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Chapter 671 - One After Another

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 671: One After Another

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    "The Gate of Heaven is shaking violently. Someone must be using a secret treasure on the other side, trying to break through."

    Qian Yexue looked serious.

    She had never thought that the sects in the Realm of Kunxu would really use a space treasure.

    Since those artifacts were Spirit Treasures, they usually wouldn't use them unless it were a matter of life and death.

    "Snow Fairy, I'm afraid you've underestimated your status and importance."

    Yan Jingchao smiled wryly.

    Xuan Luo who was a Dao Body Baby, Tian Mingzi who had Wind Thunder Double Spirit Roots and Qian Yexue who had a supreme-grade Spirit Root.

    All of them were future Earth Level Deities and heirs of their sects. Besides, Ci Xuan, Lei Potian, the monk and dozens of other disciples were all elites of different sects. Such a large number of disciples had died; it was a severe blow to the Realm of Kunxu.

    That was why they were intent on coming through the Gate of Heaven to see what was going on.

    "Master, what should we do? When will Heavenly Chen arrive? Didn't they say three or four days?" Zhang Ran, Xiao Wu and the others asked anxiously.

    "Xiao Wu, Zhang Ran, you two must leave the Deity Burial Valley now and tell people in the mortal world about this. We'll wait here for a while and will leave later if Heavenly Chen doesn't show up."

    Yan Jingchao made the decision quickly.

    "Then, I will also stay," Qian Yexue said.

    As the Goddess of the Snow God Palace, the Earth Level Deities from the Realm of Kunxu wouldn't hurt her. Besides, she had to see with her own eyes if Chen Beixuan would still be so arrogant when facing those Deities.

    "I hope Heavenly Chen comes soon!" Xiao Wu prayed as she looked back and saw the Gate of Heaven vibrate more violently, as if hit by a giant hammer.

    The Earth Level Deities in the Realm of Kunxu were coming.

    When Xiao Wu spread the news, the entire army in Kunlun was terrified. Ning Haifeng also blanched; he couldn't believe that the scenario he feared would really come true.

    "Damn it! Yan Jingchao said we would still have several days!"

    He was enraged.

    "The missile base is still in progress, the nuclear weapons haven't arrived and only a hundred thousand soldiers are here. How can we fight the enemies?" Ning Haifeng's assistant mumbled.

    "What are you afraid of? General Chen and General Ye are already in the Deity Burial Valley. The Earth Level Deities can't get out of there!" Azure Dragon yelled.

    "We should also prepare to fight, just in case. Gather all of Kunlun's divisions, also notify the North Qiong Sect and the other countries," Ye Nantian said with a determined look.

    The news spread swiftly from Kunlun to the entire world.

    In a while, the world was stirred.

    The North Qiong Sect, underground organizations and superpowers were all worried.

    It was the Realm of Kunxu, which was said to have plenty of Earth Level Deities! Nobody knew how powerful they were and how many of them would come, but everyone was clear about one thing. This battle would determine the life and death of Chen Fan and the entire world.

    Fang Qiong and An Ya prayed.

    many Chinese warriors thought.

    "Chen Beixuan, this day has finally come. I'm going to watch you die!"

    Countless enemies of Chen Fan, including countries like England, France and Japan, jeered at him.

    At the same time, the underground forum of the CIA also went silent. Countless people were waiting to see how the battle would end. It would determine the development of the world and even those in the United States were focused on this.

    The Deity Burial Valley in Kunlun immediately became the center of the world.

    One hour, two hours, three hours.

    Chen Fan and Ye Qincang had yet to arrive.

    The vibration of the Gate of Heaven was getting more and more violent.

    There were ripples on the gate and the white light became even brighter. Many worried that the light door would be crushed.

    "Snow Fairy, which Earth Level Deities do you think will come?" a disciple of the Black Water Sect wondered.

    "Even with the space treasure, they can only send a couple of them here. I guess it will either be someone from the Azure Mystic Sect, the Heavenly Thunder Sect or the Snow God Palace," Qian Yexue replied.

    "If there are only a couple of them, Heavenly Ye and Heavenly Chen should be able to deal with the matter."

    Yan Jingchao was relieved.

    He supported Chen Fan.

    "Not necessarily," Qian Yexue said, "After becoming an Earth Level Deity, it'll be a thousand times more difficult to reach each of the following stages. As far as I know, most Earth Level Deities in the Realm of Kunxu are at the early stage; only a few of them can reach the mid-stage. Those who do are all overlords from different sects. As for peak-stage Earth Level Deities, there are even less of them and they're all Sect Masters. However, one thing they have in common is that every time they achieve the next stage, their powers will undergo tremendous changes."

    "So, if a mid-stage Earth Level Deity comes, Chen Beixuan will certainly lose." Qian Yexue concluded.

    "How is that possible? Mid-stage Earth Level Deities are all overlords…"

    While Yan Jingchao was smiling with embarrassment, a booming sound came.

    Everyone looked up with shock.

    A purple lightning passage appeared in the middle of the Gate of Heaven. It split the gate like a giant dagger, and expanded from the size of a basketball to the size of a human.

    "The Gate of Heaven is open?"

    Everyone was startled.

    Meanwhile, Chen Fan was still nowhere to be seen.


    Three people came out of the passage.

    It was an elder in a black outfit, a bald monk and a beautiful lady in an ancient palace gown.

    Once they got out, the mist around the stone platform dissipated and the disciples of the Black Water Sect couldn't breathe because of their energy. Even Yan Jingchao and Qian Yexue froze.

    "Elder Qijue of the Mieqing Sect, Overlord Fury of Mount Thunder and Cold Moon Fairy of the Snow God Palace," Yan Jingchao said.

    They were experienced Earth Level Deities of the Realm of Kunxu, who had cultivated for almost four hundred years and were warriors on a level that Ye Qincang and the Blood Ancestor could not compare with.

    "I never thought there would be three Earth Level Deities at once. Looks like Qian Yexue and the others are really important disciples to them!"

    Those from the Black Water Sect were stunned.

    "Uncles, you're here."

    Qian Yexue walked forward and bowed.

    Cold Moon Fairy was thrilled after seeing her and she nodded.

    "Don't speak. Master hasn't arrived yet!"


    Everyone was shocked.

    Suddenly, someone in an azure robe flew out of the passage.

    The man had white hair and there was a glint of sadness in his eyes. Once he appeared, his powerful Sword Qi shot to the sky and created a long crack in the clouds, frightening everyone.

    "Changhe Sword Immortal of the Azure Mystic Sect?"

    Yan Jingchao and the others were terrified and Qian Yexue frowned.

    Changhe Sword Immortal was an influential figure in the Azure Mystic Sect and a dominator of the Realm of Kunxu. He had once slaughtered a dragon at the Fury Dragon River and was regarded as the top Sword Immortal in the realm, who was also a mid-stage Earth Level Deity.

    "Even Changhe Sword Immortal came. We're in great trouble."

    Yan Jingchao was worried.

    He thought there would only be a couple of Earth Level Deities, four came and one of them was the Changhe Sword Immortal, who had defeated countless Earth Level Deities.

    Chen Beixuan had just entered the Connate Level, how could he fight against him?

    When Changhe Sword Immortal arrived, he didn't say anything; he only waited patiently. At the same time, Cold Moon Fairy also looked up to the Gate of Heaven. Everyone else then thought that someone even more powerful than Changhe Sword Immortal might be on his way.


    A purple lightning struck and lit up the sky.


    It sounded like a hammer banging on a drum.

    Then, a golden man walked out from the light and each step he took created a thunderous sound.

    He looked serious and his body was surrounded by countless bolts of golden lightning like the ancient God of Thunder. There were some complicated thunder patterns on his black and red robe, and his eyes were filled with golden light.

    The air seemed to have frozen the moment this man appeared.

    Yan Jingchao was completely dumbfounded.

    "Earth Level Deity Leixing?" Qian Yexue was surprised.

    Earth Level Deity Leixing.

    The Deputy Sect Master of the Heavenly Thunder Sect!

    He was a mid-stage Earth Level Deity who had killed more than six Earth Level Deities and was a truly powerful figure in the Realm of Kunxu! He was certainly one of the top ten warriors in the realm.

    "He was the second most powerful person of the Heavenly Thunder Sect. I can't believe he's here too."

    Yan Jingchao was frightened and his hands were trembling.

    Until this moment.

    He finally realized how important this was to the sects in the Realm of Kunxu.

    Changhe Sword Immortal said gently and amiably, "Brother Leixing, we used the Spirit Treasure of the Heavenly Thunder Sect to come here. So, please take the lead."

    Earth Level Deity Leixing said, "The Goddess of the Snow God Palace is here. I'll let her brief you about what happened."

    His voice was loud and grave like the sound of thunder and there were flashes of lightning in his golden eyes, so Qian Yexue also avoided looking straight at him.

    "Someone called Chen Beixuan killed Xuan Luo and the others…"

    Even Qian Yexue had to lower her head to show respect.

    She quickly told them what happened. After that, Cold Moon Fairy and Elder Qijue were both surprised.

    "A mortal able to defeat dozens of elites from the Gate of Heaven and to kill Xuan Luo. It's unbelievable!" Elder Qijue laughed with viciousness in his eyes.

    "You mean, Xuan Luo and Tian Mingzi were both killed by Chen Beixuan? And he's now in the Deity Burial Valley?"

    Cold Moon Fairy frowned.


    Qian Yexue nodded.

    Earth Level Deity Leixing said calmly, "Then, let's go inside the Deity Burial Valley and catch Chen Beixuan to take him to the Realm of Kunxu for interrogation!"

    "He must be talented to be able to become a Connate Being in the human world, but he shouldn't have offended the Real of Kunxu!"

    Changhe Sword Immortal heaved a sigh.

    Yan Jingchao and other disciples of the Black Water Sect also agreed with Changhe Sword Immortal. After all, there were five Earth Level Deities present, including two Overlords of the Realm of Kunxu. So, how could Chen Fan defeat them?