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Chapter 643 - Slaughtering Across the World

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 643: Slaughtering Across the World

    An Earth Level Deity was as superior as a god.

    A Divine Sea Cultivator like Lei Potian was much more powerful than normal Immortal State Warriors, and at the same time, a Connate Cultivator who practised the Art of Immortal Cultivation was also stronger than an Earth Level Deity on Earth.

    So, it was unbelievable that Chen Fan could defeat an Earth Level Deity at the Immortal State.

    "We've never heard that an Immortal State Warrior could defeat an Earth Level Deity. You mortals don't know how terrifying an Earth Level Deity can be. Even peerless talents like Xuan Luo and Tian Mingzi can't possibly do that! You cunning people must be fooling me!"

    Lei Potian turned pale, then he suddenly sneered and stomped his foot, smashing the elder into pieces.

    "Great Master!" the disciples of the Heavenly Master Sect yelled with anger.

    Some Perfected Cultivators immediately used the Thunder Art and lightning to strike at Lei Potian.

    "Haha, do you really think you can hurt a descendant of the Heavenly Thunder Sect with such a weak attack? Don't you know that the Thunder Art of the Heavenly Master Sect was passed down from our sect?"

    Lei Potian burst into laughter.

    And he let out a thunderous howl.

    A concrete sound wave was sent out from Lei Potian's mouth, causing the entire Dragon Tiger Mountain to shake.

    Many windows, glasses, buildings and plants shattered into pieces and the disciples cried while holding their heads. After that, Lei Potian pulled out the blade on his back which then turned into a ten-feet blade aura that slashed forward.

    The Perfected Cultivators could barely resist the attacks and the ordinary disciples were even split in half.

    "How dare you lie to Lord Lei!"

    Lei Potian stepped up and killed all the Perfected Cultivators without using any Dharma Spells. The Heavenly Master Sect, which had thousands of years of history, was exterminated.

    Lei Potian was still discontented even after killing many people, so he flew to the sky, then raised his blade and shouted, "Where's the thunder?"


    A thundercloud of a few hundred meters wide appeared above his head and a thick purple lightning struck on the black blade.

    Lei Potian slashed with his blade.

    Then, a ten-feet-long purple blade aura rose and landed on the main hall of the Heavenly Master Sect, splitting it in half.

    "Awesome! Awesome!"

    Lei Potian laughed and left right away.

    The Daoists who had just arrived were dumbfounded by what they saw.

    The Heavenly Master Sect was exterminated!

    The news swiftly spread across the Chinese cultivation community.

    The Heavenly Master Sect of Dragon Tiger Mountain was in charge of the Dao Sects in the world and Yao Daoyi was a mighty figure back then! The sect remained powerful after losing Yao Daoyi and had been guarded by several Perfected Cultivators. And yet, it was suddenly exterminated that day.

    "Who's the person who exterminated the Heavenly Master Sect?"

    "Not sure. I think it's an Immortal State Warrior called Lei Potian."

    "Has another Chen Beixuan appeared in the world?"

    Lei Potian had risen to fame.

    The news about him challenging the families and sects also broke out. He defeated eight Transcendent State Cultivators, including the peak-stage Immortal State Warriors, in a dozen days.

    While the Martial Arts community was terrified.

    A mysterious man in a black outfit called Ci Xuan suddenly appeared on Zhongnan Mountain and challenged the Changchun Taoist. The Qi Refinement Cultivator was the only Immortal State Warrior left of the older generation and had always been reclusive.

    Changchun Taoist was forced to fight due to Ci Xuan's threat.

    During the battle, Changchun Taoist brought his Qi Condensation Art to the maximum level. Rumor had it that he blew out a ten-feet white qi dragon that could smash a tank.

    But Ci Xuan was more terrifying.

    He wore a mask and a black outfit. His black dagger sped across the air and broke up the white qi dragon, then stabbed the Changchun Taoist leaving a severe injury. In the end, the Changchun Taoist suffered a disastrous defeat.

    "How is that possible?"

    This time, the Martial Arts community in China was truly shocked.

    The Changchun Taoist was at the same age as Yao Daoyi and Li Changsheng. He was a mid-stage Immortal State Warrior and was more powerful than the other cultivators at the same level! And yet, Ci Xuan was only thirty years old.

    "Even the Changchun Taoist lost. We can only count on the Immortal State Warriors of the North Qiong Sect and Kunlun now."

    Many were worried.

    There used to be a dozen Immortal State Warriors in China but Chen Fan killed most of them during the battle on Yun Wu Mountain. The only ones left were from the North Qiong Sect and Kunlun.

    Many urged the North Qiong Sect and Kunlun to deal with Lei Potian and Ci Xuan.

    The most surprising thing was, Lei Potian went to the North Qiong Sect as well.


    In the meantime, there was a thunderstorm at North Qiong Pavilion in Zhong Hai and blade auras swept across the sky. Hua Yunfeng couldn't fight with Lei Potian alone; they finally blocked his attack once Xie Yan helped.

    "Chen Beixuan? The North Qiong Sect?"

    "Piece of cake!"

    Lei Potian sneered and left after he slashed his two opponents down.

    The North Qiong Sect lost!

    While everyone was completely stunned, another earth-shattering news came.

    Ci Xuan went to Mount Yan secretly to see if the legendary Earth Level Deity, Ye Qincang, really existed, but Ye Nantian spotted him.

    Then, Ye Nantian and Azure Dragon battled with Ci Xuan together but both failed to defeat him, and they had to count on the nuclear weapons of Kunlun to scare him away.

    Not only China, the entire East Asia was stirred after knowing about it.

    "Chen Beixuan has never lost a single battle ever since he dominated the world, but now someone dares to challenge the North Qiong Sect and Kunlun. Who exactly are those two people?"

    Countless people were discussing it on the Martial Arts Forum.

    Many thought that Lei Potian and Ci Xuan might have come from a hidden ancient sect which hadn't made an appearance for a few centuries. That was why everyone didn't know about it.

    Only those from Kunlun and the North Qiong Sect looked gloomy.

    "They're cultivators from the Gate of Heaven! They're much more powerful, even though they have the same level as we do."

    Ye Nantian looked serious.

    When they fought, Ye Nantian realized that Ci Xuan was probably a mid-stage Immortal State Warrior, but he was way stronger than him and Azure Dragon, and the power of the arts he used was totally out of imagination. In the end, Kunlun had to launch missiles to scare Ci Xuan away.

    "What a shame General hasn't recovered fully, or he'd be able to capture him and ask him about the Gate of Heaven."

    Azure Dragon heaved a sigh.

    "Have you been able to reach Chen Beixuan?" Ye Nantian frowned.

    "The North Qiong Sect said Heavenly Chen went to travel around the world and they haven't heard from him for more than two weeks. We couldn't reach him on the phone and our positioning communicator also failed to locate him, as if he had disappeared from the world."

    Azure Dragon shook his head.

    The two of them could only wait patiently under such circumstances.

    Meanwhile, above the Bo Sea.

    Several people seemed to be searching for something.

    "Master, modern technology is quite useful. These maps are already outdated after several centuries. It's easier to locate something using the GPS."

    A fashionable twenty-year-old young man smiled and said with a device in his hand.

    The others next to him frowned and looked at him with disdain.

    Zhang Ran, we're here to look for Spirit Root disciples, not for fun. What do you do with these things if they can't be used for cultivation? I can let you stay in the human world forever if you want."

    A middle-aged man holding an astrolabe grunted.

    "No, no. I'm sorry, Master," Zhang Ran apologized immediately.

    The girl in the red dress snickered and Zhang Ran was speechless.

    The middle-aged man sighed and said, "Xiao Wu, Zhang Ran, you have to know the Black Water Sect is different from the others.

    "The major sects, including the Sky Sect, the Azure Mystic Sect and the Snow God Palace, are all guarded by Earth Level Deities and are recognized sects which can get all sorts of cultivation resources. In all the Black Water Sect, only your uncle and I have entered the Immortal State and you're only at the Transcendent State. Without an Earth Level Deity, we'll soon be removed from the realm's listing."

    "Yes, Master."

    A few disciples of the Black Water Sect nodded.

    The middle-aged man said seriously, "This map and astrolabe were passed down from the Earth Level Deity who left the island. He once said that there was a Spirit Stone Mine on Yingzhou Island and it should have been recovered after such a long time. If we can find it and get the Spirit Stones, someone will be able to become an Earth Level Deity."

    "A Spirit Stone Mine!"

    The eyes of Zhang Ran, the girl in the red dress and a few other disciples were twinkling.

    It was the most important resource for cultivation and the major sects would die for a Spirit Stone Mine.

    Xiao Wu, the girl in the red dress, said, "Father, it's already been thousands of years. The humans might have already found the Spirit Stone Mine."

    "You don't understand, Xiao Wu. These cultivators in the human world are too weak. I heard that Lei Potian and Ci Xuan have created chaos and destroyed their most powerful forces, the North Qiong Sect and Kunlun. No one can fight against the two of them, not to mention anything as preposterous as an Immortal State Warrior defeating an Earth Level Deity!" another disciple sneered and said.

    "Right! Lei Potian and Ci Xuan are of a moderate level only in our realm and are much weaker than Xuan Luo of the Azure Mystic Sect and Qian Yexue of the Snow God Palace. If the humans can't even withstand their attacks, I guess the rumor is just a joke."

    The middle-aged man nodded and sent out a ray of light.

    "Get in. The gateway is about to open."

    A black passage appeared on the surface of the sea following a booming sound, and everyone swiftly flew in.

    In a blink, the hole disappeared and peace was restored.