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Chapter 650 - Defeating Enemies with a Flick

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 650: Defeating Enemies with a Flick

    It was a severe blow for Tian Mingzi, seeing Chen Fan kill thirty cultivators from the Gate of Heaven, including five Divine Sea Warriors. He didn't know what to tell the Earth Level Deities when he returned.

    The monk, Lei Potian and the descendant of Fentian Valley were all elites of the major sects and were trained by at least one Earth Level Deity Master. So, it was really shocking that Chen Fan could kill them all at once.

    "Alright, just wait and see! After killing you, I'll slaughter all the members of the North Qiong Sect as a tribute to my brother and the other disciples of the Gate of Heaven," Tian Mingzi said with anger in his eyes.


    Chen Fan had never thought of doing anything to Tian Mingzi, since Tian Mingzi had done nothing to him and he only killed with a reason. As long as Tian Mingzi stayed out of his way, he wouldn't make a fuss. And yet, Tian Mingzi suddenly claimed that he wanted to exterminate the North Qiong Sect.

    "You reap what you sow!"

    Chen Fan put away his hand and looked over with his cold eyes.

    Tian Mingzi wasn't afraid at all.

    He was one of the top talents among the younger generation in the Kunxu Realm. He was born with a supreme-grade Thunder Spirit Root and was capable of killing a Mortal Deity. Other than the Earth Level Deities in the Kunxu Realm, only the Young Master of the Azure Mystic Sect, Snow Fairy and a few others could compare with him.

    "Be careful, Heavenly Chen. I heard that Tian Mingzi controls the power of Divine Thunder and has achieved the Earth Level Deity Body. He also cultivated a Divine Power called the ‘Wind Thunder Wings,'" someone from Kunlun yelled.

    After all, Kunlun had the support from the country and was extremely influential. In the last few months, they had captured someone from the Gate of Heaven and obtained a lot of information.

    "Haha, whether you know it or not, there's nothing you can do. I guess you people don't even know what Divine Powers are."

    Tian Mingzi burst into laughter.

    The wings on his back suddenly spread to a few feet long and were surrounded by azure aura. Some whirlwinds gathered around Tian Mingzi and a thunderous sound came when he flapped his wings.

    Tian Mingzi then turned into a flash of azure lightning and struck at Chen Fan.


    The two of them were a hundred feet away from each other.

    But the distance didn't seem to exist for Tian Mingzi. He flashed to the front of Chen Fan in a blink at more than two times the speed of sound.

    The Wind Thunder Wings.

    A core secret art of the Heavenly Thunder Sect and the top Divine Power recorded in the "Book of Thunder." Less than five cultivators had achieved this Divine Power throughout the history of the Heavenly Thunder Sect. Those who did were able to travel a hundred miles in a blink and even an Earth Level Deity would be unable to keep up.

    The "Wind Thunder Wings" was the reason why Tian Mingzi was able to dominate in the Kunxu Realm, becoming the top cultivator among the younger generation.

    "Go to hell!"

    Tian Mingzi laughed and punched with his fists which were covered in azure aura. He wasn't using any secret arts to fight with Chen Fan, only the energy of the Divine Power.


    And yet, Tian Mingzi's punch didn't hit anything. Chen Fan had suddenly disappeared.

    Tian Mingzi was frightened. When he looked up, Chen Fan was ten feet to his left, staring at him.

    "I think the Wind Thunder Wings technique is just some kind of weak Divine Power. If it wasn't for your Wind Thunder Double Spirit Roots, you would have been unable to cultivate it successfully and it would have been completely useless for you."

    There were thousands of different natural gifts Immortal Cultivators could have but they were often Spirit Roots and Spirit Bodies.

    Someone who had a natural Spirit Body was born with a Connate Body and could enter the Connate level easily. For example, those from the Kindred and many Spirit Beasts were Connate Beings.

    On the other hand, those who had a natural Spirit Root were much weaker. They only had some Spirit Veins that connected with the Spirit Qi of the world. A supreme-grade Spirit Root was the second strongest among all which provided the opportunity of entering the Connate level, while Double Spirit Roots were even more powerful.

    However, Chen Fan could even kill the son of the Azure Thearch, who was born with a phenomenal-success Divine Body and was a peerless talent that could become a Dao Reunion Perfected Immortal, not to mention Tian Mingzi.


    Tian Mingzi was furious.

    The disciples of the Heavenly Thunder Sect were famous for their fiery temper; he was even worse, given his status as the chief of the sect.


    Tian Mingzi spinned in the air which created an azure shadow and he flashed towards Chen Fan. The wings on his back even turned into two azure light blades that slashed at Chen Fan.

    Those two light blades were strong enough to split a battleship in half.

    "Tian Mingzi is enraged," Xuan Luo said.

    "Who do you think will win?" Qian Yexue said with a cold voice.

    "Unfortunately, he's no match for Tian Mingzi if he doesn't become an Earth Level Deity. Being the chief of the Heavenly Thunder Sect, the Wind Thunder Wings technique is not his only trump card," Xuan Luo said with confidence.

    "Then, I'll bet Chen Beixuan will win," Qian Yexue said as she glanced at Chen Fan.

    She suddenly remembered a junior called Lu Yanxue, who Master had taken from the human world three years before.

    "Yanxue told me that she has a husband. He's also called Chen Beixuan, who already had the power to kill Immortal State Warriors at the Transcendent State. I wonder if it's you," Qian Yexue thought.

    At the same time, the battle continued.


    The azure light blades swept across the sky like fighter aircrafts.

    Tian Mingzi was surrounded by lightning and he dashed forward. He had achieved the Earth Level Deity Body and was only half a step away from entering the Connate level, so he was almost as powerful as Ye Qincang before becoming an Earth Level Deity.

    "I told you, you barely know about Divine Powers."

    Chen Fan put his fingers forward and flicked.


    A thunderous sound came.

    There seemed to be a beam of golden light shooting from Chen Fan's finger which pierced through the Wind Thunder Wings and struck Tian Mingzi's fists.


    Tian Mingzi was knocked a few hundred meters backwards as if hit by a giant wheel; he crashed into a small mountain, creating an enormous hole.


    Everyone froze, including the confident Xuan Luo.

    What just happened? No one saw clearly what Chen Fan did, until Tian Mingzi flew out of the cave.

    There was a teacup-sized hole on each of his Wind Thunder Wings, as if they had been penetrated by rockets. There was also a small hole on his left shoulder.

    Even an Earth Level Deity would die if he was shot in the heart, so Tian Mingzi was lucky that only his shoulder was hurt.

    How powerful would a flick be?

    "It's impossible! Not even an Earth Level Deity can injure Tian Mingzi's Wind Thunder Dao Body. Chen Beixuan must have used some kind of Dharma Treasure or Divine Powers," Xuan Luo said with a serious look.

    Qian Yexue had never thought that Chen Fan would win! She supported Chen Fan before only because of Lu Yanxue.

    "I will kill you."

    Tian Mingzi's eyes were filled with glints of anger.

    He had never suffered such humiliation like this ever since he rose to dominate the Kunxu Realm. Meanwhile, he wasn't thinking about defeating Chen Fan anymore. All he wanted to do was to kill him.


    Tian Mingzi took out an old bronze weapon.

    "The Heavenly Thunder Sect allowed him to bring the Thunder Mace with him! It's a superior-grade Spirit Artifact!" Some cultivators from the Gate of Heaven exclaimed while Xuan Luo was certain about one thing.

    "The Thunder Mace is one of the Dharma Artifacts of the Heavenly Thunder Sect and can be used to battle with an Earth Level Deity. Chen Beixuan is going to die," Xuan Luo said.

    And Qian Yexue heaved a sigh.

    This was the biggest difference between the cultivators from the Gate of Heaven and those from the mortal world. These cultivators had Dharma Treasures from their sects so no one would be capable of defeating them no matter how powerful their Dharma Spells were.


    After using the Dharma Artifact, the power of Tian Mingzi's attack was completely different.

    There were claps of thunder and a sea of thunderclouds was formed in the sky. Bolts of lightning that were as thick as water buckets landed on Tian Mingzi's hands.

    It seemed as if Tian Mingzi were holding the scepter of Zeus and he immediately made an attack.

    "I'm going to crush you," Tian Mingzi growled.

    The azure electric light turned into a twenty-feet giant mace that struck at Chen Fan. This attack was comparable to a slash of an Earth Level Deity which could split an aircraft carrier.

    Many warriors of the human world were terrified while the cultivators from the Gate of Heaven were thrilled.

    "Chen Beixuan will certainly die."

    "It's the Dharma Artifact of the Heavenly Thunder Sect. Only an Earth Level Deity can resist such attack."

    "We can finally kill this devil and take revenge for our brothers."

    While Xuan Luo and the others thought Chen Fan would die…

    Chen Fan raised his fist and punched expressionlessly.

    "If you don't die after my punch, I'll let you go."

    In a while, the world was turned upside down, the air was vibrating violently and everything seemed to have shattered.

    This punch startled Kunlun!