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Chapter 662 - Stomped to Death!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 662: Stomped to Death!

    For the planet and humankind?

    This was the most ridiculous lie Chen Fan had ever heard.

    Reinhardt, the Blood Ancestor, was a pure-blood Kindred. The dark power in his body and the word "von" in his name both represented his identity as the Blood Ancestor.

    "I heard that all the big families of the Kindred used a single word as their last names. The word ‘von' means that you came from a family with this last name. The Kindred is the enemy of the human race in the universe and you eat humans for survival. This is the first time I've ever heard that you care about humans!" Chen Fan sneered and said.

    Reinhardt lost his smile and his crimson eyes narrowed.

    The world only knew they were vampires, but they didn't know the existence of the Kindred. It was a mysterious race in the universe and was billions of light years away from Earth. Even Reinhardt knew less about the Kindred's history than Chen Fan did.

    "Chen Beixuan, you must make a choice. To live or to die!" Reinhardt said with a cold voice.

    They both understood that what Reinhardt said about protecting the Earth and humankind was only a lie; they just wanted to go against each other.

    "It smells wonderful! It's the blood of Earth Level Deities, which is full of Spirit Qi and energy. If I can drink his blood, I might be able to evolve to the legendary Blood God!"

    Reinhardt stared at Chen Fan and couldn't restrain his greed.

    As for the Realm of Kunxu, Reinhardt never cared about it. He could escape back to the Blood Sea and let those Deities turn the world upside down. It was none of his business.

    But Reinhardt didn't know that Chen Fan was also looking at him with similar thoughts.

    "Mr. Chen Beixuan, even Mr. Reinhardt is willing to protect our planet. You, as a human, should also do the same…" a golden-haired councilor from the West tried to convince Chen Fan.

    Chen Fan ignored her and split her in half with his azure light blade. She still had a look of shock before she died.

    Everyone went silent.

    They had never thought Chen Fan would do that.

    He killed someone without hesitation. Only Reinhardt sneered. An Overlord like Chen Fan was already like a God, so how would he sacrifice himself for anyone else? It was only some bulls**t the western politicians talked about, but people really listened to them.

    "Mr. Chen Beixuan…" the British Envoy was startled and was about to condemn him.

    Chen Fan placed his hands behind his back and said, "If you say one more word, I will kill your family and all the officials of the British government."

    The British Envoy froze there and turned pale. His lips were trembling; he couldn't even say a word.

    Then, people finally realized this man wasn't a kind person at all. His hands were soaked in the blood of countless people and his fame was built upon the bodies of many Dark Overlords.

    "Why do we think we can convince such a vicious person to sacrifice himself to save the human race? We must have lost our minds." someone mumbled.

    Many more blanched.

    If Chen Fan insisted on not apologizing to the Deities in the Realm of Kunxu, how could the Earth resist their invasion six months later after the Gate of Heaven opened?

    People then looked at Reinhardt.

    Even though many of them thought Reinhardt wasn't reliable, they could only put their hopes on him.

    Reinhardt suddenly became the savior of the people and Chen Fan was like a villain before him.

    "Chen Beixuan, you killed a western councilor and ignored our suggestions. We can now only take you down and send you to the Realm of Kunxu." Reinhardt heaved a sigh as if he had no other choice.


    Chen Fan didn't care about this pretentious Kindred at all. He could kill a Kindred even before entering the Connate Level or completing the Sky-Swallowing Painting.


    Chen Fan stretched out his hand which was surrounded by azure aura and runes, and went towards Reinhardt.


    Reinhardt then turned into a crimson light and shot towards Chen Fan at three times the speed of sound.

    Even the Dark Duke could easily break the sonic barrier with his half-blood body; as a pure blood who had lived for centuries, the power of the Blood Ancestor's body had to be unimaginably strong.

    "Go to hell!"

    Crimson light flashed in Reinhardt's eyes and his white fangs appeared. Then, his fair hands suddenly lengthened and turned into glimmering, sharp claws.


    Reinhardt scratched with his claw in the air and the energy sped towards Chen Fan's heart.

    The Kindred was a strong race, they didn't need any cultivation arts or Martial Arts. The Blood Ancestor was confident that he could defeat an Earth Level Deity only with his claws and powerful body.

    "Ye Qincang is like a toddler who has just learned how to walk. You could defeat him last time because he's just become an Earth Level Deity. The real power of Earth Level Deities isn't something you can imagine."

    Reinhardt's eyes became brighter and his claws sent out beams of crimson light towards Chen Fan. The crimson light rays were formed by pure blood; they were powerful enough to pierce through an Earth Level Deity Body.


    Chen Fan attacked with his palm in return.

    The palm surrounded by azure aura smacked against Reinhardt's claws.


    Reinhardt fell a thousand meters backwards and stood in the air.

    He looked at his deformed palms and claws with his crimson eyes.

    "How is it possible? Why is his body so powerful?"

    Reinhardt was frightened.

    Even Saint August of the Christian Church had to rely on Holy Artifacts to defeat him a thousand years back. He had never seen a human who had a body stronger than his.

    But Reinhardt wasn't scared at all. The Kindred had an incredible resilience and his claws had returned back to normal in just a second, as if he had never been injured.

    "I've underestimated you, Chen Beixuan. I can't believe there's someone like you on Earth after thousands of years. And yet, what makes me more excited is that I'll have a higher chance of becoming a Blood God if I can drink your blood. Hahaha!"

    Reinhardt narrowed his eyes, then he looked at Chen Fan and sent out his Immortal Will.

    His wild, evil laugh resounded in Chen Fan's mind. This handsome, well-mannered Blood Ancestor was in fact a demon in a human skin.

    Chen Fan lowered his head and said, "I can also complete the Sky-Swallowing Painting if I catch you…"

    "Boom, boom, boom!"

    Reinhardt swayed his body, then many duplicate images of him appeared and surrounded Chen Fan. Each of the images looked real and full of terrifying energy.

    The bystanders stood at the foot of the mountain and saw many images of Reinhardt in the sky.

    Other than their curses and magic, the Kindred were also famous for their speed. Reinhardt's speed was beyond human imagination and even Earth Level Deities would be unable to keep up with him.

    "It's just an illusion. Let me break it."

    Chen Fan snickered and punched without using any Dharma Spells.


    The Essence Qi in the air was dissipated and a golden light ray shot out from Chen Fan's right fist into the sky with horrific energy.

    Those illusions were all torn into little bits like pieces of paper and the light ray struck a terrified man.

    "How did you see through my ‘Thousand Blood Shadow Art…'?"

    A fierce Soul Energy went towards Chen Fan, while he in turn punched Reinhardt's real body. The Ancestor's body turned into a red meteor and was shot away.

    "You're too young to understand."

    Chen Fan sneered and suddenly appeared above Reinhardt. He stomped his foot down with an indifferent look as if he were killing an ant.

    Shiny azure aura enveloped Chen Fan's right foot and countless runes appeared. His foot became like the giant foot of an ancient elephant, able to destroy an entire mountain.


    Reinhardt yelled and blood flooded out from his body, running around his hands and making them look like red crystals.

    His blood claws had once torn the throat of a Saint apart, but they were as weak as ants in front of Chen Fan's foot and were completely shattered. Then, Chen Fan even stepped on his chest and stomped him to the ground together with his claws.


    The entire Qin Chen Mountain shook.

    A giant bottomless pit appeared on the ground. Chen Fan was standing above it while the Blood Ancestor was nowhere to be found.

    Everyone was terrified; all of them closed their eyes.

    Chen Fan had stomped the thousand-year-old Blood Ancestor to death?

    How terrifying was this man? He was completely beyond everyone's imagination!