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Chapter 639 - Being Respected Like an Ancestor

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 639: Being Respected Like an Ancestor

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    Meanwhile, the room was completely silent.

    Chen Fan sat there and drank his tea calmly as if he didn't see a man kneeling in front of him. Xu Rongfei widened her eyes and found it odd.

    Ningxin and Wu Zhifan were both dumbfounded. Everyone knew he was Wu Zhicheng, the Master of the Wu Family.

    "Brother… Why are you kneeling? Get up!" Wu Zhifan said.

    The name "Heavenly Chen" gave him a bad feeling. He heard about him every day from the upper-class community of Yan Jin, but he couldn't imagine that this young man in front of him was the person who defeated an Earth Level Deity.

    Wu Zhicheng didn't reply and kept his head on the floor..

    After a while, Chen Fan put down the cup and said, "You remember me?"

    "I… I saw you fight on Mount Yan," Wu Zhicheng said with a trembling voice.

    Even though he got there as fast as he could, he knew he was late and Wu Zhifan must have already offended Chen Fan based on the situation in the room, so he immediately knelt and apologized. In the meantime, he could only pray that Wu Zhifan didn't go too far.

    "Then you should know what will happen if you offend me."

    Chen Fan tapped his fingers on the desk and Wu Zhicheng felt as if a hammer were pounding on his heart.

    "The Wu Family… is willing to do anything… to make it up to you. Please let my brother go," Wu Zhicheng said.

    "Let him go? Alright."

    Chen Fan smiled and said, "If the Wu Family can do something for me, I'll spare you."

    "Please," Wu Zhicheng said.

    "It's simple. Terminate all your current contracts with Xu Rongfei and draft a new one without any mandatory rules.

    "You must give her the best resources, the best remuneration package and the best manager, and treat her like your own child. Let Fei Fei do what she wants to do, even if she wants to dismantle the company. If I find out she's upset, I'll come for your family," Chen Fan said calmly.

    Ningxin was startled.

    This wasn't a contract! He was instating Xu Rongfei as a superior, just like their ancestors! To let her do whatever she wanted, including tearing the company apart? Even the top superstars didn't have the right to do those things.

    Xu Rongfei's eyes even popped out; she just couldn't believe it.


    Wu Zhicheng nodded.

    He knew that he would definitely die if he refused to do it. Chen Beixuan had always shown great resolution in taking revenge. It was only because of Xu Rongfei that he could talk so much with Chen Beixuan.

    "Go on. Take your brother with you."

    Chen Fan waved his hand.

    Then, Wu Zhicheng bowed and left the room together with Wu Zhifan. Once they got out, Wu Zhifan immediately said anxiously, "Brother, he's gone too far! Dad and the directors won't accept his condition. Why did you agree?"

    "If I didn't, you would have died in there," Wu Zhicheng said.

    Wu Zhifan immediately turned pale and replied, "Seriously? This is Yan Jin. How would Chen Beixuan kill somebody here?"

    "He's a Heavenly Being. It's a piece of cake for him to kill ordinary people like you and he has thousands of ways to do so," Wu Zhicheng said as something came to his mind.

    "You didn't watch the battle on Mount Yan so you can never imagine how terrifying he is. He's an Entity on top of everyone else! Dad would never reject his request, even if this ruins our family business."

    Wu Zhifan froze and was filled with remorse.

    When they left, Xu Rongfei jumped with excitement and went into Chen Fan to hug and kiss him. "Thank you, Brother Chen Fan!"

    She stared at Chen Fan with her twinkling eyes.

    Xu Rongfei remembered the first time they met. Chen Fan stepped up for her like Prince Charming and beat Zhou Tianhao up. Since then, Chen Fan had always been in her heart.

    "Alright, you're not a kid anymore. Get up. You're the Goddess of the People!"

    Chen Fan smiled and patted Xu Rongfei's waist.

    "No, you're already engaged to Sister Fang Qiong. We'll have less opportunities to meet in the future," Xu Rongfei said with a gloomy look.

    Chen Fan remained silent.

    The two of them came from two different worlds after all and he didn't come back for Xu Rongfei.

    Then, a cry of exclamation broke the silence of the room.

    "Oh God, who exactly are you, Chen Fan? How did you make Wu Zhicheng beg you? It's Wu Zhicheng, the Master of the Wu Family! He's in charge of most of the matters in Tian He Entertainment. Tell me, are you a Young Master from a super wealthy family and playing Cinderella with Fei Fei?"

    Ningxin looked at Chen Fan.

    As a student at Yan Jin Film Academy, Ningxin was clearly aware of the power Tian He Entertainment and the Wu Family had. If they liked somebody, they could make him or her the most famous movie star in China even if beauty was lacking.

    So, it was truly unbelievable that such an influential figure would kneel before Chen Fan and accept his terms. Ningxin was completely in awe.

    Chen Fan raised his eyebrows and said, "Maybe because he was afraid that I'd punch him."

    Ningxin then sat next to Chen Fan and tried to force him to tell the truth.

    The three of them left the restaurant after a while. Chen Fan walked Xu Rongfei and Ningxin to the entrance of the academy, then he gave them his number and left.

    Looking at Chen Fan's back, Ningxin then said to Xu Rongfei with jealousy, "Why didn't you tell me you had such a powerful boyfriend?

    "Right, is he really engaged?"

    Ningxin's face suddenly fell.

    "It's true. A few days ago, the city was covered in red maple leaves and there was a ten-mile line of cars. That was the day he got engaged," Xu Rongfei said.

    "The mysterious guy on North Mountain whom people talk about on the Internet?"

    Ningxin covered her mouth and gasped.

    On Chen Fan's engagement day, many large families and envoys from different countries made an appearance to congratulate him. Even the people in Yan Jin had never seen such a grand event like that. There was a ten-mile line of cars which caused traffic jams in Yan Jin all day, and the city was covered in red maple leaves which was a magnificent scene people would never forget.

    "There were heated discussions about it on the Internet and it's still the most popular topic on Weibo right now. I only know the girl is North Qiong Corp's CEO, but no one has information about the guy. Everyone is guessing that he must be some Young Master from the Wang Family or the Xiao Family. Fei Fei, tell me! Who's he?"

    Ningxin widened her eyes like a curious baby.

    Xu Rongfei hesitated and said, "If I'm correct, he's the ‘Myanmar Sage' you used to be fond of."


    Ningxin stood there open-mouthed.

    Chen Fan went back to the villa after leaving the Yan Jin Film Academy.

    It was still the Chinese New Year. Chen Fan stayed with his family and girlfriend every day and went around Yan Jin. Chen Fan felt content when he saw smiles on Fang Qiong and An Ya's faces.

    During this period of time, Wu Zemin, the leader of the Wu Family, paid a visit to North Mountain with Wu Zhifan to apologize to Chen Fan, but Yukishiro Sa didn't let them in. When they got back, Wu Zemin beat Wu Zhifan fiercely and went to apologize to Xu Rongfei again.

    Many girls who stayed at the academy saw this and were stunned.

    The news about Xu Rongfei having a strong backer who forced the CEO of Tian He Entertainment to apologize to her was spread across the entertainment industry, and many movie stars who used to look down on Xu Rongfei suddenly became respectful to her.

    "Thank you, Brother Chen Fan."

    Xu Rongfei went to North Mountain to thank Chen Fan with Ningxin.

    She was extraordinarily beautiful and sweet. When she saw Wang Xiaoyun and Chen Gexin, she called them uncle and auntie.

    Wang Xiaoyun had already met Xu Rongfei during the annual party of the Chen family years before and she had once treated Xu Rongfei like her daughter-in-law. After knowing Xu Ao died because of Chen Fan, she felt really sorry for Xu Rongfei so she told everyone that she would be her godmother.

    "Chen Fan, listen to me. Fei Fei will be your sister from now on. Take care of her, okay?" Wang Xiaoyun said as she grabbed Chen Fan's ear.

    "Yes, Mom."

    Chen Fan smiled wryly and raised both of his hands.

    Xu Rongfei, An Ya, Fang Qiong and the others covered their mouths and tried to hide their smiles. Chen Fan was so superior that only Wang Xiaoyun could kick his a**. Other people wouldn't even breathe in front of him.

    Ningxin gasped.

    She finally understood what kind of person Chen Fan was after a few days.

    "As powerful as a country, top warrior on the Divine Roll, able to move mountains and shatter the earth, he defeated an Earth Level Deity…" Even all these descriptions weren't as shocking as seeing Old Lord Qin and Old Lord Xiao apologize to him.

    Ningxin thought as she looked at Xu Rongfei with an envious face.

    Under the protection of a brother like him, who else in the world would do her wrong? Xu Rongfei could probably do anything she wanted in the entertainment industry from then on!

    Ten days later, the winter break ended.

    Chen Fan left Yan Jin and started his journey around the world.

    "Let's go to the East Sea first," Chen Fan said calmly.