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Chapter 645 - The Realm of Kunxu

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 645: The Realm of Kunxu

    Yan Jingchao and the others had been in the human world for quite a long time.

    Even though they weren't interested in technology from Earth, they had familiarized themselves with some information about its current cultivation community. After the chaos caused by Lei Potian and Ci Xuan, they certainly knew about the North Qiong Sect and Chen Beixuan.

    Yan Jingchao said with certainty, "The human world's current cultivation environment would never produce an Earth Level Deity. I guess Ye Qincang of Kunlun was only bragging and it's ridiculous to say that Chen Beixuan defeated an Earth Level Deity at the Immortal State."

    Zhang Ran and Xiao Wu also nodded.

    The power of an Earth Level Deity was a hundred times stronger than that of an Immortal State Warrior. The next Sect Master of the Azure Mystic Sect, Xuan Luo, was born with a Dao Body. He had achieved the Immortal State at the age of twenty seven and would probably become an Earth Level Deity at the age of fifty. And yet, it was also impossible for him to defeat an Earth Level Deity.

    But what they saw had proved them wrong.

    "You… you're Chen Beixuan of the North Qiong Sect… You're not from our realm?" Zhang Ran asked.

    "So, you're cultivators from the Gate of Heaven? Hm, right. Even though you only practice weak Water-Elemental Techniques, they still are Immortal Cultivation Arts after all."

    Chen Fan glanced at them and nodded. He then picked up another Spirit Stone and went on with his refinement.

    "Why do cultivators still exist in the human world? Isn't Chen Beixuan an Immortal State Warrior in the legends? He's using Spirit Fire to refine his body which means that he's more powerful than a normal Earth Level Deity."

    Yan Jingchao and the others were dumbfounded.

    The Spirit Qi in the Spirit Stones was very pure.

    Such pure Spirit Qi could turn into Spirit Fire which was more powerful than the True Fire of Connate Cultivators. Spirit Fire could burn Dharma Artifacts and even Spirit Artifacts into ashes. If Chen Fan used Spirit Fire to refine his body, his Dao Body must have reached the level of phenomenal success and only an Earth Level Deity was capable of doing that.

    They didn't know that Chen Fan was only strengthening his foundation.

    Chen Fan's Azure Thearch Longevity Body was incomplete and he was hoping to achieve an initial-success Divine Body using the Spirit Fire.

    "This is Yingzhou Island. We found this place using a map from the Earth Level Deities. I didn't know that you had already occupied the island. We'll leave this instant," Yan Jingchao apologized quickly and tried to leave.

    Be it an Immortal State Warrior or an Earth Level Deity, Chen Fan was much more powerful than all the people present. If he were in the Realm of Deities, he would have been killed for trespassing the other sects.

    "Don't leave yet. I have something to ask you."

    Chen Fan wouldn't let this opportunity slip away. He raised his hand.


    The black turtle, the Thunder Beast and the other beasts came in a blink.

    Yan Jingchao and the others then replied, "We'll answer all your questions truthfully."

    Zhang Ran was bathed in tears.

    Didn't people say that there weren't many Immortal State Warriors in the human world and they could do whatever they wanted? So, where did Chen Beixuan come from?

    But they had to force a smile no matter how discontented they were.

    "What's on the other side of the Gate of Heaven?" Chen Fan asked.

    At first, Chen Fan thought that the Gate of Heaven was a passage that led to another cultivation planet, but he then learned that cultivators visited the human world sometimes and found it strange.

    Such a Universe Portal required tons of resources every time it opened, including Spirit Stones, Void Dimension Crystals, Space Gems and many other treasures.

    These cultivators from the Gate of Heaven could go to the human world whenever they wanted, which was different from what Chen Fan knew!

    To his knowledge, only those above the Golden Core level could travel across the universe.

    "The world we live in is called the Realm of Deities, which used to be called the Realm of Kunxu in the past. It was where the Heavenly Courts were located. After the Battle of Deities, the cultivators in the human world went through the Gate of Heaven to the Realm of Kunxu. Since then, the Gate of Heaven has been opening once every few centuries," Yan Jingchao said carefully.

    He shouldn't disclose information about the Gate of Heaven to cultivators in the human world.

    But he had to give in. Chen Fan was someone as powerful as a dominator even in the Realm of Kunxu, so Yan Jingchao dared not to hide anything from him.

    "The Realm of Kunxu? Isn't it the Kunlun's Ground in the Chinese myths? Some said that it used to be the place where the Western Queen and the Celestial Thearch lived. How did it become a Realm of Deities?" Chen Fan frowned and kept asking.

    According to Yan Jingchao, the Realm of Kunxu stretched about a few thousand miles which was half the size of China.

    Its population was more than a billion and there were a lot of ancient cities. Those cities had a history of at least a thousand years and the Spirit Qi inside was much more abundant than in the human world. Those who ruled the Realm of Kunxu were the major sects.

    "The Sky Sect, the Azure Mystic Sect, the Heavenly Thunder Sect and the Snow God Palace are some of the strongest sects in the Realm of Kunxu, and they all have Earth Level Deities among their disciples. I heard that there are even Sky Immortals in the Sky Sect but there's no concrete proof of it. However, the Heavenly Thunder Sect is still the top sect in the Realm of Kunxu which has countless secret arts and Dharma Treasures," Yan Jingchao said respectfully.

    "The Snow God Palace?"

    Chen Fan heard this name again after several months and a glint of coldness flashed in his eyes.

    "That nun is indeed a cultivator from the Gate of Heaven. So, Lu Yanxue should be in the Realm of Kunxu. I will pass through the gate to find her when I achieve the Connate level," Chen Fan pondered and frowned.

    "Isn't the Realm of Kunxu too small? The ‘Cang Min Realm' where my master Cangqin came from covers an area of a hundred million miles and a Connate Cultivator would be unable to reach its border even after flying for a hundred years. Looks like the Realm of Kunxu is just a small world. I just don't know if it was developed by a Soul Formation Cultivator or naturally born."

    Chen Fan then asked seriously, "Do you know where the cultivators of the Ancient Realm of Cultivation go?"

    Yan Jingchao explained to him that Earth Level Deities were the most powerful cultivators in the Realm of Kunxu at the moment. There hadn't been any Sky Immortals for more than a thousand years and that small world apparently wasn't a planet Chen Fan was looking for.

    He wanted to find a passage to leave the Earth and go to other planets.

    "The Ancient Realm of Cultivation?"

    Yan Jingchao's eyes popped out. He lowered his head and said, "The Gods and Sky Immortals are all characters of myths and they haven't been seen for thousands of years. I know that they went deep into the universe but I'm not sure how."

    "Fine, I'll ask the Sect Masters myself once I reach the Connate level and enter the Realm of Kunxu." Chen Fan frowned and shook his head.

    "How did you find this island? Has the Gate of Heaven opened? Is there anyone else other than you?"

    Yan Jingchao and the others turned pale.

    They went to Yingzhou Island for the Spirit Stone Mine, but it seemed that Chen Fan had already mined all the Spirit Stones. Besides, Chen Fan was a powerful cultivator. He would surely get mad if he knew about the things Lei Potian did to the North Qiong Sect.

    While these people were hesitating, Chen Fan grunted with a poker face.

    "Tell me."

    Zhang Ran couldn't bear the pressure and started talking.

    He said that they were the first group of cultivators that came out of the Gate of Heaven. Their group was made up of dozens of elites from different sects. A lot of ruins like the one on Yingzhou Island had been left behind when the cultivators escaped from the battle back then, and they had returned to search for the palaces of the Earth Level Deities and the Sky Immortals.

    They also told him about Lei Potian.

    Chen Fan was enraged and he shouted with a vicious look, "Enough!"

    He had never thought that someone would humiliate the North Qiong Sect like that during the last dozens days.

    Everyone quickly knelt on the ground. Yan Jingchao said with a trembling voice, "Lei Potian is the descendant of the Heavenly Thunder Sect. Although he isn't as strong as their chief, Tian Mingzi, he has reached the mid-stage of the Immortal State. Besides, the Heavenly Thunder Sect is guarded by Earth Level Deities and can't be offended."

    Chen Fan snickered and said, "Haha, Earth Level Deities of the Heavenly Thunder Sect? Are they also here?"

    "No, a large amount of resources are required to open the Gate of Heaven, that's why Earth Level Deities don't usually come to the human world," Yan Jingchao shook his head and replied.

    "So, there's nothing to worry about. I've already defeated an Earth Level Deity once."

    Chen Fan snorted.

    He was only half a step away from entering the Connate level and his Divine Body was also close to completion, not even experienced Earth Level Deities could scare him if they showed up.

    "It's better if I make some preparations, just in case."

    Chen Fan sat down again.

    He planned to enter the Connate level and complete the Divine Body at the same time, but this would be time-consuming. It needed at least six months, so Chen Fan could only choose to do one of them right then.

    "Completing the Divine Body takes a shorter time and the Connate level can wait. Achieving the Connate level requires definite safety and I don't think it's a suitable time to do it." Chen Fan made the decision and turned to Yan Jingchao.

    "Do you know where Lei Potian is?"

    Yan Jingchao hesitated and said, "Well… I'm not sure. I heard that Xuan Luo is going to gather all the cultivators of the Gate of Heaven on Qin Chen Mountain after two months to enter the Sword Palace together. Lei Potian should also be there."

    "Two months is enough."

    Chen Fan looked up at the starry sky.

    The Azure Thearch Longevity Body was the strongest Divine Body and was three levels higher than normal Spirit Bodies. If he could complete it to reach the level of initial success, he would be capable of killing Connate Cultivators, not to mention Lei Potian and the Heavenly Thunder Sect.

    "Please guard Yingzhou Island in the coming couple of months."

    Chen Fan waved his hand and looked at the beasts around him.

    Yan Jingchao and the others nodded with a wry smile.