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Chapter 646 - The Gate of Heavens Provocation

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 646: The Gate of Heaven's Provocation


    Chen Fan started to speed up after knowing he had to get out two months later.

    The Spirit Stones floated in front of him and exploded, turning into black Spirit Fire. These flames were formed with high-purity Spirit Qi and could burn anything.

    Chen Fan sat cross-legged while wrapped by those flames.

    The Azure Thearch Longevity Body was shining like a sapphire.

    His bones, muscles and organs were letting out light rays in all directions and his blood flowed with a loud splashing noise. There were golden threads appearing on his bones, spreading around his body. Looking closely, these golden threads were formed with tiny runes.

    A golden body was "immortal."

    The so-called "Golden Core" represented immortality. The Golden Core would remain the same for ten thousand years, even after the body aged and the Divine Soul disappeared.

    Chen Fan's previous Azure Thearch Longevity Body wasn't a Divine Body, but a "Treasure Body" or "Semi-Divine Body" which was a level higher than a normal Spirit Body.

    After it was refined by Spirit Fire and Spirit Qi was absorbed, it would become complete and start to exhibit its true power.


    Seeing the Spirit Stones being used up slowly and steadily, Yan Jingchao and the others almost cried. Those Spirit Stones were supposed to be theirs but they dared not to say anything considering how terrifying Chen Fan was.

    "Master, why is there such a powerful person like Chen Beixuan in the world? His body is even stronger than a normal Earth Level Deity even though he hasn't become one. He refined his body with Spirit Fire and eats Spirit Stones as if he were eating chestnuts. How horrific is that?" Zhang Ran said.

    Since they had nothing to do, they went to collect some Spirit Medicines on Yingzhou Island. With the eagle flying in the sky and the Soul Energy that enveloped the island, the Spirit Beasts weren't worried they would escape.

    "I don't know!"

    Yan Jingchao shook his head.

    "Dad, are we really taking him to the Sword Palace? Do you think Xuan Luo can defeat Chen Beixuan?" Xiao Wu asked.

    Xuan Luo had a Dao Body and was one of the few famous talents in the Realm of Kunxu. Everyone thought that he could become an Earth Level Deity at the age of fifty. His power was unpredictable and no one knew what he was capable of.

    Yan Jingchao frowned and said with hesitation, "The Azure Mystic Sect is said to have an invincible Sword Art and Xuan Luo is the most outstanding cultivator in the younger generation, aside from being a Deity Body Baby. He once defeated an experienced Mortal Deity, so I guess he's comparable to Chen Beixuan."

    Chen Fan had a strong body while Xuan Luo was born in the Azure Mystic Sect and knew countless secret arts. He was also a Dao Body Baby which was born with an Earth Level Deity Body. So, even Yan Jingchao couldn't be sure who would win if they fought.

    "Master, what exactly is a Dao Body Baby? Is it really that powerful?" Zhang Ran asked.

    "A Dao Body Baby is someone born with the body of an Earth Level Deity. They're even more talented than those with supreme-grade Spirit Roots and no one except reincarnations of Deities can compare to them. Besides, they can only be born if both parents are Earth Level Deities, who might have just one child in their entire lives," Yan Jingchao said.

    "Huh? So, are Xuan Luo's parents Earth Level Deities?" Xiao Wu was shocked.

    "Why do you think he can be the Junior Master of the Azure Mystic Sect at such a young age? His father is the Sect Master of the Azure Mystic Sect and the top cultivator in the Realm of Kunxu."

    Yan Jingchao grunted with worries in his eyes.

    "But if Chen Beixuan is looking for Lei Potian, I guess Xuan Luo has nothing to do with it."

    Two months soon passed.

    The outsider world had turned upside down within those two months.

    The whole Chinese cultivation community was in chaos.

    Other than Lei Potian and Ci Xuan, some saw a girl in a white gown at the peak of the Great Glacial Mountain, some saw a man with a blade on Mount Emei and some saw a monk on a river who sank a thousand-ton ship…

    Different weird and ridiculous news circulated around the forum every day.

    "It's the first time ever in my life to see so many Immortal State Warriors in China!" someone said on the forum.

    "Yeah, it's already rare to have a peerless talent like Chen Beixuan, but now there are a bunch of them. New Immortal State Warriors are appearing in the world every day. There are around thirty right now," another person replied.

    "I don't think these Immortal State Warriors are the descendants of the hidden sects. There wouldn't be so many of them. Also, they all look quite young, and the arts they practice seem to be totally different. How would there be so many hidden sects in China?"

    Many doubted.

    Even fools wouldn't believe that there would suddenly be such a large number of hidden sects.

    "They came from the Gate of Heaven, not some hidden sects," someone called "Little Red Sparrow" answered.

    "What's the Gate of Heaven?" people wondered.

    Then, someone exclaimed, "Isn't the Gate of Heaven a legend? The ancient Entities and Sages are said to have entered the Gate of Heaven and never came back. Besides, the Gate of Heaven only opens once in a thousand years. I thought it was just a story our Ancestral Masters made up, but the gate does exist?"

    The entire forum was stirred after seeing this comment.

    People on the forum basically came from different sects and families, and some of them, including the Heavenly Master Sect, Wu Dang Mountain and the Yan family of Xiangxi Province, had a history of centuries. There were records about the Gate of Heaven in their old books and many people had taken them out.

    "Right, I heard that the Azure Mystic Sect, the Heavenly Thunder Sect and the Snow God Palace were all sects within the Gate of Heaven. Didn't Lei Potian say he was from the Heavenly Thunder Sect? They must be cultivators from the Gate of Heaven!" everyone said with certainty.

    The Chinese Martial Arts community and even the army were startled.

    It was an earth-shattering event, for people from the Gate of Heaven to appear in the country! So, many troops were mobilized and Kunlun was responsible for communicating with the cultivators from the Gate of Heaven.

    Unfortunately, these cultivators didn't care about ordinary people, other than their modern technologies.

    "You're only mortals and we're Immortal Cultivators and Sages. We belong to two different worlds. When the time comes, we'll go back to our realm and won't bother you anymore," a cultivator from the Gate of Heaven said to the army's envoy.

    Some of the arrogant ones even sneered and said, "I heard that China is guarded by Kunlun and there's an Earth Level Deity. That's ridiculous! How would there be an Earth Level Deity in this ordinary world? What's more ridiculous is that the Earth Level Deity was defeated in a battle. He's such a disgrace to all the Earth Level Deities."

    The messenger of Kunlun came back with an angry face.

    After a few times, everyone had a deep understanding of these cultivators.

    They were young and haughty, as if they were Entities that sat on top of the world and despised everyone else.

    Someone from a Martial Arts family came and said, "Tut-tut! You're just a bunch of losers. If Chen Beixuan were here, or when Heavenly Ye recovers, they'll crush you all with one hand."

    Many also commented one after another, "Yeah, you're just bullying kind people like the Changchun Taoist. Wait till Chen Beixuan comes back!"

    The cultivators from the Gate of Heaven heard the things people said.

    Lei Potian burst into laughter and said with a vicious tone, "Chen Beixuan? He's just a coward. He's still hiding after I kicked the North Qiong Sect's a*s."

    As for the other cultivators from the Gate of Heaven, they didn't care at all.

    "The cultivation community in this world waned long ago. Anyone can rise to fame because there are no truly powerful cultivators," the man with a blade said.

    He had set the tone for the discussion.

    Xuan Luo was the most superior person among the cultivators from the Realm of Kunxu and even Qian Yexue of the Snow God Palace had a lower status than him, not to mention Lei Potian and the others.

    "If he dares to come, I'll wait for him on the top of Qin Chen Mountain."

    What Ci Xuan said kept everyone's mouth shut.

    Although Ci Xuan wasn't as powerful as Xuan Luo, he didn't die during the three battles with Xuan Luo. Without Chen Fan there, he could destroy China on his own.

    "Where's Master?"

    Not only cultivators of the Chinese cultivation community, those from the North Qiong Sect were also anxious.

    As the leader of the Chinese cultivation community, the North Qiong Sect had to take responsibility in guarding the country. If they failed to deal with Lei Potian or Ci Xuan, they would be ashamed to face the people in China.

    Two months later, the Sword Palace was about to open.

    The Young Master of the Azure Mystic Sect, Xuan Luo, gathered the cultivators of the Gate of Heaven on the top of Qin Chen Mountain, so that they could open the legendary Sword Palace with all their energy. That way they could have a look at the Sky Immortal Sword Art.

    Apart from the cultivators from the Gate of Heaven, many Martial Artists in China, Japan and Southeast Asia were also on their way.

    Even though they knew they were no match to those cultivators, they still hoped that they would be selected to enter the Gate of Heaven which gave them the chance to meet the Immortal State Warriors or even the Earth Level Deities.

    April 20th, 2012, Bo Sea.


    An enormous black hole suddenly appeared above the sea, which seemed to be connected to a different dimension. Then, a group of people flew out from it.

    The first one who appeared was a young man in a white shirt. His entire body was crystal clear and his eyes were sending out golden light rays. There were even countless golden runes under his skin. Anyone from the Realm of Cultivation would exclaim at the sight.

    "This is the sign of an initial-success Divine Body! He'll be immortal from now on!"

    It was Chen Fan.

    "Just in time. I'll make it there."

    Chen Fan waved his hand and an eagle flew out from the passage. He hopped on and sped to the sky.

    Those from the Black Water Sect looked at one another.

    "Master, what do we do now?" Zhang Ran asked.

    Yan Jingchao stomped his foot and said, "Let's go to Qin Chen Mountain together. This battle is going to be fascinating."