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Chapter 654 - A Catastrophe Is Coming?

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 654: A Catastrophe Is Coming?

    Qin Chen Mountain was a secluded place; it was also the fourth most well-known mountain in Taoism. Many Qi Refinement Cultivators often stayed there.

    But at the moment, this sacred ground had been inundated by blood. The bodies of dozens of elites from the Gate of Heaven lay at the foot of Qin Chen Mountain. Many Martial Artists and cultivators from China and foreign countries witnessed this.

    "Tian Mingzi of the Heavenly Thunder Sect, Lei Potian, Zi Xingkong of Fentian Valley, the monk from Mount Thunder, Ci Xuan of the Mieqing Sect… and Xuan Luo of the Azure Mystic Sect," Yan Jingchao said their names one by one as Zhang Ran and the others turned paler and paler.

    Only they knew what those names meant.

    There was a large sect and an Earth Level Deity Master behind each of them. Almost half of the elites in the Realm of Kunxu were there.

    They had always run wild in the Realm of Kunxu and didn't even bother to glance at the small sects like the Black Water Sect. And yet, all of them had been killed by Chen Fan.

    Even Xiao Wu, the girl in the red dress, was frightened.

    "Something terrible is going to happen! Senior Chen, you're in great trouble!" Yan Jingchao looked at Chen Fan as his hands trembled.

    So many descendants of the major sects had died on Earth.

    The sects in the Gate of Heaven would be enraged the moment they learned of this.

    Especially Xuan Luo, he was a Dao Body Baby and the heir of the Azure Mystic Sect. Their Sect Master would not let this matter slide. His mother, the Taiyin Fairy, wasn't someone to be trifled with, either.

    "They're already dead. I don't care about it."

    Chen Fan flicked his fingers indifferently.

    He was only half a step away from entering the Connate level and his power was continuously increasing. Once he became a Connate Cultivator, he would be able to send a blade aura ninety thousand miles away and only Golden Core Cultivators would be capable of fighting with him.

    "I don't get it. Why don't you run away? Do you think I'll be easy on women?"

    Chen Fan turned around and looked at Qian Yexue.

    This Goddess of the Snow God Palace stood right above the ground as if she could fly away anytime, and everyone before her was extremely ashamed.

    "You killed Xuan Luo and Tian Mingzi with your fingers, and your body is very close to that of a Sky Immortal. I believe now that you might really be able to defeat an Earth Level Deity," Qian Yexue said with a calm look.

    "You still dare to stay here and talk to me only because of the Dharma Treasure on your body. Let me guess what it is that makes you so confident facing me," Chen Fan said.

    "With your current level, there are only a few types of Dharma Treasures you can use. The others, including the Agent, the Sock Puppet, the Incarnation and the Great Shift, were too difficult for you. It's a Concealment Talisman, right? Since you came from the Snow God Palace, you must have an Ice Concealment Talisman or a Water Concealment Talisman, which the sect gave you for your protection."

    Qian Yexue turned paler every time Chen Fan spoke; she stared at him as if she had seen a ghost.

    Arts of Concealment.

    The most difficult Dharma Spells in the entire cultivation system. Unlike Xuan Luo's Art of Blood Escape, the five Elemental Concealment Arts, the Thunder Concealment Art, the Wind Concealment Art, the Shadow Concealment Art and the Light Concealment Art were all powerful.

    The Arts of Concealment would turn a body into some kind of energy that allowed cultivators to leave their bodies and merge with the world. For example, the Water Concealment Art turned a body into a stream of water to integrate with the ocean.

    To do so, a cultivator had to be at the Connate level or possess an Earth Level Deity Body.

    Qian Yexue was apparently not a Connate Cultivator and neither could she practice the Arts of Concealment. Still, her sect must have given her a Concealment Talisman.

    "Heavenly Chen is indeed knowledgeable. I'm impressed. But please forgive me. I don't have time to discuss with you anymore."

    Qian Yexue bowed and a talisman on her chest exploded. Her entire body turned into a white light ray and shot away. She was traveling unimaginably fast; even faster than Xuan Luo's Art of Blood Escape.

    "How would you be able to escape from me using only an Art of Concealment?"

    Chen Fan sneered, then stretched out his palm and yelled.



    An area of a thousand meters became an iron plate and solidified the Essence Qi in the air. Since the Arts of Concealment required Essence Qi after all, Qian Yexue failed to escape.

    The white light dissipated and Qian Yexue appeared. She then said with a frightened look, "But how? This is a long-lost spell and only a peak-stage Earth Level Deity can use it."

    Chen Fan had used it once during his battle with the Dragon Hall but he could only seal an area of a few hundred meters for ten seconds back then. At the moment, a thousand-meter area was sealed and could even last for ten minutes.

    "My capability isn't something you can imagine. Now, go to hell!" Chen Fan said expressionlessly as he formed an azure giant palm and smashed.

    Qian Yexue shouted and took out an Ice Jade Ball. The ice ball was her real superior-grade Dharma Artifact which sent out countless rays of white light, shooting to the sky like some ice needles. Each of the needles were as powerful as the flying sword; they all carried the chilly Yin qi that could freeze a mammoth.

    Ice Essence Pearl.

    One of the Divine Artifacts of the Snow God Palace.

    Qian Yexue wouldn't have this protection if she weren't the Goddess of the Snow God Palace.

    "Ding, ding."

    The white light needles struck the azure giant palm, making it shake slightly. The Yin Qi seemed to be trying to break the palm, but Chen Fan's initial-success Divine Body was too powerful.

    Then, there came a cracking sound.

    The azure giant palm smashed the ice needles and knocked away the Ice Essence Pearl, creating a tiny crack on its surface. It seemed that not even a superior-grade Spirit Artifact could withstand Chen Fan's attack. After that, the palm went directly toward Qian Yexue.

    Right before she was smashed, she suddenly shouted out a name which startled Chen Fan and made him stop the azure palm.

    "You know Lu Yanxue?"

    Chen Fan looked at the girl in the white gown.

    Qian Yexue didn't look like a Goddess anymore. Her hair was loose and there were drops of sweat on her forehead. She immediately nodded with fright in her eyes.

    "Yanxue is my junior. A senior brought her to the palace. She told me that you were her husband in the human world."

    "How is she now?"

    Chen Fan frowned and didn't refute her.

    Qian Yexue then hesitated and said, "Junior Lu… is fine! She's a supreme-grade Spirit Rooter so she's very suitable for practicing the cultivation arts of the Snow God Palace. Everyone loves her and our Sect master even chose her to be the next Goddess candidate. It's just that she misses you a lot… She's not feeling quite well lately."

    Chen Fan grunted and stopped asking.

    In fact, Qian Yexue didn't really tell the truth. Lu Yanxue was a disciple who came from the mortal world; how would the arrogant cultivators in the Realm of Kunxu like her?

    And yet, Chen Fan didn't ask anything else. He was a bit relieved since he knew that Lu Yanxue was alive.


    The moment Qian Yexue was relieved to see him retrieve the giant palm, Chen Fan suddenly shot out golden flames from his eyes, which formed two red lotuses that went into her body.


    Qian Yexue blanched.

    She knew that it was some kind of restraint. If she tried to make a move, the two red lotuses would turn into fire and burn her to death.

    If she wanted to survive, she had to give in and accept the restraint.

    Qian Yexue remained silent; she flew next to Chen Fan, standing there like an obedient maid.

    "How terrifying!"

    Yan Jingchao and the others were frightened after seeing the Goddess of the Snow God Palace yield to Chen Fan. Especially Xiao Wu; she had thought that Chen Fan was easy to deal with.

    "Senior Chen, you're in really big trouble. The Sect Master of the Azure Mystic Sect, the Taiyin Fairy, the Master of the Snow God Palace, the peerless Earth Level Deity and the Elephant God Master are all top cultivators of the Realm of Kunxu. If they come for you, not even ten of you would be a match to them. Even if you manage to escape, what about your sect and your family?" Yan Jingchao said.

    "What's done is done. It's too late to regret," Chen Fan said calmly, "When will the cultivators in the Realm of Kunxu get the message from here? Can they come through the Gate of Heaven?"

    Yan Jingchao hesitated for a moment, then looked at the bodies on the ground and stomped his foot.

    "You'll know later on."

    After Yan Jingchao replied, everyone finally realized.

    The Gate of Heaven opened in different stages. First, there were only a few cracks and cultivators could only go through with secret treasures. Then, the opening became a bit more stable and allowed those below Earth Level Deities to pass, but a hundred cultivators at most. After six months, the Gate of Heaven would be completely stable and the Earth Level Deities would be able to cross the gate.

    "The Gate of Heaven is a space passage and has demanding requirements on energy level. Earth Level Deities carry an enormous amount of energy, and they might easily get sucked into a space turbulence if they force their way through."

    Chen Fan nodded.

    All the others turned pale.

    "So, there might be more than one Earth Level Deity entering the planet six months later?" Everyone looked at one another with startled eyes.

    Just a handful of disciples from the Gate of Heaven had already caused such chaos in the Chinese cultivation world. If the Earth Level Deities paid a visit, would the entire planet be turned upside down?

    "Big trouble! Big trouble indeed!" someone said as he trembled.

    Qian Yexue snickered next to them. "Chen Beixuan, now you know who you've just offended after killing so many of us."

    But she didn't say it out loud. She knew she would shoot herself in the foot if she spoke at the moment.

    "Besides, this isn't the most important thing…" Yan Jingchao said with a wry smile.