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Chapter 665 - An Astonishing Divine Pill

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 665: An Astonishing Divine Pill

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    The Blood Ancestor.

    A pure-blood Kindred.

    This kind of being was born with a Connate Body and was comparable to a Dao Body Baby. Once mature, a pure-blooded Kindred would become a Connate Being automatically. Their blood, Divine Soul and body were extremely pure and they carried a large amount of Spirit Qi.

    Every part and substance on the bodies of these Connate races and Spirit Beasts was a treasure.

    They could be used to make superior-grade Spirit Pills or even Treasure Pills; a cultivator could enter the Connate Level by just taking a single one of these.

    "How dare you!"


    The golden light ball shook violently and the Blood Ancestor yelled. The terrifying Dark Energy and Blood Energy made it move up and down, and it seemed like it was going to explode.


    Chen Fan took out a yellow talisman and stuck it on the golden ball. The golden ball then stayed still as if there were a mountain on top of it.

    There was a sword image on the yellow talisman. It was the "Sky Sword Talisman" stuck on the door of the secret room. The talisman had been made by the Old Man of Nine Abandonments and a Sky Immortal attack was stored inside. It was as powerful as nuclear weapons and could easily suppress the Blood Ancestor.

    The Blood Ancestor started trying to convince Chen Fan.

    "Chen Beixuan, I can sign an agreement with you and swear to my ancestors that I'll never offend you and the North Qiong Sect! I'll always stay a thousand miles away from you. What do you think?"

    1Chen Fan ignored him and took out a three-meter copper furnace.

    The furnace was the best one stored in the treasure vault of the Sword Palace. It was a superior-grade Spirit Artifact called the "Nine Dragon Furnace" and was absolutely strong enough to refine the Blood Ancestor. Chen Fan placed it on top of the Earth fire and cast a spell.

    "Dong, dong, dong."

    The copper furnace began to shake, sending out beams of light.

    Nine fire dragons came out from the holes on the furnace and heated up the entire room. Each of the dragons was ten meters long and was so realistic that even their feelers were made of flames. They all let out fire from their mouths and burnt the furnace together.

    Making pills with nine dragons. No wonder it was called the "Nine Dragon Furnace."

    Chen Fan had already become familiar with this low-level furnace once he started.

    He then cast spells to control the nine fire dragons to let out fire one by one onto the furnace.

    "…Or we can sign a master-servant contract and I'll serve you for a hundred years."

    The Blood Ancestor was frightened once he saw the furnace so he immediately begged Chen Fan.

    "Chen Beixuan, you won't get anything if you use me to make medicines as I'll self-explode in the furnace. And yet, if we sign the agreement, you'll have a loyal servant and many Kindred treasures. We can exterminate the Christian Church and dominate the world together…"

    "I can also dominate the Earth without you!" Chen Fan said as he kept dealing with the Earth Fire.


    A black fire pillar shot out from the crater on the ground.

    The fire pillar was formed by Earth Fire. It didn't look hot on the outside but could in fact burn someone to ashes, and was a superior-grade flame used for making pills.

    Once the Earth fire came out, the Nine Dragon Furnace started operating right away.

    The furnace spinned in the air and the room was filled with a fresh smell. Since the furnace had been used for making countless Spirit Pills, there was a large amount of Pill Qi inside; normal people would never get sick after breathing in a small amount of it.

    "But the Earth Level Deities in the Realm of Kunxu are coming soon. Even though you've achieved an Entity Body, they apparently outnumber you and you're no match for them… I know a cultivation art that can deal with them…!" the Blood Ancestor yelled.


    Chen Fan was about to throw the golden ball into the furnace but stopped when he heard what the Blood Ancestor said.

    He then asked, "What do you know?"


    The Blood Ancestor took a deep breath and said, "I didn't take part in the Battle of Deities back then, but I heard about it from my father.

    "Almost all Entities in the East and the West participated in the battle. The entire world was destroyed and flooded with blood. Countless kingdoms and civilizations disappeared, and even Atlantis sank into the ocean.

    "I'm not quite sure why the battle started, but I know that alien enemies also joined the fight later on. In the end, we defeated the alien races but the Earth wasn't suitable for us to live anymore. So, many ancestors, Gods and Sages either established a new world and hid there or left the planet…"

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes.

    The Path of Heaven was the thing Chen Fan cared about the most.

    He searched around the Earth and had finally found all he needed to enter the Connate Level.

    And yet, it was extremely difficult to reach the Golden Core Level, not even with all the resources available on Earth. After all, the Golden Core Level was divided into different stages and Chen Fan wouldn't settle for just a normal stage.

    "The Realm of Kunxu is a small world the eastern Sages left behind. The Gate of Heaven has a lot of restrictions. If Earth Level Deities pass through too many times, it'll become unstable and dangerous. The Kindred have a secret treasure that can control space. If you let me go, I can take it out and disrupt the Gate of Heaven, preventing them from coming over," the Blood Ancestor said.

    He believed Chen Beixuan was a wise person and thought that stopping the enemies from the Realm of Kunxu should be more important than making medicines with his body.

    "That treasure is hidden in the restricted ground of the Kindred. You'll never find it without my lead," the Blood Ancestor warned. He was worried that Chen Fan would kill him and later go to find the treasure alone.

    "A Space Treasure?"

    Chen Fan widened his eyes.

    Only Golden Core Cultivators could make treasures that controlled space. If there really was something like that, Chen Fan could certainly destroy the Gate of Heaven.

    But he didn't care about the Deities in the Realm of Kunxu. Chen Fan only wanted to find the "Path of Heaven" and leave the Earth.


    The Blood Ancestor suddenly found that the golden ball was moving swiftly to the furnace again.

    "What are you doing? You don't want any treasure? Aren't you scared the Deities in the Realm of Kunxu would tear you and your sect apart?" the Blood Ancestor yelled with fright.

    "After refining you, I'll have nothing to fear no matter how many Earth Level Deities come my way!"

    Chen Fan looked determined.

    "Curse you, Chen Beixuan! Those from your sect, your family and your friends will all go to Hell…" The Blood Ancestor felt Chen Fan's determination and he spewed the most vicious curses.

    In the end, the furnace closed and the golden ball was shut inside.

    "It's finally beginning."

    Chen Fan was excited.

    Making Spirit Pills with a Connate Spirit was a difficult task for an alchemist. After all, the Blood Ancestor was alive and he might self-explode if he became too anxious in the furnace. So, not all alchemists could successfully turn him into medicines.

    "Earth Fire Art, Nine Dragon Chains, Stop!"

    Chen Fan cast several spells at once.

    The nine fire dragons turned into nine chains which wrapped around the furnace tightly. An invisible energy was infused into the furnace and the Earth Fire became a fire pillar, shooting into the sky and burning the Nine Dragon Furnace red.


    The crazy roar of the Blood Ancestor came out from the furnace. He would rather die than being made into a pill, but he soon found out something. "How is it possible? Why can't I use my powers? No!"

    The Nine Dragon Furnace carried a restriction spell which formed a small area in the furnace that forbade the use of any kind of power. Such a method was extremely advanced and only top alchemists could control it.

    Then, Chen Fan continued with the refinement and placed lots of superior-grade Spirit Medicines into the furnace, no matter how the Blood Ancestor begged and cursed.

    Above Spirit Pills were Treasure Pills, meaning that they were the "gems" among all kinds of pills.

    The "Red Flame Spirit Pills" Chen Fan made before were only superior-grade Spirit Pills but were already enough for him to enter the Immortal State. Once he refined the Blood Ancestor into a Treasure Pill, it would push him straight to the Connate Level! More importantly, Chen Fan could complete the cultivation of the Sky-Swallowing Painting.

    "Whoosh, whoosh!"

    The Earth Fire was roaring.

    It was extremely hot and Chen Fan couldn't stand it if he stayed inside for too long. As for the Blood Ancestor, not even a sound was heard from him after just half a day.

    One day, two days, three days.

    About seven days later, Chen Fan finally put out the Earth Fire and put down the copper furnace.


    The lid opened and the entire room was filled with a pleasant smell.

    A sphere of red light flew out from the furnace. It was a red, fist-sized Blood Pill inside which looked like a gorgeous red amber. A semi-transparent soul was trapped in the Blood Pill which was the Blood Ancestor.

    Thunder was instantly formed outside of the Sword Palace. If Chen Fan didn't restrain the power of the Sky Sword Talisman, it might have already become brighter, attracting bolts of lightning in the process.

    "This life medicine is finally done!"

    Chen Fan cracked a smile.

    He had put everything he had inside, including all the Spirit Medicines from Yingzhou Island and the Sword Palace, and finally, the Treasure Pill was complete.

    "If a normal Immortal State Warrior takes this Treasure Pill, he will immediately become a Connate Cultivator. Unfortunately, I've got only one; I would share them with my parents and Xiao Qiong if there were more."

    Chen Fan heaved a sigh but had no doubts at all.

    He needed the strongest power to face the enemies from the Realm of Kunxu and to protect his families. After restoring his original level, he would be able to make Divine Pills and Sacred Pills, not to mention Treasure Pills.


    The spots of light on Chen Fan's body emitted a dazzling glow, then started to connect and form the shape of a weird Divine Beast.

    The image of the Divine Beast behind Chen Fan was almost completed and only the most important part, the "mouth," was incomplete.


    Chen Fan opened his mouth and swallowed the Blood Pill.


    A massive amount of energy exploded in his body… Chen Fan's power surged endlessly!