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Chapter 670 - The Enemies Arrived

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 670: The Enemies Arrived

    "Are you really going into the Deity Burial Valley?"

    Qian Yexue finally spoke.

    "This valley used to be a battlefield of Deities, and many Sages and Entities died there. Even my Ancestral Master came back severely injured and said there was a terrifying monster inside."

    This Goddess of the Snow God Palace had been imprisoned by Chen Fan for months but she still looked extraordinarily gorgeous. Warriors passing by were too shy to look at her.

    Even Ning Haifeng and Azure Dragon glanced at her many times.

    "I'll be blessed if she can be my daughter-in-law," Azure Dragon mumbled.

    Yan Jingchao and the others were stunned.

    She was the Goddess of the Snow God Palace, who had a superior status and would probably become an Earth Level Deity in the future. When the small sects met Qian Yexue, they would usually be really respectful. How could Azure Dragon say that? If he were in the Realm of Kunxu, the seniors of the Snow God Palace would have killed him.

    "I'm not afraid of ghosts! If there's really a ghost of an ancient goddess, she'll be a great wife for a brigand," Chen Fan smiled and said.

    Qian Yexue was enraged.

    She turned around with her face flushed.

    "General Chen, everything's ready. We can get in," Ning Haifeng reported.

    Countless researchers were doing calculations on the scientific instruments next to the door, and many elite warriors holding weapons were looking at them anxiously.

    They knew that this door had swallowed seven of them as if it were the door to Hell.

    "Let's go, Brother Qincang."

    Chen Fan entered with his hands behind his back and Ye Qincang also followed after a laugh.

    Everyone looked at them and were in awe. Yan Jingchao then heaved a sigh and said, "Snow Fairy, let's initiate the tokens and wait for the two Heavenly Beings at the Gate of Heaven!"

    Qian Yexue nodded after a while.


    Once Chen Fan and Ye Qincang got in, they felt as if they had entered a different world.

    Everywhere around them was dark, and the sky seemed to be dusky red and misty. They couldn't see anything dozens of meters away. Looking behind them, the door gradually began to disappear.

    "Ten years ago, I found a red Spirit Fruit at about a hundred feet in the valley. The crystal clear fruit was about the size of a thumb and was planted on a dead body of an Earth Level Deity. I achieved the Earth Level Deity Body after eating it. Then, I also found two Dharma Artifacts and a broken book of a senior of the Mixed-Essence Sect before I came out," Yan Jingchao said.

    "That should be a Zhuyan Fruit. Zhuyan is an ancient beast that absorbs people's Essence Qi. It takes the vitality of Earth Level Deities to reach the level of Treasure Medicines. If you're well-prepared, you can enter the Connate Level with this fruit."

    Chen Fan nodded.

    Above Spirit Medicines were Treasure Medicines.

    Treasure Medicines were extremely precious and were pretty needed among Connate Cultivators. There shouldn't be any Treasure Medicines on Earth because of the lack of Spirit Qi, but there was one at the Deity Burial Valley. If Chen Fan would have gotten it, he could have directly completed the Sky-Swallowing Painting without capturing the Blood Ancestor.

    "So, there must be more of it in the Deity Burial Valley. They'll be much more useful for us, our families and disciples than those Life-Prolonging Spirit Pills," Chen Fan pondered and said, while Ye Qincang's eyes brightened.

    They were emboldened after entering the Connate Level and were no longer as careful as Ye Qincang used to be on his past incursion.

    When both of them flew deep into the valley, the mist around them rolled towards them but was pushed away by their True Essence.


    Ye Qincang waved his hand and smacked a shadow down on the ground.

    But the shadow didn't die. It got up again.

    "I met this kind of Spirit Beast when I came to the valley last time. It has hard skin and a tough body. It can let out fire and is as speedy as an Immortal State Warrior. In the end, there were a bunch of them and I could barely escape."

    Ye Qincang frowned and smashed the shadow.

    Chen Fan stared at it.

    The shadow was a canine creature of a few feet long, which had scales on its skin and azure flames in its eyes. More astonishing was that there was sarcoma on its neck like a second head.

    "This kind of Black Fire Hound looks a bit like the Cerberus of Hades in western legends, but I guess it's a Divine Beast. It might even be the descendant of the Cerberus."

    Chen Fan shrugged.

    There were countless types of beasts in the universe and even the North Mystic Celestial Lord couldn't distinguish them all.

    Such a Black Fire Hound could tear a normal Immortal State Warrior apart. If eight of them came, even the Dark Duke would be helpless against him. No wonder Ye Qincang ran away immediately. Only Earth Level Deities would be unafraid.


    The two of them kept going.

    As they moved further, the mist became denser and pushed their True Essence. After going a hundred feet deeper, they couldn't see any way out anymore.

    "Look, are those the warriors that came in before?"

    Ye Qincang pointed.

    Chen Fan looked over and saw a dozen smashed warriors on the ground. Claw and teeth marks of the beasts could be seen on the black armors.

    Ye Qincang frowned and said, "The Dragon General Armors are the super armors our country developed and are made with the "Dragon Alloy" extracted from the Dragon Lake. They're as hard as the armors of the American warriors and can withstand attacks from Immortal State Warriors. Technically speaking, those Black Fire Hounds shouldn't be able to rip them open."

    Chen Fan had met the God-battling Team of the United States. Their armors were extremely hard and could never be destroyed using normal attacks. In the end, he even had to use his "Lesser Five Elements Thunder" to annihilate them, so the Black Fire Hounds shouldn't be powerful enough to kill those warriors.

    "There are a lot of hidden dangers here; the Black Fire Hounds are definitely not the only ones. Be careful. There might also be some Connate Spirit Beasts or monsters," Chen Fan said.

    "All right."

    Ye Qincang nodded and said, "The mist seems to have something that hinders our Immortal Will. If not, we could scan through the entire array with our Soul Energy."

    Chen Fan didn't answer.

    How would a powerful Golden Core array allow them to probe with their Immortal Will?

    And yet, two golden flames still appeared in his eyes. The Li Fire Golden Eyes could kill his enemies and also see through illusions at the same time. The mist might be special but it couldn't block Chen Fan's sight at all.

    Then, they kept moving forward under Chen Fan's guidance.

    As expected, more and more Spirit Beasts showed up after several hundred feet. There were not only Black Fire Hounds, but also all kinds of weird beasts. Chen Fan even saw a leopard surrounded by flashes of lightning which was larger than the Thunder Beast he had met on Yingzhou Island.

    "Boom, boom."

    No matter how strong those beasts were, they couldn't stop two Earth Level Deities!

    Every punch Ye Qincang threw moved through a hundred meters and crushed the beasts into pieces. If it weren't for the unusual terrain and the array, he could have knocked them out several hundred meters further.


    Ye Qincang yelled with his loose hair after smashing a bunch of flying snakes surrounded by clouds.

    Once he became an Earth Level Deity, Chen Fan had wounded him seriously, so he had never used much of his power in the outside world. That is, until he entered Deity Burial Valley; he could finally push his Earth Level Deity powers to the maximum.

    Chen Fan flew toward him.

    Then, the king of the flying snakes, which was semi-transparent and was eight meters long, moved behind them and was about to swallow Chen Fan. However, Chen Fan immediately flicked his fingers and blew it into little bits.

    After killing the king of the flying snakes, Chen Fan looked to the West and said, "I sense something as powerful as we are. It might be a Spirit Beast or a creature of the same level. If we can find it, it might be able to take us to the Gate of Heaven."

    His eyes were filled with golden flames; they shone over the sky like two beams of golden light.

    "All right," Ye Qincang replied.

    The two of them turned into rays of light and shot to the West.

    Meanwhile, on a stone platform deep inside the Deity Burial Valley.

    The stone platform was extremely old and was about a few feet large. It had plenty of mysterious paintings on it and was probably built during the ancient times. There were two stone pillars at the center of the platform and between them was a light door.

    The light door was about dozens of meters tall and it seemed to be connected to another world.

    It was the Gate of Heaven!

    Qian Yexue, Yan Jingchao and the others sat on the stone platform with their eyes closed, while Xiao Wu ran to the edge with Zhang Ran and watched the mist outside.

    "Senior Zhang, when will Heavenly Chen arrive? Has something happened to them?" Xiao Wu asked as she felt worried.

    Zhang Ran smiled and said, "Why are you so anxious? Not even a day has passed. Besides, if Heavenly Chen can smash the Blood Ancestor, I don't think anything in the Valley can stop them. Don't worry."

    When Xiao Wu was about to speak, a banging sound was suddenly heard.

    They turned around and saw a bright white light shining on the Gate of Heaven, making it vibrate violently. It seemed that something was going to pass through the light door.

    "Impossible‚Ķ I thought they would arrive after several days."

    Zhang Ran was frightened.

    Qian Yexue and Yan Jingchao also got up and looked over anxiously.