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Chapter 667 - Im a Connate Being!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 667: I'm a Connate Being!

    A Connate Being!

    It represented the transition and evolution of life. In China, an Earth Level Deity was called a "Heavenly Being" and it was right. A Connate Being wasn't a human anymore. His body, Divine Soul and blood would have almost turned into Essence Qi, which was why he could rely on Qi to survive for centuries.

    And in the universe, it was even simpler.

    Connate Beings could live for a short period of time in space and could travel across space, so many descendants of the large clans in the universe would achieve the Connate Level after they became adults.


    Chen Fan sat there cross-legged.

    As he breathed, the Essence Qi in the room spinned and rolled like a thunderstorm, and the same eventually happened outside of the Sword Palace as well.

    Soon, everyone saw an extraordinary view.

    Clouds were formed above the Sword Palace and they then turned into a giant funnel-shaped cyclone with the palace as the center, making a cloud pillar in the sky.

    The cloud started small but it gradually expanded outward.

    One mile, two miles, three miles… In the end, it covered ten miles of the sky.

    "This is…"

    Yukishiro Sa looked up.

    She had seen this before. When Chen Fan entered the Divine Sea Level at the North Qiong Pavilion, the clouds also covered a thousand meters of the sky, but the energy seemed to be more than a few times stronger right then.

    "I guess Master is going to enter the Connate Level."

    Hua Yunfeng stood there and was a bit excited.

    When Chen Fan was still at the Qi Refinement Stage, he had slaughtered across the Earth and defeated the Blood Ancestor. So, how powerful would he become after entering the Connate Level?

    "The Connate Level?"

    A'Xiu, Yu Wenjin and Fang Qiong weren't so surprised and seemed to have expected this.

    "If Master enters the Connate Level, not even the Earth Level Deities in the Realm of Kunxu will pose a threat to the North Qiong Sect," Xie Yan said. Wang Xiaoyun and Chen Gexin didn't understand why but they were also thrilled about it.

    Chen Fan had even killed the Blood Ancestor.

    China and the Earth were still under the threat of the Realm of Kunxu.

    All the superpowers started preparing their defense strategies. The United States declared the highest level of defense readiness condition and their nuclear weapons were ready to launch at any time. Wang Xiaoyun and the others were also feeling nervous.

    Three days later.

    The ten-mile cloud expanded again.

    Eleven miles, twelve miles, thirteen miles… The cloud didn't stop expanding until it reached fifty miles.

    Those from the North Qiong Sect were confused, but some experienced cultivators knew what was going on.

    The Essence Qi within ten miles wasn't enough for Chen Fan. He needed more if he wanted to enter the Connate Level, which meant that he would be able to control more Essence Qi than normal Connate Cultivators when he achieved this.


    The room was full of Essence Qi.

    And Chen Fan was at the heart of the sea of Essence Qi. There seemed to be a funnel in the sky that infused Essence Qi into Chen Fan's body through the invisible array of the Sword Palace.

    Chen Fan sat there cross-legged.

    His body was sending out beams of light.

    First, it was the azure light from the initial-success Divine Body, then the black True Essence after completing the Sky-Swallowing Art, and finally Chen Fan's golden Divine Soul. His Divine Soul turned into an image of the Kun Peng, meaning that Chen Fan currently had its blood.

    Body, True Essence, Divine Soul.

    When these three merged into one, the Gate of the Connate would open and Chen Fan would enter the Connate Level.

    With the large amount of Essence Qi, Chen Fan's body was undergoing some mysterious changes. The power of his Divine Body merged together with the Sky-Swallowing True Essence and the Divine Soul of the Kun Peng, seemingly becoming inseparable.

    "It's enough to enter the level."

    Chen Fan closed his eyes and yelled, "Five years after my rebirth, I can finally become a Connate Being today!"

    As he spoke, his energy increased and his body, True Essence and Divine Soul became denser, which then combined into one in the end.

    Chen Fan's every cell, every bone and every muscle was filled with True Essence.

    Even his Divine Soul had merged with his Divine Body. From then on, Chen Fan's power was no longer calculated separately; it was three in one. His punch would carry not only the energy of his body, but also that from his Divine Soul and True Essence.

    This was the power of a Connate Cultivator.

    Combining all the energy together! For example, Chen Fan usually fought only with his body and his True Essence. But at the moment, his True Essence and Divine Soul were also in his body. Every move he made would use all his energy and would be way more powerful than before.


    When Chen Fan's energy turned into an Essence Core, his body was surrounded by an azure aura. There wasn't a human inside, but a Kun Peng.

    Then, Chen Fan started the last step to enter the Connate Level.

    To open the Gate of Connate!


    His Divine Soul leaped out and seemed to have broken an invisible shield, entering the boundless sea of Essence Qi.

    The Gate of Connate was opened!

    The sea of Essence Qi looked even wider than the sky and just a bit of energy inside would be powerful enough to level the world and kill a Connate Being.

    A normal Connate Cultivator would have been lost in this sea of Essence Qi.

    But Chen Fan had already experienced it before, so he wasn't affected at all.


    His Immortal Will spread along the Essence Qi and covered the entire cloud. In an instant, Chen Fan felt like a fish back in the water and a child that ran into the arms of his mother.

    The Essence Qi within ten miles was under Chen Fan's control.

    He was deeply connected to the world, as if born in the sky and in the earth.

    "This is what it feels like to be a Connate Cultivator!"

    "Strange. Master has shut himself in for almost a month. Why hasn't he come out yet?"

    A'Xiu and the others gathered at the door every day to wait for Chen Fan.

    When the cloud became ten miles large, they thought Chen Fan was going to enter the Connate Level. And yet, the cloud of Essence Qi continued expanding until it reached fifty miles.

    How large was fifty miles?

    It was the size of many cities in China, which meant that Chen Fan could control the weather of a city like a God.

    Even Ye Qincang could only control an area of ten miles, while Chen Fan could control an area twenty five times larger and the power he could mobilize was dozens of times more abundant.

    "Is there something wrong?"

    Some of them were worried.

    As recorded in the ancient books, the cloud would only spread for ten miles at most, when a normal Earth Level Deity entered the Connate Level.

    But Chen Fan was too powerful. The entire Qin Chen Mountain was under an enormous cloud of Essence Qi. Looking from afar, a giant funnel-shaped cloud fell from the sky onto the Sword Palace.

    Countless secret agents from different countries and organizations were watching, and the satellites in space were also taking pictures of the cloud.

    If Chen Fan failed, the North Qiong Sect would suffer a severe blow.

    "Don't worry. Master is an Immortal Sage, so entering the Connate Level shouldn't be difficult for him," Hua Yunfeng said.

    Fang Qiong and the others were relieved after hearing this.

    Suddenly, an azure sphere of light shot out from the secret room into the sky; the array of the Sword Palace didn't seem to exist in front of it.

    The azure light sphere rose higher and higher, and flew into the cloud.

    Then, the fifty-mile cloud became azure in color.

    The azure cloud enveloped the entire Qin Chen Mountain, and more astonishing was that it turned into a large Kun Peng.

    The Kun Peng spread its wings and covered the sky.


    Everyone was dumbfounded.

    Even A'Xiu and Yukishiro Sa were stunned.

    "Yunfeng, did you see anything?" Xie Yan said with a glint of confusion in his eyes.

    "I saw that… there was a strange creature in the light sphere instead of a human. It looks a bit like the legendary Kun Peng," Hua Yunfeng hesitated and said.

    They looked at each other and were both astonished.

    Was their Master not a human but a Divine Beast?

    Deep in the cloud of Essence Qi, Chen Fan opened his eyes.

    His eyes looked like two bottomless pits and the cloud seemed to be absorbing the Essence Qi of the world with every breath he took.

    The world was different from what it used to be, in which all lives and substances were formed by Essence Qi.

    Chen Fan felt like his Immortal Will could control everything in the world. He floated in the air without using any Dharmic Powers.

    "Walking in the air, breathing in Essence Qi, connecting to the world and a lifespan of five hundred years!"

    "I'm finally a Connate Being!"

    Chen Fan heaved a sigh.

    A sigh that represented hardship, joy and calmness.

    July 3rd, 2012.

    Chen Fan entered the Connate Level.

    The sky was covered with clouds and the Essence Qi turned into a Divine Beast, which eventually dissipated after three days.