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Chapter 641 - The Battle of Deities

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 641: The Battle of Deities

    The black stele was a dozen feet tall and was made with shiny black gold. The top of it was surrounded by clouds and Dharmic powers, and it was still standing firm after a few thousand years.

    Behind the stele was a passage stating the origin of Yingzhou Island.

    "…Yingzhou Island, three hundred li large and 5,700 li away from the West Coast. There are Ganoderma Spirit Herbs, jades, and Spirit Water that helps people to attain longevity. The Lord of the East House and eighteen Heavenly Beings are the founders of the island which is independent from the Chinese cultivation world and is a sacred ground of Earth Level Deities…"

    "So, the entire island is a secret place for Deities developed by a Lord of the East House and eighteen Earth Level Deities?" Chen Fan pondered and nodded.

    The array outside of Yingzhou Island carried a certain amount of space energy.

    The Lord of the East House had to be at least a Golden Core Cultivator, or he wouldn't be able to develop a hundred-mile area.

    But this wasn't the thing that impressed Chen Fan.

    When he kept reading, there was a long description of the spectacular sight of the Lord of the East House and Earth Level Deities. Yingzhou Island had once had thirty Earth Level Deities and was the second largest island, ranking right after Penglai Island.

    Unfortunately, the world changed and the Spirit Qi on the island began to dissipate. There wasn't enough Spirit Qi to support the survival of so many Earth Level Deities which made most of them leave one after another. Then, the Battle of Deities broke out…

    "The Battle of Deities?"

    Chen Fan frowned and continued reading.

    However, many words had been wiped off.

    It only said that the cultivation world was in total chaos and the Gods from other dimensions invaded the island, causing the deaths of the Earth Level Deities. Even the invincible Lord of the East House encountered a powerful opponent and died in battle. In the end, the last few Earth Level Deities left Yingzhou Island and entered the Gate of Heaven with their disciples.

    "Wait! So, all the Earth Level Deities on Yingzhou Island have entered the Gate of Heaven?"

    Chen Fan turned around and looked.

    He only saw the ruins of the palace.

    A battle had taken place which made the palace collapse, leaving only the beasts on the island.

    "If they've all gone to the Gate of Heaven, what's left on Yingzhou Island? Just the ruins of the palace?" Chen Fan looked disappointed.

    "Yee, yee."

    The eagle kept rubbing itself against Chen Fan as if it was telling him that it was still there.

    "Get lost."

    Chen Fan was speechless.

    He had finally found a secret land of the Earth Level Deities and it might even be a palace built by a Golden Core Cultivator, but the whole building had been shattered. Besides, the Earth Level Deities should also have taken away all the remaining stuff. There was basically nothing left, so how could Chen Fan be happy?

    "I can't just leave like that. Let's see if I can find something useful." Chen Fan jumped on the eagle and flew to the sky to scan the island with his Immortal Will.

    This time, he scanned through every inch of the land.

    "Tianlan Leaves, superior-grade Spirit Herbs, they can be used to make Ice Soul Spirit Pills and are necessary for several cultivation arts."

    "Nine Ghosts Trees, grown in the Land of Ghosts. They're not graded but they have very special uses. They can be used to preserve bodies and are also for the cultivation of Ghost Deities."

    "Golden Fruits, superior-grade Spirit Fruits and the close relative of the legendary Golden Crow Leaves. Fire-Elemental Cultivators will observe improvements in their Divine Powers after eating them…"

    Chen Fan found many different Spirit Medicines and Spirit Herbs.

    Since normal herbs weren't quite helpful to him at the current stage, he had already given all those inside the Green Dragon Grand Array to the disciples of the North Qiong Sect.

    And yet, superior-grade Spirit Medicines were different.

    Each of them had different functions and they were useful for Connate Cultivators.

    For example, if Chen Fan ate the Golden Fruit, the power of his Li Fire Golden Eyes and Armor of Golden Flame would increase. The more he ate, the stronger he could get. By then, he might even be capable of burning an Earth Level Deity into ashes.

    "The information on the stele is true. There are indeed Ganoderma Spirit Herbs here! I can make more ‘Red Flame Spirit Pills' with these Spirit Medicines for my dad and grandpa, that way there can be more Ethereal Enlightenment Cultivators in the sect," Chen Fan thought.

    He searched the entire island and found thirty Spirit Medicines, which were several times more abundant than in the Cave Abode; he felt completely satisfied because of it.

    "It's time to leave. Before I go, I should refine the array so that the island can be used as the base of the North Qiong Sect. The sect can directly retreat here if anything happens in the future. I guess that not even nuclear weapons would be able to break the array."

    Chen Fan looked around and nodded contentedly.

    There were several other Immortal State Beasts on Yingzhou Island other than the eagle.

    A Thunder Beast that looked like a leopard and was five meters long. Its body was as tall as a rhino and was covered with electric sparks. It could run swiftly and break the sonic barrier without an effort.

    A snake which was dozens of meters long and was the largest among all of them. Of a white color, it looked like a small hill when it coiled up. The chill from its mouth could freeze everything within a hundred meters.

    And also a black turtle and a Pegasus.

    Together with the eagle, there were a total of five Immortal State Beasts on Yingzhou Island. These Immortal State Beasts were usually more powerful than Immortal State Warriors on Earth. They all had unique Divine Powers and a strong body that could easily break the sonic barrier.

    The five beasts together were powerful enough to dominate the planet and only Ye Qincang or the Christian Church could resist them.

    "Alright, keep quiet. Stay here and guard the island for me from now on. If you see people without my brand get in, kill them all," Chen Fan said.

    All those beasts were extremely intelligent and they all nodded after Chen Fan cast spells on them one by one. The eagle instantly showed a hint of joy.

    Chen Fan then turned around and looked at it.

    "Come with me outside, the others will stay here."


    The eagle couldn't escape its fate after all.

    With Chen Fan on its back, it wouldn't be as happy as flying freely around the island.

    After that, Chen Fan started to refine the array.

    "But every array must have a core. The Green Dragon Grand Array has the ‘North Qiong Pavilion.' Since the black gold stele is the only thing left here, it'll certainly be the core of the array."

    Chen Fan focused on the ten-feet stele.

    The stele still looked brand-new, even after thousands of years.

    Not only because of the special materials used in making the stele, but also the protection from the array.

    "I may not completely refine an array created by a Golden Core Cultivator and eighteen Connate Cultivators, but as long as I leave my brand on it, I'll be able to create an access to enter freely," Chen Fan thought.

    Even though the island wasn't quite special for the ancient cultivation community, it was a desirable place in the modern world!

    Zhong Hai was also a hundred miles only and modern people were capable of building a metropolis there which accommodated more than ten million residents. So, Chen Fan was planning to turn the island into a private property of the North Qiong Sect.


    Chen Fan shot some True Essence into the black gold stele.


    As he started refining the array, rays of colorful light appeared on the black stele. These lights were the guards left by the Earth Level Deities and the Golden Core Cultivator, and each of them carried a horrific energy.

    Those Earth Level Deities weren't novices like Ye Qincang.

    But truly experienced Connate Cultivators and some others were even at the peak stage.

    They could easily defeat Chen Fan with an attack, so he had to act carefully, especially when one of the Earth Level Deities was the unpredictable "Lord of the East House."

    One day, two days, three days…

    Chen Fan sat in front of the stele and tried his best to strengthen this enormous array.

    This kind of space array could only be controlled by a Golden Core Cultivator. With the power of the Divine Sea level, Chen Fan found it difficult to refine and he was trying to play it safe.

    He drank Spirit Water when he was thirsty and ate Spirit Fruit when he was hungry.

    Yingzhou Island had abundant natural resources. Apart from the superior-grade Spirit Medicines, there were a large number of mid-grade and inferior-grade Spirit Medicines, and a large amount of Spirit Water which was comparable to "Yun Wu Spirit Water."

    "This is such a good place! The resources on the island are still abundant after so many years. In comparison, the cultivation environment on Earth is like a parched desert from Hell."

    Chen Fan sighed.

    Chen Fan could achieve the Connate level in two years if he cultivated in such an excellent environment. This was also the reason why those beasts could reach Divine Sea.

    "Chirk… chirk."

    As Chen Fan continued with the refinement, a layer of azure aura suddenly appeared at the bottom of the stele and covered one-twentieth of it. Once the azure aura surrounded the entire stele, Chen Fan would be able to control the array!

    By then, even a Golden Core Cultivator would be unable to trespass that place.

    "Phew, I can only finish one-tenth of the refinement process with my current power, but it's enough. With this I can create a gateway and I'll have a slight control of the array," Chen Fan said with certainty.

    Suddenly, the eagle approached Chen Fan with a black stone in its beak, as if it were offering him a treasure.

    At first, Chen Fan thought it brought him a Spirit Fruit again, but his eyes popped out when he glanced over the black stone.

    "F**k, it still exists on Earth?"