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Chapter 668 - Surging Power

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 668: Surging Power

    When Chen Fan entered the Connate Level…

    Many countries and forces in the world focused on Qin Chen Mountain.

    "It's even more frightening than the other time when Chen Beixuan created a super weapon in London. Did he make an even more powerful one?"

    England, France and the United States were all terrified.

    They still remembered Chen Fan when he made the "Five Thunder Seal" and sank an island in London. This was why they were afraid of Earth Level Deities.

    That was the first emergence of a person as powerful as nuclear weapons on Earth.

    Since then, nothing else could compare to that attack, no matter how powerful Chen Fan, Ye Qincang and the Blood Ancestor were.

    "Chen Fan's Five Elements Thunder is already as destructive as a nuclear weapon of ten thousand tons. If he's made a more powerful weapon, does it mean that it's comparable to a nuclear bomb of a few hundred thousand tons?"

    Many countries were frightened.

    Such a weapon could level a normal-sized city and destroy a super large city.

    The American and the British senior officials all looked serious.

    If Chen Fan really had a powerful weapon like that, they must change their attitude towards him.

    Meanwhile, in the secret base of Kunlun outside of Yan Jin.

    Ye Qincang said, "Heavenly Chen must have become an Earth Level Deity."

    The western countries might not know much about Immortal Cultivators, but every Chinese sect had their ancient books and Ye Qincang was an Earth Level Deity himself, so they certainly understood what was going on.

    "Seriously? The cloud covers over fifty miles of the sky! According to the records, it should only be around ten miles when a cultivator becomes an Earth Level Deity," Azure Dragon said.

    The circumference difference between fifty miles and ten miles wasn't five times but dozens! The cloud was supposed to cover only one mountain, but it was covering the entire mountain range at the moment.

    "Even though there's no record about it in the ancient books, Senior Chen isn't someone ordinary," Ye Qincang said calmly.

    He was the only one who truly knew Chen Fan's identity.

    Chen Fan came from somewhere deep in the universe and practiced real cultivation arts, so it was normal for him to be more powerful than the Earth Level Deities on Earth.

    "How much has Chen Beixuan's power increased? Dozens of times?" Red Sparrow wondered.

    Chen Fan was already capable of defeating Ye Qincang and the Blood Ancestor. If he became ten times more powerful, even all of the Earth Level Deities in the Realm of Kunxu would be smashed by him.

    Everyone went silent.

    Not even Ye Qincang knew for certain.

    "No matter how powerful he's become, Heavenly Chen must be more terrifying than how he used to be. From now on, our country needs to be more respectful to him," Ye Qincang said seriously.

    "Yes sir!"

    Those from Kunlun lowered their heads.

    Ye Nantian heaved a sigh.

    He thought he was closer to Chen Fan after entering the Immortal State, but they were getting further apart after this.

    Chen Fan's increase in power was extremely terrifying.


    Chen Fan stood in the cloud, letting out beams of azure light. The cloud then became azure and gold in color, looking like a metal cloud from afar.

    "I really look like a Kun Peng from the outside!"

    Chen Fan saw himself with his Immortal Will.

    He was floating in the air with his wings spread. His entire body was made with azure rocks and he seemed to have turned into a Kun Peng.

    But Chen Fan knew.

    It was only the projection of a Kun Peng's image.

    This ten-feet Kun Peng was formed by pure Essence Qi and its real form was ten times more powerful.


    Chen Fan spread his wings.

    In a blink, he went thousands of meters away as if via teleportation, and there was no trace of flying at all. His speed must have reached seven times the speed of sound. And yet, Chen Fan hadn't used his full energy yet. If he flipped his wings as hard as possible, he might be able to go beyond ten times the speed of sound.

    "The real Kun Peng is able to defeat a Golden Core Cultivator once it enters the Connate Level, but mine is only a projection. I'm already way more powerful than the other Connate Cultivators, though," Chen Fan thought.

    The Kun Peng was a top Divine Beast, a being that was already much more powerful than human cultivators since its infancy.

    Speed was only one of the strengths of the Kun Peng. Its power, body and battling abilities were exceptionally terrifying as well. More importantly, the Kun Peng was born with Divine Powers.


    Chen Fan opened his mouth.


    A Spirit Qi whirlwind of several hundred meters long appeared in the sky and poured into Chen Fan's mouth. The Spirit Qi was almost as dense as concrete substances.

    He sucked in all the Spirit Qi within thousands of meters at once.

    As he breathed in the Spirit Qi, Chen Fan turned around and swept across the sky. He absorbed all the True Fire of the sun, Yin Qi and Thunder Qi, and even swallowed the power of the array around the Sword Palace.

    "After consolidating the projection of the Kun Peng, my Swallowing Divine Power became ten times more powerful than before. It used to cover only a few hundred meters but it can go up to a thousand meters now," Chen Fan closed his eyes and thought.

    However, he was a bit disappointed by the available Spirit Qi on Earth.

    Even with his swallowing power which was a hundred times stronger than that of ordinary Connate Cultivators, he didn't feel like he had sucked in much Spirit Qi. So, those normal Earth Level Deities would never be able to rise to a higher level if they stayed on the planet.

    "I'll need at least twenty years to achieve the Golden Core Level on Earth," Chen Fan calculated and sighed.

    "Unfortunately, there's still a long way to go for the Sky-Swallowing Painting to reach the phenomenal success level and for me to become the real Kun Peng."

    The real Kun Peng had a stronger swallowing ability and a faster cultivation speed than its projection.


    The azure Kun Peng suddenly turned into dots of light and went back into Chen Fan's body. These light dots were then imprinted on his limbs, organs and deep in his Divine Soul.

    The Sky-Swallowing Painting was only at the level of initial success at the moment and there were a few more levels above. The top level would be to turn into the real Kun Peng to travel across the universe.

    "The projection of the Kun Peng can be my trump card. I wonder how powerful I've become after entering the Connate Level."

    Chen Fan showed his true form.

    He punched gently at the air.


    A ray of azure light shot out from his fist to thousands of meters away and clashed against the Qin Chen Mountain.


    The mountain shook and endless gravel began to fall. The tip of the mountain collapsed as if hit by a missile.


    Even Chen Fan was shocked.

    He didn't use his full power to punch just then. However, after entering the Connate Level, his body, True Essence and Divine Soul had combined into one. So, a normal punch carried all of his energy and was over ten times more powerful than it used to be.

    "This punch is already more powerful than the one I used to defeat Ye Qincang on Mount Yan. If I initiate the True Martial Divine Fist…"

    Chen Fan didn't expect to attain such a strong power.

    His True Martial Divine Fist severely injured Ye Qincang back then; Ye Qincang was still recovering from it. If he used the Divine Fist again or any other techniques, he might even crush ten Ye Qincangs.


    Chen Fan clenched his fists and felt the endless energy inside his body. "This is just one of the basic changes after entering the Connate Level. My Divine Powers, Dharma Artifacts, spells and cultivation progression are also improving."

    The Divine Powers—including the Li Fire Golden Eyes, the Yi Wood Spirit Qi and the Armor of Golden Flame—had also become stronger together with the increase of level.


    Two golden flames shot out from Chen Fan's eyes.

    The flames moved slightly and were gentler than before. There was a hint of white color in the golden color and the air seemed to be a bit overwhelmed, creating some sounds.

    When the Li Fire Golden Eyes reached the highest level, they could be used to destroy the sun. Chen Fan hadn't achieved that stage but some places couldn't take the heat already.


    The golden flames spread all over Chen Fan's body and formed an armor.

    The Armor of Golden Flame could only block armor-piercers before, but as Chen Fan's power surged, even nuclear weapons might not be able to kill Chen Fan. At the moment, this Defensive Divine Power was as powerful as a superior-grade Spirit Armor or even a Spirit Treasure.

    "But more importantly…"

    Chen Fan waved his hand.

    The clouds in dozens of miles were rolling.

    There were claps of thunder and bolts of purple lightning striking from the sky.

    Then, Chen Fan waved again.

    The sky cleared and the sun was shining bright. All the members of the North Qiong Sect were in awe, as if they had seen a miracle.

    A second before, it was still sunny and there was then a rainstorm the next second. This was the power of a Connate Being!

    "A Connate Cultivator can control Essence Qi. Although there are a lot of changes and uncertainty during a battle and he can't use it fully.

    "If given enough time, he can cause tsunamis and thunderstorms, destroy an entire city or even exhibit powers comparable to nuclear weapons. Besides, the real power of a Connate Cultivator is that his Essence Qi will never be used up! With such power, who else on Earth can stand in my way?"

    Chen Fan stood in the sky with his hands behind his back.

    The sunlight shone on him which made him look like a God.