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Chapter 669 - Kunxu

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 669: Kunxu

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    "Master, Xiao Fan."

    When Chen Fan came down from the sky, everyone from the North Qiong Sect went forward to greet him.

    Chen Fan looked like a sunshine boy on the outside. No one could have imagined he was the only Heavenly Being in the world that could cut off the tip of a mountain and change the weather anytime he wanted!

    "Master, have you entered the Connate Level?"

    A'Xiu quickly asked.

    "Kind of," Chen Fan said.

    Entering the Connate Level wasn't difficult for him. The most difficult part was to perfect each sub-level and become a real Kun Peng.

    Everyone was thrilled.

    Earth Level Deities were the most powerful beings on Earth. Since the North Qiong Sect finally had one, they would be able to dominate the East and snub the world for centuries.

    Only Qian Yexue was a bit terrified. She had never thought there would be such a great furor when Chen Fan entered the Connate Level.

    Yukishiro Sa came forward and said, "Master, Heavenly Ye sent a message to you. He said he needs to talk to you about something urgent."


    Chen Fan nodded.

    He knew that Ye Qincang, Kunlun and China were anxious. After all, there were only several months left before the Gate of Heaven opened. Ye Qincang had already shown him enough respect by waiting for him to enter the Connate Level patiently.

    Ye Qincang soon arrived.

    He went to the Sword Palace on a military plane together with Azure Dragon, Ye Nantian and a few Chinese Generals.

    "Congratulations on entering the Connate Level and becoming a Heavenly Being!" Ye Qincang bowed and said.

    He still looked young but part of his hair was grey and white. Apparently, he still hadn't recovered from his injuries.

    "Senior Chen, the situation at Deity Burial Valley is really bad," Ye Qincang looked up and said immediately.

    "What's wrong?"

    Chen Fan looked at those of the Black Water Sect who came with Ye Qincang.

    After the disciples from the Gate of Heaven died, Yan Jingchao decided to surrender to the North Qiong Sect. So, Kunlun decided to send them to the Deity Burial Valley to monitor the Gate of Heaven.

    Yan Jingchao said seriously, "We detected some activity at the Gate of Heaven in the last few days. There seems to be someone on the other side, trying to slash the gate open. We're guessing that they might be the Earth Level Deities. If this is true, I'm afraid they'll break through in the next few days."

    Hearing what he said, the face of Hua Yunfeng, Azure Dragon and the others fell.

    The Realm of Kunxu was like an enormous mountain that sat on top of them. After all, it was a legendary world that had many Earth Level Deities and historical sects. If their disciples were already powerful enough to slaughter people across the Earth, then what about their Masters and Ancestral Masters?

    "I thought you said the Gate of Heaven would open after four months," Xie Yan frowned and said.

    "Four months later, the Gate of Heaven will be fully opened and Earth Level Deities will be able to pass through freely. And yet, what I didn't know is that they can use space treasures to open it forcefully," Yan Jingchao said with a wry smile.

    "General Chen, such a twist is totally beyond our imagination."

    A Lieutenant frowned and said, "The army has already planned to send ten divisions to the Deity Burial Valley and build a steel wall equipped with nuclear weapons and high-tech weapons to defend the country from the enemies in the Realm of Kunxu. However, all these will only be ready after four months. We never expected for them to come so early."

    He was called Ning Haifeng, the Deputy Head of the "Kunxu Affairs Team," who led one hundred thousand soldiers and was trusted by the Chinese senior officials and Ye Qincang.

    "Since they're using some space treasures, there would only be a couple of them. Don't worry." Chen Fan shook his head.

    Everyone was relieved.

    "But even a couple of Earth Level Deities can cause great damage. If we can't stop them and they go into the country, lives will be in danger."

    Ning Haifeng still looked worried.

    "So, you mean…?"

    Chen Fan looked at Ye Qincang.

    Ye Qincang then replied, "If you agree, I hope you and I can go into the Deity Burial Valley to kill them right there, before they get out."


    This time, Chen Fan immediately nodded.

    After all, this happened because of him and it was time for him to check out the Deity Burial Valley after entering the Connate Level.

    Chen Fan didn't stay long at the Sword Palace.

    Wang Xiaoyun, Chen Gexin, Fang Qiong and An Ya all knew about Chen Fan's mission. The Deities in the Realm of Kunxu were like a sword above their heads. If they didn't deal with them, the entire North Qiong and China would be in danger.

    "Xiao Fan, take care of yourself," Fang Qiong said.

    "Don't push yourself too hard! We will hide inside the Sword Palace and avoid fighting with them," Wang Xiaoyun added.

    An Ya just stared at Chen Fan gently, without saying anything. She had always supported every decision he made.

    "Wait for me."

    Chen Fan waved at them and got on the military plane, while Qian Yexue also followed him to Kunlun.

    On their way, Ye Qincang and Ning Haifeng both looked serious, but Chen Fan was relaxed instead, and was enjoying the sight outside the window.

    However, Chen Fan found something strange as they approached Kunlun.

    Countless lines of cars drove between the snow mountains and valleys, and there were fighter aircrafts and transporters in the sky. When they got closer to the Deity Burial Valley, Chen Fan saw a magnificent line of defense along the mountain range.

    "That's the steel wall we built! All divisions, including three hundred thousand soldiers, are here. We also built ten missile positions and there are twenty more in progress, all equipped with the latest laser missiles and armor-piercing missiles. Once we get orders from headquarters, we'll destroy the entire Deity Burial Valley," Ning Haifeng said.

    Even though the modern army didn't pose much threat on Earth Level Deities, more than three hundred thousand soldiers and a number of missile positions seemed to be powerful; Chen Fan even sensed more than one nuclear weapon in there.


    Chen Fan nodded.

    He would have been terrified as well if he had encountered such a large army before, but since he had entered the Connate Level, this would not scare him anymore.

    "I guess only China can station three hundred thousand soldiers in a snow mountain," Azure Dragon said proudly, while the others stared at the entrance that was surrounded by clouds.

    They finally arrived at the Deity Burial Valley!

    Deity Burial Valley.

    One of the Seven Forbidden Lands on Earth; it was said to be the burial place of many Sages. In the last thousands of years, countless top Overlords went there to explore but they never got out. Ye Qincang was the only warrior who had made it out alive.

    The entrance of the Deity Burial Valley was formed by two towering mountains which looked like two enormous swords. The mountains were several hundred meters high and were less than thirty meters apart. The entire entrance was surrounded by clouds and enveloped in mist, as if it were a fairyland.

    "It's indeed a legendary place! Heavenly Chen, General Ye, can we enter the Deity Burial Valley directly? We should be able to locate the Gate of Heaven very soon with Mr. Yan leading the way. I think we should just use a hydrogen bomb to blow the gate into pieces," Azure Dragon said.

    Yan Jingchao shook his head and said, "The Gate of Heaven is inside the Deity Burial Valley, but I don't know how to find it."

    "So, how did you get through the Gate of Heaven? And how do you know it's unstable?" Ye Nantian frowned and asked.

    "Every one of them has to take a pass token, which is connected to the array, before coming to the human world. Once they initiate the token, it will transport them to the place where the Gate of Heaven is located," Chen Fan explained.

    He had asked about this long before when he first met Yan Jingchao.

    "He's right. The Gate of Heaven may be located in a small corner of the Deity Burial Valley. The other areas are extremely dangerous and many Masters have warned us not to go near them. Otherwise, even the lives of Earth Level Deities will be at risk," Yan Jingchao said respectfully.

    "The Deity Burial Valley used to be a battlefield and many Sages and Entities were buried there. There are also many dangerous dimension gaps, illusions, arrays, and also powerful monsters and Spirit Beasts. When I entered years ago, I only wandered around the entrance and came back. Even Earth Level Deities might die if they go deeper."

    Ye Qincang also looked serious.

    He still dreaded the idea of going back in.

    "Dozens of cultivators from the Gate of Heaven are dead. The tokens are enough to send many of us there."

    Azure Dragon's eyes twinkled.

    "No, we've tried before. Only the owners can use the tokens," Ning Haifeng said.

    "Before all this, we sent about seven troops in there, equipped with top weapons and wearing the new "Dragon General" armors, but they never returned. Once they got in, we lost our connection with them and they couldn't even send one picture to us."

    "Those tokens will be bound to our Divine Souls and the others can't use them at all. Also, there is a Golden Core array in the Deity Burial Valley that cuts off all the transmissions of information," Qian Yexue said.

    "So, what should we do?"

    Azure Dragon was startled.

    There were dangers everywhere in the Deity Burial Valley; they couldn't go directly to the Gate of Heaven with the tokens. Besides, Ye Qincang was the only one among them who had been there before, but he had only explored the area near the entrance. Nobody knew how far the Gate of Heaven was located.

    "Simple. We just force our way in."

    Chen Fan smiled with disdain in his eyes.

    The array was huge, surrounding an area of a hundred miles. Chen Fan even thought that it may not have been built by Golden Core Cultivators, but by some Overlords with a higher level instead. Still, Chen Fan had become a Connate Being; there was nothing he needed to be afraid of.

    He could do anything after entering the Connate Level!