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Chapter 648 - Killed with a Smack

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 648: Killed with a Smack


    A'Xiu and the others were immediately thrilled.

    Chen Fan was the pillar of the North Qiong Sect. Everyone felt suffocated during the past few months of his absence; they all hoped that he would come back quickly to settle the score.

    "It's Heavenly Chen!"

    Many Martial Artists were thrilled when they saw Chen Fan, as if he were the savior. Even though the cultivators from the Gate of Heaven were powerful, Chen Fan was truly invincible in their eyes, since he had defeated an Earth Level Deity.

    "This is…"

    Lei Potian also stopped and looked over.

    When the giant eagle swept across the sky at an incredible speed, he could tell that it had to be an Immortal State Beast or it could even be at the peak stage, able to battle with a Mortal Deity. Everyone was surprised by Chen Fan's ability to tame and control such a beast.

    "Lei Potian, didn't you say that even Master couldn't help us? Let's see if you really dare to be presumptuous in front of him," Hua Yunfeng said.

    "He is Chen Beixuan?"

    Lei Potian was shocked.

    He was in fact at the mid-stage of Divine Sea only, but since he practised the Art of Immortal Cultivation, he could easily kill warriors on Earth. And yet, Chen Fan also seemed to be powerful; Lei Potian was a bit worried.

    "He's just an ordinary cultivator. There's nothing to be scared of."

    Ci Xuan flicked his dagger with coldness in his eyes.

    The black dagger in his hand sent out some buzzing sound as if it were agreeing with him. It was apparently a high-level Spirit Artifact. Two weeks before, Ci Xuan had split a bullet using this dagger which completely shocked the Martial Arts community.

    "Great! I'd like to see what Chen Beixuan is capable of!" The monk let out a thunderous laugh.

    Mount Thunder was famous for their Body Tempering Art called the "Grand Thunder Refinement Art," which allowed cultivators to let out thunderous sounds and emit vibrations with their bodies.

    Even though the monk hadn't become an Earth Level Deity, his body had almost reached the level and was as strong as the Dark Duke's.

    Meanwhile, Xuan Luo, Tian Mingzi and Snow Fairy were still staring at the sea of clouds. In their eyes, people of the mortal world weren't worthy of their attention at all; they only wanted to focus on the Sword Palace and the legendary "Sword Art of Nine Abandonments."


    When the eagle arrived, Chen Fan came down from the sky.

    "Master, Heavenly Chen…"

    Many Martial Artists from China, Japan and Southeast Asia and those from Kunlun and the North Qiong Sect immediately went to greet him. Chen Fan even saw Gu Shitong and Wu Shegnhu, leaders of the Gu and the Wu Families.

    "Please kill these people and take revenge for me."

    Someone knelt on the ground and cried.

    "Please do something!"

    The warriors knelt one after another.

    After a while, countless people knelt around Chen Fan with tears running down their faces. Lei Potian and the others were all Immortal State Warriors and killing normal people was a breeze for them. A few hundred people had been killed and Qin Chen Mountain turned into a sea of blood.


    Yukishiro Sa and the others also stared at him as if they were requesting for help.

    Several Perfected Cultivators of the North Qiong Sect were also killed by Lei Potian and tears welled up in the eyes of many Immortal State Warriors. In fact, no matter how brutal Chen Fan was, he had never killed someone without a reason.

    Those cultivators only did so because they thought they were in the way, which then stirred the entire Martial Arts community. The warriors from Japan had even let go of their hatred for Chen Fan and begged him for help.

    Chen Fan didn't say anything; he only turned around and looked at the cultivators from the Gate of Heaven.

    "Who's Lei Potian?"

    Lei Potian wasn't afraid at all. He sneered and said, "Looks like you're Chen Beixuan who they claimed to have defeated an Earth Level Deity. You're only an Immortal State Warrior, how dare you say that? Have you no shame? An Earth Level Deity is a superior being. I don't think you've even seen one in your entire life."

    He was still worrying about Chen Fan's unpredictable power, but since Chen Fan provoked him first, he couldn't shrink away.

    Besides, there were dozens of cultivators behind him and his senior Tian Mingzi was still at the peak. He thought that, although they were no match to Chen Fan, they could hang on until Tian Mingzi returned.

    Chen Fan said expressionlessly, "Anyone who offends the North Qiong Sect must die."

    Then, he raised his hand and smacked with his hand. There used to be a mocking smile on Lei Potian's face but then it was gone.


    There came a grinding sound in the air as if an Entity was pushing a giant wheel across the sky. Then, a golden palm of one feet large appeared.

    The palm wasn't as large as the twenty-feet azure hand, but it was made with gold and was filled with ancient runes like the palm of an Entity.

    Yi Wood Connate Spirit — Grand Qin Na Hand.

    Only a Connate Cultivator could exhibit the real power of this art. Even though Chen Fan hadn't achieved the Connate level, his perfect Divine Body was already strong enough to do so.

    "What's that? Let me show you my ‘Purple Electric Thunder Slash!'"

    Lei Potian snickered and reached to his back.

    The black thunder blade then moved to his hand. The Heavenly Thunder Sect might be most famous for their Thunder Art, but they tended to combine both Dharma Spells and Martial Arts, and each of their arts could be used at any distance.

    The "Purple Electric Thunder Slash" was created by an Earth Level Deity of the Heavenly Thunder Sect. After mastering the technique, one could split a mountain with a slash.


    Lei Potian held his blade with both hands slashed forward.

    There were purple electric sparks glittering on the blade and it turned into a ten-feet black thunder dragon.

    It then sped towards the golden palm fiercely.

    "Lei Potian can become one of the top five warriors on the Divine Roll with this slash."

    Azure Dragon and the others were all startled.

    No one from the cultivation world on Earth could take Lei Potian's slash, except for Mortal Deities and half-blood Kindreds like the Dark Duke. So, many worried that the small golden palm might not be able to block such an attack.

    If Lei Potian was already this terrifying…

    Then, what about his senior Tian Mingzi and the Young Master of the Azure Mystic Sect?


    Lei Potian's eyes were full of electric sparks and his entire body merged with the black thunder dragon, shooting swiftly to the sky. The golden palm before it was as small as a baby's hand.

    "Brother Lei's attack can get him into the top twenty among the younger generation."

    The monk was in awe.

    "I think no one in the Kunxu Realm's younger generation can withstand Brother Lei's attack, except for the top ten talents," the descendant of Fentian Valley said with purple flames in his eyes.

    Several cultivators from the Gate of Heaven nodded while Tian Mingzi showed a hint of arrogance on his face.

    While everyone thought Lei Potian was going to win.

    "Go to hell!"

    Chen Fan said as he pressed down his hand.


    It sounded like an Entity throwing a mountain into the sea.

    The golden palm hit with an unmatched energy. The ten-feet black thunder dragon in front of it was immediately crushed like a vulnerable glass. The palm then knocked Lei Potian down to the ground and smashed him together with his blade.

    In the end, there was a palm mark of one feet long left on the ground.

    As for Lei Potian, he had already disappeared.

    Everyone went silent!

    The monk and the descendant of Fentian Valley were both stunned. Even the Martial Artists who supported Chen Fan had never thought that the domineering Lei Potian couldn't even withstand a single attack from Chen Fan.


    The cultivators from the Gate of Heaven were dumbfounded.

    Lei Potian shouldn't have lost so badly with his techniques and level.

    He was the most outstanding disciple other than Tian Mingzi! He had reached the mid stage of the Divine Sea and was about to enter the peak stage. Also, he had practiced the "Purple Electric Thunder Slash" and his black thunder blade was a famous Spirit Artifact. Why would he lose just like that?

    Just like when Lei Potian killed the normal warriors, his opponents were never given a chance to fight back.

    "What a terrifying attack."

    Ci Xuan was stunned.

    "What kind of technique is it? It doesn't look like a Dharma Spell from the mortal world."

    The monk and the descendant of Fentian Valley were both frightened.

    The other cultivators from the Gate of Heaven remained silent while the warriors from Earth were cheering.

    "So powerful! He's Heavenly Chen indeed."

    "Lei Potian was so haughty back then, and now, Heavenly Chen killed him as if dealing with an ant."

    "I told you not to offend the North Qiong Sect. You deserved it!"

    Many warriors burst into laughter and glanced at the cultivators of the Gate of Heaven with a complacent look. They weren't afraid and gloomy anymore after Chen Fan arrived.

    On the contrary, the cultivators from the Gate of Heaven turned pale.

    "Who else dares to provoke Kunlun and China other than Lei Potian? Come forward!"

    Chen Fan glanced over indifferently.

    Everyone was speechless and horrified, including Ci Xuan.

    Ye Nantian said, "Killing an Immortal State Warrior with a slap and suppressing the Gate of Heaven, he's indeed the most powerful person in the world!"

    Suddenly, a furious howl came from the sky.

    "Who killed my brother?"