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Chapter 663 - Killed the Blood Ancestor with a Hand

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 663: Killed the Blood Ancestor with a Hand

    "It's impossible. That's the Blood Ancestor!" the envoys said with their trembling hands.

    The Blood Ancestor was the only legendary Earth Level Deity alive in the last thousands of years; new Earth Level Deities like Ye Qincang were no match for him. His guards had once dominated the world as well. So, how would such a powerful being be killed by Chen Fan so easily?

    "Master won't die so early. Chen Beixuan will only enrage him by doing this," the Dark Duke said.

    A western cultivator in a white robe lowered his head and said, "The Blood Ancestor is going to reveal his true self."


    While everyone was still shocked, a ray of black light shot out from the giant pit.

    There was a surging Dark Energy in the light ray, which was dense and seemed to have come from Hell. Once the light ray appeared, all the people at the foot of Qin Chen Mountain seemed to have fallen into a bottomless abyss; the sky was covered with thunderclouds, as if the night had begun.

    "The Blood Ancestor is coming back to life!" the cultivator in the white robe said.

    "What's that?" someone exclaimed.

    Then, everyone saw a shadow coming out from the light ray.

    His entire body was black and his eyes were as red as blood. His claws were a few feet long which were crossed on his chest. There were mysterious runes all over his black body and his wings were spread like a demon from Hell. There was a giant hole on his chest which seemed to be proving something.

    "Chen Beixuan, you forced my true self out. I'll dig out your heart, drink all your blood and make the most beautiful specimen with your body."

    Reinhardt let out some sounds like that of an owl and he stuck out his long tongue to lick his lips. In fact, his name seemed out of place at the moment. He looked like a beast, a demon.

    "This is the real, great, powerful Blood Ancestor."

    The Dark Duke was thrilled; he went down on one knee.

    The other Dark Overlords fell back and looked at the Blood Ancestor with a terrified face instead. All of them had been fooled by the appearance of the Blood Ancestor. After showing his true colors, who else would see him as one of their kind or believe that he really cared about mankind?

    "He's a real demon!" a Taekwondo Master from Korea yelled.

    The Blood Ancestor raised his hand impatiently and spat out an ancient syllable from his mouth. Suddenly, a black rune appeared above the Korean master. The man then choked and turned into a dehydrated corpse.

    "The Withering Curse," someone murmured.

    It was a kind of curse that could kill a top warrior in a second. Everyone was frightened and even those priests of Vodun, who were famous for their curses, were stunned.

    "This is the Blood Ancestor. He claimed to be convincing Master to sacrifice himself for the sake of the Earth and humankind, but he's in fact a demon. Why do you still trust him?" Yu Wenjin shouted.

    Many western Overlords were ashamed and they lowered their heads, while the few envoys also looked embarrassed. They didn't know the Blood Ancestor was like this.

    "Chen Beixuan, you haven't entered the level. You'll never know how powerful and terrifying it is." The Blood Ancestor flapped his wings and flew into the sky.

    The large hole on his chest also started to move; it was being healed speedily. After revealing his true self, his speed of recovery also became faster.

    "Right, this is a pure Kindred… Exactly what I need," Chen Fan narrowed his eyes and said.


    This time, the Blood Ancestor attacked immediately without saying anything to Chen Fan.

    His claw stirred up and gathered the Dark Energy in the entire world, making his crimson claws lengthen to almost three feet long, seemingly able to split the planet.

    The sky was covered with thunderclouds as if it would start to rain heavily, while the wind was howling. This attack was as powerful as Ye Qincang's last punch.

    The Kindred were born with Dark Spirit Bodies and were way more powerful than normal Earth Level Deities.

    But Chen Fan wasn't scared at all. He said calmly, "My initial-success Divine Body can defeat a Connate Cultivator with my bare hands. I'll make you see that levels don't mean a thing!" Chen Fan said as he stepped forward and smacked his palm down.


    A palm formed with azure light floated in the air. Chen Fan used only the power of his body to form the palm. It was a few feet large and was shiny, as if it had been made with gold.

    The azure palm smashed the three-feet crimson light into pieces and went towards the Blood Ancestor afterwards. The Blood Ancestor was frightened; he quickly turned around, but he couldn't avoid it and half of his shoulder was shattered. Pieces of black scales and bones flew in the air and blood was squirted out from his wound.

    "You bastard!"

    The eyes of the Blood Ancestor immediately turned red and were filled with viciousness.

    The Blood Ancestor had lived on Earth for thousands of years. He had never been hurt and humiliated like that, except by the Saints of the Christian Church back then.

    He flapped his wings and sped towards Chen Fan at five times the speed of sound. His intact left claw also flashed forward and looked like it could pierce through metal.


    None of the bystanders was able to even see it. It was still a thousand meters away a second before, to immediately arrive in front of Chen Fan, as if it had broken through time.

    "Go to hell!"

    The Blood Ancestor raised his left claw which was surrounded by mist clouds; each of them represented a deadly curse.

    "The Withering Curse, the Aging Curse, the Blood Poison Curse…"

    In a blink, the Blood Ancestor had cast ten curses, which were comparable to the "Angel's Thirteen Octaves," in his hands. This attack would probably be powerful enough to kill an Entity.

    "Chen Beixuan, I will leave if you can withstand my ten curses."

    The Blood Ancestor laughed as he infused his Soul Energy into Chen Fan's mind and tried to destroy his Divine Soul.

    "Piece of cake."

    Chen Fan raised his palm expressionlessly.

    The Blood Ancestor's claw was only three inches away from Chen Fan's heart.

    But those three inches seemed too long to the Blood Ancestor. He watched Chen Fan raise a hand, hold his left claw, ignore the curses and then tear the claw off from his body.

    "No!" the Blood Ancestor shouted.

    He flapped his wings to fly backwards with a glint of fright in his eyes.

    Chen Fan's power had gone beyond the Blood Ancestor's imagination. His incredible body which couldn't be affected by curses and his terrifying ability to slow time down were unbelievable.

    "He's a monster, a real monster! His body is really close to that of a real Entity! And he isn't affected by my curses at all. More importantly, he knows Divine Powers that are used to control time? How is this possible? Nobody can do that, even among the oldest ancestors of the Kindred."

    The Blood Ancestor became more and more frightened so he flapped his wings quickly, then turned into a crimson light and escaped.

    Time was something above all laws.

    All Divine Powers that controlled time were earth-shattering and were well known across the universe. Even though Chen Fan's initial-success Divine Body wasn't strong enough to use them, he could still do so by borrowing a bit of energy.

    "The Blood Ancestor is running away?"

    Countless people widened their eyes.

    The Dark Duke was stunned; he couldn't believe what he saw.

    "You can't get away!"

    Chen Fan stood behind the Blood Ancestor and stretched out his hands.


    Chen Fan tore the Blood Ancestor's wings and the Blood Ancestor let out an earth-shattering howl and fell from the sky.

    He was this vulnerable in front of Chen Fan?


    The Blood Ancestor didn't want to fight anymore. As soon as he reached the ground, he immediately burnt the energy in his body and turned into a crimson light ray, shooting far away.

    "Stop him!" Chen Fan yelled.

    The air suddenly became hard like an iron plate. Chen Fan stretched out an azure palm full of runes and smacked the crimson light ray down onto the ground. He then clenched his fist and the azure palm grabbed the Blood Ancestor in the air. The Blood Ancestor couldn't escape no matter how hard he tried.

    It was formed with the energy of his Divine Body and was even harder than any of the metals on Earth.

    His initial-success Divine Body could defeat a Connate Cultivator with his bare hands!

    This was the real power of the Azure Thearch Longevity Body. Chen Fan had used only half of it when he battled with Xuan Luo and Tian Mingzi.

    "I can finally complete the art and enter the Connate Level!" Chen Fan showed a beaming smile as he sent out golden talismans to trap the Blood Ancestor, which then turned into a golden ball and floated on Chen Fan's hands.

    Chen Fan flew back to the Sword Palace with the golden ball. Before that, he let out a beam of golden light and slaughtered the escaping Dark Duke.

    Everyone down the mountain was dumbfounded.

    "Is the Blood Ancestor really dead?" someone mumbled after a while.

    "Master has captured the Blood Ancestor. So, who else has any other problems with my Master?"

    Yukishiro Sa raised her chin and looked around like a proud queen. The envoys and the western Immortal State Warriors all lowered their heads and remained silent.

    The world was startled!