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Chapter 642 - Startled Gate of Heaven

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 642: Startled Gate of Heaven

    The black stone was a Spirit Stone.

    A Spirit Stone!

    Spirit Stones were the most basic and most important resources for the cultivation community. The pure Spirit Qi stored inside could be absorbed by beginners and used to increase their power. They were essential for cultivation, array formation, pills refinement, artifact crafting and building.

    Chen Fan thought the Spirit Qi on Earth didn't favor the formation of Spirit Stones at all and only normal jades existed, and yet a Spirit Stone was right there.

    "…Yingzhou Island, a hundred miles… Ganoderma Spirit Herbs and jades…"

    The passage on the stele came to Chen Fan's mind again.

    Chen Fan had seen the Ganoderma Spirit Herbs and had wondered where the jades were. He then realized that those weren't jades, but Spirit Stones!

    "The Spirit Qi in a Spirit Stone is ten times more than a supreme-grade jade and it's really useful for my cultivation. If I can locate the Spirit Stone Mine…"

    Chen Fan couldn't wait.

    He immediately asked the eagle where it found the Spirit Stone.

    The eagle sent out its Soul Energy and told Chen Fan that those stones were mostly hidden in the soil. Any creature that found and ate them would get great benefits and might even evolve.

    "No wonder I didn't see any Spirit Stones before. They're all underground."

    Chen Fan quickly infused his Immortal Will into the soil to see what was down there.

    His Immortal Will was extremely dense and could go a hundred feet underground. Although the friction increased as it went deeper and it was blocked by the power of the array, Chen Fan wasn't affected at all by this.

    "I won't have to travel around the world if I can find a Spirit Stone Mine. The Spirit Qi a Spirit Stone carries can help me become a Connate Cultivator and even allow me to complete my Azure Thearch Longevity Body!"

    Chen Fan was thrilled.

    The Azure Thearch Longevity Body was one of the peak-stage Divine Bodies in the universe. Its power was unimaginable and it wasn't something a normal Spirit Body could compare to. At the initial success level, it was already strong enough to kill a Connate Cultivator without using any weapons.

    Chen Fan had a Connate Core which wasn't enough to achieve a complete Azure Thearch Longevity Body, so he could only exhibit a tenth of the real power.

    "An initial-success Divine Body can kill a Connate Cultivator with bare hands and might even be able to resist attacks from nuclear weapons. My current body is strong but I still have a long way to go until I can achieve a real initial-success Divine Body," Chen Fan thought as he sped up his Immortal Will.


    As he searched, a hidden mine came into Chen Fan's view. The mine was located a hundred meters below the ground and he would have missed it if it wasn't for the eagle.

    "A Spirit Stone Mine is naturally formed, so even the Earth Level Deities can only take away the Spirit Stones but not the Spirit Veins. Looks like they left something here for me after all."

    After discovering the mine, Chen Fan cracked a smile.

    "Art of Earth-Digging!"

    Chen Fan activated the Five Thunder Seal and used the Art of Earth-Digging. A ray of yellow light instantly came out from the seal and shined on Chen Fan. Chen Fan's body then spinned and drilled in the ground, while the rocks, soil and roots all made way for him.

    "Boom, boom."

    Chen Fan arrived at the Spirit Stone mine in a blink.

    He saw a tunnel filled with black stones.

    This tunnel was only dozens of meters long and could only be regarded as a small pile of Spirit Stones in the Cultivation Realm, but it was like a treasure to Chen Fan.

    "I can mine thousands of Spirit Stones around here. Even though these are just normal Spirit Stones, they're good enough to help me achieve the Connate level."

    There was excitement in Chen Fan's eyes.

    A Spirit Stone carried ten times the Spirit Qi in a supreme-grade jade and ten of them would be comparable to a Divine Crystal. So, thousands of Spirit Stones would be equal to hundreds of Divine Crystals, which would be an amount comparable to the secret treasures of several Earth Level Deities.

    Chen Fan made a quick decision. "I need to stay here and cultivate immediately."


    He used his Dharmic powers to mine the Spirit Stones out from the ground, then he built a wooden shed and started cultivating.

    The entire island was secured and no outsiders could get in so Chen Fan didn't have to worry about trespassers. The five Divine Sea Beasts were quite helpful to him.


    He held a Spirit Stone in his hand and started cultivating.

    All of his cells were absorbing the pure Spirit Qi and it was extremely soothing. He hadn't received such pure Spirit Qi in years.

    Chen Fan had already given up on Spirit Stones and started looking for energy of a higher level when he became an Immortal State Warrior in his previous life. And yet, he hadn't even seen one after his rebirth, so he felt really comfortable and fresh after absorbing the energy.


    About an hour later, the Spirit Stone turned from black to transparent, meaning that the Spirit Qi inside had been used up.

    Chen Fan then picked up another Spirit Stone and continued with his cultivation.

    He absorbed energy from a dozen Spirit Stones a day and proceeded with determination, which made the power of his body surge to an unprecedented level.

    The outside world was undergoing some changes while Chen Fan shut himself in.

    First, a brawny man with a blade suddenly appeared and provoked the major sects and families of the Chinese cultivation community. This man was unpredictably powerful and the leaders of those sects and families were as vulnerable as babies before him.

    At the Martial Arts gymnasium of the Gu Family in the Changxi Province.

    A man crushed several pillars and rushed into the hall of the Gu Family. The eyes of the Gu Family's disciples popped out and they stared at him.

    The man was robust and was carrying a black blade on his back, although he wasn't using it. He was bending a finger instead.

    "Too weak, too weak. You can't even withstand the attacks from my finger!"

    The brawny man shook his head.

    The disciples of the Gu Family were enraged and frightened at the same time.

    If even their strongest leader, Gu Shitong, couldn't resist the brawny man's attacks, the others would definitely die.

    "Where does he come from? Master has already entered the Transcendent State and is one of the warriors on the Heaven Roll, but he still can't defeat him. Is he an Immortal State Warrior? There aren't many Immortal State Warriors in the East, so who exactly is he?"

    Everyone wondered.

    Then, the skinny eighty-year-old Gu Shitong walked out from the hall as he placed his hand on his chest and coughed. "You're a powerful cultivator and I'm not capable of fighting you. Please leave your name and the disciples of the Gu Family will claim revenge one day."

    "Haha, you people who cultivate incomplete arts want to take revenge on me? Fine, I'll just tell you all. I'm Lei Potian. If you want to find me, be quick as I won't be here in this world for too long."

    Lei Potian laughed, then he turned into a black light and flew away.

    The others were stunned.

    "He's indeed an Immortal State Warrior! I've never thought that the attacks of an Immortal State Warrior were that powerful.

    "How strange! I've never heard of an Immortal State Warrior called Lei Potian. Besides, what does he mean by ‘won't be in this world' and ‘incomplete arts?'"

    Gu Shitong frowned as he thought about some old legends.

    Not only the Gu Family.

    Lei Potian traveled across China in two weeks.

    He visited almost all of the famous Martial Arts families and sects.

    "The Heavenly Master Sect used to be one of the sects in our world but they don't even have an Immortal State Warrior now."

    On the top of Dragon Tiger Mountain.

    Lei Potian knocked down an elder in a robe and slashed the altar of the Heavenly Master Sect. He shook his head and was about to leave, while the Perfected Cultivators of the sect were feeling humiliated and enraged.

    A young disciple jumped up and said, "The Heavenly Master Sect wouldn't have suffered such humiliation if Chen Beixuan had not killed our Ancestral Master and taken away our Dharmic Treasure."

    "Qingyue, shut your mouth," the elder in the robe yelled while spurting out blood.

    He was a peak-stage Perfected Cultivator and was only half a step away from becoming an Immortal State Warrior, but he couldn't withstand Lei Potian's punch. The Nine Heaven Thunder Art he used was even swallowed by Lei Potian, astonishing everyone on Dragon Tiger Mountain.

    "Oh, your Ancestral Master must be powerful."

    Lei Potian asked with glittering eyes.

    "Of course! Our Ancestral Master was more than a hundred years old and he almost became a Mortal Deity. He could control the power of thunder with the Thunder Seal, and you'd be dead if he were still alive," the young disciple said.

    "Excellent, a peak-stage Immortal State Warrior with the Thunder Seal of the Heavenly Master Sect. Even though he still sounds weak to me, he's already qualified to be my opponent," Lei Potian said and nodded. Then he asked, "So, who's Chen Beixuan?"

    All the people present went silent after hearing what he said.

    "Heavenly Chen is someone as strong as an Earth Level Deity. At only twenty years of age, he has battled across the world and is regarded as the most powerful person on Earth," the elder in the robe bowed and said.

    "There's an Earth Level Deity in this world? And he's only twenty years old? I don't think so. Even our best disciple can't achieve this at such a young age."

    Lei Potian shook his head and couldn't believe it.

    Earth Level Deities were superior like dominators even in their world and they could live up to five hundred years. Lei Potian was around forty years old but he still hadn't become an Earth Level Deity, so how would he believe that there was a twenty-year-old Earth Level Deity on Earth?

    "Heavenly Chen is indeed not an Earth Level Deity," the elder in the robe said.

    Lei Potian immediately believed that the elder was bluffing just then.

    And yet, he was startled by what followed.

    "But he defeated an Earth Level Deity at the Immortal State with three punches. That's why we call him the most powerful person in the world," the elder said.


    Lei Potian was dumbfounded.