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Chapter 664 - The Star of the World

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 664: The Star of the World

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    The Blood Ancestor was dead!

    This news immediately spread around the world and countless families, sects and dark forces were dumbfounded.

    The Blood Ancestor was like the King of Hell in the legends. Every time he was reborn, he slaughtered tons of people in different tribes and cities, and all Immortal Level Overlords were as weak as ants in front of him.

    Such an experienced Earth Level Deity had been captured by Chen Fan?

    According to the bystanders, even though the Blood Ancestor had used many deadly curses, Chen Fan was too powerful and was able to smash the Blood Ancestor with one hand, stunning the world.

    many of them thought.

    "We will never be able to take our revenge on Chen Beixuan, ever."

    The Japanese Martial Artists looked gloomy. Erika and the Divine Master of the Ise Grand Shrine were completely terrified.

    They had seen how Chen Fan killed the Blood Ancestor at Qin Chen Mountain. This kind of power was totally beyond their imagination. Even though Japan wasn't a weak country, they still felt terrified by Chen Fan.

    The Divine Master of the Ise Grand Shrine said, "Chen Beixuan is destined to be the dominator of an era. Now, he only needs to deal with the Realm of Kunxu."

    Meanwhile, in the Siberian Tundra.

    Many Dark Wolves had gathered to cheer.

    "The Blood Ancestor is dead! Half of our revenge has been achieved!"

    "Our pack and the Kindred failed to resist the Christian Church back then and the Blood Ancestor sent his subordinates to kill us while our pack was declining. The Dark Duke and his companions even ran after us for almost three hundred years. Today, our scores are finally settled!"

    The Dark Wolves discussed.

    "Everyone, let us toast to our honorable Chen Beixuan!"

    The leader of the pack got up and said as he raised the cup, "To Mr. Beixuan!"

    Countless members of the pack shouted.

    Even though Chen Fan had killed Galdan and destroyed the Snow Wolf Clan, he helped the Dark Wolves get their revenge. So, there was more gratitude than hatred to Chen Fan in their hearts right then.

    Oleg stood outside and said to an elder, "Gugal, my friend, what do you think about my suggestion?"

    "The world is changing. The Blood Ancestor is dead and there's a peerless Overlord like Mr. Beixuan in the East, which means that it's about time we join the world," Gugal said as he coughed. His face was full of wrinkles and his body was bent, but the energy inside him seemed to be strong like a dormant volcano.

    "Welcome to the Blood Wolf Guards. Our President will be thrilled."

    Oleg cracked a smile.

    The entire world was completely startled.

    Those western countries and families in Yan Jin that requested Chen Fan to step up all went silent immediately.

    Chen Fan not only captured the Blood Ancestor at Qin Chen Mountain, he also murdered a western councilor.

    The councilor was called Jennifer, who was the leader of the Lawrence Family. She had a superior status in the western political world and was a friend of the German Prime Minister, Merkel. Besides, she was the first one to request Chen Fan to sacrifice himself.

    Such an influential councilor had been killed by Chen Fan, just like that.

    What it represented went without saying.

    "Chen Beixuan is too arrogant. He's despising the West and the superpowers!"

    At the meeting of the European Union, a German senior official banged on the table.

    People next to him remained silent, shaking their heads and sneering.

    "In fact, Chen Beixuan already despised us when he killed the envoy of the European Union. He has also threatened us by destroying the Black Sea Fleet and sinking an island."

    Even so, many officials of the European Union were still feeling upset.

    Although they didn't expect Chen Fan to agree to apologize to the Realm of Kunxu, they were hoping to force him and China to make some concessions with the power of their countries and the Blood Ancestor.

    For example, to withdraw the forces of the North Qiong Sect from Europe, disclosing the formula for the Vitality Serum, sharing intel on the Realm of Kunxu, and so on.

    But the legendary Blood Ancestor couldn't even withstand an attack from Chen Fan.

    "We have totally underestimated Chen Beixuan's power! This is a huge mistake. I request the British and French armies to evaluate his tactics and strength again. Otherwise, the day we find out we can't kill him with nuclear weapons will be the day our world ends!" an old European General said.

    "Yes, sir. We've already started working with the United States to calculate the data of the battle," a British Major General got up and replied.

    Everyone looked at each other. This time, they had to rely on the power of the United States. It seemed that the European Union was unable to deal with Chen Fan alone.

    Compared to the western superpowers, those families in Yan Jin were nothing.

    All the members of both the Qin and the Han families were traumatized. Some said Old Lord Qin immediately went to Jin City the next day to see Chen Huaian, but Chen Huaian shut the door and told them he had to practice calligraphy.

    Old Lord Qin had no choice but to return.

    "Yaner, you didn't see it with your own eyes. The Blood Ancestor was smashed down on the ground like a ball and had no chance to fight back at all!" Ye Yiren told her best friend excitedly.

    Qin Yaner sat there looking at the scenery outside the window. They were on the 99th floor of the Ziwen Building and you could see that the North Mountain was still ablaze with lights.

    "He got engaged with Miss Fang there, right?"

    Qin Yaner still remembered the long line of cars that day.

    "I guess nobody in the world will ever mention anything about asking Heavenly Chen to apologize to the Realm of Kunxu again after this battle," Ye Yiren said.

    As a warrior, she really hated those who wanted to sacrifice their allies. Warriors should be fearless and fight till the end. How could they give up when the battle had yet to start?

    "No matter how powerful the Realm of Kunxu is, we have Heavenly Chen and grandpa! Besides, modern technology is so developed and many countries possess different kinds of weapons. I don't think Earth Level Deities can withstand nuclear bombs! If a hundred thousand tons isn't enough, then we'll use a million tons or more!" Ye Yiren swayed her fists and said furiously.

    Earth Level Deities were humans after all and were different from the immortal Golden Core Cultivators. Even pure-blood Kindred like the Blood Ancestor would be severely injured if he was hit by a small-scale nuclear bomb, not to mention how terrifying a large-scale one would be.

    "If a war really breaks out, it would be the end of the world."

    Qin Yaner sighed.

    "Right, Yaner. I heard that your family wants you to marry Heavenly Chen as his concubine as a compensation to the Chen Family." Ye Yiren covered her mouth and smiled.

    Qin Yaner blushed and lowered her head, feeling regretful.

    "I'm afraid he won't be interested in me anymore."

    "Chen Beixuan doesn't care about anyone in the world!"

    The King of Fight left a comment in the CIA's underground forum.

    More and more people agreed with the comment. Chen Fan had never yielded to anyone and could get through every obstacle in his life. When everyone thought he was going to lose a battle, Chen Fan turned the tide and defeated his opponents.

    Someone heaved a sigh and said, "I used to think most of us were right, but I now realize that Chen Beixuan is correct."

    The death of the Blood Ancestor was a severe blow to the Dark World.

    He was the only experienced Earth Level Deity who had lived for centuries, so many families and the entire Dark World had an inextricable relationship with him.

    Such a legend was defeated by Chen Fan without any chance of resisting. How could the Dark World not be frightened?

    Someone called Sha Guoguo commented, "I'll stand by Chen Beixuan from now on no matter what, because he represents the truth and is invincible!"

    1"What if Chen Beixuan declares war on the United States and they blow him up with nuclear weapons?" someone doubted.

    "I would also support Chen Beixuan. He would win!" Sha Guoguo grunted.

    Many people wondered if this netizen was a fangirl who admired Chen Fan like an idol, while many others were worried.

    "Chen Beixuan refuses to apologize to the Realm of Kunxu and the Blood Ancestor has died. If the Gate of Heaven opens and the Earth Level Deities come to our planet, what can we do to stop them? We're not talking about a couple of Earth Level Deities, but a bunch of them!"

    Everyone had seen the power of an Earth Level Deity.

    Ye Qincang could create a thunderstorm, Chen Fan could split a mountain and the Blood Ancestor had killed tons of Immortal State Warriors.

    Two Overlords like them were enough to turn the world upside down, not to mention that there were more than one Earth Level Deity in the Realm of Kunxu!

    The Observer showed up and said, "Just roll with the punches! The technology on Earth is far more advanced right now and we can show them the power of nuclear weapons if they dare to come.

    "Besides, our heyday has come. Ye Qincang, the Blood Ancestor, Chen Beixuan, the Realm of Kunxu… More and more Earth Level Deities and Overlords have appeared on the planet. I think we're going to live in a great era, and the star of the times will be Chen Beixuan!"

    Everyone who saw this comment was speechless.

    While the world was in chaos, Chen Fan had already gone back to the restricted area in the Sword Palace with the golden ball.

    "Chen Beixuan, what do you want to do?"

    The Blood Ancestor's voice came out from the golden ball.

    "Nothing. I just want to make some medicines with your body," Chen Fan said.