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Chapter 640 - Islands on the East Sea

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 640: Islands on the East Sea

    Since Chen Fan had become so powerful, the only thing that was worth pursuing was the Connate level.

    The Connate level was the real beginning of the cultivation journey and only by reaching this level could Chen Fan arrange everything for the future.

    Even though he defeated Ye Qincang, it was only because the man had just become an Earth Level Deity and the secret art of the True Martial Celestial Sect was quite powerful. Chen Fan certainly would certainly have to be more careful when facing the experienced Earth Level Deities or nuclear weapons.

    "I'm now at the peak stage of the Divine Sea. In order to achieve the Connate level, I need at least three bottles of Spirit Dew of Earth Level Deities or five hundred pieces of Divine Crystals."

    Chen Fan looked far away.

    "The East Sea, Qin Mountain, Mount Shu, the West Desert… and the Deity Burial Valley in Kunlun.

    "These are all places where former cultivators discovered some traces of the Sages. I'll leave the Deity Burial Valley for last, since I'm already sure that it used to be an ancient battlefield and that it has a Golden Core array surrounding it. The Golden Core array is extremely powerful and it's too risky for me to enter at my current level."

    Chen Fan then turned into a ray of azure light and flashed to the East.

    A normal Immortal State Warrior could only travel a hundred kilometers at once, but Chen Fan's True Essence was so strong at the moment that it wasn't a problem for him to travel several thousand kilometers without stopping.


    He swept across the sky.

    Chen Fan hadn't felt such freedom in a long time. He flew thousands of meters up in the sky with clouds around him. His speed was comparable to a subsonic fighter and he arrived at the East Sea in four hours.

    The East Sea was extremely wide.

    Old legends stated that the entire area to the east of the country was regarded as the East Sea.

    Apart from the Crystal Palace, the Dragon Lord had also lived in the East Sea, and the Ten Lands and Three Islands were located there as well. Emperor Qin Shihuang had once sent his men there to look for the Sages but they couldn't find any of them.

    What Chen Fan was looking for were the Ten Lands and Three Islands.


    The fishermen on the Bo Sea suddenly saw a ray of azure light right above the ocean. It was Chen Fan. His Immortal Will flashed across the surface of the Bo Sea in all directions, resembling a giant spider web.

    Even if he was only at the peak stage of the Divine Sea, his Immortal Will could already be able to cover an area of more than a hundred kilometers. Chen Fan would need less than a day to scan through the entire Bo Sea.

    "Ancient books state that the Ten Lands and Three Islands are located on the Bo Sea, but no modern technology can find them. So, it's apparently covered by a giant array or even hidden inside a space crack by a Golden Core or a Nascent Soul Cultivator," Chen Fan thought.

    The Bo Sea wasn't too big and Chen Fan had almost finished his search after half a day. Suddenly, he was shocked by what he found and his eyes were twinkling.

    "Is that… an array?"

    He immediately threw out a blade aura.

    The invisible blade aura slashed at the air and caused ripples similar to those made when something is dropped in the water.

    "There's indeed an array and it even carries some space energy. It was probably set by a Golden Core Cultivator." Chen Fan was excited and he quickly tapped on the Blade Strengthening Gourd.


    The golden aura shot across the air and hit on the array. The ripples spread out further and the whole surface was vibrating as if it was going to break. Chen Fan knew that this was due to the interference of the external forces on the array, making it difficult to maintain the illusion.

    "Go! Go! Go!"

    Chen Fan threw eighteen slashes at once.

    Each of the blade auras was bright and twenty-feet long like a dragon.

    The array was a super large Illusion Array probably created by a Golden Core Cultivator. And yet, its power had eventually dissipated after thousands of years and its foundation was unstable.

    After the consecutive attacks of Chen Fan's flying sword, the array shook and a crack appeared on it.

    Chen Fan immediately merged with the sword and turned into a long ray of light to shoot through the crack. When Chen Fan got in, the array repaired the gap and everything soon returned to normal.

    After a while, a boat sailed past; people had no idea there was an invisible array.

    "Phew, I'm finally in."

    Chen Fan saw an island of around hundred square miles which was enveloped in mist. There were plants, animals and a ten-meter-long bird flying above it in the sky.

    "According to the descriptions, this must be the Ten Lands and Three Islands."

    Chen Fan looked back and saw a thick layer of mist that carried a powerful force that was able to cut off his Immortal Will.

    But he didn't find it weird.

    "People would have already discovered such a large island if it appeared on the Bo Sea. There might even be a war between the countries in East Asia to claim it."

    Chen Fan cracked a smile.

    After that, Chen Fan slowly flew to the island. It wasn't too big and Chen Fan's Immortal Will could immediately envelop the entire place. Even though there were many beasts living there, there didn't seem to have any traces of Earth Level Deities as said in the legends.

    "The Spirit Qi here is five times more abundant than in the outside world, which is why these normal animals evolved into beasts. And yet, they aren't powerful enough to support the entire settlement so I guess those Earth Level Deities have already died," Chen Fan pondered.

    Then, a giant eagle that was almost thirty meters wide came down from the sky. It had black, shiny, sword-shaped feathers, a pair of fierce eyes and golden yellow claws.


    The eagle dived and caught a twenty-meter snake from the grass. The snake had a body as thick as a water bucket and weighed several tons, comparable to the Yin Snake Chen Fan had seen before.

    The eagle then grabbed the snake and rose into the air to break its head with sharp claws.

    In a blink, the snake's sturdy body was cracked into a few pieces and it died right away.

    "What a strong eagle."

    Chen Fan clapped and was thrilled.

    The eagle should have reached the Divine Sea level and its body was as strong as a normal Immortal State Warrior. Chen Fan's Immortal Will also sensed that it was one of the most powerful spirits on the island.


    The eagle screamed when it saw Chen Fan.

    Its piercing sound wave spread in all directions. How powerful was a full-power cry of an Immortal State Animal? The leaves within dozens of meters were crushed, trees were bent and many other animals escaped as fast as they could.

    "You can't hurt me with such a weak attack."

    Chen Fan smiled and the sound wave felt like a gentle breeze to him.


    The eagle stretched its wings out, looking angry.

    Its ten-meter-long wings slashed like swords. This was the eagle's best attack which caused the air to explode. Then, a white mark appeared and shot towards Chen Fan!


    Chen Fan laughed and knocked the eagle on the ground with the azure aura in his hand. When the eagle was trying to resist, Chen Fan flipped his hand.

    A thunderous sound came from the air and a giant azure palm pressed the eagle down.

    The eagle was as weak as a baby under the powerful azure palm.

    "Hm, you're surrendering? Looks like you're quite intelligent."

    When the palm was about to press harder, Chen Fan sensed a Soul Energy surge which seemed to be begging him for mercy. He had never thought about killing this eagle. After all, being able to achieve the Immortal State on Earth was really incredible.

    "Fine, I'll spare you."

    Chen Fan retrieved the azure palm.

    The eagle got up but it didn't escape. Instead, it came close to Chen Fan and rubbed its head against him like a puppy.

    "Knock it off! Now, take me to the center."

    Chen Fan got onto the back of the eagle and it also nodded obediently.


    It broke the sonic barrier and reached a supersonic speed like a fighter aircraft. Even powerful people like Chen Fan couldn't keep flying at such a speed for a long time; but unlike humans, eagles were born to be good at flying and were able to do so.

    Chen Fan stood on the back of the eagle and said, "This is awesome. I don't have to use my power to fly from now on. Do I look like the pilot of a fighter aircraft?"

    The eagle flew swiftly and they arrived at the center of the island.

    Chen Fan jumped off and saw some ruins.

    The ten-feet walls and the paintings on them showed how grand this palace had to be in the past and even Earth Level Deities might have paid a visit there.

    However, the walls had become extremely vulnerable; even though there were arrays and runes on them, Chen Fan could turn them into ashes with a gentle touch.

    "Without going beyond the universe, even Dao Reunion Perfected Immortals would die, not to mention Connate Cultivators!"

    Chen Fan heaved a sigh.

    He walked all the way to the deepest place of the ruins and saw an enormous black stele with a word carved on it.


    "This is the Yingzhou Island of the Ten Lands and Three Islands?"

    Chen Fan was shocked.

    Then, he found that there were more words carved behind the stele and he was startled after reading them.