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Chapter 647 - The Top of Qin Chen Mountain

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 647: The Top of Qin Chen Mountain


    The eagle was about thirty meters wide when it spread its wings and it swept across the sky like a bomber.

    In the last few months, the giant eagle had stayed with Chen Fan and had eaten a lot of Spirit Fruits and Spirit Stones. Chen Fan also taught it a kind of breathing cultivation art. Its black feathers eventually fell off and new golden feathers grew on its body, meaning that it was slowly evolving to the legendary gold-winged bird. Chen Fan believed that the eagle could become a Divine Beast if it was given enough time.

    "My growth in the last three months is more terrifying."

    Chen Fan stood on the back of the eagle with his coat fluttering in the air and there were some golden runes in his eyes. The storm around him and the impact of the sonic boom were like a breeze to him.

    "In the Realm of Cultivation, bodies are categorized into several levels: Spirit Body, Treasure Body, Divine Body, Sacred Body, Deity Body, and so on."

    Chen Fan gazed into the distance.

    "For example, the Wood Spirit Body and the Gold Spirit Body are normal Spirit Bodies, while the War God Body and the Sun King Body belong to a higher level of Treasure Bodies. On the other hand, Divine Bodies are the secret heritage of many great sects and they normally have only one Divine Body Art. As for Sacred Bodies and Deity Bodies, they're far out of reach for me.

    "My Azure Thearch Longevity Body used to be an incomplete Divine Body and its power was only comparable to a Treasure Body. After two months of refinement with Spirit Fire, its foundation has strengthened and has become a real initial-success Divine Body," Chen Fan thought, as golden runes appeared on his organs, bones and muscles.

    Those golden runes were passed down from the ancient times and carried an unbelievable energy. The power of Chen Fan's body was several times stronger than before, as if a weak person would have become stronger after getting enough nutrition.

    "Even an incomplete initial-success Divine Body can defeat an Earth Level Deity, then I guess people on this planet have never seen a complete one." Chen Fan sneered.

    People with Initial-success Divine Bodies were immortal and could kill Connate Cultivators with their bare hands!


    The giant eagle felt the viciousness of its master, so it immediately sped up to two times the speed of sound and swept across the sky towards Qin Chen Mountain.

    On the top of Qin Chen Mountain.

    Many outsiders went to that secluded Taoist sacred ground. Warriors from China, Japan and even Southeast Asia gathered there at the back of the mountain.

    Even those from the North Qiong Sect and Kunlun arrived. None of them were impressed by those arrogant cultivators from the Gate of Heaven.

    "Have you heard? Ye Nantian, Azure Dragon, Hua Yunfeng and Xie Yan are here. They're the only Immortal State Warriors left of the last generation!" someone said.

    "I heard the Guru Guja from India and the Divine Master of the Ise Grand Shrine are also here," another person replied.

    This time, almost all the Immortal State Warriors of the East were present.

    But looking at the people on the other side, many of them felt hopeless.

    There were dozens of cultivators from the Gate of Heaven, and most of them were Transcendent State Warriors while only ten of them were Immortal State Warriors. However, when those ten cultivators stood together, they seemed to be much more fierce and powerful than the Overlords of the East.

    There was a brawny man with a blade surrounded by electric sparks, like a god who could harness lightning.

    An assassin in a black outfit hiding in the dark like Satan.

    A monk who had a body made of gold and was capable of killing a dragon with his bare hands.


    When people saw the cultivators from the Gate of Heaven, someone yelled, "Lei Potian, Ci Xuan, they really came."

    "That monk is the guy who sank a ship on the Minjiang River. He's the Master of Mount Thunder and has the power of the Elephant God. Next to him with purple flames around his body is a warrior from Fentian Valley… These are all sects that have Earth Level Deities."

    In the last three months, cultivators from the Gate of Heaven and people of the human world had gotten a better understanding of each other.

    Mount Thunder, Fentian Valley and the Mieqing Sect were all large sects of the Gate of Heaven. They had always had disciples who became Earth Level Deities in the past generations and the legends of each of them were recorded in ancient Chinese books.

    But what was truly frightening was the presence of the two men and the woman standing at the top of the mountain.

    One of the men was carrying a blade while the other was in a black outfit. The woman next to them was cold like a snow fairy and was standing there arrogantly.

    "The man in a blue shirt is the legendary Young Master of the Azure Mystic Sect, right?"

    Those of the North Qiong Sect and Kunlun gathered around and looked over.

    After a while, Azure Dragon, Ye Nantian, Yukishiro Sa and A'Xiu arrived.

    "Yes, I heard that the Sect Master of the Azure Mystic Sect is the top Earth Level Deity of the Gate of Heaven. He's unbeatable and none except the Sky Immortals are his match. Xuan Luo is the son of the Sect Master and a female Earth Level Deity, so he's a Dao Body Baby and was born with an Earth Level Deity Body," Azure Dragon said.

    Kunlun had gathered the information about the Gate of Heaven, which made everyone even more worried.

    A Dao Body Baby!

    According to the old books, a Dao Body Baby was the child of two Earth Level Deities who was born with supreme talents. If everything went smoothly, a person with such a body could have a chance to go all the way to the Connate level.

    "The girl in the white shirt should be Qian Yexue, the Goddess of the Snow God Palace who's called the Snow Fairy. The Snow God Palace is also one of the major sects of the Gate of Heaven and the Goddesses from all generations are all stunning. Qian Yexue might not be as talented as Xuan Luo, but she's extremely mysterious, and some even wonder if she has become an Earth Level Deity."

    Ye Nantian looked serious.

    Since Ye Qincang was injured and Chen Fan was nowhere to be found, they would have to bear the responsibility of guarding China. So, Ye Nantian, Hua Yunfeng and the others were all feeling out of breath.

    "Right, who's the man in a black shirt at the back?" Yukishiro Sa suddenly asked.

    Azure Dragon hesitated and said, "He… looks a bit like Tian Mingzi… the chief senior of the Heavenly Thunder Sect. He's also a peerless talent like the Young Master of the Azure Mystic Sect, born with the ability to control thunder and lightning…"

    Everyone's hearts sank to the bottom.

    They couldn't even deal with Lei Potian when he was alone, but his seniors were also there at the moment. What could they do?

    "They're just a group of ants. Don't worry."

    While Yukishiro Sa and the others were sizing them up, Xuan Luo and the cultivators also noticed them.

    Tian Mingzi sneered and said to the Young Master of the Azure Mystic Sect, "Xuan Luo, why did you ask us to come here? We're breaking the array in the underground palace at Qin Mountain. A Sky Immortal is buried there and it'll be worth it even if we only find one Spirit Treasure."

    The young master of the Azure Mystic Sect said, "Don't worry, brother. The Sword Palace was built by the top Sword Cultivator, the Old Man of Nine Abandonments. He once dominated China with the ‘Sword Art of Nine Abandonments' and finally became a Sky Immortal. There must be some secret treasures in the Sword Palace and we might even find the ‘Sword Art of Nine Abandonments' which is truly a complete cultivator art!"

    The eyes of those from the Gate of Heaven twinkled.

    Even though they despised cultivators in the mortal world, they had in fact lost part of their heritage as well. The cultivation arts they practiced were either outdated or incomplete.

    That was why there hadn't been a Sky Immortal in the last thousands of years.

    Only the Yuntian Palace had a complete Sky Immortal Secret Art which made them the dominator and the top sect of the Realm of Kunxu.

    "Right, if we find the Sword Art of Nine Abandonments and practice it to completion, our sect might have a couple of Sword Immortals in the future. By then, the top sect of the Realm of Kunxu will not be the Yuntian Palace anymore."

    Tian Mingzi burst into laughter.

    Lei Potian snickered and said, "But before that, we should first eliminate those irrelevant mortals. The Sword Palace is something passed down from the ancient Realm of Cultivation. How can we let them interfere?"


    Ci Xuan and the descendant of Fentian Valley nodded.

    "What do you want?"

    Many Martial Artists were frightened when they saw the cultivators from the Gate of Heaven approaching.

    "Get out of here."

    Lei Potian slashed with his long blade and the black aura with electric sparks split eighteen warriors in half.

    Ci Xuan turned into a shadow that flashed for a hundred meters, causing a sonic boom and bringing bursts of blood.

    And the descendant of Fentian Valley shot out purple fire from his eyes, burning warriors into ashes.

    No one could possibly resist when all the cultivators from the Gate of Heaven attacked together, not even the Transcendent Grandmasters. In a blink, the entire Qin Chen Mountain became a sea of blood.


    Azure Dragon and the others stopped them immediately.

    "Why? You still haven't learned your lesson after what happened the other day? Now, let me slaughter you and see if the cowardly Chen Beixuan will come or not."

    Lei Potian's blade turned into a black electric dragon and sped towards Xie Yan and Hua Yunfeng.

    Hua Yunfeng immediately used the True Martial Thirty-Six Forms and Xie Yan pulled out the Ebony Wood Sword.

    But there were too many Immortal State Warriors. They couldn't even withstand the attacks from Lei Potian. So, when the monk and the descendant of Fentian Valley joined in the fight, Hua Yunfeng and Xie Yan had no choice but to fall back.

    "The two seniors are in danger," Yu Wenjin said.

    Yukishiro Sa and the others feared that they weren't powerful enough to take part in a battle like this. Those cultivators were too terrifying and each of them were close to being overlords among warriors of the same level.

    "They're only a group of mortals. Just let them be and wait for the Sword Palace to open."

    The Young Master of the Azure Mystic Sect put his attention on the sea of clouds again, and Qian Yexue and Tian Mingzi also stared deep inside the clouds without looking down at all.

    Suddenly, there came a piercing scream of an eagle from afar which shook the mountains.


    Countless people turned around and saw a giant eagle with golden wings flashing towards them like a fighter aircraft. On its back was a young man in a white coat and there was golden light glinting in his eyes.

    Chen Fan had arrived!