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Chapter 660 - The Twelve Sky Art Paintings

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 660: The Twelve Sky Art Paintings

    While the outside world was talking about the appearance of the Blood Ancestor, Chen Fan was still inside the Sword Palace.

    In the main room of the palace.

    Chen Fan sat with his legs crossed; there was a pile of Spirit Stones next to him. A fire was burning in the middle of the room, which was connected to the Malice Earth Well and could extract the energy of the earth at any time.

    "After being reborn for five years, I can finally act extravagantly."

    Chen Fan looked at the Spirit Stones and was thrilled.

    The cultivation environment on Earth was bad and the existing Spirit Qi wasn't enough to push someone into the Connate Level. Even Ye Qincang was only able to break through after the events that happened to him at the Deity Burial Valley, including the help from Chen Fan's "Five Elements Thunder."

    "There are fifty eight thousand Spirit Stones here. Together with the three thousand from Yingzhou Island and the one thousand Divine Crystals I found, I have a total of more than sixty thousand Spirit Stones," Chen Fan calculated.

    He was currently half a step away from entering the Connate Level and he needed around three thousand Spirit Stones for that. After getting such a large amount of Spirit Stones, Chen Fan became much more ambitious.

    "Since I've reached the Tribulation Level in my previous life, it isn't difficult for me to enter the Connate Level now. I might even achieve the Golden Core Level using secret arts. And yet, same as with the Golden Core Level, the Connate Level is also divided into different stages.

    "Some descendants of Divine Beasts, sons of Celestial Lords or Saints and offsprings of Perfected Immortals can defeat Golden Core Cultivators and Entities once they become Connate Cultivators! But I can't just settle for the Connate Level," Chen Fan thought.

    The most ordinary Connate Beings were warriors like Ye Qincang, descendants of the Blood Ancestor, those born as Connate Beings or those who cultivated some low-level arts. They relied completely on their instincts and didn't know about real cultivation at all.

    The Deities in the Realm of Kunxu were better.

    They knew cultivation arts of some small sects and had Divine Powers, Dharma Spells and Dharma Treasures. They belonged to the bottom of the Realm of Cultivation and there were plenty of them across the universe. However, they could never enter the Golden Core Level, not to mention the higher levels, like the Nascent Soul and Soul Formation.

    Above them were the elites of the large sects and races. They started taking elixirs as soon as they were born and were the closest to Dao Body Babies. They practiced the top arts of their sects and the most suitable Divine Powers and Dharma Spells. Since they were the seeds of a sect, they could probably enter the Golden Core and the Nascent Soul level.

    But they still needed skills and luck in order to enter the Soul Formation level.

    "These three groups are the ordinary classes in the Realm of Cultivation. Those who desire to reach the Soul Formation and the Void Returning Level would have to thrive for perfection when entering the Connate and Golden Core levels."

    Chen Fan heaved a sigh.

    He was only a normal Connate Cultivator in his last life, but with his determination, he reached the top of the world by killing countless warriors. This left some hidden danger for him and was the reason why he died in the end.

    "I died because of the demons in my mind and my unstable foundation. I must slowly make up for my regrets in this life, clearing my mind and strengthening my foundation. If not, how could I go beyond the universe?"

    Chen Fan took a deep breath.

    Chen Fan had cultivated the three stages of Qi Refinement perfectly and his Azure Thearch Longevity Body had also reached the level of initial success. He had basically gone beyond the normal Realm of Cultivation and could compare with the disciples of the Five Elements Immortal Sect.Read more chapters at L

    Chen Fan then started pondering, "But this isn't enough. The disciples of the Five Elements Immortal Sect can attain a Divine Body and those children of Gods can even cultivate four Divine Bodies at the same time, so that they can achieve a Sacred Body. As for the children of Saints, they are peerless talents that dominate the universe and I'm way weaker than they are. I will need more energy to keep up with them in the future.

    There were many cultivation arts and Divine Powers of different sects and races in his head, but he couldn't cultivate them in the past due to the lack of resources. That was why he had just completed his Azure Thearch Longevity Body after a long time.

    "My initial-success Divine Body has reached the highest level. If I want to go further, I can only depend on bloodline, Divine Powers, Divine Soul or cultivation arts."

    Chen Fan rubbed his chin.

    For Divine Powers, he had cultivated the Li Fire Golden Eyes and the Blade of Time. Even though the Blade of Time required his vitality, it could kill cultivators below the Golden Core Level easily, and even Golden Core Cultivators had to be careful with it.

    As for bloodline, there was nothing he could do. He had a normal human body which had no blood of Divine Beasts and he wasn't a descendant of any Entity.

    "Fine, just don't think about it. I can't just catch a Connate Spirit Being and take his blood anyway! Besides, what would I use it for?"

    Chen Fan shook his head and focused on the Divine Soul and cultivation arts.

    "The cultivation of the Divine Soul is the most difficult one. I should put that for last. As for cultivation arts…"

    Chen Fan gazed at the air.

    He had cultivated two arts up until that moment, the "Void Mortal Refinement Art" during the Foundation Establishment Stage and the "Azure Thearch Longevity Body" at the Divine Sea Level. Strictly speaking, these were both "Arts of Body Tempering" but not real cultivation arts. Since they were enough for Qi Refinement, Chen Fan didn't practice other arts.

    "With so many resources here, I can try to practice a real cultivation art." Chen Fan thought.

    Even though the cultivation arts in the Realm of Cultivation were divided into different levels, they were more or less the same. For example, the "Sword Art of Nine Abandonments" was a low-level art for Chen Fan but it wasn't really quite different from the supreme arts of the large sects.

    "The Divine Arts, the Sacred Arts and the Celestial Arts are truly on different levels! They are more advanced than normal cultivation arts and are the key elements for the large sects and races to stand tall in the universe."

    A glint of excitement flashed in Chen Fan's eyes.

    Before he established his own sect in his last life, he cultivated the supreme art of the True Martial Celestial Sect:

    The "Battling Celestial Art!"

    This was the most powerful art that the True Martial Celestial Sect used to dominate the universe! It was said to have been created by the first-generation Ancestral Master of the sect and Chen Fan had never lost a battle thanks to it. The Battling Celestial Art was even in the top ten on the Cultivation Art Roll.

    "The Battling Celestial Art requires the level of Soul Formation to start and I must first achieve the True Martial Sacred Body. I'm too far from that. Besides, I might not be able to complete other arts of the True Martial Celestial Sect as well since the requirements are too demanding, not to mention the cultivation arts they created themselves."

    Chen Fan frowned.

    If he couldn't practice Celestial Arts, then he could aim for Sacred Arts which were a level lower. However, Sacred Arts also had pretty demanding requirements and Chen Fan's Spirit Stones might not be able to supply enough energy for him.

    "So, should I practice a Divine Art? But my Azure Thearch Longevity Body has reached the top level and the power it has is similar to that of a normal Divine Art. There's no point in doing this…"

    Chen Fan shook his head and a memory about a weird art came to mind.

    After achieving the Tribulation Level in his previous life, he had travelled across the universe and had seen twelve paintings on the walls of an ancient palace. The palace floated in the middle of nowhere near the border of the universe and had probably stood there for billions of years. Even Chen Fan was unable to destroy it. He had always thought that it might be the ruins left from the previous era.

    "I sat in front of those twelve paintings for ten years and created a cultivation art called the ‘Twelve Sky Art Paintings!' It should be comparable to the Battling Celestial Art and might even be more advanced than Sky Arts. Unfortunately, I was already at the Tribulation Level and couldn't cultivate anymore. This may be a good time to do it," Chen Fan pondered.

    "It's a cultivation art that anyone can practice, but it also requires tons of resources at the same time. To complete the first painting, I might need dozens of thousands of Spirit Stones, and maybe a thousand times more as I move on. When I reach the twelfth painting, even all the resources in the True Martial Celestial Sect might not be enough.

    "But once I complete all of them, I'll become powerful enough to exterminate thousands of races!"

    After Chen Fan had been reborn, he was very confident that he could reach the top level and the amount of resources he had wouldn't affect the result.

    Besides, he could choose to cultivate something else in the middle of the process.

    "Let's practice the first painting! I hope these resources are enough."

    Chen Fan closed his eyes.

    An old stone painting, which seemed to come from a long time ago—with a hint of ruggedness from the ancient times—appeared in his mind. There was a giant mouth on the painting as if it were swallowing the world.

    "Twelve Sky Art Paintings: Sky-Swallowing Painting!"

    Chen Fan cast the spell with his mouth slightly open.

    "Crack, crack."

    The Spirit Stones cracked one after another and turned into dark green Spirit Qi. Chen Fan absorbed the Spirit Qi a hundred times faster than he did before.

    As Chen Fan continued cultivating, he absorbed more Spirit Qi and dots of light started to appear in his body. Those light dots represented the energy hidden inside his body, which was mysterious like the universe. The energy was initiated due to his cultivation and Chen Fan began to see some magical changes.

    His Longevity True Essence transformed slowly into a strange kind of True Essence. It felt as wide and deep as the ocean, a place that could not be filled, not even if it sucked the world in.

    Beams of light shined all over the room and a peerless Overlord was transforming.

    In the meantime, the outside world was putting more pressure on the North Qiong Sect and they started to become overwhelmed. After all, they were facing the Blood Ancestor and the entire world!

    June 7th, 2012.

    The Blood Ancestor entered China and arrived at the Qin Chen Mountain together with the envoys of England, France, Russia and the United States. They went to the Sword Palace and requested to meet Chen Fan to negotiate about the problem the entire human race was encountering.

    After hearing about it, countless Overlords started gathering around Qin Chen Mountain.

    In a short while, Qin Chen Mountain became the focus of the whole world.