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Chapter 656 - The Dumbfounded Qian Yexue

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 656: The Dumbfounded Qian Yexue

    "Whoosh, whoosh!"

    Each of the flying swords was shining bright like a meteor. The sky seemed to be glimmering with stars, looking beautiful and fierce at the same time.

    "The Starry Sword Array," Xie Yan suddenly said when Qian Yexue was about to speak.

    Qian Yexue glanced at Xie Yan with surprise and added, "Yes, this is the Starry Sword Array the Old Man of Nine Abandonments used to battle against Deities in the past, which absorbed energy from the ground and the stars. I heard that the Sword Palace had once killed Sky Immortals with this sword array."

    Everyone next to them were all startled.

    People from the mortal world used to think that Earth Level Deities were the most powerful beings in the world and Ye Qincang was the only one who had reached that level. And yet, after meeting the cultivators from the Gate of Heaven, they realized that there were Sky Immortals above Earth Level Deities.

    Rumors said that Sky Immortals could live thousands of years. They could turn the world upside down, fly up in the sky, dive deep in the ocean and travel across the universe, while being truly invincible. Although there were the Heavenly Courts and many Masters in the ancient times, they were still regarded as the dominators of the world.

    Even a dominator like that had been killed by the sword array, showing how terrifying the "Starry Sword Array" was.

    "The sword array is indeed powerful, but it's nothing in Master's eyes," Hua Yunfeng said.

    In the past, he could only look up to the Immortal State Warriors, not to mention Sky Immortals and Earth Level Deities.

    However, after seeing the Overlords in Chen Fan's Immortal Will, Hua Yunfeng realized that Sky Immortals and Earth Level Deities were only Connate and Golden Core Cultivators, who had only become real cultivators in the Realm of Cultivation.


    Xie Yan nodded.

    The Sword Art of Nine Abandonments was an useless sword art to Chen Fan. So, how would Xie Yan appreciate its creator, the Old Man of Nine Abandonments?

    Qian Yexue frowned and remained silent.

    "Looks like Chen Beixuan's disciples are just like him. Every one of you talks arrogantly! Not even the Sect Master of the Azure Mystic Sect would look down on the Old Man of Nine Abandonments' sword array!" Qian Yexue thought.

    Suddenly, many golden blade auras fell from the sky, covering the entire square like a golden rainstorm.

    "It's going to start."

    Qian Yexue clenched her fists tightly.

    Although she didn't like Chen Fan, she had sympathy for Lu Yanxue and couldn't watch Lu Yanxue's husband be killed by the sword array. More importantly, she had no idea what would happen to the red lotuses in her body if Chen Fan died.

    "Clank, clank!"

    Chen Fan stood there with his hands behind his back and didn't avoid the blade auras. When the golden blades reached him, it sounded like metals clashing against each other, and his body let out rays of azure light.

    "It's no use. The Starry Sword Array gets stronger as it attacks, and when its energy reaches the maximum level, the flying swords will flash like thousands of stars falling from the sky. No matter how powerful his body is, he can't withstand the clashes of countless flying swords," Qian Yexue said.

    "Just keep watching," A'Xiu replied.

    Then, Chen Fan kept moving forward and the blades struck him at an even faster speed, which created a golden waterfall in the sky; no one could tell it had been formed with many small daggers.

    "Clank, clank!"

    The sound was getting louder, the clashes were getting faster and the azure light around Chen Fan was getting brighter. His shape eventually transformed, appearing like an indestructible piece of gold.

    At last, Chen Fan was drowned in the golden aura and no one could see him from the outside.

    Qian Yexue shook her head and said, "Ask your Master to come back. Even the Elephant God Master can't do this."

    A'Xiu, Yukishiro Sa and the others were also nervous. Even if they had faith in Chen Fan, they still worried about him.

    Suddenly, there came a long cry from the square.

    The cry started quiet and gradually resounded throughout the square; the surrounding walls became alight because of it. Then, Chen Fan's voice passed through the golden rainstorm and everyone else heard him clearly.

    "Sword array! Give me an eternal life!"


    An azure light ray shot out of the sword array and went straight into the sky.

    Everyone looked over.

    Chen Fan was on the sword array and his body looked as if it were made of gold. Countless golden runes appeared on his bones, organs, limbs and even his face.

    He stood there with a sense of immortality.

    His initial-success Azure Thearch Longevity Body was completed!

    Although he had spent two months cultivating his body, it took several months to really stabilize. With the help of the sword array, it was finally done.


    Qian Yexue widened her eyes.

    She had only seen such astonishing sight while witnessing the might of the Elephant God Master of Mount Thunder, he was the top body tempering cultivator in the Realm of Kunxu, a Bodhisattva at the Grand King Kong State. How could an Immortal State Warrior like Chen Fan compare to him?

    It was only the beginning. Then, what really astonished her happened.

    The flying swords looked furious. They grouped together and flashed towards Chen Fan, creating a golden curve in the sky.

    Each of the flying swords was very close to the Spirit Artifact level, and their attacks were comparable to that of an Immortal State Warrior. When all of them attacked together, even an Earth Level Deity would be terrified.

    But Chen Fan just let out a laugh and punched.


    This punch relied only on his bodily strength, without any Dharmic Powers at all. The azure aura around Chen Fan's body was focused on his right fist; he sent out a ten-feet azure light ray towards the sword array.


    The entire square was shaking.

    Countless shattered bits of Blade Qi splashed in all directions like raindrops.

    Many arrays were initiated and runes appeared on the walls. These were all parts of the array in the Sword Palace, so that the Earth Level Deities couldn't do anything inside the palace, either. The Sword Qi created plenty of marks on the white marble floor, as if thousands of cars had driven through it.


    The golden sword array couldn't withstand Chen Fan's punch. The flying swords then fell from the sky like raindrops and were stuck on the floor, letting out some buzzing sounds.

    Chen Fan broke the whole Starry Sword Array!

    "How is that possible?"

    Qian Yexue said open-mouthed.

    It was the Starry Sword Array that the Old Man of Nine Abandonments used to kill Sky Immortals, and it was powerful enough to eliminate Earth Level Deities even if there wasn't someone controlling it. And yet, Chen Fan broke it with his own power.

    A'Xiu raised her chin and said proudly, "I told you. Master's power isn't something you can imagine."

    Qian Yexue frowned, but she didn't bother to argue with a girl, given her status as the Goddess of the Snow God Palace. She then replied, "The Starry Sword Array is an array that can kill Sky Immortals. It's not as simple as you think."

    As expected, the flying swords started vibrating violently and let out some buzzing sounds as if enraged.

    "Swish, swish!"

    The swords shot into the sky one after another and turned into flashes of golden light. Then, they gathered and merged into a few feet long golden blade aura.

    This blade aura swept across the air as if it were going to tear the sky apart.

    The entire square was split in half and everyone could feel the fierce Sword Qi from several meters away.

    "The Thunder Tribulation Strike! I heard that not even a Sky Immortal could survive it. This is the real power of the Starry Sword Array," Qian Yexue said seriously.

    Those from the North Qiong Sect also watched closely and anxiously.

    Even though the blade aura was only a few feet long, it was more terrifying than Lin Shuming's attack.

    It made sense though.

    Lin Shuming's slash was only comparable to an attack of an Earth Level Deity, but the Thunder Tribulation Strike could kill an Earth Level Deity!


    There seemed to be someone holding the sword, speaking with an old man's voice.

    Then, the golden blade aura sped across the air, arriving in front of Chen Fan within a second. It had totally gone beyond space and time.

    And only this unbelievable slash could kill a Sage.

    "How are you going to stop it?"

    Qian Yexue looked over.

    Everyone else also looked at Chen Fan anxiously. His white robe was fluttering, his long hair was loose and he didn't look nervous at all. He then gently tapped on the Blade Strengthening Gourd and yelled.


    The yellow gourd floated in the air and sucked the golden blade aura in.

    The golden blade aura stopped. A beam of light of around an inch long turned into a small dagger before being sucked in by the Blade Strengthening Gourd. Then, the flying swords flew out from the golden blade aura; they entered the gourd one after the other.

    In the end…

    The ninety nine flying swords and the entire Starry Sword Array had been absorbed by the gourd and nothing was left in the air.

    Everyone was stunned! Qian Yexue's eyes even popped out, finding the situation beyond belief.

    "See? I told you a sword array can't stop Master!"

    Xie Yan took a peek at Qian Yexue.

    She stood frozen and speechless.