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Chapter 655 - The Sword Palace Opened

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 655: The Sword Palace Opened

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    "What is it?"

    Azure Dragon asked anxiously.

    He cared about himself and Kunlun the most, but not Chen Fan. After all, if the Earth Level Deities came to Earth, China and Kunlun would be at the front lines. Those Earth Level Deities despised the mortal world and were unrestrained. Who knew what they would do?

    "These people are all elite descendants of the major sects."

    Yan Jingchao hesitated and said, "A part of their Divine Souls is imbued into a coin which is stored inside their sect altars. Once they die, the coin will also be destroyed. This is a way to control their disciples and to aid in the investigation of their deaths should the occasion arise. Now that dozens of the disciples are dead, the sects in the Realm of Kunxu should know by now…"

    Ye Nantian and the others smiled wryly. The Realm of Kunxu was probably in a frenzy!

    So many elites and future Sect Masters had died so suddenly, their entire realm would surely be enraged.

    Many felt worried.

    The sects in the Realm of Kunxu were already aware of this matter. Nobody had any idea what secret arts and Dharma Treasures they had, or whether they could break through the passage and come to Earth in advance. By then, all of China would be submerged in chaos.

    "It's alright. Six months is enough," Chen Fan flicked his fingers and said indifferently.

    "Very few Dharma Treasures can be used to travel across two worlds, and they must be at least at the level of Spirit Treasures. Only a couple of cultivators can really come through from the Realm of Kunxu. Besides, after six months…"

    Chen Fan stopped talking; there was a glint of disdain in his eyes.

    Six months later, he would have already reached the Connate level. By then, Chen Fan would be able to defeat all the Earth Level Deities on Earth with his initial-success Divine Body and Connate Spirit. He would dominate the planet as long as there were no Golden Core Cultivators, and the Realm of Kunxu would be nothing to him.

    "This battle is inevitable, but the Earth Level Deities must first get through me before running wild in China," Azure Dragon said standing upright.

    Earth Level Deities might be powerful but they were no match for nuclear weapons. China was a superpower that had a huge nuclear arsenal and all kinds of high-tech weapons. No one could be sure who would win!

    "Pass on the order. Block the passage of the information. Nobody is allowed to disclose a thing to anybody."

    As Ye Nantian gave his order, Kunlun and the North Qiong Sect also did the same.

    After all, it was astonishing that another world beside Earth existed, and that many Earth Level Deities there were going to pay them a visit to take revenge. This news would cause a great turmoil if the world knew about it.

    Many warriors nodded immediately.

    That was the order given by the North Qiong Sect and Kunlun! The United States was probably the only one in the world that could offend Chen Fan and Kunlun at the same time.

    Meanwhile, Chen Fan stood on top of the Qin Chen Mountain, looking at the sea of clouds.

    "You're here for this ruin?"

    "Yes, Senior Chen. We heard that the Sword Palace of Mount Shu is located deep in the clouds on Qin Chen Mountain. The Old Man of Nine Abandonments, who built the Sword Palace, is a peak-stage Sky Immortal, and the ‘Sword Art of Nine Abandonments' he used to practice is a complete cultivation art. If we can get it, there might be another divine sect in the Realm of Kunxu," Yan Jingchao said respectfully.

    According to what he said, even though the Realm of Kunxu had many powerful sects, the Yuntian Palace was the most superior of them all, one that dominated the realm. It was said that there was a complete Sky secret art at the Yuntian Palace that led cultivators straight to the Sky Immortal level.

    Chen Fan wondered.

    Xie Yan was also stunned.

    Wasn't that the sword art Sword Secret the Exalted Cultivator found on Mount Shu? Chen Fan glanced through it that time and found that it was a useless cultivation art, so he gave it to Xie Yan. They had never thought that the cultivators from the Realm of Cultivation would die for it.

    "That's right. It's hard to get Sky Immortals arts. The reason why there haven't been any Sky Immortals in the Realm of Kunxu for thousands of years…

    "…is because the environment of the world keeps changing. Not only in the mortal world, the Spirit Qi in the Realm of Kunxu is also dissipating. Also, we lack cultivation arts that help us become Sky Immortals. All the arts of the major sects can only get us to the peak stage of Earth Level Deities. Even the Sect Master of the Azure Mystic Sect, the most powerful in the Realm of Kunxu, is stuck at this stage," Qian Yexue said with a cold voice.

    Chen Fan and the others found it hilarious.

    Chen Fan shook his head.

    That was right! When the cultivators left the Realm of Cultivation, they must have taken all the best cultivation arts and Dharma Treasures. The ones left there were probably broken or unimportant.

    The Realm of Kunxu, who they called the Realm of Deities, was in fact an abandoned land.

    "Let's go inside and check it out," Chen Fan said.

    Qian Yexue was about to remind Chen Fan that it wasn't time to enter yet, since the Sword Palace was surrounded by an array which opened every few years and only did so for a few days every time it did.

    But then, Chen Fan cast a spell.



    There seemed to be something moving on a giant track as if the Gate of Heaven had been opened. The clouds started separating in the middle and a cloud stairs stretched from deep inside the clouds to the front of Chen Fan.


    Qian Yexue was dumbfounded.

    An array created by Sky Immortals had the power to control the world and even Earth Level Deities had to be careful with it, since Earth Level Deities were just as weak as ants in front of Sky Immortals. So, who would have thought that Chen Fan could slash open the array just like that?

    "I guess he's only lucky…" Qian Yexue lowered her head and mumbled.

    Chen Fan only relied on his powerful body to kill many cultivators from the Gate of Heaven. Qian Yexue didn't believe that he would also be an array master.

    "Follow me."

    Chen Fan started climbing the cloud stairs.

    The other members of the North Qiong Sect kept up. Qian Yexue and those from the Black Water Sect had no choice but to follow them.

    The Sword Palace of Mount Shu had been built on top of the sea of clouds and was hidden in a large array. No one could see it from the outside.

    Yan Jingchao looked around and said in awe, "I know that the top sect of the Realm of Kunxu, the Yuntian Palace, is also located on top of clouds. It was built by the descendants of the Heavenly Courts in the ancient times which is why they could dominate the realm."

    "Right, the Yuntian Palace was indeed built a thousand feet in the sky with special pumice stones. It is also connected to countless arrays, so it's not only a palace but also an enormous Dharma Artifact. Even a Sky Immortal would struggle to survive if he entered it," Qian Yexue said.

    She was knowledgeable and had convinced everyone around her in just an instant.

    And yet, Chen Fan ignored her; he kept on walking, making the Goddess frown.

    "Dad, look! What's that?"

    After walking for several miles, they saw the door of the palace; there was a spacious square behind the door. On both sides of the door were two white marble pillars with many beautiful reliefs carved on them. The words written on the plaque were:

    "The Sword Palace of Mount Shu!"

    "It's the Sword Palace! I heard that the Old Man of Nine Abandonments had set up a large array around the palace and left a sword array formed by ninety nine flying swords inside. If someone breaks in, the sword array will be initiated. It's powerful enough to kill Earth Level Deities," Qian Yexue said.

    "So, what should we do?"

    Everyone from the North Qiong Sect and Kunlun was startled.

    It had already gone beyond their imagination that the Old Man of Nine Abandonments could build a palace on the clouds, so the sword array he had left there would surely be incredibly powerful.

    "If you want to break the sword array, you'll need the top sword cultivation masters to communicate with the array using the heart of the swords. The whole process will take about seven weeks, and all the sword cultivation masters of the Realm of Kunxu are basically from the Azure Mystic Sect…" Qian Yexue said as she glanced at Chen Fan.

    Everyone looked at each other in confusion.

    So, there was no way they could enter the Sword Palace?

    "Really? Let me try."

    Chen Fan entered with his hands behind him.

    Qian Yexue frowned and wanted to warn him, but she didn't.

    Qian Yexue thought.


    Chen Fan stepped into the Sword Palace as if he were taking a casual stroll.


    One of the ninety nine flying swords on the square was immediately activated and it turned into a bright beam of light, shooting towards Chen Fan. He wasn't shocked at all; he flicked away the flying sword with his fingers.

    But he had never thought this would enrage all of them.


    The flying swords were activated one after another. They all turned into light rays that lined up in the air. Ten, twenty, thirty… all of the ninety flying swords floated there, pointing at Chen Fan.

    "The sword array was initiated. Ask him to come back!" Qian Yexue yelled quickly.

    A sword array and normal flying swords were two different things. An array formed by ninety nine flying swords was much more powerful than an Immortal State Warrior controlling ninety nine flying swords. It was a horrific array that could truly kill an Earth Level Deity.

    But then, something made Qian Yexue's eyes pop out.