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Chapter 659 - The Big Picture Above Everything Else

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 659: The Big Picture Above Everything Else

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    Even though Kunlun and the North Qiong Sect had ordered people not to talk about the battle, some of them still leaked the information. Besides, many countries adjusted the position of their satellites secretly so that they could record the earth-shattering battle.

    "Gate of Heaven… Realm of Kunxu… Immortal State Warriors… Earth Level Deity… Chen Beixuan."

    These keywords instantly stirred the Dark World and startled all countries on the planet.

    "Wait, there's a space passage that connects to another world? That world has many Immortal State Warriors and Earth Level Deities? And those Earth Level Deities are coming to take revenge against Chen Beixuan?"

    Everyone was dumbfounded.

    This had gone way beyond human imagination! Having a hidden world on Earth was even more incredible than having aliens.

    "Seriously? Ye Qincang is the first Earth Level Deity after thousands of years but he has been hiding to recover after the battle on Mount Yan. If the Realm of Kunxu really has so many Earth Level Deities, why haven't we seen them even once?" someone wondered.

    "I saw it on Qin Chen Mountain with my own eyes. Even though those cultivators from the Gate of Heaven are only disciples, they were incredibly powerful. Tian Mingzi, Xuan Luo and Qian Yexue were all strong enough to dominate the world and even the Dark Duke might be no match for them. Other than Earth Level Deities, who else can train their disciples to be such powerful warriors?" an anonymous person replied.

    "So, Chen Beixuan is in trouble?"

    Some western Overlords started gloating.

    Everyone knew Chen Fan had defeated Ye Qincang when he had just become an Earth Level Deity. If those Earth Level Deities in the Realm of Kunxu traveled to their world, it would be difficult for Chen Fan to fight with them with his bare hands no matter how strong he was.

    Many more who hated Chen Fan said, "He killed their disciples! How can the Earth Level Deities just stay in their realm? This is like bringing a tiger into our world. Who knows what they're capable of?"

    Even those who used to admire Chen Fan also shook their heads.

    Many people in China were complaining that Chen Fan had gone too far, completely offending the Deities in the Realm of Kunxu. The two worlds could have negotiated peacefully but war was the only way out at the moment.

    "These Earth Level Deities in the Realm of Kunxu didn't plan to come, but they certainly will after what Chen Beixuan did. And yet, do you think they might have other thoughts after eliminating Chen Beixuan, say… conquering the Earth?"

    Some made the most evil guesses.

    All countries and organizations in the world were worried.

    "What if we hand him over when the Earth Level Deities come?" someone suggested.

    The suggestion immediately gained support from many people.

    Some Overlords from the West even went to the North Qiong Sect, requesting Chen Fan to turn himself in and apologize to the Realm of Kunxu.Read more chapters at L

    "This is for the sake of the entire human race! Chen Beixuan, you should sacrifice yourself to save our race if you're a human," some people said.

    "Get out of here! How can you ask someone to sacrifice himself in exchange for your hedonistic life? Why don't you sacrifice yourself?" A'Xiu said furiously.

    "If the Realm of Kunxu asks me to sacrifice myself for the human race, I will do it without hesitation. Chen Beixuan was born and raised on Earth. He should contribute to the planet and the entire race," a white-haired elder said as he coughed.

    Many recognized him; he was a famous cultivator from the Christian Church, who had been doing good deeds for decades and was named the Reincarnation of Saints by the church. However, some thought that he was only trying to make money by lecturing around the world in the name of performing acts of kindness.

    "You are you. My Master is my Master. You have no right to make decisions for him," Yu Wenjin replied.

    "Haha, what's a little sacrifice in front of the lives of all human beings? Haven't you heard about the majority rule?" a golden-haired woman said. She was a famous journalist from a western newspaper and was known as a humanitarian.

    "Yeah, Chen Beixuan should take responsibility. After all, he's the one who brought the Earth Level Deities here," many more people agreed.

    The way the North Qiong Sect dealt with people who were up to no good was to kick them out of the sect.

    But this immediately caused a great furor around the world.

    "These people only came to convince you for the sake of all human beings, but you didn't accept their goodwill and even kicked them out. Is this something a responsible sect should do?"

    Not only people on the forums, many from the underground organizations were condemning the North Qiong Sect.

    A Japanese senior official even said in public, "If China wants to become a superpower, they should convince Chen Beixuan to take the initiative to solve this crisis."


    England, France, Germany, Italy…

    Countless countries started to put pressure on China.

    Even the families and sects in China agreed. Wang Keqin once said to the people, "As a descendant of the Wang Family, Chen Fan should take responsibility."

    Major families like the Qin Family and the Han Family also began to waver and they leaked the news.

    After hearing about it, the North Qiong Sect was enraged and many of them proposed to suppress the Wang Family.

    Wang Xiaoyun shut herself in her bedroom for three days. When she came out, she immediately published a statement, saying that the relationship between her and the Wang Family had ended and that they were even.

    "Do they really think the Earth Level Deities would not come to Earth if Master had not killed Xuan Luo and the other disciples? The Gate of Heaven will be fully opened after six months and the Earth Level Deities will definitely enter our world. A few decades ago, they didn't mind coming even though the human world was only a barren land. And now, if they see the huge development of modern technology and the power of nuclear weapons, would they really give up this planet?" Yukishiro Sa analyzed calmly.

    Unfortunately, fewer and fewer people were willing to accept the idea.

    Or, many of them understood but they wouldn't say it because of their old scores with Chen Fan.

    "You can't wake a person who's pretending to be asleep," Fang Qiong snickered and continued, "If we want to protect Xiao Fan, the North Qiong Sect must become stronger and have its own troops, strength and leverage."

    Those from the North Qiong Sect immediately reached a decision.

    Under Fang Qiong's lead, the Dragon Hall started to recruit Chinese disciples from Southeast Asia and Myanmar, and taught them simple Martial Arts techniques. They also opened the Sword Palace and the Green Dragon Grand Array for the endless supply of Dharma Artifacts and elixirs. Besides, those in the Medicine God Valley Sect were gathering ingredients and started making medicines in batches.

    The potential and power of the North Qiong Sect was beyond everyone's imagination.

    There were hundreds of millions of disciples and warriors at the Dragon Hall, dominating Southeast Asia. At the same time, the Medicine God Valley Sect had a large number of mature Elixir Brewing Masters, while the Dark Witch Sect and the Yin Ghost Sect were full of spell casters.

    And they had endless resources taken from the Dark World Arbitration Department, the Green Dragon Grand Array and the Sword Palace of Mount Shu.

    The world would be shocked by what they were capable of.

    "I heard that the North Qiong Sect has gathered a hundred thousand disciples to train them into warriors."

    "Not only that. I heard that the Dark Witch Sect and the Yin Ghost Sect are also recruiting new disciples. Their elixirs are enough to push them into the Dao-Reaching Level."

    "They're going against the world with the power of their sect!"

    Many people were shocked by the power and determination of the North Qiong Sect, so they hid and never spoke again. However, those world-class forces, families and superpowers weren't afraid at all and were still mocking them.

    "What does the North Qiong Sect want to do? Be the enemy of all humanity?" England and France asked.

    The Christian Church, which had been hiding for decades, also spoke, "It's an honor to become a sacrifice for the entire human race. Chen Beixuan must step up!"

    "We look forward to seeing Mr. Chen Beixuan step up and bear more responsibility," the American spokesperson stated something vague.

    After the superpowers spoke, the North Qiong Sect was under tremendous pressure and there were even disagreements within China.

    While everyone was still arguing whether to protect Chen Beixuan or not, Ye Qincang expressed his opinion. He was the only one Earth Level Deity in the world and was influential. If he supported Chen Fan, many other major families would only have to follow.

    A month later, an earth-shattering news came from the West.

    The Blood Ancestor had risen!

    The Blood Ancestor!

    This legendary figure had lived more than a thousand years, having lived since the Medieval times and once escaped from the Saints of the Christian Church. His five Blood Guards established the Dark World Arbitration Department and ruled the Dark World for centuries.

    The appearance of such a well-known, experienced Earth Level Deity instantly astonished the world.

    "Really? The Blood Ancestor came back?"

    "Of course. Someone saw the Blood Sea split in Romania and someone came from out there. The Dark Duke even knelt on one knee after seeing him."

    "There will be drastic changes in the world!"

    Countless people started to put their focus on this legendary being.

    Compared to Chen Fan and Ye Qincang, the Blood Ancestor was a true legend, who was even from a foreign race. He left people in disbelief, feeling out of sorts, as if they had just stepped into a story world.

    "Will the Blood Ancestor try to exact vengeance from Chen Beixuan?"

    Many wondered.

    All the members of the North Qiong Sect were terrified. It was the Blood Ancestor; after all, he was much more powerful than Ye Qincang after becoming the new Earth Level Deity. The descendants of the Chen Family like Fang Qiong and Wang Xiaoyun hid in the Sword Palace, worrying that the Blood Ancestor would capture them.

    But then, another astonishing news came from the West.

    "The Blood Ancestor said all the beings on Earth should work together to protect the planet from the enemies from the Realm of Kunxu! He has let go of his hatred and wants to make peace with Chen Fan, hoping that he can see the big picture above everything else."

    Once the news came out, countless people were startled, but many more were cheering and praising the Blood Ancestor's forbearance and sense of justice.