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Chapter 651 - An Earth-Shattering Punch

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 651: An Earth-Shattering Punch

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    The punch was nameless.

    It was only an attack that exhibited the power of Chen Fan's initial-success Divine Body. Looking from the side, Chen Fan's spine bent like a dragon and his entire body was in the shape of a bow.

    And that fair fist was a spear that could pierce through everything.


    When Chen Fan threw the punch, everyone felt the world shake; they even had an illusion that they had been kicked out from the world.

    The punch could break an Earth Level Deity's connection with the world.

    Its power was similar to that of the True Martial Divine Fist Chen Fan used to defeat Ye Qincang.

    Seeing the punch, Xuan Luo wanted to help.

    But it was too late.

    A layer of golden light, which was formed with many tiny runes, appeared on the crystal clear fist.

    The fist then banged the "Thunder Mace." This superior-grade Spirit Artifact was made by a Sky Immortal in the ancient times. It was incredibly powerful and Tian Mingzi could kill a Mortal Deity with it.

    Tian Mingzi could dominate the world with this mace and be on an equal footing with the Arbitrators and Ye Qincang. This was the power of a superior-grade Spirit Artifact.

    But then, it met Chen Fan's punch.


    The twenty-feet azure light exploded and shattered like a piece of glass. In the end, Chen Fan punched the Thunder Mace in front of Tian Mingzi.


    It sounded like the chime of a cathedral bell.

    There seemed to be a hundred bombs exploding at the same time at the foot of Qin Chen Mountain, creating loud noises and cracking people's eardrums. The fifty-meter land below Chen Fan and Tian Mingzi collapsed and sank four meters into the ground. The powerful impact also swept across a few hundred meters and made it hard for people to stand.

    Tian Mingzi had been knocked off a few hundred meters away before he eventually stopped.

    How could a punch be so terrifying?

    Everyone gasped and even the cultivators from the Gate of Heaven were startled.

    They didn't realize that Chen Fan had just shown his real power. Even Tian Mingzi couldn't withstand Chen Fan's punch with a superior-grade Spirit Artifact.

    Many glanced at Chen Fan.

    Tian Mingzi froze in the air and was frightened, especially when he found that there was a fist mark on the Thunder Mace.

    It was a real superior-grade Spirit Artifact, not like the broken piece Ye Qincang had.

    Someone who was able to make a dent on it had to be an experienced Earth Level Deity or a peak-stage Overlord in the Kunxu Realm!

    "Chen Beixuan, I withstood your punch. You can't kill me now."

    1Tian Mingzi wasn't a reckless person, so he wanted to talk this out after knowing how powerful Chen Fan was.

    The Martial Artists also remembered Chen Fan said that he would spare him if he didn't die from the punch. Would he really do that?

    Yukishiro Sa, A'Xitu, Hua Yunfeng and Azure Dragon all looked at Chen Fan.

    There was a glint of excitement in Tian Mingzi's eyes. No matter how arrogant Chen Fan was, he couldn't take back his words.

    Chen Fan sneered and said, "Yes, I'll definitely leave you alone if you did withstand the punch… but you didn't."

    1"What do you mean?" Tian Mingzi asked.

    1Then, a golden light ray came out from his right hand, then his arms, shoulders, chest, thighs and finally his head.

    Beams of golden light rays exploded one after another.

    The light rays blew Tian Mingzi's Earth Level Deity Body into pieces. When his Primordial Essence was trying to escape, it was also crushed by the energy that came out from his Divine Soul.

    This punch was powerful enough to kill an Earth Level Deity!

    This was the power of a true initial-success Divine Body. Chen Fan crushed Tian Mingzi without using his True Essence; it was only the energy of his body.


    Silence fell on Qin Chen Mountain.

    Everyone gasped.

    Many cultivators from the Gate of Heaven, including Xuan Luo and Qian Yexue, stared at Chen Fan seriously.

    "That's Tian Mingzi, the chief of the Heavenly Thunder Sect and half an Earth Level Deity! He was killed by just a punch from someone in the mortal world? It's impossible!" Many couldn't believe this.

    Another person then said with a gloomy face, "They told us that Chen Beixuan had once defeated an Earth Level Deity… We thought they were lying, but now I think it might be true!"

    Everyone looked at Chen Fan with fear.

    He was someone that had defeated an Earth Level Deity. Could they really win? Countless people gazed at the Young Master of the Azure Mystic Sect and Qian Yexue. Since Tian Mingzi had lost, the cultivators of the Gate of Heaven could only depend on them.

    "An Earth Level Deity is a hundred times stronger than an Immortal State Warrior. He wouldn't have won if the Earth Level Deity already had stable powers. Besides, the Earth Level Deities in this world can't possibly compare to ours and I know that he must have used some Body Tempering Divine Art…"

    A glint of greed flashed in Xuan Luo's eyes.

    He then said confidently, "Mr. Chen Beixuan, you're in big trouble!"

    Chen Fan played with the Thunder Mace and said, "Huh? What trouble?"

    "Lei Potian, Ci Xuan and the monk are all from the major sects of the Realm of Kunxu and each of their Masters are Earth Level Deities. Tian Mingzi was born with Wind Thunder Double Spirit Roots and was the candidate for the next Chief Master of the Heavenly Thunder Sect. Their Sect Master is a powerful Earth Level Deity and is famous for his fiery temper. Do you think he will let you get away after killing his disciple?" Xuan Luo said.

    Many Martial Artists who were cheering suddenly came to their senses as if they were splashed with cold water.


    Lei Potian, Ci Xuan and the others were nothing as they could be dealt with a missile, but behind them were the Earth Level Deities of the Kunxu Realm! Even though nobody knew if they did exist or whether they could come to Earth, the planet would be doomed if a couple of them crossed over to their world.

    This was also the reason why the Chinese army remained calm and avoided using heavy weapons.

    "Besides, even if you think you're powerful enough, what about your subordinates, families and allies? You have to understand that some Earth Level Deities are willing to do anything to get what they want. Can you protect them forever?"

    Every time the man in the blue shirt spoke, everyone turned paler.

    "So, what do you want?" A'Xiu asked.

    "Chen Beixuan, you should go to the Kunxu Realm with me to apologize to the Sect Masters and Earth Level Deities and give us your Body Tempering Divine Art. I can guarantee your safety, since I am the Young Master of the Azure Mystic Sect."

    1Xuan Luo finally revealed his intention.

    "Right, you should go to the Heavenly Thunder Sect first. We've lost our chief this time and you should at least be our slave for fifty years."

    "Our Mount Thunder also lost an heir. He should be our slave for a hundred years!"

    "Fentian Valley also…"

    Many cultivators from the Gate of Heaven were suddenly emboldened.

    They realized that there were a lot of Earth Level Deities behind them and they had held back in the heat of the moment.

    "Once I report this to the Sect Master, he'll certainly exterminate the North Qiong Sect," a disciple of the Mieqing Sect said with viciousness in his eyes.

    Yukishiro Sa and the others blanched and A'Xiu yelled furiously, "Despicable!"

    "This is our true power! Chen Beixuan, it's up to you now." Xuan Luo flicked his sleeve. He had turned the tide in an instant.

    Even Qian Yexue shook her head and thought Chen Fan had no other choice.

    Chen Fan then said, "Can the Earth Level Deities in the Kunxu Realm get out of the Gate of Heaven? How many can come at once? If I kill all of you here, who will go back to report it?"

    1Xuan Luo froze and asked, "What do you mean?"

    Chen Fan snapped his finger and said, "It's simple. I will simply kill all of you, enter the Gate of Heaven and slaughter all those Earth Level Deities and Masters in the Kunxu Realm. Then, no one will come to me for revenge."


    Everyone went silent; no one had ever thought that Chen Fan would say something like that.

    "You're such an arrogant person, Chen Beixuan! You can't even defeat me and you're now claiming that you would kill us all and later go to the Gate of Heaven? You don't know what my true power is!"

    The azure light in Xuan Luo's eyes exploded.

    His body was like an azure cloud and some smoke rose as if a legendary Sage was appearing.


    The sword on Xuan Luo's back turned into a red light and floated in the air.

    "This is the Red Glass Sword, one of the seven Deity Swords of our sect. I'll use it to show you what the real power of Sword Immortals is," Xuan Luo said as he cast a spell.


    The Red Glass Sword turned into a ten-feet red blade aura and slashed towards Chen Fan with a banging sound. Chen Fan didn't say a word and immediately grabbed it from afar.

    As if he were catching a fish.


    Chen Fan held the sword in his hand and it couldn't escape no matter how shiny it was and how much Sword Qi it let out.


    Xuan Luo was stunned and Qian Yexue also turned pale.

    "How dare you call a normal Spirit Sword a Deity Sword?"

    Chen Fan snickered. He cracked the Red Glass Sword as his hands let out beams of golden light to throw the sword to the ground. That thousand-year-old sword immediately lost all of its Spirit Qi and became scrap metal.


    Xuan Luo spurted out blood and the others were all dumbfounded.