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Chapter 661 - The Blood Ancestor Arrived

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 661: The Blood Ancestor Arrived

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    "The Blood Ancestor is really here?"

    People looked at the foot of Qin Chen Mountain and saw a young man in a black tuxedo with mysterious red prints on it. He had fair skin, black hair and handsome looks. Several prestigious envoys were also walking next to him.

    The Blood Ancestor!

    Seeing this young man, countless people were at a loss for words.

    He had a pale face, fangs and a pair of bat wings; his companions were the Special Envoys from the superpowers. Although the Blood Ancestor wasn't in any myth or legend, who else would that be if it weren't him?

    "He's a demon from Hell who killed thousands of people in the past. Compared to him, Damon the Blood Fiend was pure like an angel. His hands are soaked in human blood!" someone murmured as his hands trembled.

    Those around pretended they didn't hear him.

    Everyone knew the Blood Ancestor was a vampire and he relied on human blood for survival, but the enemies from the Realm of Kunxu were coming. Many countries and organizations depended on his power. After all, he was an experienced Earth Level Deity!

    The British Envoy bowed and said, "Sir, Chen Beixuan is in the clouds at the peak of the mountain. According to our intel, there's a mysterious palace up there, which can't be detected using any modern technology and is hidden in the mist."

    The Dark World Arbitration Department worked for the British Empire, so England and the Kindred had a very close relationship. The ones who had invited the Blood Ancestor were England and the United States.

    "It's the Sword Palace of Mount Shu, a palace left by Sages thousands of years ago. We'll just wait here at the door," the Blood Ancestor said slowly.

    He sounded elegant in his British accent, as if he were reading a poem.

    The Blood Ancestor turned around and greeted everyone, "I'm here to talk to Mr. Chen Beixuan. Although I'm from another race, this planet is also my home and I'm willing to take responsibility to protect human beings and other beings on Earth."

    Many people found it hilarious. A demon who wore human skin and ate humans said he wanted to protect humankind. How ridiculous!

    Many warriors from the East sneered and said amongst themselves, "Hm! So, he's here to force Chen Beixuan to sacrifice himself. Chen Beixuan is not a fool. He won't listen."

    Chen Fan had astonished the world and protected the Martial Arts community of the East.

    Basically all Martial Artists in the East saw him as an idol. The North Qiong Sect was able to bear the pressure this time only because of the support from Ye Qincang and everyone else in China.

    But the western cultivators were different.

    Many of them cheered and someone yelled, "Blood Ancestor, please convince Chen Beixuan. If he doesn't listen, we should subdue him and hand him over to the Earth Level Deities of the Realm of Kunxu."

    Even though Ye Qincang was the only Earth Level Deity Chen Fan had defeated until then, the Blood Ancestor, as an experienced Earth Level Deity who had lived for more than a thousand years, was apparently more powerful than Chen Fan in other people's eyes.Read more chapters at L

    Then, the Blood Ancestor waited patiently at the top of Qin Chen Mountain.

    One day, two days, three days…

    More and more people gathered at the foot of Qin Chen Mountain, including those from Africa, the priests from the Magus Poison Sect of South America, the Rainforest Warrior, and all of the Immortal State Warriors. They were all waiting for Chen Fan's answer.

    "The Blood Ancestor has waited outside for five days. I guess they'll stay here until Master comes out."

    At the Sword Palace.

    Wang Xiaoyun, Fang Qiong and Qian Yexue stood in front of the secret room and observed the situation outside. They saw through a Dharma Artifact that there were over ten thousand people at the foot of Qin Chen Mountain.

    Almost half of the Dark Overlords in the world were there!

    "They're all asking Xiao Fan to come out and answer the Blood Ancestor's questions. We're under more and more pressure now. I heard that many countries have started to restrict and close down the businesses of the North Qiong Corp, in order to make us agree," Fang Qiong said.

    "Hm, it doesn't matter even if we lose our businesses. As long as the array around the Sword Palace is shut tightly, not even nuclear bombs can destroy this place. I don't believe that they'd really wait for ten years out there. I won't let them sacrifice my son," Wang Xiaoyun said furiously.

    The fifty-year-old woman looked extremely determined. Even though she was worried about the safety of the Earth and the human race, her son was more important in her mind.


    A'Xiu, Fang Qiong and An Ya nodded in agreement.

    Qian Yexue stood next to them silent, seemingly thinking about something.


    Suddenly, the stone door opened and Chen Fan came out.

    "Hm, why are you standing here?" Chen Fan was shocked.

    "Xiao Fan, have you succeeded?" Fang Qiong and the others turned around with surprise.

    "Not yet," Chen Fan replied, "There's a little calculation problem. The Spirit Stones and Divine Crystals aren't enough. I'm planning to go to the Deity Burial Valley and the palace in Qin Mountain to see if I can get more."

    Chen Fan looked gloomy.

    He thought sixty thousand Spirit Stones would be enough to complete the Sky-Swallowing Paintings, but he discovered that the first one already had demanding requirements. When Chen Fan was half way through, he found out he was out of Spirit Stones; he had even used up all the Spirit Herbs and elixirs in his body. And yet, he couldn't finish his cultivation and could only come out.

    "Master, the Blood Ancestor is at the foot of Qin Chen Mountain right now. He's here to see you and to talk about the Realm of Kunxu…" A'Xiu reported.

    But Chen Fan didn't hear what she said in the end. His eyes twinkled and said, "What? The Blood Ancestor is right outside the door?"

    He then rushed out as if he had seen a feast after starving for ten days.

    Everyone was dumbfounded.

    Meanwhile, the people gathered at the Qin Chen Mountain started complaining.

    "It's been five days. Is Chen Beixuan coming out or not?"

    "Is he scared? The Blood Ancestor isn't here for revenge. He just came to talk about the Realm of Kunxu with him."

    Many western Overlords sneered and said, "I think the Blood Ancestor should lead us all into the Sword Palace to get Chen Beixuan out!"

    The warriors from the East were a bit embarrassed. It was indeed Chen Fan's decision whether to go to the Realm of Kunxu or not, but the Blood Ancestor had come to see him in person and it would be a bit rude to ignore him.

    "Is he really scared?" some of them mumbled.

    "Heavenly Chen must be doing something important in there."

    Only Chen Fan's fans, including Gao Tianmin and Guo Xiaomang from the Ba Ji Sect, defended him, but they couldn't convince everyone else.

    The envoys of different countries also became aggressive.

    "Miss Yukishiro Sa, when will Mr. Chen Beixuan come out?"

    "If Chen Beixuan doesn't show up, we have the right to get him out by force!"

    "This is about the lives of all human beings. Chen Beixuan started it. Is he really planning to do nothing?"

    The British, French and American Envoys said to Yukishiro Sa respectively. As the spokesperson of the North Qiong Sect, Yukishiro Sa had been talking to everyone the last few days but she was so exhausted she couldn't argue with them at all.

    "It's none of your business," Yukishiro Sa said coldly.

    "Then, don't blame us for entering the Sword Palace by force," the Dark Duke snickered and said.

    Chen Fan killed his four best friends, destroyed the Dark World Arbitration Department and slaughtered many descendants with the Blood Curse. So, the intense hatred the Dark Duke had towards Chen Fan was indescribable.

    "How dare you…"

    Yukishiro Sa was about to rage at them.

    Suddenly, the sea of clouds split in the middle and someone in a white casual outfit came out. His hair was loose and there was a hint of laziness on his face. It was Chen Fan.

    "Chen Beixuan is coming out?"

    Everyone was startled. They had never thought Chen Fan would come.

    "Mr. Chen Beixuan, you're finally here," all the envoys said.

    The Blood Ancestor who was resting opened his crimson eyes and stared at Chen Fan. He then said with a glint of greed in his eyes, "My dearest Mr. Chen Beixuan, I'm the ancestor of the Kindred, Reinhardt von Camarilla.

    "I'm here to offer you an apology. My guards and descendants offended you and gave you a lot of troubles," the Blood Ancestor bowed and said elegantly.

    He didn't look like a demon at all, but rather like a medieval noble.

    Chen Fan remained silent and sized the Blood Ancestor up. His eyes were twinkling, just like a woman coveting jewelry.

    The Blood Ancestor felt a bit weird but he continued confidently, "Sir, the enemies will be coming to our planet from the Realm of Kunxu soon. We should sacrifice ourselves for the lives of all humans and the Earth. If you agree to offer the Earth Level Deities compensation, I swear I'll never take revenge on the North Qiong Sect and will protect them forever just like I do with my descendants."

    "Oh? What if I don't want to?" Chen Fan narrowed his eyes and said.

    "Then, I'll have no choice but to hand you in to the Earth Level Deities in the Realm of Kunxu. We must make this sacrifice for the sake of humankind and the Earth," the Blood Ancestor said.

    The envoys and the people from the West all nodded.

    Then, viciousness surrounded the peak of Qin Chen Mountain.