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Chapter 649 - Invincible

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 649: Invincible

    When Chen Fan arrived, Xuan Luo and Tian Mingzi didn't care at all and kept focusing on the Sword Palace. They believed that there wouldn't be any powerful warriors in this mortal world.

    Even if Lei Potian was defeated, there were other cultivators present! Even a Mortal Deity would be unable to resist if the disciples of several major sects worked together. After all, a Mortal Deity was strong, but not as much as an Earth Level Deity.

    And yet, they had never thought that he would smash Lei Potian like that.

    "How is that possible?"

    Xuan Luo looked up with a startled face.

    There was also a glint of astonishment in Snow Fairy's eyes. Even though Lei Potian wasn't as powerful as they were, he was one of the most outstanding talents among the younger generation of the Kunxu Realm.

    And Tian Mingzi was so furious he felt like his chest was going to explode.

    "You killed my brother in front of me! Have you no respect for me?"

    Tian Mingzi growled and spread his lightning wings, diving towards the foot of Qin Chen Mountain.

    But Chen Fan didn't mind him at all. He stared at the cultivators from the Gate of Heaven.

    "There's someone who offended Kunlun called Ci Xuan. Is that you?" Chen Fan asked as he looked at the assassin in the black outfit.

    Ci Xuan was terrified and felt like the prey of an ancient beast. He had lost to Xuan Luo three times but was still alive, so he was then regarded as the most talented assassin of the Mieqing Sect and was said to be able to escape from an Earth Level Deity. And yet, Chen Fan seemed to be his most frightening enemy.

    "Oh no! Run!"

    Ci Xuan immediately swayed his body, then turned into a black light and escaped.


    Chen Fan immediately went after Ci Xuan. He was flying at a low speed which looked like slow motion in everyone's eyes, but he was already right behind Ci Xuan in an instant, as if he had moved out of space.

    It made people uncomfortable, giving them the urge to spurt out blood.

    "Go to hell!"

    Being the top assassin of the Mieqing Sect, Ci Xuan wasn't afraid at all.

    The black dagger in his hand turned into a stream of light and shot towards Chen Fan. Ci Xuan's face then started to age and half of his black hair also turned white.

    The Mieqing Sect was all about killing with one strike.

    Ci Xuan had already used the "Soul-Locking Spell," the Secret Art of Sacrifice of the Mieqing Sect, and infused half of his vitality into the dagger.


    The dagger immediately broke the sonic barrier and sped up. At last, only a flash of light could be seen.

    Two times the speed of sound, three times the speed of sound… and finally five times the speed of sound. In just a second, Ci Xuan made the most horrific attack which was as powerful as the electromagnetic cannons of the United States.

    Besides, Ci Xuan's dagger was a secret Spirit Artifact of the Mieqing Sect, which didn't have any other functions and was made with a rare kind of metal. It was indestructible and could even break an Earth Level Deity's body.

    "Using half of my life in exchange for yours is worth it."

    A glint of excitement suddenly flashed in Ci Xuan's eyes.

    However, Chen Fan didn't care about the dagger at all and he slapped right away from afar.

    "Does he want to die? My dagger will definitely stab him first." Ci Xuan was confused but there was no time for him to ponder.


    The dagger aimed to stab Chen Fan's chest but it ended rebounding, letting out a sound as if metal had been hit. Ci Xuan thought he had bumped into an iron plate and he couldn't even push the dagger further, not to mention killing Chen Fan.

    An initial-success Divine Body was "Immortal" and this was the real power of the Azure Thearch Longevity Body.

    "How is that possible?"

    Ci Xuan's eyes popped out and he couldn't believe it!

    Even an Earth Level Deity wouldn't resist the "Deity-Killing Dagger" of the Mieqing Sect with his body. It was said that only the "Elephant God Master," the Sect Master of Mount Thunder and the top Body-tempering Cultivator in the Kunxu Realm could withstand the dagger's attack with his Body of the Grand King Kong without being injured.

    "Has he achieved the body of the Grand King Kong? But that's impossible! The Elephant God Master is already a peak-stage Earth Level Deity and is only one step away from becoming a Sky Immortal…"

    Ci Xuan felt terrified but he had no time to think about it, since Chen Fan had already struck with his palm.


    Chen Fan's fair right hand was like a girl's palm that couldn't even crack a stick. And yet, when he gently patted on Ci Xuan's head, the entire body of the top assassin was shattered, even turning his Divine Soul into dust.

    Ci Xuan was dead!

    Chen Fan had only been at Qin Chen Mountain for a couple of minutes and he had already killed two Divine Sea Cultivators, those who used to be the tough characters that suppressed the East, both provoking the North Qiong Sect and Kunlun.


    Countless people gasped.

    Ci Xuan died even before they could see the two warriors clearly.

    "He couldn't even withstand a single attack!" they thought.

    Lei Potian and Ci Xuan were both Overlords above the mid-stage of the Divine Sea and were as powerful as the peak-stage Immortal State Warriors on Earth. And yet, they were only like flies to Chen Fan.

    Many people who weren't there at the battle on Mount Yan realized why Chen Fan was the most powerful person in the world.

    "Only someone who can defeat everyone and dominate the world can be regarded as the most powerful person. Chen Beixuan's reputation is well-deserved!" Guru Guja put his hands together and the Divine Master of the Ise Grand Shrine also nodded.


    Tian Mingzi came down from the peak.

    Chen Fan didn't stop and killed another cultivator instead, which enraged Tian Mingzi even more.

    "Alright! I'm going to kill everyone in the human world and offer your blood to my brother!"

    The electric sparks in Tian Mingzi's eyes became brighter. The wind was howling and there were claps of thunder.

    But Chen Fan ignored him again and he started rushing towards the cultivators from the Gate of Heaven.

    "Did you kill our warriors?" Chen Fan came before the monk and asked.


    This was the first time the monk was frightened. Looking at those cultivators he used to look down on, he felt his feet trembling.

    "Anyone who kills the warriors in the East must die," Chen Fan said with a poker face, then raised his hand and slapped.


    The monk immediately used the Grand Thunder Refinement Art. His body then became hard as steel and a thunderous sound came from his limbs, organs and bones. He looked like a real Arhat with a golden body and seemed like a sacred being.

    In the cultivation world on Earth, people called a Connate Cultivator an Earth Level Deity and a Golden Core Cultivator a Sky Immortal.

    For Buddhism, a Connate Cultivator was an Arhat and a Golden Core Cultivator was a King Kong Bodhisattva.

    The monk was only half a step away from achieving the Arhat Golden Body which was very close to an Earth Level Deity Body, surpassing the Dark Duke. A thousand rays of golden light started coming out from his body and he raised his hands as if he were holding up a bowl.

    "Go to hell!"

    Countless tiny golden runes floated in Chen Fan's eyes.

    His fair palm then became crystal clear like a piece of sapphire and there were lots of golden threads moving inside.

    An initial-success Divine Body could kill a Connate Cultivator with one hand, not to mention a half-Arhat.


    The monk wasn't hurt at all after Chen Fan's attack and his hands didn't even move a bit.

    "He's okay?"

    While the disciples from the Gate of Heaven were feeling ecstatic, the monk seemed to be in agony, as if he were going through hell.

    "I hope when I become a Bodhi in my next life, my body will be flawless and I can live peaceful days…" the monk murmured while looking frightened.

    A crack suddenly appeared on his face, eventually spreading from his head to his entire body, as if he were a broken vase.

    In the end, the golden body of the monk was crushed. It exploded, looking like glitters of golden light in the sky.

    It turned out he didn't withstand the attack. The energy of Chen Fan's palm had shaken the body of the monk into pieces. The energy was so powerful that it only exploded after a few seconds.

    After the third attack, the monk from Mount Thunder died!

    All the disciples from the Gate of Heaven were horrified and even Tian Mingzi was trembling.

    But Chen Fan didn't stop.

    "Did you kill our warriors too?"

    Chen Fan came in front of the descendant of Fentian Valley.

    This descendant had achieved the "Purple Fire Divine Body" and could turn into a ball of purple Divine Flame that could burn an Earth Level Deity to death. However, he was completely terrified and he tried to let out purple flames from his mouth to resist.

    But his flames were nothing to Chen Fan.


    Chen Fan burnt him into ashes with his Li Fire Golden Eyes.

    Then, Chen Fan kept killing the cultivators and he didn't stop until half of them were dead.

    Everyone went silent.

    None of them had ever thought that the cultivators of the Gate of Heaven, who used to be fierce, were so vulnerable in front of Chen Fan.

    In a blink, thirty cultivators were killed and the others were frightened.

    "He's truly more powerful than an Earth Level Deity!"

    The Changchun Taoist said as his hands trembled.

    And Tian Mingzi was enraged.

    "Chen Beixuan, you've gone too far!"