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Chapter 652 - Resisting with One Hand

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 652: Resisting with One Hand

    "How… how is that possible?"

    Many cultivators from the Gate of Heaven were startled.

    The Red Glass Sword was one of the seven Deity Swords of the Azure Mystic Sect. Even though it wasn't a superior-grade Spirit Artifact, it was the top among the mid-grades. The Azure Mystic Sect was regarded as the most powerful Sword Sect of the Realm of Kunxu, preceded only by the Old Man of Nine Abandonments of the Sword Palace.

    Chen Fan cracked the Deity Sword with his hand.

    Was Chen Beixuan a human or a God? Even an Earth Level Deity would be unable to do that.

    Qian Yexue trembled and stared at Chen Fan. The power he displayed had gone way beyond her imagination. To her knowledge, even the top talent of the Yuntian Palace wasn't as strong as him.

    "Chen Beixuan, you broke my Deity Sword. I will have my revenge!"

    Xuan Luo was indeed a Dao Body Baby.

    Even though the flying sword had been broken, he quickly got himself back together. His body was surrounded by azure light; his eyes were burning and the energy of his Earth Level Deity Body had reached the maximum level. He had become even more determined and vicious.


    Xuan Luo used his palm as his sword and cast a spell.

    Although the Azure Mystic Sect was famous for their Sword Arts, they were also adept at using other Dharma Arts. So, as a Dao Body Baby, losing the flying sword wouldn't weaken Xuan Luo's power by much.

    His body was surrounded by layers of aura.

    As the Young Master of the Azure Mystic Sect and the son of Earth Level Deities, Xuan Luo had many Protection Dharma Artifacts aside from the flying sword.


    An azure light shined and shot across the sky like an azure sword with invisible Sword Qi, seemingly able to cut through diamonds.

    "All-direction Invisible Sword Art."

    This was an Art of Sword Qi that was said to be able to crack a mountain. Cultivation at the Azure Mystic Sect was divided into two categories, Sword Techniques and Sword Qi. Xuan Luo was extremely powerful since he cultivated both of them.

    "I've already destroyed your flying sword, do you think you can deal with me with such a weak art?"

    Chen Fan sneered and punched.

    His crystal clear palm was enveloped in layers of golden runes and the air exploded as if there were a hundred cannons firing together. This punch instantly broke the sonic barrier and reached an unbelievable speed.


    Xuan Luo was knocked down.

    The layers of aura on covering his body exploded and his Protection True Qi also shattered into pieces. If it wasn't for the Protection Robe he was wearing, he would have been severely injured.

    "A Protection Spirit Artifact?"

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes.

    The azure Dharma Robe Xuan Luo was wearing was a real mid-grade Protection Spirit Artifact. Such a treasure was as expensive as a superior-grade Spirit Artifact which showed how wealthy the Azure Mystic Sect was.

    "So, you have a Protection Dharma Robe. No matter how you dare to provoke me, do you really think you can stop me?"

    Chen Fan snickered as he swayed his body and flashed towards him.

    He moved his hands and made a lotus-shaped gesture.

    "A Thousand Lotuses."

    This was the first time he used this secret art after he achieved the initial-success Divine Body.

    As one of the True Martial Thirty-Six Forms, the power of "A Thousand Lotuses" could increase to a hundred and twenty percent if Chen Fan gathered all his energy. Even Ye Qincang would be unable to withstand the attack without the Protection Spirit Armor, not to mention Chen Fan had become much stronger than before.


    Facing such a desperate situation…

    Xuan Luo opened his eyes wide and an enormous moon suddenly appeared behind him. The moonlight shined on Xuan Luo's body and a three-feet light blade, which looked as if it were made of silver, was formed in his hand.

    "It's Xuan Luo's Divine Power, the Taiyin Refining Sword!" someone yelled.

    As a Dao Body Baby, Xuan Luo was born with an Earth Level Deity Body and had activated his own Divine Power. Some said that his Divine Power was mysterious and was related to his mother's.


    Xuan Luo held the three-feet light blade in his hand and slashed at Chen Fan with confidence in his eyes.

    The Taiyin Refining Sword ranked among the top ten Divine Powers in the Realm of Kunxu. Xuan Luo had never used it before and he regarded it as his ultimate attack. It was said that it could even kill an Earth Level Deity.

    Since the sword carried the terrifying Taiyin Light which was much colder than normal Yin Qi, no one could stand its attack and would immediately be frozen into ice. So, one had to rely on Dharma Treasures or spells to block it.

    "Chen Beixuan, it's finally my time."

    Xuan Luo looked complacent.

    The Taiyin Refining Sword was a deadly secret art but it couldn't travel a hundred miles like the flying sword. If the opponent was far away and directly attacked with Dharma Spells, there was nothing Xuan Luo could do.

    "Clank, clank!"

    Chen Fan didn't mind it at all. He immediately flicked the light blade with his five fingers as if he were playing the Pipa.

    "Boom, boom, boom!"

    Those five flicks seemed to be gentle in other people's eyes, but Xuan Luo felt as if hit by five heavy hammers; he almost dropped the light blade in his hand.

    What terrified him more was…

    When Chen Fan flicked his fingers, the Taiyin Refining Sword suddenly vibrated violently, then cracked and exploded.

    "How is that possible?"

    Xuan Luo's eyes popped out.

    The light blade was formed with Taiyin Light, which was invisible and was a kind of pure energy that carried the extremely cold Malice Qi. How could he possibly break light?


    But there was no time for him to ponder.

    Chen Fan had already created a Lotus Seal; he gently pressed it onto Xuan Luo's chest.


    Xuan Luo's Protection True Qi didn't help at all.

    His azure robe then started to let out azure light and finally exploded. In the end, Chen Fan hit Xuan Luo's chest and knocked him away a thousand meters deep into the mountain.

    "Why did you stand in my way?"

    Chen Fan hurt Xuan Luo severely but he wasn't thrilled at all. Instead, he put away his hands and stared at the girl in the white gown as he frowned.

    If it wasn't for the Ice Spirit Blade of the girl in the white gown.

    Xuan Luo would have been crushed into pieces if not for her. No matter how strong his Earth Level Deity Body was, he would have been able to withstand Chen Fan's attack.

    "Xuan Luo is the Young Master of the Azure Mystic Sect and his mother, the Taiyin Fairy, came from the Snow God Palace. If you kill him, you would become the enemy of the Azure Mystic Sect and the Snow God Palace. You've already offended the Heavenly Thunder Sect, why provoke the Azure Mystic Sect as well?"

    Qian Yexue was like a fairy of the Moon Palace and her voice was melodious.

    Many female Martial Artists, including the girls from the North Qiong Sect, looked at Qian Yexue enviously. They might be beautiful in the human world, but Qian Yexue was extraordinary and as elegant as a Goddess. It seemed that only An Ya and Fang Qiong could compare with her.

    But Chen Fan had seen too many beauties in his previous life, so he didn't care about it. He said expressionlessly, "Let alone the Azure Mystic Sect, I wouldn't care even if your Ancestral Masters come. If you really want to stop me, offer a life for a life then."

    Then, a golden palm like the giant hand of a Spirit God appeared in the air and went towards Qian Yexue.


    Two Ice Spirit Blades flew out from Qian Yexue's sleeves. The Spirit Blades were extremely sharp and they carried an enormous amount of Yin Qi. Their power was comparable to the Taiyin Refining Sword and could be used for distant attacks like the flying swords.

    Two shapeless white marks circled the air like two white dragons.


    The other cultivators from the Gate of Heaven also knew that it was a critical moment; all of them did their utmost to attack.

    There used to be dozens of cultivators from the Gate of Heaven on Qin Chen Mountain but Chen Fan had killed half of them. Only thirty were left, including six Divine Sea Cultivators.

    How much power would there be if they all attacked with their full might?


    There were a lot of colorful lights flashing across the sky!

    Flying swords, Spirit Needles, Golden Hammers, Jade Runes, Dharma Spells, Divine Powers… Many Dharma Artifacts and secret arts were used at the same time. Almost all of these disciples from the Gate of Heaven had a Spirit Artifact and each of the six Divine Sea Cultivators even had a mid-grade Spirit Artifact.

    After all, those who visited the human world were the elites of the major sects in the Realm of Kunxu, so they were surely entrusted with the best tools of their sects.

    Countless Dharma Treasures merged into a ray of light and shot over, frightening everyone from the human world.

    "How powerful! It's as magnificent as several missiles being launched at the same time," someone said.

    When using their full power, the attacks of those cultivators would already be as powerful as rocket grenades. Since they were all attacking at the same time, even an Earth Level Deity would be hard pressed, especially when dealing with Qian Yexue's Ice Spirit Blades.

    Many people finally understood.

    This was the reason why cultivators from the Gate of Heaven looked down upon the warriors on Earth. Those disciples were already powerful enough to slaughter their way across the planet, not to mention there were many Earth Level Deities backing them.

    "You think you can defeat me with such an attack?"

    Chen Fan grunted as his entire body started to let out shiny Divine Light. There were countless golden runes within the layers of azure aura and Chen Fan's body was shrouded in them. The Azure Thearch Longevity Body had reached the peak stage.


    He rushed toward the Dharma Treasures and swept aside all the Spirit Artifacts with his bare hand.

    Resisting with one hand!