of the Black Water Sect were burnt into ashes by the golden lightning. Even though he was an Immortal State Warrior, he died in just a second and the Dharma Artifacts on his body were all destroyed as well.

    After killing Yan Jingchao, Earth Level Deity Leixing said indifferently, "The Black Water Sect betrayed the Realm of Kunxu. We must exterminate them once we get back and none of their related families will be allowed to cultivate in the next century."

    "Agreed!" Cold Moon Fairy, Elder Qijue and Overlord Fury replied respectfully.

    Even though they were superior in their sects and in the Realm of Kunxu, they were still scared of Earth Level Deity Leixing.

    Qian Yexue heaved a sigh.

    Yan Jingchao thought the Earth Level Deities wouldn't punish him because he also came from the Realm of Kunxu, but he didn't know that Earth Level Deity Leixing was very strict.

    "Chen Beixuan, I told you that you made a mistake. Can you handle the karma?"

    Qian Yexue stared at the mist.

    Right before this happened at the Gate of Heaven.

    Chen Fan and Ye Qincang were still searching at the Deity Burial Valley.

    Both of them swept across the sky. Ye Qincang was cautious at first, but he then found that Chen Fan seemed to be able to see through the mist and notice the dangers ahead.

    And Ye Qincang also started to feel relieved after avoiding three dimension gaps and two arrays.

    "The Deity Burial Valley has three valuable things.

    "First, the Treasure Medicines. They can be used to strengthen our powers and can be made into Divine Pills.

    "Second, the relics of the ancient Sages. There might be some powerful Spirit Artifacts or Spirit Treasures left. If we can find them, we won't have to worry about nuclear weapons anymore.

    "Third, the Spirit Beasts. Since they're Connate Beings, their bodies are virtually made of treasures. Their scales, claws and muscles can be used to make Dharma Treasures, while their flesh can be made into medicines," Chen Fan said as he flew.

    The Deity Burial Valley was like a powerful beast in other people's eyes and even Deities from the Realm of Kunxu had to be extra careful. And yet, Chen Fan saw it as a natural treasure vault.


    Chen Fan pushed.

    His black True Essence swept through the ground and many flying snakes instantly turned into Dharmic Powers which strengthened his body.

    Ye Qincang's eyes almost popped out because of this.

    The power of the Sky-Swallowing Painting was totally beyond people's imagination.

    "We're here."

    Chen Fan hovered in position and Ye Qincang immediately went forward.

    A red valley appeared in front of their eyes. There were beasts everywhere in the valley, but none of them was found in the surrounding several hundred meters.

    "The king of birds lives in the sky, the king of dragons lives in the water and the king of beasts lives on the mountains. No other beasts would enter the places they live in, so there must be a king of beasts here."

    Chen Fan entered with his hands behind his back.


    After going a hundred meters further into the valley.

    A creature inside immediately sensed their presence and let out a thunderous roar.

    A beam of red light then shot into the sky and a three-meter ape appeared. Its entire body was on fire and its hair was red and bright. Its viciousness surged out from its body which frightened Ye Qincang.

    "It's an Ancient Fire Ape. I can't believe we can see it on Earth."

    Chen Fan's eyes twinkled and he cracked a smile.

    But Ye Qincang was looking extremely serious.

    Once the Fire Ape came out, the temperature had soared and its viciousness increased endlessly. Together with the Soul Energy of the ape, Ye Qincang felt as if the aura around him was vibrating, seemingly announcing the arrival of a great enemy.

    Even though this Ancient Fire Ape was only at the early stage of the Connate Level, its battling power was way stronger than that of the Blood Ancestor!

    Ye Qincang frowned and said, "Senior Chen, I think we should retreat. We shouldn't provoke such a powerful creature."

    "The Ancient Fire Ape was the most savage creature in the world. Once you offend it, it will go after you until you're dead," Chen Fan said calmly.

    "Well then, let's fight!"

    Ye Qincang was a decisive person. He immediately prepared to fight as his hair fluttered and glints of viciousness flashed in his eyes.


    They clashed against each other without saying a word.

    Ye Qincang initiated the Blood Kill Fist with his Earth Level Deity Body. Since he had mastered countless secret arts, he could easily use several of them at once.

    But the Ancient Fire Ape was even more vicious.

    It was a wild species with unbelievable powers.

    It then grabbed an enormous rock and threw it at Ye Qincang. In the end, it let out a loud roar and sent out Divine Flames from its mouth.

    Fire seemed to be falling like rain, which burned the stones into ashes as it made contact with the ground.

    "Damn it! I would be more powerful if I still had my Spirit Armor and sword," Ye Qincang thought as he escaped from the attacks.

    The Ancient Fire Ape was too powerful. He couldn't get close to the Divine Flames the ape had spewed, even with his Earth Level Deity Body.


    Then, the Ancient Fire Ape scratched with its claw and broke the sonic barrier.

    It ripped the illusions ahead and slashed at Ye Qincang's body. If Ye Qincang didn't send out a talisman immediately, he would have been split into three pieces.

    "It's too powerful!"

    Ye Qincang fell back next to Chen Fan and said, "Senior Chen, we should attack together and subdue the beast."

    "No need."

    Chen Fan waved his hand.

    His fair palm banged on the ground as if he were killing a fly.


    The Ancient Fire Ape howled as if a thousand-ton burden dropped onto its back.

    Its three-meter body was on fire and its eyes almost let out flames. The muscles of its arms exploded and even the ground cracked.

    The Ancient Fire Ape was capable of carrying even a small mountain.

    But Chen Fan smacked it down and bent its body effortlessly with his palm.


    In the end, the ground shook and a palm mark appeared.

    The mark was about fifty feet large, just like the hand of God. At the center was the Ancient Fire Ape, kneeling on the ground and sending out Soul Energy to beg for mercy.

    Chen Fan put away his hand and said calmly, "These beasts are afraid of power. If it dares to resist, I will just kill it."

    As soon as he waved at the Ancient Fire Ape, it quickly ran to him and tried to please him.


    Ye Qincang was dumbfounded.

    The terrifying Ancient Fire Ape couldn't even withstand one attack from Chen Fan?

    Then, Ye Qincang finally realized how weak he was compared to Chen Fan!

    "What did you say? There's a Treasure Tree deep in the valley with fruits that can turn beasts into Spirit Beasts?" Chen Fan narrowed his eyes.

    If those fruits could make normal beasts evolve into Connate Spirit Beasts, they must be some powerful Treasure Medicines.

    The Ancient Fire Ape nodded.

    Chen Fan turned around and said, "Brother Ye, let's go to find the Treasure Tree before heading to the Gate of Heaven."

    Ye Qincang hesitated for a second and nodded after he remembered Yan Jingchao said the Earth Level Deities would arrive several days later. Then, they both flew deeper into the valley together with the ape.

    A while after they left.

    Five light rays appeared near the flying snakes. It was Earth Level Deity Leixing, Qian Yexue and the others.

    Earth Level Deity Leixing said, "There are signs of battle here. It must be Chen Beixuan. Let's go!"

    They immediately went to the opposite direction along the Valley of Flames and chased after Chen Fan.

    None of them saw the giant palm mark which soon disappeared in the mist.